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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel the incredible xrp price run That began yesterday at about 61 cents Continues into today and at the time That I'm recording this uh xrp has hit As high as 70 cents so hopefully by the Time you're watching this it's gone even Higher you never know in crypto things Happen fast but yes from 61 cents to 70 Cents in the blink of an eye and at the Time I started recording this video it's Technically just a hair below that um And for frame of reference in case Anyone's curious the time I'm recording This is 5:44 a.m. Central Time I'm in The midwest in the good old United States here it's Monday November 6th and You know what this is what regulatory Clarity looks like I'm telling you xrp I Do not believe for a moment would be Running to this degree if we didn't have The regulatory Clarity that came down on July 13th thanks to judge Torres on xrp Victory Day so this this video I'm going To share with you perspective from Several analysts and we're just going to Have a good old time here because we've Been waiting for this and and and Consider this as well you know my fellow Xrp YouTuber the blockchain backer uh in His his video yesterday he noted that The price action we're seeing for xrp It's organic it's just going you know Bitcoin is is moving sideways it was

Yesterday it is today so far anyway uh And xrp is actually up quite a bit quite Dramatically and um and so yes when we Got legal Clarity in July the price of Xrp doubled in several hours but uh it Did crash back down ultimately so what's Different this time well as the Blockchain backer pointed out yesterday And he spot on with this what's Different this time is that Bitcoin is Leading the market we didn't have that In July in fact for like three months at Least after that positive ruling for xrp Bitcoin trended down and yes xrp did Follow what's different now is that Bitcoin is leading the market out out of This and xrp does have legal Clarity so Yes uh Bitcoin you know moved sideways Today but xrp did what it does and Bitcoin still has real momentum by the Way despite the fact that yesterday and So far today bitcoin's mostly been Moving sideways uh I don't believe it's Most probable that it's just going to Flutter around here or go back down to Any notable degree it could go back down A little but we're in up season so it Seems but uh before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial back of any kind I am not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys

Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun uh now as I record this Video xrp is a less than a tenth of a Penny away from 70 cents it's on the Screen right here less than a tenth of a Penny away from 70 cents uh Bitcoin at 3,245 bucks here's what the 24-hour Chart for xrp looks like looking pretty Gash darn good here's a crypto fear and Greed index 74 out of 100 so Market Participants feeling greedy you'll love To see it and oh I wanted to mention This I I'm glad I just remembered this Uh xrp just flipped binance coin BNB so Xrp went from being number five in Market cap to number four in market cap And it's still fairly close so it could You know depending on what happens Throughout the day it could go back down But this is a great sign and hopefully We just see xrp continue to move to the Upside cuz that's a lot more fun to Watch right but it is number four in Market cap and uh number three is tether Which is always $1 so whatever it's There but it's not going to look xrp is Going to get back to where it deserves It's going to be in that number three Spot and there is a legitimate chance at Some point it it hits number two because Look xrp historically at times has had Fierce battles with xrp fighting for That number two spot it's not

Implausible to think that that would Happen again in the future U now here's A post from chart analyst dark Mark Defender who wrote and I love this xrp Will sit on his throne at number one the One that they told us was flawed useless They this will be the plot twist of all Time yeah so it's true that there's Always the the toxic Bitcoin maximist That have said that but uh people like My me and certainly yourself listening To this we didn't fall for their BS Nonsense xrp is one of the few Cryptocurrencies out there that is Actually functionally useful and has Been for years years on End uh here is some perspective from Dark defender in terms of chart analysis And he is one of the guys that has been Calling even when xrp was in the the 50 Something Cent region he was calling for This move roughly for this time frame he Was thinking that this would have Happened Friday okay so we missed it by A day gosh darn you know I burn him at The steak right but uh we're here now And so here's what he had to say and This is just I think a few hours ago This is yeah this is at 2:22 a.m. Central Time so just you know a good Three and a half hours roughly he wrote Hi all and this is a xrpusd chart on Your screen hi all what a weekend it was We set 66 cents as a very short-term

Target and now it's broken in the 4-Hour Time frame congrats who believed in it We need to stay above this level today As well the daily time frame indicates We are oversold so there might be back Tests to 66 cents daily however the main Trend is up let's set our targ our next Target $188 in the shortterm folks one And look I don't make price predictions I don't know if he's right I don't know If that's going to happen but with the Price action that we've seen and again It always when it happens it happens Fast I'm not going to rule anything out Because this is crypto but he actually Does think and I hope he's right and he Could be that $188 for xrp in the short Term is certainly possible and then he Writes we must observe xrp's close above 66 cents first a prerequisite for a Crucial Fibonacci level of $188 well there are other targets such As $15 and $133 but none of them are as Strong as 66 cents similarly a buck 88 Has the same strength whenever I see a Buck 88 is broken then we can set $585 as our shortterm Target so look I Hope that happens um and and look I was I was here in it's the beginning of my Crypto Journey late 2017 when xrp went On that crazy face melting Rally from 20 Something cents up to almost four bucks Like going from $1 to the next to the Next it happened pretty damn fast that

Whole rally happened in about two weeks Maybe two and a half weeks somewhere Around there it happens fast so when it Starts going and he says shortterm like Yeah I mean and again I don't know if He's right that's going to happen sooner Than later I hope he is I'm not Pretending to know is all I'm saying by That I'm just saying that when it does Start going from $1 to the next to the Next it does happen quickly price gets Bit up by people very quickly xrp is an Asset like other crypto assets that in Terms of the way it gets treated by your Typical liuming retail Speculator it's The same and that is fantastic that is What we want I want xrp to be Ridiculously fomed into that's part of What I've been counting on the whole Time I've been in crypto it's part of it I mean and have the same thought process When it comes to stocks too I think that There's a bit of Follow the Leader and Now with stocks obviously fundamentals Matter a lot more than in crypto because Crypto is in its nacy but Yeah um then there was also this article From the Crypt basic $110 to $1.40 in Site as xrp crosses 65 cents and they're Recovering perspective from chart Analyst e egg Crypto and uh I don't want to cover the Whole article but there was an Interesting part it gets to the meat of

It yeah right here in a recent tweet Renowned chartist egreg argued the next Target for xrp is above $1 the Foundation for egg's conviction in the Accuracy of his prior prediction where He foresaw xrp surpassing the 65 Cent Mark last month when xrp traded much Lower at 54 cents egreg pointed out that Xrp was carving out a w formation on the Charts according to him the pattern Often indicates an impending Trend Reversal with powerful momentum as a Result he projected xrp to reach 65 Cents in the next month which has now Materialized and so folks he is another One of the analysts that was calling for This roughly this price level and he Does think it's going to go much much Higher so check this out peace continues Meanwhile the analyst likened xrp's Resistance level challenges at the time To the historical Berlin Wall he Particularly argued that the resistance Level was on the brink of collapsing Therefore he set his expectations High Projecting a potential price surge for Xrp to land between $110 and $140 and so it doesn't sound so Impossible now does it see that's the Thing all it takes is a little bit of Xrp price run and then everybody's like Oh yeah I guess I could have yeah I get It I get it happy to be Here uh and then there was this from

Crypto Insight UK he wrote uh xrp Blast Off in tus 8 Days and by the way this was written uh Today so this is 4:30 a.m. Central Time So uh less than an hour and a half ago I Just came across this and I just thought I'd share the perspective and again I I I don't make price predictions I don't Know for sure what's going to happen I'm Just as curious as the next person I'm As curious as all of you listening here But um that's why it's interesting to Hear from people who have a certain Concepts and degrees of conviction about Where xrp is going but he's talking About xrp in the in the relatively short Term potentially at least getting up to 14 bucks so check this out xrp Blast Off In T minus 8 days could we be about to Go parabolic on xrp on a weekly time Frame if we look back to 2017 we can see Xrp moves between 1,000% to 1,4 85% Within 3 weeks when it enters the Overbought area on the RSI we currently Have some space to push before we hit The overbought area uh and this time uh Price would have to rise so we could Presume overbought may occur around 90 Cents to $1 this could be our Launchpad And it would need to come soon in the Coming week or so if we get this price Action in history repeats it would put Xrp price between $10 and $14 within Four to five weeks folks I'm not saying

I believe for sure that's going to Happen in that time frame now $10 to $4 Doesn't sound wacky to me that sounds Like a completely reasonable price range That's fairly close to what the Blockchain backer and many other Reputable analysts out there have been Calling for um now if it is within the Next four to 5 Weeks but see that's the thing like it Seems again like I always say like I Need to like take my own um advice here And just recognize that it seems Possible until it happens right that is Just the case and and so there will be a Day I wake up and then I'm like Oh my Winning lottery ticket has arrived you Know CU that's that's pretty much Effectively that's what it's going to be Um so when it comes it comes and it's Just it's easier to believe I understand Of course when when you're seeing price Action like we've seen starting Yesterday yeah it's been moving and Don't forget by the way just a couple Weeks or so ago whatever it was two Three weeks xrp was at like 47 or 48 Cents it just hit 70 cents that's all it Took and if you knew that back then Wouldn't you been pretty damn thrilled That's a massive percentage increase I Mean if you look at the um 30-day Increase for xrp it's up 34.1 6 % and I just noticed that it is

Back above 70 cents yet again it's right At its 24-hour high so it's running Folks here I'll refresh you can see a a Refresh chart There Fantastic this is fun this is a lot more Fun than 2022 isn't it right I think We're all going to agree with that um Anyway crypto Insight UK continues and He says obviously this is a huge ask but I feel it is possible we have Accumulated for over 5 years Missing out on a whole bull cycle for Crypto also history shows us that when Xrp moves it moves fast I'm not making This my base case but I'm certainly not Ruling this out and you know what fair Enough even if he doesn't think it's is You know the most plausible it's not his Base case I say fair enough none of us Know for sure and when it goes It goes It just does uh which is why I always Say like when the stuff happens either You have exposure to the asset when it Happens or you don't and if you don't What happens happens is I mean if you're The typical liming retail Speculator you Fomo into it what it's way higher now Than it was last week or a month ago What twice as high three times as high Four times as high take my money and That is how just ridiculous investors Behave but that's that is the behavior I Mean people could have been buying xrp

At any number of prices over a span of Many many years and I understand not Everybody knew about crypto so I I can Understand for those people especially Just jumping into crypto more recently Not having the chance okay fair enough But everybody else that's been here You've had the chance yet still people Just jump In um also I wanted to note here there Is a post from credible crypto in screen And um I don't need to to read the whole Thing here but uh he did in part right Binance spot takers already fading the Pump further reinforcing my decision to Cut lower time frame long positions and So um and he wrote this last night he Was just noting that in the short term It looks like as far as Bitcoin is Concerned a little bit more sideways Price action um he's less confident on Lower time frames as he sites here uh That does not change his positive macro View he thinks that it's you know it's Number go up time basically so I just Thought I'd note that because as as long As Bitcoin keeps doing that and then xrp Obviously having legal Clarity it's just A perfect combination like spaghetti and Meatball or perhaps you prefer uh you Know peanut butter and jel you you make Up your own comparison but I'm telling You it just goes Together what a time tell me you guys

See you guys are having fun with this at Least right it's okay to celebrate the Moves like this I I give you permission You don't need my permission but you Have my permission have fun on days like This most of what it is to be in crypto Is sideways price action and downward Price action enjoy this it's worth Celebrating I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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