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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have here for you Crypto path to Wall Street just got Easier you're going to want it Ripple Partner news we got David Schwartz oh Yes we do and we got the G20 F sock and Greg Kidd formerly of Ripple you're Going to want every single bit of it Black Swan events how about white swan Event about somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] [Applause] [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in [Applause] Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.21 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto The market is off by point six percent Good morning everybody 27 500 plus for Bitcoin 1852 and change For ethereum tether market cap 81.4 billion plus we're watching it Close 46 cents now for xrp it's bleeding one Person 1.2 on the 24 hour and 10.9 on The seven day we're going to keep an eye On it and we'll hear from the technical Analysts in the next video today you're Going to want every single bit of that As a reminder to everybody

Bob way is going to be on stage with X Specter as long with um I mean a a long List of incredible people that are going To be on stage and I tell you something Right now if you haven't done it go get That web ticket because we're going to Shut the door on that too look I told You guys this was going to sell out and It has there are going to be hundreds of People in that room watching some of the Most high profile incredible people Projects building out The xrp Ledger Ecosystem and we're going to celebrate Them from developers to influencers We're going to celebrate them and you Should be there you should see it too Click the link get that ticket before we Shut the door no doubt about it it's Going to happen Crypto's path to Wall Street just With new Plumbing oh boy now if you'll Remember and I'll just do a reminder Here I covered where the SEC had a unanimous Vote To move to use distributed Ledger Technology for settlement of products Like this in the derivative Securities Market Now fix protocol has done exactly that Support for digital token identifier Known as DTI to simplify standardize Communication for trading Digital assets it goes on to talk about

The rest of it but look This is where we're going and I've said This lots of times and I'm going to say It again today This is the larger side of digital Assets this is the largest part of Tokenization Crypto is a very small sector of digital Assets in my mind The real Market is tokenizing everything That's already out here in the world of Value Don't believe it it's still true This here from Wrath of common talking About Oceanus the Ripple partner now Lists on their landing page this is Announced as an odl partner in November Who is oceanis and why would they use Xrp using product Oceanus is an aqua farm and shout out to Wrath of common for this thread I'm not Going to walk you through the whole Thread but it is interesting company That not only they are an aqua farm that Harvest you know fish and other things Like this and sends it all over the World that are different product our Partners and customers but they also Have a media and metaverse company that They're starting as well and it's quite Interesting and yes they do use xrp it Appears as their on-demand liquidity Solution it is pretty remarkable if you Just come all the way down here

I'm not going to read the whole thread And it's great obviously Wrath of common Does a fantastic job uh oceans Advertising group odl use it says the Use odl in a cross-border trade payment Platform benefiting from the line of Credit Ripple offers Further the group has an interesting in Tech Focus that could lead to more Integrations through uh though there is No sign of this as of now but they do They're involved in the metaverse They're doing things there right here You can see that So it's a pretty interesting company and How they're working on things and we'll Keep an eye on it but they are using odl For what they do so now here's something That's tied into that talk about line of Credit CTO David Schwartz confirmed that Ripple Can pre-fund accounts using their own Xrp at very near zero cost Now if we get into this just very Quickly it always reminds me when you Hear this discussion here about what Miguel Villas had said at his time when He was the head of xrp global markets And what's interesting in this is that You know David says here in response to A thread discussing Ripple's Nostrovostro accounts and pre-funding Schwartz explained that instead of Pre-funding in every Market customers

Can pre-fund in just one account and Make payments to any on-demand liquidity Destination Market Schwartz also Highlighted the flexibility of Ripple Systems stating that customers can hold Their funds in their preferred asset and Pay in a different one he emphasized the Difference between parking USD to make USD Mexican payments versus pre-funding Mexican to make USD to Mexican payments This flexibility allows customers to Have more control over their funds and Reduce the need for multiple pre-funded Accounts regarding the line of credit Option David Schwartz confirmed that Ripple can pre-fund accounts using their Own xrp at a very near zero cost however The company does take on some credit Risk and must charge search for that Accordingly in this scenario the Responsibility is shifted to Ripple for A fee as they provide the pre-funding Capital in xrp Despite taking uh Ripple taking some Credit risks Schwartz admitted that There is no there is a non-zero risk That the customer will not pay the Company back for the xrp particularly if A customer funds are held in a bank that Fails or goes bankrupt for some reason You know it's always fascinated me About the uh pre-funding eliminating Pre-funding of accounts and what David Schwartz uh remarks here about the line

Of credit it all goes back again to Miguel Villas comments when he was ahead Of xrp global markets and talked about Ripple acting as a lender of Last Resort You know since before I started this Channel I thought that you know xrp Would be a stable coin but I didn't know The term right I always thought some Kind of a price at price floor what have You Um which David said is possible now in In this current state of the markets he Doesn't understand why anybody would Want to do that at this time but uh he Has remarked that if knowledge comes in It changes things certainly maybe it Makes the argument for it but he doesn't See it at this time well I don't see it At this time either but if you were to Bring the entire Financial system or Maybe even the G20 Onto a Xrp Ledger let's say and tie in the Liquidity and utility there I think you Could start to make an argument for such A thing You know it isn't the first time we've Heard the term Global stablecoin or Stablecoin in reference to xrp Not only did I think it before it even Was a YouTuber back in 2017 when I found Rippon xrp but I also have found and We've talked multiple times about the World Bank suggesting it or Mark Carney

The former Governor of the bank of England suggesting it or the Bank of China or going back to May of last year Where we see here it was mentioned by Finance feeds the partnership centers Around adopting Ripple Nets global Payment network service which leverages Ripple's native stable coin for instant Cross-border payments through on-demand Liquidity service Or maybe in this particular instance of March of last year Where they said the same thing Which leverages Ripple's native stable Coin for instant cross-border payments To on-demand liquidity service now it Doesn't seem out of the realm to to Refer to that as as a stable coin in my Mind and eventually someday it grows From a payments token into that stable Coin or maybe even get some regulatory Help as that designation Why do I think that well I think that Because not only with all the liquidity And utility moving on to a network like That like we've talked about but also Because The xrp Ledger is the world exchange it Is the First decentralized World Exchange Xrp is the token that resides on that Ledger decentralized Ledger World Exchange to make a market and parity to Anything it needs to where applicable

That's a pretty remarkable remarkable Trait about The xrp Ledger is it is as Not like many of the other products out Here in in the world and projects it can Tie in the world we live in today to the Digital world we're moving to I tell you it's a pretty remarkable Concept And here's a highlight here I covered This over the weekend I'm not going to Cover all of it but g20's president India Is now talking about a global template For regulating cryptocurrencies I'm Going to give you just a piece of this Clip here which is absolutely Paramount That you hear it and if you have heard It you should hear it again After the pawn only with all No one Usually in a matter of Technology driven A crypto asset Can effectively control it because Technology doesn't have any borders it Can just pass through So the very character of it being Technology driven Requires all countries to be on board So if you were to regulate here and not Regulate elsewhere it will only flow Like that and keep hitting back at you It will not be effective and therefore The Understanding today and I'm glad to say

Understanding the G20 along with oecd And other organizations IMF World Bank And so on is that yes a global Understanding is required a global Template may have to be created all of Us will have to work together on it Otherwise regulating crypto may not be Effective And there you have it right And that sounds like boy I tell you that Is the top down approach at the largest Level The 20 biggest economies of the world The G20 coming to a consensus And agreeing on a global template Boy that is the ultimate top down will You talk about a dream scenario That's what I'm waiting for because what She's saying is spot on If you just have a handful of countries That are regulating crypto And then others are not It's useless Because the tech will just keep coming Back at you And let's be clear and she was very Clear you cannot control the tech this Is about regulating the activities of The technology big difference And in fact I believe how it should get Done and how it will get done This is a pretty remarkable comment Coming from this woman here and I tell You I hope it doesn't fall short on

Everyone listening Because I don't find it mutually Exclusive that the president India Country of the G20 now calling for This Global template To be able to regulate crypto and Digital asset technology activities in a Very very uniform fashion for Consistency I do not find it mutually exclusive that Here at home in the United States that The United States Treasury and a number Of top U.S financial Regulators Suggested new rules to make it easier For the Federal Reserve to designate Non-bank institutions as systemically Important making it easier to supervise And regulate them And maybe just one of them ends up being A company called Ripple or maybe it's The Enterprise solution Ripple net I don't know the answer But I have been talking about fsoc and Systemically important designations for Over two years And I believe what we're seeing on the Global stage it may take fsoc tied to The treasury to act because Congress is Not prepared to We shall see And this is great kid talking here about How much more Black Swan events are we Going to watch keep coming What we need to start talking about is a

White swan event which is preemptive is What he's suggesting let's focus on the Solution to stop the Black Swan events Instead Of watching them over and over take a Listen here for me my point of view it's Inescapable I can't tell you when it Will happen but when something like FTX Blowing up and finance having the Problems it has and the bank's blowing Up it kind of tells you that the so Powerful looking 2.0 reality we live in It's it's kind of built on Sand and like When the tide comes in and Tide goes out Every time I'm sort of surprised at how Many folks that I thought were dominant In the industry are now just a history Chapter in in Wikipedia and this is sort Of a social political statement like There's always this pyramid of like What's at the top and what has been at The top have been these Web 2.0 Companies and and other just traditional Institutions like in other Industries And there they are and then they have Accounts and they assign users to those Accounts in in the new world if you flip That pyramid around everything starts With the user like there was a time when If you change from one phone company to Another you have to give up your phone Phone number because the phone company Owned your phone number and a way of Locking you in was to say well if you

Leave you know you're leaving us and we Own your phone number you have to get Another phone number but now in the Phone industry users on their phone Numbers and the phone company's service You and your phone number and if we can Start to see that in other areas like Your money like if you switch from one Financial institution to another your Money simply stays in the account you Just have a different financial Institution servicing it and you could Have multiple financial institutions Servicing your account it's your money And so if you start to take that across Everything your medical records the Assets that you own they belong to Someone either a person or an entity at A point in time there's a trail of Providence and other folks May service That they may add value to that they Wherever they are in the value chain or In the supply chain that's just a story But it's a story of following the goods And following the people that own the Goods and all those other institutions They're not at the top of the pyramid The people and the goods that they use Create there at the center of the system And so it's a user-centric Item-centric view of the world and all These other institutions and I'm not Anti-institutional I'm not Anti-government or anti-corporation but

They're there to Serve the People And the goods that are being tracked in A supply chain when you see like a bank Like Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in a Number of hours you realize that these Things that we thought were absolutely Solid and steadfast can be gone over the Weekend and once you see a few of those Things disappear then you know you Really need to have a hard reflection About what is enduring in this world Because these Black Swan events we have They keep coming all the time pretty Soon people have to start talking about White swans It really is true and I have to tell you You know from where I sit and what I see It's going to take regulation and it's Going to take regulation on a global Level and certainly here in the United States Clarity Clarity Clarity Regulation regulation regulation you Know uh when I think of this and think Of this for a moment To have that harmonization and Uniformity when it comes to regulation Of digital assets on a global stage And look at the work that Ripple has Done outside of the United States for Years understanding that they've been Sued by the SEC Then just imagine we get the clarity we Need here in the U.S as well followed by Global template with the G20

What does it look like then A white swan Maybe Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives


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