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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel what an insanely wild day I mean Holy volatility Batman we had Bitcoin Breaking up to about $38,000 uh we also had swell in today uh How did uh xrp price react as a result Of swell ending we'll talk about that And also we've got news that there's Going to be a Black Rock Spot bit uh Spot ethereum rather uh ETF application So that's right Black Rock supporting Not just uh Bitcoin in ETF form but also Eth and eth has absolutely rocketed and It's just so fascinating because Whatever is happening in the in the Moment it's just the the way that Markets manipulate human emotion it will Just never cease to fascinate me and I I And I'm well aware of this I have been For many many many many many years but Just to observe it on a regular basis Especially when we get these big moves It's fascinating and so we have people Asking well what about xrp p is it's It's down from a even a day ago I'm like But zoom out on a chart my God and I'm Telling you I'll tell you this too Um couple things as far as I'm concerned Short-term price action for me Personally won't matter because either Xrp goes to zero and then I'm just Screwed or it hits a new alltime high And I sell so like the short-term Volatility the day-to-day galations

Doesn't matter to me I only follow Because I find it genuinely interested Because I have skin to the game and and You know what that's like once it's a Lot more interesting and fun once you Have something investing uh invested in Something although it can be terrifying For people too but also I wanted to say At the outside of the video that out of The analyst that I follow it's broadly Accepted to be the case that you know From a structural perspective we're Still in Bull mode babies like the fact That xrp is where it is and Bitcoin had This uh you know major impulse but then Major crash back on down this doesn't Invalidate any sort of macro structure That that's what I've seen from analysts That I follow the day they all seem to Have the same perspective in fact we can Even clearly see what happened what Caused the price action to violently Shift to the downside after Bitcoin Roughly touched $38,000 so we'll unpack all that but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun as I

Record this latest hot jam xrp is at 66 Bitcoin is $ 36,7 126 market cap for the the asset Class over $1.4 trillion and despite the Pullback that happened today crypto fear And greed IND deck at 70 out of 100 so Y'all out there feeling pretty greedy I See but I'm not surprised honestly I was Kind of wondering if it would I you know Obviously with a crash like that but We've also had a major surge over the Last 24 hours more than 24 hours so it's Not that surprising I just kind of Wonder how much higher it would have Been if we hadn't seen the crash on down Uh but let's quickly talk about swell Like I've made my position known I've Been talking about it a number of times Over recent days there's this narrative That Ripple swell event causes xrp price To rise before and then crash afterwards After the event and I've explained that That's just not true we now have seven Data points including this year because Swell has there's been seven swell Events and there's only been one where That actually happened where xrp price Rose and then ultimately crashed once The event started and that was in 2018 And that was on the news or was it Started on the rumor that Ripple's Xrapid product was going to be launched Which ended up becoming known as on Demand liquidity ended up being a true

Rumor so when that was announced uh the Price of xrp ended up plummeting on down So that's the only time that that has Actually been the case with swell but There's still this narrative that every Single year uh you know price is going To go it's going to go up and then it's Going to crash after SW just got to get It's the post swell crash we got to be Ready for this except for it's not a Real thing so i' I've I've debunked this But I I put out this poll a couple days Ago on social media platform X I wrote Will xrp price drop when Ripple swell Event begins or ends due to a byy the Rumor sell the news type of situation 64.8% responded Yes 35.2% responded no And so I'm in the minority though there If I could have voted for my own poll it Would have been no and I've made that Pretty clear in recent days leading up To this and so you actually had swell Event end and then I'm looking at the Price it ended I'm looking at like six Seven hours later roughly I'm like well It hadn't moved at that point which Wasn't surprising to me because it is Indeed a bogus narrative um and so I Just wanted to highlight this like it it It doesn't matter so you can argue that Xrp price was moving up as we were Approaching the swell event this year And that's fine I'm not going to go so Far as to claim it's because of swell

Because if you look at what analysts Were saying for some time just reading The charts and not applying what Whatever is happening in the news at the Time they said that was going to happen And then if you talk about when did Start xer start moving up versus when Was the news dropped that Ripple swell Event was going to be on those dates That doesn't line up either so none none Of it actually makes sense it just Happens to be the case that xrp was Going up roughly in a similar time Period that's about it but I'm telling You once swell ended no xrp didn't go Down in fact xrp continued to move to The upside did you know that I was Watching this because I watched the Moment that um we were close to 38,000 For Bitcoin and it was totally wiped out But xrp was actually um it it had moved Up a maybe a couple cents or so maybe It's a penny and a half up to just over 70 cents before the market crashed this Morning so again why would that happen Six or seven hours after swell ends if Swell is supposed to cause it to drop And so there's some people that were Looking at the the price action for xrp Because it did get as low as 64 cents After the drop this morning it's Currently again at 66 cents and people Look at that see it's the swell effect It's the swell effect no it's not xrp if

You look at the chart it was going up in Fact here's a 24-hour xrp price chart Here you can see a little after 9:00 A.m. uh it was at 70 cents uh now if you Look at the 24-hour Bitcoin chart you Can see around 9:00 a.m. uh Bitcoin Close to $38,000 so Bitcoin crashed and again Here's the xrp chart Xrp just followed that's it xrp followed Bitcoin xrp did not go down because it Swell it went down because Bitcoin went Down so why did Bitcoin go down okay now We can talk about that um um actually oh I want to read this one first though Because I I shared this post when um What time was this 8 something 8 yeah 8:16 a.m. Central Time which is my time Zone I posted Bitcoin is on quite a rip Now in the 37,000 and I shared a screen Grab it was at 37567 bucks bucks this morning and uh an Xrp Community member named Stillman xrp Wrote wish xrp would get on board too uh To which I responded I personally would Argue it is xrp is up 38.9 one% over the Last 30 days Bitcoin is up only 36.091794 live coin watch just to paint The picture no it actually is xrp Absolutely and zoom in on a chart you Can see it xrp absolutely is moving in Tandem with with Bitcoin um now take a look at this this Is a post from uh will Clemente he does

All sorts of onchain analytics typically 6925 followers and he shared this chart And wrote shorts wiped and then late Longs immediately flushed are you not Entertained I kind of laughed I read I Was like I'm pretty entertained are you Not entertained out there listening I'm Pretty entertained out there even with What's happening with xrp all this this Bogus narrative about swell and then xrp Went up despite swell ending it went up Before and after swell ended actually uh And then it just went down because That's what Bitcoin did but look so Shorts shorts got wiped so with the Latest impulse to the upside with Bitcoin hitting close to to $38,000 yeah The shorts absolutely got wiped but then It's extra funny because at that point There were people that decided okay well I guess I better be long then I'm now Long Bitcoin and then those people get Flushed too it is funny which is why When he read he wrote here are you not Entertained I was like hell yeah I am Get the popcorn because this is a Good one oh man uh then there is this Chart uh this she's basically sharing The same chart this is analyst txmc Formerly with glass node which does all Sorts of onchain analytic stuff I'm a Big fan of txmc and he was just noting Here that as far as Bitcoin is concerned $1 billion doll uh in uh in piled up

Positioning was cleansed with that move That's right $1 billion dollar that had Piled In oh doggy good times here in crypto Right but check this out because despite That happening and we'll get into a Little bit further about how this Doesn't change the macro narrative in Just a second but there's this post from Scott milker uh one of the more popular Figures in the world of crypto he's Known as The Wolf of all streets 915,000 Followers on X and he was just noting That even if you start investing at the Peak of the last cycle when Bitcoin was About $69,000 if you just dollar cost average In like once a week you're in profit so Check this is wild this is why I keep Say like it's worth having a long time Frame and not beating yourself up if you If you if you make a purchase of a Cryptocurrency you should assume it's Going to be worth less in the future Because it's a statistical virtual Certainty that you didn't buy the Literal bot so if you buy something you Should assume at some unknown point in The future whether it's sooner or later It's going to be worth Less in the Future right but that's why it makes Sense to dollar cost average in in General that way you get broad exposure Yes sometimes you'll buy a little high

But sometimes you buy a little low and It washes out in the end typically right And this paints a perfect picture of That because he's noting even if you Made the worst purchase if you timed it The worst possible on accent you buy That peak of the last cycle that's when You're buying Bitcoin $69,000 you're still in a great position Relatively speaking and he wrote here if You started dollar cost averaging into Bitcoin roughly at the dead top of the Last cycle $69,000 buying $100 a week then you have Spent $10,000 and your position is worth $1 13,43 one. 32 you are up Seemingly endless endlessly time to Accumulate during the lows just be a Long-term investor slowly buy and you Will reap the benefits and folks that's Why all this this the day-to-day price Action that you've seen today I'm sure Some people getting hit in the fields oh My God it's scary what if it goes back Down even Further well maybe you haven't okay Couple things my brain's going like a Million miles per hour your normal if You're feeling those things I'm the Weird that doesn't okay cuz most people Do so I'm I'm I'm in the minority that Doesn't get hit emotionally with this Stuff but part of it is because I just

Allow logic to seep through to such a Degree that it's not going to hit me Because the question is do you have Conviction in in what you're doing in Terms of your crypto Investments because I do I have very strong conviction with What I do and I understand what I'm Doing I also understand the risks and That's why I've held on to xrp and Bitcoin for coming up on six years now And I sleep easy and I just I've just There all sorts of periods of time where I've cost averaging in i' I've done that Through highs and lows it doesn't matter Then I get broad exposure and all the Stuff that I bought especially in the First few years that stuff's way up and Then stuff that I bought more recently a Lot of that's actually down now I'm Still way ahead on the whole but you'd Expect that because I've now been in in Crypto for coming up on six years but All this to say even if you have Horrible timing on accident and you buy The damn Top this stuff ends up working itself Out because do you believe that in the Future bitcoin's going to be worth way More and xrp is going to be worth way More or do you not believe because that Is my Conviction um and then there was this Post at 8:13 a.m. Central Time from the Blockchain backer so this is a good you

Know roughly 45 minutes before we saw That uh you know Bitcoin is going to Correct on back to the downside it was Blazing to the upside here and he and he Simply wrote 12 he's talking about Bitcoin here 12K are zooming out and Having nightmares and so those are all The doomsday people oh Bitcoin no it's Going down to $122,000 don't see as many Of those these days do we and so the Fact that um shortly after this Bitcoin Move to the downside that does nothing To take away from the comment that he Made here because nothing's changed from A macro perspective you're going to see This type of volatility in the in the uh In the short term it's it's it's Historically quite normal frankly and Then the blackchain backer also posted This and he shared this chart which I'll Make full screen he said uh magical Unicorn fairy dust Puppet Masters Pulling the puppet strings God or a Simul simulation total market cap of Entire crypto Market breaks up with sign Of strength gets through preliminary Support violently back tests it then Black Rock e ethereum ETF finally yeah And that uh yeah that's that's then he Has the laugh Emoji because that is kind Of hilarious how this actually played Out here again are you not Entertained And and so by the way he he's been

Articulating and he did today as well U Look it's you know it's he doesn't Believe that we're going to be seeing New all-time highs for Bitcoin or crypto Just in G in a general sense without Stocks breaking to the upside and moving Directionally the same which isn't Necessarily what we're seeing right now And so he's expressed concern that you Know even if Bitcoin gets upward to you Know maybe say close to $50,000 uh that may be it um and there Are other analyst there Al okay so a Couple things there are analysts that Have a fairly similar opinion to that And then think yeah we are going to hit Roughly that you know mid-40s up you Know upper 40s whatever it is for Bitcoin crater back down to the mid-30s And then continue move to the upside Then you have some that think that nope That's pretty much it and then we have To wait another long while but um I Wanted to share this perspective from a Chart analyst Michael vop who wrote It's Expected to see Bitcoin reach 45 to $50,000 pre having after which we'll Have a heavy correction back to 32 to $35,000 and consolidate from there Cycles repeat themselves and Bitcoin has Been suffering a lot the past two years And so he is one of those people that Thinks that we're going to see a move Back to the downside and so not that

Michael vop and the blockchain backer Have the same opinions in terms of chart Analysis I'm just noting one Fair Similarity here which is that after you Hit that $45 to $50 level uh move back Down to the move back to the down side Basically I'm not saying that they have The same analysis they don't actually But it's just interesting that they have They thought at least in that one point Roughly a similar similar level for Where Bitcoin may be heading to now Credible crypto uh he's of the mindset That we are going to be seeing a new All-time high this year and what has Happened today doesn't really do Anything to change that um here's a post From credible crypto at 2:12 a.m. so This is you know over six hours before You know closer to seven hours before we Saw uh Bitcoin ultimately collapse back Down and then stabilize for the Remainder of the day he wrote we're at $36,500 for Bitcoin um imagine how many People are going to sell SL short into 40K because they believe we can't make New all-time highs until post having Which is still a good 6 months away They'll be the fuel for the fire that Takes us to new all-time highs by the End of this year and so look he still Has that conviction and I'm telling you And I saw some posts from him after the Fact you know after the the price

Cratered on today uh the conviction has Not wavered and you wouldn't expect it To for a short-term move like that Necessarily right because there's no There's nothing that happened today that Would have invalidated anything else That he set Up um and then there's also this and I Found this to be fascinating because as Much as 2022 was a complete doomsday Year there's been tremendous recovery Here's a post from chart analyst will Clemente from this and this it's from This afternoon by the way after Bitcoin Cratered down from roughly $38,000 after He wrote Bitcoin has now retraced price From the FTX collapse three arrows Collapse and Luna us collapse absolutely Love to see it and so you may recall Being in crypto a year ago it was the End of the world remember that and Bitcoin ultimately got down to close to $15,000 everything was Dirt Cheap um sky Falling all that crap and I remember Talking to my channel like uh I'm pretty Happy here I'm just buying stuff I Bought all and I talked about what I Bought at the time and I'm very glad That I did now my position is much Larger positions are much larger and and I noted at some point in the future we Would be in greed and here we are we're A year later we're in greed we're in High levels of greed bitcoin's been

Running despite this the pullback today We've had a a complete retrace from the The disastrous price action that we saw All of last year so why are people Losing sleep but like I understand I Understand the answer but is it logical To let those emotions hit you and I just Argue no and once once you let that seep In enough it's much easier to sleep at Night I have no trouble sleeping even on The negative days I mean even a year ago You listen to my videos from a year ago I was cheery AF son I was thrilled Because I knew it didn't matter I I'm Contin I'm I'm part of my investment Thesis is that I continue to expect Humans to respond like that and and it Results in them making very poor Financial decisions and then I'm going To capitalize on that because I'm Betting against them and they can they Can bet against me that's what they're Doing too by the way it's not like That's mean they're betting against me If they want to get out of their Positions and panic s because they think That that's what makes the most sense Okay I'll take that Bet um and then there was this from Peter Schiff because we got to talk About some of this ETF stuff right Especially with what happened with eth Today which is awesome news by the way Uh but Peter Schiff he's the guy that

Sells the yellow rocks AKA Gold um smart guy agree with him on a Whole bunch of stuff but man he's wrong About crypto and he has just dug his Heels in I think at this point it might Just be the case that he just got too Much pride to admit he was wrong because It's been 14 years crypto's still here And every time I see a post from him I Just asked do you still believe the Entire crypto asset class will go to Zero dollars one day I've been asking Him asking him this for years uh you Know I've had enough likes and reposts And stuff over the years that he's Probably seen this and chosen not to Answer that's okay he doesn't owe me a Response you know he's he's a he's Famous in the world of finance and for Some reason even in crypto 982 th000 Followers um but he's he's very famous For having called the you know the 2008 Financial collapse and all that jazz and So he just trotted out on all the major News networks back then but man he's Disastrously long wrong about crypto now That said he might potentially have Somewhat of a point here check this out He wrote Bitcoin is approaching $38,000 As speculators continue to front run a New Bitcoin ETF however once that ETF is Launched all of the speculators will Have already bought so when those buyers Sell to take profits there won't be many

Left to buy the ETF get ready for a Crash all right so look here's my stance On this I acknowledge it certainly Possible that once the news breaks um You see an immediate pullback or you see A ton of excitement that's probably like More reasonable to suspect that you'd See to some degree big or small some Sort of burst to the upside and then Ultimately a correction to the downside Because Market's going to get uh a Little overzealous let's Say but um you know in terms of who's Left to buy well this is the thing like I don't buy the narrative that suddenly This news comes and then it's up only Forever actually I don't buy into that Which is why I've said many times you Know yes there there certainly could be A pullback maybe there will be to Whatever Degree but if you look over a span of Years or maybe or even decades more more Importantly like the you can't overstate The importance of this so I don't buy Into the narrative purely that this is Rocket Fuel and this is what brings us To new all-time High but I because if you're talking Mechanically what happens behind the Scenes it's not a snap of the finger Thing it's not a flip of the switch Thing that this thing gets approved and Then money flow in that's not quite how

This works you can see excitement for Those already participating in crypto Markets sure but that's why I say over a Span of many years and decades the Amount of money that will flow in it It's hard to overstate the importance But it's it's not the case that when This gets approved suddenly you've got Fidelity and Schwab and all these other Major traditional Finance players uh Offering it from day one and then even If they were they then all help the Investment advisers out there they have To to pitch their clients on it Effectively you know let them know hey This opportunity is available and They'll do that but again over that's Why I say over a span of a long period Of time yes it's going to be profound The amount of money that will flow in But if but if you're talking about the Mechanics of it rather than just the Excitement when the news hits these are Two different things and I think that Yeah it'll be fun when the news hits if Bitcoin goes up a bit but don't be Surprised if it goes back down to Whatever degree Okay but Peter shiff is wrong if if he Thinks that there won't be people to buy No that has laid the groundwork for all Of these major traditional Finance firms To offer the product and then for them To go for all the investment advisers at

The firms to go and push that on their Clientele that's what that sets the Table for so it's going to be way bigger And if Peter ship doesn't understand That it's just simply mindblowing but Again he's so negative on on bitcoin and Crypto it is what it is I mean if he Still thinks it's going to go to zero After 14 years I just wonder is he going To be saying the same thing after 20 Years and 25 years and 30 years and 35 Years is it just zero forever no matter What or is at some point he going to Look Inward and be like huh I wonder What I got wrong cuz I think that a Little self-reflection is due at this Point you got to keep wondering why does It keep getting bigger why does everyone Disagree with me if I'm so right he's he He should be looking inward but he Doesn't seem to be capable of doing that Or or at least if he has uh he he Doesn't he's got too much pride to admit That hey my analysis was wrong and That's frequently the case I you know Human creatures interesting uh but I Also want to share this because there's Perspective from Matt hugan he's a CEO At bitwise invest at bitwise invest on X And they have a pretty large firm here They have the bitwise 10 crypto index Fund and um you know about a billion Dollars in assets under management with This thing 1 billion

Plus and and here's what they're seeing From their clientele this is Interesting because you you might be Wondering to what degree is the spot Bitcoin ETF actually priced into current Price action And and for some people some people have Been buying as a result of this I mean I'm not going to deny that but the Question is have most people and to what Degree we're going to see move to the Upside once the positive news breaks Which I think is a virtual certainty Well check this out Matt hugan says the Following each year we survey hundreds Of financial advisers about crypto we're Halfway through this year's survey one Of the questions we asked this year was When will a spot Bitcoin etfb approved 61% said 2025 or later The ETF is not priced in if its intended Audience doesn't think it's coming okay Now that's fascinating so that does Still leave you know 39% question mark Right do they think it's coming sooner But 61% said 2025 or later I think They're wrong I think it's going to be Either the end of this year or the Beginning part of 2024 that's my guess And um I I got to say like as as far as My my my guess which I've made which is That black rock gets approved first and Then I said number two if that's wrong It's that you get a bunch of proved all

Ones I'm kind of leaning towards number Two more at this point because I'm Suspecting that my bias and hatred for The secc to be honest with you made me Think that they're going to do more Shady things and more unethical Ridiculous things than just let Black Rock go but I don't know either way I Was always kind of split in hairs it's Just been like a four fun guess anyway And it still is even now it makes me Wonder maybe it really is the case that What I should have as my number one is Just a bunch of them get approved at Once but one thing I haven't really Doubted all at all is that in the very Short term we are going to get get this Approval and if I'm wrong about that Okay fine but I do think it's going to Be either late this year or early next Year you know as late potentially as Late as March but it could certainly be A lot sooner but but anyway Matt hu Brings up a good point here if it's Priced in how come 61% say no we don't Think that's because then they wouldn't Be taking action in terms of investing In Bitcoin right so they wouldn't be Front running it makes you wonder you Know I would just anticipate no matter What the Market's going to get overly Zealous so you're going to see too much Whether it's true or not you're going to See a lot of excitement and to some

Degree you will see a pullback cuz That's just what happens anyway that's What markets Do uh and then there's this Black Rock Spot ethereum ETF plan is confirmed After NASDAQ filing and eth it's going For a ride here um over the last 24 Hours up over 10% um and now check this out I want to Put things in perspective despite the Pullback we saw this morning okay so Fine you look at the 30-day E's up 36.2% but but what about Xrp xrp is up 34.3 4% so it's it's it's Strikingly similar actually you know xrp Is actually um and so here eth it just Changed let me I'll just read the number Again uh eth up 36.2 n% for the last 30 Days and then xrp over the last 30 days 36.2 4% now 0.25% so basically the same Thing then you've got Bitcoin over the Last 30 days 35.6% and so when people are saying well How come xrp is not doing I'm like what Are you talking about and so people are So frequently just looking about looking At the short-term price action we just Had a like a crazy rally where xrp in in The span of like 24 hours went up from Like what 61 cents to 73 cents that was A massive jump and Bitcoin wasn't Running at the time what was wrong with Bitcoin was there something wrong with Bitcoin was there something wrong with

Eth no they don't run at exactly the Same times it's just that if you zoom Out on a chart it'll it it's close Enough that it'll appear they do but Today was an eth day awesome good for Eth I hold eth you know it's it happens To be the first cryptocurrency I ever Purchased I still hold Eth um so again the percentages are About the same it's just this this Feeling if the thing that I'm into most And in this case we're talking about xrp If it's not going why not well but it is That's just the emotions get the best of People here so yeah I'm glad to see that E eth is running here so but check out The news black Rock's plans for a spot Ethereum exchange traded fund has now Been confirmed for per a 19 B4 form Filing submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on November 9th NASDAQ filed the 19 B4 form To Securities regulator on behalf of The9 trillion asset management firm for A proposed ETF called the ishares Ethereum trust the move signals black Rock's intention to expand Beyond Bitcoin with its ETF Aspirations yeah and so there's really Nothing more I don't need to read the Rest the article that that's it in a Nutshell and I'll just note here and I I' mentioned this before in recent Months once once you get a you know a

Spot Bitcoin ETF roll in here and once That gets approved like it opens The Floodgate so yes we had to wait I mean Bitcoin's been around you know call it You know over 14 years at this point a Little less than 15 Live all this time and it's taken that Long to get to a point where finally We're going to get We Believe anyway Broadly speaking I think most of us Believe we're going to get this spot Bitcoin ETF but then as far as getting Approval for the next an ETF spot ETF For the next crypto in this case it's Probably going to be eth what's that Going to take months Later it's like once the floodgates open They're open the the SEC is going to se This ground like it just it just is That's what's most I believe anyway and There will be others eventually I do Believe there will be an xrp one it's Just not going to be the first or second Here but you can see the direction this All is going in blackre I do not believe Theyd be filing for this if they didn't Already have an incredibly high level of Confidence that they knew what the Outcome would be they know they're going To get approved with a virtual certainty Or an actual certainty who Knows it's coming though and so the best Is yet yet ahead it's fun to be in Crypto and so even if it's the case that

You know we only see Bitcoin break up to About $50,000 and then we have to wait a Prolonged period of time for another Cycle until we finally hit the new Alltime high and say that's over a year From now okay well I'll tell you what Again like I was you know kind of Getting at it earlier on the video I'm Going to be here because the short-term Price action doesn't matter I'm always I'm going to keep earning new money Along the way and I just keep putting it In and I just I never thought I'd own This dollar value in crypto that I have And it's insane but I've just I've had This time to accumulate and so when this Thing finally goes at some point I'm Going to be enticed to sell whether it's Whether credible crypto's right and we Had a new all-time high sooner and then Like the entire crypto Market goes great Then I'll finally sell or if it's over a Year year from now and I have to wait Even longer okay great it's a year or Two whatever it takes I'm going to be Here and I'm going to be ready for that And I'll be purchasing along the way at Times when I believe it makes sense for Me and I'll talk about those when they Occur in my rationale for doing so but All I do is buy and then I do nothing I Just hold and I've been at this uh now Close to six years so even if it takes Another two years before I finally like

Okay this is life changing I'm selling Okay long journey but for the amount of Money that I anticipate it's going to Mean for me well worth it It's it's just it's a fun ride Anyway but it's coming it's it's it's Just I just I I I feel bad sometimes for The people that just they can't help it And they just that the feelings get to Them but I am at total peace and I wish That people were were able to just let Like absorb the data and let that Override the emotion I wish more people Could do that um just on a personal Level now on a selfish investment level I'm glad that they can't because if Everybody he actually could do That then we'd be in trouble because Like you'd have a world of investors Where it's just a bunch of moon Lambos And then if we're all at stalemate none Of us are going to you know sell at a Loss do we even have a market so it is a Good thing that not everybody uh is Actually acting like me because there'd Be no volatility in markets which is the Purpose of investing but I still think I'm going to you know I'll still Continue to mention it here because if It can help people here that that are in Our community then awesome you know but Uh is what it is man we humans are Interesting creatures right so either Way the good news is whatever happens

It's fun there's always going to be Stuff to talk about it's exciting and There really is this opportunity for Life-changing wealth we just don't get To control the timeline we get to Participate we get to be part of this Once in a species thing with the Advent Of crypto what a time to be Alive but I just say don't sweat the Short-term stuff don't sweat it you know If you're investing in crypto I would Hope that pretty much everybody if They're serious about this has a a long Enough mindset that they're looking out You know 5 10 years at least which is Certainly what I was doing when I jumped Into crypto and I said that even when I Launched my YouTube channel I was Talking about my my thought process even The earliest of days and now I've been At it almost six years and I just said a Couple minutes ago even if it takes a Total of eight years for me to finally Cash whatever it is I don't care what The timeline is I mean I pref I guess I Prefer sooner than later but the point Is it's not going to impact my feelings Or what I how I actually behave when it Comes to my important financial Decisions the opportunity is Here so uh chin up everybody and xrps Like look bitcoin's not done xrp is not Done what is most probable is we're Going to see dramatic moves to the

Upside the question is how High we're going to find out soon enough We're going to find out together I'm not A financial adviser you should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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