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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel Vanek is an asset manager which Is absolutely massive at the time I'm Recording this they have roughly 76.4 billion worth of assets under Management you know what they did they Just pushed out a recommendation to Investment advisors uh specifically Having to do with xrp legal Clarity resulting from the secv Ripple Case and what it means for coins trading On the secondary market so folks I Just I probably don't need to say this But I'm going to at the outset of the Video just in Case what we've been saying since xrp Got its legal Clarity July 13th could not be of more substantial Importance even though it didn't result In xrp hitting a new alltime high and All that jazz and some people were Hoping were fine over the long call the Implications for this for xrp being the Only large cap coin on the entire planet That is legal Clarity in the United States it is hard to overstate the Importance of this as money pours in and More people recognize this inclus Including investment advisers which are Increasingly jumping into crypto expect This to dramatically favor the price Action of xrp that's what I personally Believe but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a

Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun and so here's the headline From the crypto basic Vanek advises raas On token security citing xrp victory in Ripple V SEC Case uh vanc advises raas on handling Token security signing the case blah Blah blah uh here yeah here we go in a Recent publication The prominent us Asset manager van e offered insights to Registered investment advisors or raas For shirt for for not for shirts for Short words are heart For I'm just going to start that whole Sentence over in a recent publication The prominent us asset manager Vanek Offered insights to registered ad Investment advisers raas regarding the Regulatory status of tokens within the Crypto Market particularly citing the Secv Ripple case okay and so at this Point they share a post from a Well-known and respected xrp Community Member who goes by the name Wrath of Conan on social media platform X and uh and he he wrote The Following C Change as an sea change the global Investment manager vanc is advising

Registered investment advisors that Tokens are not Securities if purchased In blind bid transactions like xrp in The Ripple V secc case and folks this is A gigantic firm but it's just one of Many and this message is going to Continue to get out there and think About this by the way I'll just mention This once real quick because I don't Want to go too too much in the ETF talk In this video but just consider it was It was it was pointed out recently by uh Anthony scaramucci of what's the firm's Name skybridge capital I believe uh Massive firm also and he was predicting That once there's a spot Bitcoin ETF that that that particular product is Going to get pushed out by over 100,000 U investment advisers on Wall Street specifically and so you just Think about everything working in Conjunction and people excited about you Know being able to purchase a a spot Bitcoin ETF because the SEC approves That and then getting into other crypto Which which is the only large cap coin On the planet that has regulatory Clarity well that would that would be Xrp not even Bitcoin has that I mean Even if there's a sec spot Bitcoin ETF Maybe you could say at that point it Technically does that gets the nod from The SEC I guess but then the question is Did the SEC technically approve that for

Prove or state that Bitcoin is is is is Safe it's got legal Clarity or did they Say that the ETF does and so probably Just be the ETF and so maybe it'll be The case that the SEC never acknowledges Individual coins that's what seems most Probable uh which is what's that's why It's been so disgusting they haven't had The legal Clarity though but what I'm Saying is all of this in conjunction I Mean my god let's so let's be real this Is fantastic Vanek is doing this and in Theory it's great for uh you know every Altcoin on the Planet but the truth is this is most Beneficial for xrp because not only did Were were the specifics surrounding Secondary Market transactions cited here You know the blind big bit ask Transactions specifically but judge Tores went out of her way and stated Specifically that of course xrp the Cryptocurrency itself is not a security And I'm paraphrasing but she literally Went out of her way to specifically cite That's of course xrp itself is not it's Not the asset itself but that wasn't Done for the other 20,000 plus Cryptocurrencies on the planet which is Why this is of great Consequence um and so shared that and Then somebody in the community named Jimbo responded to r e Conan and wrote Haven't they missed the important point

That there also has to be a lack of Direct promotion by the issuer as to any Collective gains and so Jimbo is correct About that but that has to do with Specific transactions because any any Asset can can end up being part of a Scheme that is an illegal Securities Transaction so the answer is yes like it It does but here's how Wrath of Conan Responded he said I imagine that the in Tell of most Ras is only buying from Exchanges so it's reasonable yeah so the Point that he's making um it's Complimentary to what I just stated it's It's that you know if if you're an Investment adviser and um you know You're trying to get your customers some Exposure here to the crypto asset class Well if it's if these coins are being Purchased on exchanges then you're Covered that's that's the point even if There's a separate entity that's Promoting in such a way that they're Illegal certain transactions are illegal Okay that but that wouldn't impact them So it's a great question by Jimbo um but That's the reason that it it doesn't Ultimately matter so it's fantastic this Is real life for us folks um I also Wanted to highlight this from the crypto Basic can Ripple burn all 41.9 billion Xrp in escrow this is always a fun topic Of Conversation the xrp community

Speculates on Ripple potentially burning It's 41.9 billion xrp in escrow amid xrp 7-Day Losses s RP remains trapped in a bearish Trend over the past few days with its Cumulative 7-Day performance nearing Double digigit losses I'll pause to note Uh xrp is following Bitcoin there we Just I'll just leave it at that but That's what's happening here you can Talk specifically about xrp okay but Just wanted to note why this is Happening peace continues amid the Unsavory performance xrp community Members have Unearthed speculative Discussions around factors that could Bolster the price of xrp most recently The community speculated on the Possibility of Ripple Le all the xrp Tokens under Escrow in recent tweets Some xrp enthusiasts circulated posts Along the line rumors circulating that Ripple could burn the entire Resco of 50 Billion Xrp um and then they right here it is Worth noting that clarifying that Ripple's xrp in escrow is less than 42 Billion xrp as the Crypt basic reported And so and that is true it's it's it's Less than that and then they just have a Certain amount that's which is still a Pretty large amount that is not an escro That they just Ripple just holds but Here is a post from xrp whale breaking

Rumors circulating that Ripple could Burn the entire escrow of 50 billion xrp This could trigger a huge price Surge uh I got some thoughts on this I Don't know where this rumor is coming From uh I find it highly Improbable in theory yes Ripple could Burn some xrp Brad Garling house has Stated this he said in something along The lines if it's favorable either for Ripple and or the X ecosystem or Something to that effect they could but He didn't say that they would he just Technically didn't rule it out so and That was years ago from Brad Ging house But consider this Ripple has investors You know you you can buy shares of Ripple the company if you are an Accredited investor so it's not most People but if you're accredited you can Uh just consider though also that Although you know the The P you know the on paper price of xrp That Ripple holds whatever that is the The tens of billions of Dollars I understand on paper the xrp is Worth that Much but uh and that to some degree it Is factored into Ripple's price but not The totality of it by the way I keep This brief but the reason that U know The price of Xrp is you know on paper is higher than What the the the value of Ripple the

Company is is because there's an Understanding that if Ripple were to Sell this it would just tank the price Of xrp if they could even if they could Now it's a lot of it's in eser so they Couldn't immediately but even if they Could like what's the true notional Value of xrp well if you're going to Tank the price you could never realize What the onp paper price is for xrp so That's why the the the market the you Know the market cap for ripple itself is Much Lower um so then consider this though Again like I said a second ago Ripple Has investors so the xrp they hold is Still an important part of the worth of The company and investors bu Understanding that an important actual Portion of the value of Ripple the Company comes from them their Holdings Of xrp the investors know this right What do you think the investors would do How would they respond if Ripple burnt All of the xrp in their escrow do you Think the investors would like that or Do you think they'd sue the ever loving Hell out of Ripple I think they'd sue The ever loving hell out of Ripple That's what I think they' do so no I Don't think that's happening and if for Any any reason some small amount has Ever burnt then okay maybe I I still Think that that would be a hard pitch to

Investors I don't know what the pitch Would be I don't know how you don't get Sued into Oblivion so no I don't think It's likely that we're going to see this And then as far as this idea that it Would trigger a huge price surge says Who uh I'm not convinced of that I mean Tech here's the only way it would in the Short term based on news cuz it's Unexpected so it's not it's not Something that's built in the price cuz Nobody's off this R nobody's actually Buying extra he baited on this stupid Ass rumor it's not it's it's it's Bogus so if if but if it were true and That news hit people could get excited Because it's exciting news maybe price Goes up but then it probably just Retraces nothing consequential and why Because it's not like half of the xrp And existence that's available just went Away I mean the xrp in existence went Away but half of the xrp that's Available uh for a purchase did did that Go away no it it it it didn't the amount Of xrp that's available for purchase on Exchanges would would not change at all Other than like I just cited if some People change their behaviors based on What is perceived as excited news and Did they make these emotional decisions But it's not as though you cut the Available supply of xrp in half outside Of what I just cited there the emotional

Response outside of that literally Nothing changes nothing whatsoever the Same supply and demand Dynamics would Persist on every exchange the world over So no that would not trigger a huge Response the only thing that could Happen is if if you get the emotional Response maybe it goes up for a bit Probably goes back down because it's the Same people playing around the same Quantity of xrp as they always were That's it so I think there's a lot of Misunderstanding around that as well I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy your sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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