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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp can't be Dirt Cheap have you Ever heard anyone say that before I have Now it's subjectively not true if you Just take that at its face value without Any additional context for instance I Subjectively would state that xrp today Hovering a little over 50 cents uh is is Pretty Dirt Cheap that's subjectively But that's because I have an expectation That it's going to be worth a veritable Fortune in the future compared to where It is now but have you ever heard David Schwarz say anything to this effect that Xrp can't be Dirt Cheap well I'm sure For many of you the answer is yes and This is a quote from many many years ago And it's one of these things that like I Understood what he was getting at the First time I read it years ago but it Has been bandied about throughout the Xrp community so many times with people Trying to get the community hyped I Guess or or maybe they're maybe I should Give them uh the benefit for the doubt Maybe they just legitimately don't Understand what they're looking at the Explanation even given the Context but people are thinking that This is some sort of quote that xrp is Is going to be worth a fortune in the Future it can't be Dirt Cheap it has to Be worth way more that is not the point That was being made and I want to

Explain what I'm talking about by that Um and then I want to jump into this Article from the Crypt basic because There's some interesting facts in here And points that I want to make from the Crypto basic the title is how $100 weekly invest in xrp can turn into $1.4 million in February 2024 folks it's the story about Consistency and persistence it's about Having exposure to the crypto Market Over a long period of time uh rather Than expecting life-changing wealth 5 Minutes after you jump in but before we Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun so regarding the first Point that I want to discuss um what got Me going on this was um a post that I Saw from my fellow exer YouTuber crypto Eddie uh she shared comments from Ripple CTO Who David Schwarz of course is Also co-creator of xrp and The xrp Ledger these comments uh happened on an Xpace event so live live chat event with Real human voices and whatnot for those You not on X who are onever what it is Uh but it's really just an actual live

Chat very cool feature but um he said a Number of things and then crypto Eddie Actually shared a big clip of this on Her channel so you can go check that out If you want to it's like an 18 minute or So video uh video and I don't know 15 or 16 minutes of that was just straight up Basically David Schwarz talking in this Event but I want to talk about a couple Things that to do with this um in this Post on X crypto Eddie shared a couple Quotes from David Schwartz reads as Follows you're going to see us placing Other bets we haven't gotten the Traction we wanted just from payments Okay David Schwarz said that And this is something that I picked up On it was pretty easy to pick up on and I've been saying this in recent months Uh on my videos from time to time I and You know what made me catch this I mean So okay couple things first of all Obviously Ripple's been diversifying if You just look at their actions um look At what they've been doing that when They purchased Medico in 2023 and there Are other things as well but it's very Clear that they're diversifying they Have an interesting push uh not Specifically just in positioning xrp as A bridge currency though that's still a Thing of course U you know pushing Central Bank digital currencies Development from various Nations around

The world there there's all sorts of Stuff that they're doing and they're Expanding outwards right to things Unrelated specifically to payments and So you may have observed things like That over the last year but what really Brought it home for me was seeing Ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse on National Television I think I might have first Seen it on CNBC he was being interviewed And he was asked okay so tell us about Ripple what's Ripple what's this company Ripple doing and instead of saying Something along the lines of uh we're a Finck company in payments and then going On to speak about xrp or anything like That which would have normally been the Case like go back half a decade that's The type of explanation you would have Heard from Ripple CEO Brad Garling house That's not what he said what he's saying Now and I'll just have to kind of Paraphrase but this is the the general Message he's sharing now is oh yes well We're uh we're offering Enterprise Solutions uh to to crypto companies it's Something to that effect and so the First time I heard him say that I was Like well that's very different what is Going on here right and so there and Then I just I immediately thought about What they've been doing and you know Over the last year in particular and how They branched out I was like yeah

Payments is not the focus anymore They're doing a bunch of different stuff Now that can cause alarm in some People's minds and in some people's Minds it has because they like well what About xrp that's been at the core of the Business model right like is thing Shifting well things are shifting but um I saw no indication that um Xrp like that they were caring less About xrp or its adoption as a bridge Currency which is their primary use case With xrp right which is important it's The most well-known use case in the Community I think it's fair to State um And I say I said that even before seen David Schwarz comments because um I know That um there was a time I didn't look Up before recording this video but I Remember the the latest number years ago Would have been that if you look at all Of Ripple net payments maybe 20 or 25% Were using xrp and when I got to that Point I was like whoa that's pretty Freaking baller that that that jumped up Fairly quickly considering that we just Got out of the pilot for xrp as a bridge Currency in October of 2018 so it jumped Up pretty quickly and then the most Recent number I've seen since then is That about 50% of Ripple's payments are Utilizing xrp as a bridge currency so I'm like okay going in the right Direction that's very cool stuff there

So we're not going the wrong direction Xrp is further adopted so it's not that They're losing in a focus on xrp from What I could see as an outsider cuz I Don't have any Insider information Whatsoever I'm just a dude on the Internet running a YouTube channel with A silly ass name Moon Lambo um but That's what it looked like to me so I'm Just drawing conclusions as best I can Based on publicly available information But David Schwarz did share some insight Here Specifically and he noted uh no we're Definitely not going to reduce our push Forward into the world of payments it's Just that we're doing other stuff and Again that's me paraphrasing there and You can go check out the video if you'd Like to it is interesting I listen to it But but um I think that that'll probably Calm some people down if you're wor no Of course and and again with with ripple Being the largest holder of xrp wouldn't You expect that they'll do everything Within their power to make sure that xrp Markets are healthy and that sentiment Doesn't shift to the negative especially As it as it pertains to how they're Using and treating xrp well of course Logic would dictate dictate that would Be the case Right so there was that but then one of The things that he was asked during this

This spaces event was about the dirt Che Cheap com Dirt Cheap comment for xrp Which I referenced at the outset of the Video and this is it there's this post Here x it's on your screen now November 20th 2017 this is 10 days after I jumped Into crypto that's how long ago this was 10 days after I jumped into crypto and David Schwarz wrote The Following and Mind you this is before xrp hit its what Is now its current all-time high a Little shy of $4 it was probably around 20 cents or so probably somewhere around There on November 20th 2017 and so David Schwarz wrote the Following it can't be Dirt Cheap that Doesn't make any sense if xrp costs $1 They'd need a million xrp which would Cost $1 million if xrp cost a million Doar they need one xrp which would again Cost $1 Million and so the the point that he was Making there is not that xrp on its own Can't be cheap it was cheap then it was Cheaper then and it's still I would say Subjectively it's just my opinion I'd Say it's still pretty cheap right now Compared to where I believe it will be In the future anyway and I could be Wrong but I think it's cheap compared to What it's likely to be in the future and So anytime I'd see people sharing this And they'd be like yeah but extra Fe David SCH says it can't be cheap like oh

My god did did you the full context is On your screen there's a there's a post Above and below it which kind of breaks Out a little bit further but if IED to Say what he's saying is if the price of Xrp is higher then yes you can conduct More transactions because it when it Comes to positioning xrp as a bridge Currency liquidity is more important Than the actual price because if the Price of xrp is $11,000 but nobody's Buying or selling it then it doesn't Matter what the price is you you can't Use it as a bridge currency so if you're Ripple positioning it as a bridge Currency you'd rather have xrp at 5 Cents uh if that means you get liquidity As opposed to $1,000 if there's no Liquidity because then you can't use it Liquidity is actually more important for This particular use case and so what Happens and David schwarz's actually Noted this and I've talked about this Before is as the price goes up it means Bigger market cap and that generally Goes hand inand with larger volume and More liquidity if there's more liquidity Then what happens if you're going to Make a $1 million payment is you know a Decade ago if you made a $1 $1 million Purchase of xrp or payment with it like That would move the market materially Because there's almost no money in it it Would be because my God the level of

Volatility it just be insane but now if You make a $1 million purchase of of XR Or sell a million xrp the Market's not Going to budge because it's way bigger Way way way bigger you know it's very Normal to have about what close to a Billion dollars in 24-hour Global Transaction volume for xrp so yeah 1 Million it's a drop in an ocean that's The point he was making he's saying it Can't be dirt cheap for this use case if You want to make the bigger Purchases and I've corrected it so many Times over the years and so anyway I Wanted to highlight this because and This is the first time I saw David Schwarz directly address this now it Doesn't mean he hasn't addressed it I Easily could have missed something where He has addressed it in the past I just In the in the six you know over six Years since he posted this I personally Haven't seen him address it again he Could have and so the fact that it is Like oh my God yes let's bring this home My yes I knew I was right just through The context of course and I've said this Many times on my channel but now there's Actual verification for sure from David Schwarz he didn't mean that it can't be Cheap it is cheap he's just saying for This particular use case that's what He's talking about it can't be cheap if You're going to do so and so and so if

The price is bigger and there is greater Liquidity you can make greater Transactions with it that's it that that That's what he's getting at that's it in A Nutshell and then there's this how $100 Weekly investment in xrp can turn into $1.4 million in February 2024 now this Is interesting I have a couple points I Want to make about this so let's go Through this here is how you would have Become a millionaire this month if you Had invested $100 $ weekly in xrp from September 1st 2023 to date like most Cryptocurrencies Ripple Affiliated coin Xrp has shredded most of its value due To the massive volatility that has Rocked the entire Market in recent times According to data from crypto rank xrp Is down 17.4% year-to date similarly xrp Was down 7% in 24 hours to 50.8 cents The coin is also down 4.1% and 12.5% in the weekly and monthly charts Respectively despite registering huge Losses in the daily weekly and monthly Charts the sixth largest cryptocurrency Is up 23.6% since February 2023 so folks Couple points I want to make here first Of all this is the reason that you Shouldn't look at a specific shorter Time frame and draw conclusions about The long-term viability and health of Xrp or any cryptocurrency because they

Don't make no Dam Up in this B it just simply doesn't case In point there was a post and I actually Highlighted this in a video I think Yesterday actually uh there's an xrp Community member who noted that out of It might have been like the top 10 Cryptos pulling from memory here Something to that effect it showed that Like Bitcoin was up to whatever degree You know over a three-month time period Uh EES um just pick a coin if there it's One of the large cap coins in the top 10 They're all up except for xrp which at The time I think was down maybe like 17 18% over the previous 3 months And so looking at that somebody who has Less experience in crypto might think oh My God this is going the wrong direction I should just get out of this thing this Is this is a sinking ship I should just Sell are are you sure because xrp is Still in the top 10 cryptos by market Cap and it keeps getting more and more Adopted is it perhaps the case that You're selecting a very small time Period which might sound big to you Because it's months but might you be Actually selecting a small period of Time in which xrp happen to have been Going down and there's no short uh no Shortage of examples over the last 10 Plus years where you could pick any Random three months and xrp is actually

Up might that be the case to drive the Point home one of the cryptocurrencies That people have been saying is way way Way up because it's well known within The xrp community would be Flare now I purchased flare somewhere Sometime around um the last time I Purchased anyway sometime around the Middle of October sentiment was in the Gutter I think it was like I don't know 8/10 of a penny price-wise something Like that so it's it's more than tripled In price since then anyway massive move To the upside and here you can see it's Actually up in the last even if you just Looked purely the last 90 days it's Still up 153% then you got xrp my God it's down 23% wait xrp in the same 90 days down 23% flare up 153% well sh May tempers is something Wrong no that's my opinion absolutely Not to drive the point home look at a Different time frame and it paints a Different picture flare over the last 12 Months the last year is down still it's Down 31.85 per. look at xrp over the same Time period the last one year 12 months It's up 24.8% well God based on that I guess I Should Panic sell my flare right No if you said yes you're not listening You're not getting

It but I'm saying is you don't look at The short-term time Frame geez you can have any narrative You want and we know that xrp tends to Move sideways and down more so than a Lot of other cryptocurrencies which Makes it that much more torturous to Hold it makes it harder for people to Hold and history shows us that when it Goes it really goes so I'm just going to Wait for that either it's going to Happen or it's not but the short-term Price action in and of itself in a Vacuum is not an indicator that it's Going to go to a new alltime high or go To zero it literally just means nothing Because it's just random volatility Having having nothing to do with Fundamentals or almost nothing to do With fundamentals so I mean it is placed To number six because that's a factor Fundamentals the real ecosystem Surrounding it yes that matters but Broadly speaking the correlation the Movements it's just with the rest of the Market so it goes up it goes down it Goes up it goes down doesn't mean Anything in a vacuum that's all that I'm Saying there let's go a little bit Further in this article because there's Another point to be made here which is Very Important it Bears mentioning that xrp Is not a new cryptocurrency it

Officially started trading in 2013 Over a decade ago While most xrp Investors might be underwater investors Who use the dollar cost average Investment strategy for xrp since its Debut could have been in major profits By now for instance an investor who Committed $100 weekly into xrp from September 1st 2013 to date would have Invested $54,500 using the dollar cost Average strategy however that investment Would have been valued at an astounding $1.43 Million with an xrp currently changing Hands at 50.7 cents this represents a Remarkable surge of 2533 so folks I understand that in the Real world there's no human that would Just keep putting from inception in September to date $100 weekly in and not Cash it I understand that at some like People a normal human at some point Recognize wow this is a metric f word Ton of money I'm going to get me some of Them profits I I get that but the the Point stands the point is that dollar Cost averaging in not worrying if the Price is up not worrying if it's down But just having broad exposure over over A long period of time will allow you to Capture the directionally what is Happening and so when you get those big Shifts to the upside which historically We've already seen for xrp that's what

Makes this possible putting in about 54 Grand and today it would be worth 1.43 Million despite the fact that xrp you Know has done what it's done in recent Years despite the SEC attack all that Stuff it would still be worth $1.43 Million well that's quite a return and I'm just saying there's a lesson in There it's about persistence like if you Believe that the Market's going up my Gosh people just get shaken out too Easily it's about having again broad Exposure over a long period of time and Recognizing we don't get to choose when The big jumps are either we're right They're they're going to happen or They're not but the fact that they're Not happening when you emotionally want Them to occur doesn't mean that they Won't happen in the future just means You're feeling emotions because you're a Human that's It so all that to Say by the time we're at the end of this Market cycle if we're really going to See things dramatically move to the Upside Bitcoin hits a new all-time high Why would xrp not melt faces and so what I'm saying is I still believe xrp Relatively speaking is cheap right now I'm optimistic it's going to be worth Way more in the future even though I Don't know that I admit I could be wrong And it goes to zero I'm just a dude on

The internet like But I believe what I believe I've placed My bet accordingly and I'm just going to Sit here and wait I I stopped Accumulating um in October of 2020 I Recognized publicly I I stated publicly I I have a serious problem I cannot stop Buying xrp I've made some big ass Purchases and I said I'm done and I I'm Proud of myself I'm proud of myself I Did make myself stop because I I Purchased an ungodly amount to me Subjectively what to me subjectively is An ungodly amount of xrp and I've only Purchased other stuff since then and It's still about a third of in terms of United States dollars it's about a third Of my crypto portfolio still so that Should been a picture of just how much I Had going a little bit overboard with my Xrp but I have the conviction that I Have it sucks the SEC got in the way but You know now it does have legal Clarity So we'll see what happens here but uh It's just again two major lessons in Here short-term price action doesn't Mean anything you can you can mentally Twist yourself into up into like a Pretzel you know and have emotional Distress looking over specific time Frames when other coins are doing better But it doesn't matter there have been Other times in the past where xrp has Done better or pick better pick enough

Uh long enough timeline and xrp looks Great compared to some other coins That's it's nonsense it's just about Either you have exposure when the thing Goes or you don't and dollar cost Averaging makes sense which is what I Did for most of the time building my xrp Position that's what I was doing for Years and I was down or a roughly a Break even for most of the first three Years I was an xrp which shouldn't be Surprising you start building a position You should expect that you didn't buy The literal bottom and at some point you Know it's going to be at least a little Bit lower if not a lot lower than when You first started purchasing it so I Just got broad exposure for those years And then now here here we are years Later and it's worth a lot more even Despite the SEC attack that's the lesson Having broad exposure now of course if We're wrong about long-term Val Viability of a coin eventually uh in a Mature no asset class the coin dollar Cost average or not it goes to zero but Do you think that happens with xrp and That's what you got to decide for Yourself I think xrp is long-term Viability so that's what I'm saying I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy yourself anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time

To the Moon Lambo


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