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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and if I have Seen one picture that I think Captures the last 5 years of my life This would be the picture I have felt Like this guy with the X on my shirt While every while all the media all the People Bitcoin ethereum Bitcoin ethereum And I'm sitting there going what in the World is going on why are all these People being fooled by these two things That don't even work compared to what Xrp is I for years from the beginning All the way till now I would have this Xrp stuff I would send it I would Receive it I would store it and it Always made sense it moved within Seconds it worked it didn't cost Anything and the Bitcoin and I would Send Bitcoin and I and I would I Remember when I first sent Bitcoin I was Asking someone what are the what does This confirmation stuff mean and I would Be sitting there waiting and waiting and Waiting and waiting and to this day that Hasn't changed and then I remember the Nft days I remember When people were buying all the nfts and The cartoon monkeys and I remember Reading all these things About oh yeah I bought this you know $50 Thing and it cost me $50 in gas fees or

Whatever I remember think what in the World is going on how are people being Fooled by all of This and this picture captures it all Because we're going into we're now going Into a world where they are Trying it it's like the minds of of the World are being molded to go into this This metaverse virtual World while while all the people in Control are going to FOC I'm I'm Convinced they're going to focus on Buying up all the real world assets While they s all send all of these these Mindless Robots into Their these worlds that they've probably Designed and created to distract Them while the real money's May distract Them While they fly around on their private Jets and do all their fun things and and Whatever this is some sick stuff that We've been watching folks we're Surrounded by Lies We have been for Years and I feel Like part of my job over the last few Years was to call out the lies and I did And I do and I continue to do it and Even though they've been they've shut me Off of X probably because they don't Want me to tell the truth I continue to tell them you need to join The pro my my group

Dp.com Because today I'm going to tell You what's really going on who's really Running this country what's really Happening um just in Mad Money host Jim Kramer speaking of being controlled Jim Kramer he's urging viewers to buy Bitcoin in his latest CNBC lightning Round there I don't think there's ever Been a prop of of of the powers that be More than Jim Kramer in finance I don't I then we've got this just INX binance CEO CZ account has been Restricted so Now they've restricted you can view his Profile but you have to click on that Button to view it you're being cautioned Because of course the government and the People in control of X and the people in Control of these platforms They know better than you that's why They need to put underneath every post They need to explain to you what is and Is not true what is and is not a Conspiracy theory and all the other Stuff Right okay moving along now the cftc Says the case against CZ is just the Beginning um there are no borders when It comes to Prosecuting non- us entities Uhoh Joseph Luben uhoh metallic Berin is your turn next the money Laundering charges are merely the tip of The iceberg there's a lot more going to

A lot more they're going to discover now That they have access to all of Binance's Records xrp the zrg crypto xrp escaping The descending Channel possible inverse Head and Shoulder if the breakout is not Legit and not a fake out then we need to Retest the the DC and build the Formation of inverse H&S measured Target 70 cents right now we're last time I Checked we were at 62 or so cents check This out now there's bricks Pay while while while Ripple's been in a Lawsuit all these years bricks pay Bricks has had plenty of time to work on Their bricks pay let me hit play here I Won't able to see this this is wild There's a really significant development A new Financial system bricks Bay has Been launched this new Financial Settlement platform is going to change The volume of trade and the volume of Financial transactions between the Breaks members it will make it much Easier for them and as you know those Payments and those transactions will not Be denominated in the US Dollars the Blogs member countries are really Focused on dollarization and the new System may just help them do that sooner Rather than later bricks pay is a Blockchainbased system meaning it Operates on a distributed Ledger it is Not a central bank digital currency cbdc

Or a Cryptocurrency it is designed as a Digital service that does not have a Single acceptable currency any of the Members currencies can be used the main Goal is to enable trade and to enable Financial transactions between the Bricks countries by bypassing the United States dollar and reducing dependency on Western Financial systems for example on Swift There are countries that have been Cut off from Swift right we know this Very well and so bricks pay will Effectively replace Swift functionality While also giving the countries of the So-called Global South control over its Availability nobody will be able to pull The rug from under their feet using Sanctions think about the volume of Transactions that the dollar will no Longer be involved in Saudi oil Shipments to China China is the biggest Oil importer in the world and uh the Saudi Arabia agreed to settle Transactions with China using the Yuan Okay so F so there you go um then we Have this this is the guy um uh what's His title here I'm not even going to try To say his name he's the Minister of Finance um of Pala I'm just going to Show you let you hear the first part of This TV friends my name is Ornella Hernandez and today I'm at the Ripple Swell conference in Dubai joining me

Next to me is the minister Udi of the Ministry of Finance from the Republic of Palao the island of palao how are you Today good thank you arnella nice to be Here great to meet you I wanted to learn More about the initiatives that are Going on in palao related to blockchain But first how's the day going how's the Conference for you conference is great This is the second day and I was here Yesterday uh was part of a panel it was Uh great to talk to people share our Experience uh in this space with the Blockchain and stable coin that we are Launching in Pala uh second day I'm Learning a lot about how things operate In country here and uh the great things That they're doing okay amazing and why Ripple why are you at a ripple event Specifically for our stable coin project Uh we are partnered with ripple who is Helping us develop a stable coin for use In our country so let's talk About so they're still partnered all Right now this guy comes out of nowhere His name is Havier Melee he's I guess he's the Argentine President now that's my understanding I Did not come here to lead Lambs I came Here to lead to awaken lions I think there's a lot of lions in the United States and across the world who Are sick and tired of being sick and Tired I just happen to be one of them I

Want you to hear some of what this guy Has to say because these are the type People that change the world and I like What this guy's Saying Represent of the people because the People Exist it is madness to losal to think That a representative of the people is Above the people Themselves delusional in which the polit Political cast lives in our government The politicians will have the same Privileges CI they have to internalize their Externalities they will have to Internalize their externalities if they Screw up not only will honest Argentinian suffer but the the Consequences the politicians are going To suffer even More and that's how it should be folks That's that's the way it's supposed to Work they have twisted and corrupt uped The entire world at this point Now in Dp.com I'm going to show you how they've And and crypto is a huge part of it I'll Never forget when I first saw Tom Brady Do an FTX commercial I had been in this Since 2013 I I had never heard of FTX that is how as I sit here now I know With every ounce of my being I know know That it was a government created setup

And I'm going to show that to you I'm Going to show you who's really running This country I'm going to show you it's A media machine but it's all it all Tracks back to those agencies we can't Talk about here on YouTube I'm going to Go show You I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that in dp.com Today I'm going to show you these people We're going to show you their Faces you just watch here we Go


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