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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I have been Out of pocket all day I'm late to the Party today getting a video out U but I Try to always get at least one video out On Saturday and one out on Sunday but I Was doing um baseball camp with my 17-year-old we're trying to decide uh How he's going to how we're going to Move forward from high school into College he will play college baseball We're just trying to decide which route Which school how we're going to do this Wanted to play you this clip from Linda P Jun I'd shown you that she was on with um Link to who is one of my sponsors the Other Day this is an interesting clip listen To this prediction that the IPO Market Is going to come back strongly next year Because I see that the U stock bull Market is coming back put out a Buy Signal on October 11th for stocks and I Think that we could see 10 to 15% increase in technology stocks Between now and the end of the year People aren't really expecting how C the Stock market is about to get but because Interest rates are going to come down And the Chicago fed president said we

May see inflation drop the fastest in a Century and if that happens then Interest rates are also going to drop And if that happens the bull market is On like Donkey Kong um that meanspo market is goingon To go crazy because Wall Street hasn't Really had a very strong IPO Market Since 2021 and there's hundreds of Companies that are waiting and ready to Go public and and wall Street's going to Put them out they're gonna serve them up And put them out like you've never seen Before when this Market comes back They're gonna take it of that window and The IPOs are going to be crazy I think Before between now and the the first Half of next year by June of next year That would be amazing because I know we Have a lot of members here at link to That are I know that link to is going Public it's almost like they time in it Because they know what Linda knows Excited about you know starting to see Some of these exits happen so that would Be awesome let me just I want to follow Up with you really quickly one of the One of the challenges that in in private Equity is a lot of times investors will Get stuck on the cost of the price per Share and not Consider the the valuation of the Company and they they think that it's an Expensive stock or it's an expensive

Private Equity because because the share Price is high can you can you elaborate On that a little bit and just just to Try and help folks you know that that Maybe grapple with that to understand That that the share price isn't what Dictates the value yeah well it's kind Of the same way that we would look at a Stock price so if you're looking at a Google or a Microsoft or an Nvidia they Might be three or $400 a share uh at Different times but um there's penny Stocks available too and just because a Company is a penny stock doesn't mean it Its low price is indicating its Potential in the future in fact you Could say you could argue that a higher Price might actually portend a better Return in the future because the Magnificent 7 are all priced pretty high Actually and they're the ones that are Having the best performance in the Market so like that some of the Companies on your platform have very Individual individually high prices one Of them is a sleeper company that's one Of my favorites and that's Dapper Labs Dapper Labs let me just tell people a Little bit about Dapper Labs we won't Get all into the the individual Companies but they're making a a good Point um a lot of times these the prices Of these Shares are are high because They have few a small number of shares

There's all kinds of reasons all right Moving along check this out from uh Black Swan uh capitalist these guys they Always have something they have Interesting people on Cutting Edge so as Of 2023 an estimated Global crypto Ownership rates are at an average of 4.2% so what that means is basically 94.64% of the world's population does Not own cryptocurrency or digital assets So we are Literally such a small percentage of People in the space and um it's just Insane how early we are and I think they At least they aren't done trying to Squeeze you out velle there's a real Warning in this uh you've got to stay in The game I don't talk about leverage It's much more important you stay in This game the move will make you rich Exactly um Don't Be Shaken out you'll be Offered leverage it's like being offered A credit card with a low teaser rate Right right it's so true you know people Think that this Market that we're in Right now is crypto has been bad and all It hasn't been bad at all the one that From 201819 I remember I talked to people on The phone about this all the time I Remember when it got down to a hundred Billion dollar total market cap in Crypto now in this market the lowest

It's gotten is about a Trillion yeah those were times to be Nervous we trudged through it and then The kids back look the kids back they're Bringing out all of their Weaponry to Pump Bitcoin up what do you you see What's the what's the future the Near-term and the longer term future That you envision for Bitcoin oh my gosh uh this thing's going 100 thousands of dollars per coin Charles I mean the US government is in So much debt the way I think about Bitcoin's price bitcoin's price equals Technology plus Fiat liquidity so it's Going to go up because it's Innovative Tech and it's better money but what Really shoots it up at a neck breaking Pace is when our government is tens of Trillions of dollars in debt and has to Roll that debt over so they got a lot of Money to print and financial assets are Going to soar and Bitcoin goes up the Most because it's the hardest to make More of it's over man this thing's going To the Moon you know it's so interesting Too because not the hardest to make more Of so I was just reading today globally Uh these countries these Advanced Nations and all this fiat currency are Going to have to spend $2 trillion do on The interest alone and they won't stop Spending Jack they just won't stop Spending money and it's coming back to

Haunt them and it's coming back to maybe People realizing fiat currency is not The place to be huh Charles this would be my message to America give me a second on this one Guys the US government's got about1 Trillion dollar over the next two years To roll over refinance that's debt our Country's in debt it's a huge problem They got three options one they could Pay it back it's not a real option Because we don't got the money we're Broke two our government could come out Charles and say you know what guys we Screwed up after World War Two we Changed the way money worked we got off The gold standard we issue debt all over The place we got way too cocky and Actually all of our banks don't have Your money they're in solvent all the Airlines you fly and travel on aren't Actually good businesses that should be In business healthc care shouldn't Actually be free we screwed up we piled On so much debt and screwed up the Younger generation and we in huge Trouble so we're gonna have to let Everything fail and reset this country Now they're not going to do that are They Charles they have third option Which is unique to the government they Could print the money that they're Missing and when they print the money That they're missing they're stealing

From all the people that hold US Dollars And so what they'll do they'll have to Do is print dollars and the only way to Save yourself is own not dollars and That's when you see things like the S&P 500 and gold and Bitcoin sore and so That's what's going to happen over the Next two years they gotta print three Times more well there's another option a Debt Jubilee Oo um check this out this is against the Backdrop of everything he just said Which I agreed with a lot of what he Said I just don't think that Bitcoin is Is uh I think Bitcoin can be a partial Solution if they allow it if the Government allows it but these are facts Jack Bitcoin is so amazing fees surging Above Beyond $18 to $35 transactions Taking over 48 Hours still zero adoption Worldwide El Salvador usage down 98.6% 85 C 85% of buying from tether fraud BTC Mining bad for environment main users Are ter ER impossible to scale Bitcoin The future of Finance Folks some of that a lot of that so true Here's somebody from Ripple listen to This laying it down ISO 2022 is a global Standard for financial information Exchange this enables interoperability Between different systems straight Through processing of payments and Rich Data Transfer and it'll also Foster comp

Petition because it's open and Flexible at Ripple we've been aligned With ISO 2022 from day one we've always Recognized that this is the direction of Payments and it'll be better for Everyone and we were really a first Mover on that front we've also joined The standard body um to help contribute To how payments will shape in the Future all right then we've got John de You know this is the video I showed the The other day this was the uh guy who's The enforcement guy at the SEC John Deon Says oh how I would love to be on a Panel with the SEC enforcement director Or speak at a conference while he sat in The audience preferably next to Gary Gensler then they would be forced to Listen to something they avoid at all Cost including while testifying under Oath the Truth look at this mystery tweet from David Schwarz my daughter always gets me The coolest shirts for my birthday and He just happened to put the wave and Ripple design book right beside the Shirts David Schwarz is always trying to Send messages almost like that bearable Guy used To Steven narof is in a is in a Narrative I like this right here he says Um watch this Ripple is the most Professional and ethical company in Crypto you heard my views on the

Recording to emulate them in 200 15 plus I'd often reference them in public watch This right here this guy says Stephen as You have been in the space before most Do you know the identity of the person Team everyone seems to be afraid of Revealing who Satoshi is I'll say this Much the many theories I've heard Discussed over the years are not Correct how does Steven ner off know That my theory has been for a long time That there were a handful maybe a few UND maybe as much as a thousand people These like major people in crypto who Have always known who Satoshi is it Sounds to me like Steven narof might be One of them I love his tweet here too Crypto 2.0 the reboot crypto promise Massive wealth creation for the masses Where the establishment cannot control Masses crypto reality massive wealth Transfer from the masses where the Establishment uses it to control the Masses crypto solution it's corroded at Its core trillions siphon off in fraud Crypto must be cleansed of this darkness And rebooted to fulfill its original Promise this will be crypto 2.0 folks I Will tell you this it is not a Coincidence that only Ripple has been 100% transparent you can't name anybody Else in crypto including all the Bitcoiners till you know who is you Don't have full transparency because

Satoshi can be a terrorist the c or no I Can't say that here I'll I'll say it in A few minutes in the member group at D Xrp.com well let's just go off into the Member group and we'll just talk about That I believe that there are two core Evils that are that are coming for this World right now and they're summarized In the two videos I'm going to show in The member group right now and it's all Having to do with this too I believe That crypto is one battle in this whole Battle of good versus evil that's going On right now I believe this is I believe Crypto is probably the biggest battle That's the reason you've seen them go at Ripple the way they have so I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that today in The private member group at d ip.com We're going to be talking about good Versus evil and what the overall war is In my opinion so here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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