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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan channel one of the things that I Think is just fun to look at as an Indicator where one might be within a Market cycle is frankly headlines from Crypto media Outlets you know and we're Seeing and as I'll highlight in this Latest Moon family sedan tepid Jam that Uh you're seeing quite the increase in Positive outlooks for all sorts of coins Including xrp there's a headline Anticipating that hey it's quite Possible there's talk here even in the Short term extra be getting up to one Dollar and forty cents there's there's Talk about ethereum and all sorts of Other coins And just long-term basically just a Long-term Outlook you know for the Cryptocurrency asset class long-term Viability it's in the minds of people Again it's it's sinking back in and of Course it was never gonna be the case That crypto was going to go away and get To zero and I understand I think most Coins are going to go to zero at some Point because most of them don't do a Damn thing so at some point in a mature Market that's going to be figured out in The I think the money shifts to where Value is which is why I'm such a strong Proponent for xrp it's the reason it's My favorite cryptocurrency and my Largest cryptocurrency holding

Personally but it's just interesting to See the human behavior behind all this So I want to share that and there's also A really positive headline having to do Well here I'll just pull up the headline Now I think it was uh yeah this one uh This is interesting and so like even if You're like me and xrp is either your Favorite coin or one of your most Favorite coins I hope that to some Degree you have some level of Appreciation for Bitcoin even if you're Like me and you recognize that from a Technological perspective it's inferior It actually doesn't necessarily mean That it can't be around forever or Necessarily even be number one because You can in fact people are doing this Successfully even today you can have a Layer 2 technology that makes it just as Functional is pick your coin You know in the case in fact you know What's going on with the spin the bits I've talked about that lately quite a Bit and that's the best way to move Bitcoin on The xrp Ledger which by the Way also happens to require the usage of Xrp so that helps ensure the long-term Viability of xrp so all that to say I Hope that you are rooting for Bitcoin to Succeed and I hope that you're cool with It leading the market as it always has And Effexor P becomes number one by Market cap cool that's my number I'm

Holding I'll be happy I don't need that For me to be happy in life I'm still Happy to root for Bitcoin and if Bitcoin's always number one on a scale Of one to ten I give that two thumbs up That's fine by me I am not a maximalist Of any coin uh this is not an ideology For me this is not an emotional thing For me it's just an incredible Investment opportunity that I believe Will result in life-changing wealth but Before going further you want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related to topics But just as a hobby and just for fun at The time I'm recording sex or P 41 cents Bitcoin 23 497 a market cap for the Asset class over 1.1 trillion Uh Bitcoin dominance 40.96 and the Crypto fear and grade index at 58 out of 100 so The Lovable cuddly little Innocent Lemmings out there they're Sleeping easy because they're feeling That greedy sobs and good for them good For them I just we've seen enough of Their emotional suffering and torment Over much of the last nine to ten months As the markets have been an extreme fear And I take no joy in that

Uh but take a look at this just I'm just I don't even need to cover the content Because it's like technical analysis Stuff I just want to make a broader Point about this you don't see these Headlines in Bear markets I mean with Rare exception But now they're all over the damn place And I'll keep highlighting because just One more thing you can look at because This is the human behavior in a bull Market it doesn't mean that we're going To blast off you know today tomorrow Next week next month not even maybe this Year I don't know maybe not But the point is you can see the humans Changing how they feel and how they feel Dictates the types of things that are Stated on social media and in as a Result in crypto media Outlet headlines So this is from the crypto Basics Seasoned analyst predicts an xrp rally To one dollar and forty cents upon a Trend reversal And look I've made my stance clear Although I'm not going to make a price Prediction ever I feel very comfortable Stating that I think it would be super Duper weird if we never see a new All-time high so the idea of it at some Point going to Buck 40 and then at some Point heading into all-time high and Entering price discovery I don't see how that doesn't happen

Unless I'm wrong about the entire Adoption long-term viability of the Entire asset class that would be Ridiculous which I just I don't even Really entertain that idea because I Understand that there are business Models possible which represents value Which is different than price there are Business models that can't exist without This technology as a result the asset Class never goes to zero period even if I'm betting on all the wrong courses Which I guess is possible I don't think I am but even if I were betting on all The wrong courses meaning I bought all The wrong cryptocurrencies that aren't Going to last okay well I'm still right About the asset class that would really Suck for me though can you imagine going Through the admin of this and be doing Everything you can to do your homework And be dive you know have a diverse Portfolio as I've done and then Everything crashes and you don't get a Single that would be that would be a Travesty no I don't think that's Actually gonna happen oh my God can you Imagine Oh and then there's this from crypto News flash ethereum Hits 1 700 for first Time since September is eat poised to Rally to two thousand dollars this week Folks again I don't feel the need to Read the article I'm making a broader

Point you don't see this stuff in Bear Markets it's just one more thing you can Look at and I like to point out all the Things that are worth considering Whether it's fundamentals that is one Thing uh there's technical analysis There's on-chain analytics it's uh you Know there's uh you know crypto fear and Green index which is tracking you know The temperature in the room and from an Emotional perspective from speculators So there's that and then here you can Look at the headlines it's just it's Worth being aware of all of it and if You if you track all of it you can get a Sense for the probable Direction not the Certain direction but the probable Direction and the probable direction From this point on outside of a wild Card event and the crypto contagion Spreading anyway would be To the upside even if it takes a bit of Time And then take a look at this and I do Love seeing this I've been a Bitcoin Holder since 2017 I'm Pro Bitcoin I'm More optimistic of it now than I ever Have been in my entire Leaf my entirely My entire life Um You know I I just I'm not overly excited About it I'm glad I hold it I'm most Excited about xrp but I know that Bitcoin leads the market I know what

Happens as Market as a as a you know Market Cycles progress I understand how Money flows through the crypto sphere it Starts in Bitcoin but then it goes into Large cap coins mid cap coins small cap Coins and so even if you don't hold Bitcoin if you're in crypto you Eventually get yours maybe you have to Wait a little bit longer you can feel Like you're missing out you get a little Bit of that fomo sure you get that That's that's the normal human response But the all coins frankly my humble Opinion if you want to achieve Life-changing wealth without having to Wait like yeah no a decade or two in Crypto like all coins That's Where It's At that's where the true opportunity Lies because there's so much less money In all coins compared to bitcoin and Just to kind of illustrate the point the Market cap of Bitcoin as I record this 453 billion And the market cap for xrp 21 billion 453 billion to 21 billion So how much money has to flow in to get Xrp to double almost nothing But how much to get Bitcoin to know more Now it doesn't mean it can't double it Can't mean it doesn't mean it can't be Worth way more and in fact I think that Although so it's all-time high in terms Of market cap it was around 1.2 1.3 Trillion I believe firmly Bitcoin is

Going to be a multi-trillion dollar Asset at some point in the future and I Don't see why that wouldn't be possible For xrp at some unknown point in the Future and however long it takes I don't Pretend to know but that's a great thing About my investment strategy is like Just buy and then I do nothing so I'll Be patient that's what it takes Uh but look at the headline from the Daily huddle Bitcoin could scale into Staggering 30 I'll just use round number 30 trillion dollar market according to Ark invest's new crypto forecast a new Forecast by Kathy Woods Arc invest Predicts that Bitcoin will scale into a Staggering multi-trillion dollar market The research paper which is spreading Through crypto Twitter after being Shared by Bitcoin Advocate documenting Bitcoin expands on Wood's prediction That the crypto King will have a massive Price tag of at least one million Dollars by the end of 2030. Uh the report lays out three scenarios That Arc believes the crypto asset by Market cap could follow in its bare case Arc invest sees Bitcoin with a price tag Of 258 500 while the bull case I'm sorry The base case rather has the leading Digital asset by market cap rising to 682 800 dollars with 97 of Bitcoin Expected to be mined at that time those Numbers would give Bitcoin a 5.3

Trillion to a 13.9 trillion dollar Market cap respectively So my friends Even if xrp is substantially behind that And and I I believe it's probable that Bitcoin is going to continue to lead the Market over that time that'd be my guess Anyway if it changes if my pending Change I'll be happy to talk about that And why Um but just I don't care if if Bitcoin Continues to lead and xrp is behind so Probably still in the top 10 I would Think buy market cap out of I don't know Why wouldn't we even if it's a lot Behind in terms of what the dollar Market cap is you understand the Multiplier effect Imagine xrp at just a trillion and then You're talking about Bitcoin at 5.3 Trillion to 13.9 trillion in market cap Why why couldn't xrp of a multi-trillion Dollar market cap and it's at 21 billion With a B right now why couldn't it get Into the trillions And it's not a guarantee I'm not Pretending like I know for sure that's Going to happen but I certainly think That it's quite possible and I I'm Anticipating a way bigger crypto asset Class this is this is a big nothing the Size of this asset class is a rounding Error right now but it does continue to Grow and it has consistently for 14

Years its entire existence so at some Unknown point in the future I would Expect that this asset class is probably Going to be over 100 trillion dollars An xrp can have a gigantic piece of that And with how little money's in right now That's that represents the opportunity That's why I'm so excited about this Literally every single day So check this out and again happy to see Bitcoin leading this happy you know let The bitcoiners get theirs You know and I guess I I technically am I just a bit turned off by like a Segment of the you know the core Bitcoin Community the Maxis out there but not Everyone's a maxi they're good people in The community too I'm not pretending Like there aren't that's the only thing That makes me not think of myself like Internally as a like a bitcoiner or a Part of the Bitcoin Community but I Guess I technically am Um I just you know I enjoy the xrp Community more let's just leave it at That Anyway peace the Hedge fund's most Bullish case Has Bitcoin shooting to a price of 1.48 Million dollars by December 2030. That would Place its market cap at 30.3 trillion dollars Now my friends this is not something That's impossible I don't know if it's

Going to happen I don't know for sure I I I even if it hits that price level Again I don't know that it would be that Soon necessarily but who knows it Depends because like you do reach a Point where you know you you hit Exponential enough just look at a Technology bell curve you can see Exactly what it looks like with Technology that is adopted and continues To get adopted and so I think it's you Already can argue like we're already in An upward slope despite the pullbacks Which you know we just went through Especially over you know the course of 2022 but despite that if you just zoom Out over a longer period of time you can See that there actually isn't an Exponential increase you know it's a Good clip to the upside So uh if you just consider that we Haven't hit the part where it goes truly Player so if you understand that there's About four percent of humans on the Entire planet that own corrupta that's The best estimate I've seen today four Percent well I think in the future I Don't know how long it's going to take But most humans are going to be using Crypto we're just here early which is Why we get the opportunity of this Multiplier effect relative to other Assets that's what it is by the time Everybody agrees yeah of course it was

Always going to work by the time Everybody agrees then it's too late to Get the life-changing wealth but we're Going against the grain we are in the Minority but that's the reason there's Opportunity and we broadly speaking I Think as a community have done and Continue to do our homework and we Continue to monitor the changing Landscape of crypto xrp continues to Have true usefulness because there's a Slot to be filled for all the use cases That xrp is successfully filling to this Point So anyway I just think it's a cool stuff So I thought I'd make a video just talk About this because It's another thing you can look at and To me again it is an inevitability Practically speaking not literally but Pretty damn close that we're going to See that of course we're going to enter Extreme greed again We're probably through the worst of this Unless there's some sort of wild card Event or if the crypto contagion spreads But even if we get one of those events It doesn't mean you need to be losing Sleep over the concept of maybe that Happens because if it does even those Things don't last forever you know you Know a typical recession I can't Remember the exact amount I brought it Up recently and then I didn't check the

Number for myself again but I believe The typical recession lasts about a year And that doesn't mean that we're all Like in Depression era situations it's Just like they're you know you had a Reduction of job opportunities you know The GDP go it decreases and there are Other metrics you can look at it Indicate that hey things aren't so hot Right now But it doesn't necessarily mean that Most people in fact most people even if It hits them to some degree doesn't mean They're losing their job and they're Destitute that's not how it is for the Typical recession so you know something Horrible happens it's typically Short-lived and you know you feel Sympathy for the people that hits the Hardest sure but then the market comes Back it just always does just like in The 2008 financial collapse you know the P there are people panic selling at the Bottom or close to the bottom of the 2008-2009 financial Club to sell them Their stocks oh my God we got to get out Before it goes lower that's the wrong Time to be doing that and then you know What happened with the stock market over The next decade decade Plus Would have been good to just wait Through it the best option is just to do If you don't need the money the best Option is to just do nothing that's what

The data will show you and I believe That the same general thing is true in Crypto with some caveats that obviously Some coins uh you know there could be Tech issues they go to zero there are Rug pulls uh to do quickly changing Landscapes some ideas business models Around coins could quickly become Obsolete so it's not exactly the same so You do need to monitor it more but That's why if you have so the Diversification when it comes to Investing in crypto you're more likely To do okay which is why I stopped by an Xrp and I think it was October of 2020 Because it was like I got a problem if I Don't stop it's my largest holding by Far and then I've only purchased other Coins since then but it's still my Favorite coin and my largest holding but I was like I gotta diversify like I Already had been diversary I was like I Gotta diversify a lot more I just spent A lot of money on xrp so that's the way I'm looking at it I'll go and wrap up Here though I'm not a financial advisor You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I share right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon family sedan

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