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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and there's a lot Going on this morning I wanted to start Uh here okay Google is going to allow Bitcoin and crypto ads from the 29th of January which is interesting because i' I've felt like for the last year I've Felt like uh the um YouTube and all that Was was censoring and uh putting a Strangle hold on viewership and all this Stuff and this makes sense it's almost Like they're prepping everything for the Coming Super Bowl to let the Kraken out release the Kraken now check this out the kid is Back and and he's taking shots at Ethereum and he's actually partially Right in what he's saying he he didn't Go all the way but listen to what he Says yeah so to be clear me remember the The kid Jack MERS is is Bitcoin Maxi of Course he won't talk about the homeland Security video where they met with the For Satoshi he doesn't want to talk About that but he's willing to talk About how horrible all other coins are But in the case of ethereum he's almost Over the Target and my company we are Bitcoin company I'm a Bitcoin I think Crypto is a load of garbage I think it's Generally a distraction to what this Technology in this movement represents

And is here to change and so how the World is going to sort out the fact that Some kid named vitalic butterin printed A lot of coins in his basement and then Pre-sold them to people and has been Promising all sorts of crazy things that Have never happened I don't know is that A security but I I guess the point is I Don't care everyone knows that Bitcoin Has regulatory Clarity that Bitcoin is Now officially on no doesn't have Regulatory Clarity all it has is the Opinions of the current Regulators an SEC regulator could come In tomorrow and his opinion could be That it's a security cuz Bitcoin is not Have regulatory Clarity regulatory Clarity is the courts or Le a legal Decision by the courts or congress Neither has been done with Bitcoin sorry kid that Bitcoin is Distributed it works its monetary policy Has never change and that's why I'm here I'm here to change the world through Bitcoin and push Bitcoin as far as we Can as humanity and Society so the Regulation on I think altcoins are Arbitrages on this trend I don't think They'll be around you know by the time I Die I imagine you know what what is Dogecoin going to do for society over The next 20 years come on what are we Talking about so do I want to hold Ethereum ethereum's a tech play

Ethereum's a gamble that Jamie dar's Goingon to use it what he say in his ski Resort Davos interview that he's going To use it to flip real estate what does That even mean that doesn't mean Anything I was around I mean people Don't know history I was around when Ethereum got hacked and that the Ethereum foundation cherry-picked Transactions they were like oh we broke Something so that that transaction Doesn't this we're going to change the Monetary policy here that's what I'm Going to do to hedge the Federal Reserve And the fact that they got up front a $37 trillion bill yeah no thanks and no One on Wall Street thinks that either Right Bitcoin is the actually only Innovation that is attractive to solve What is the biggest financial problem Ever which is Central Banking so Ethereum is a Tech play and if ethereum Turns into the new Tesla like a stock Like an equity great sure people are Going to get stimulus checks and they're Going to go punt ethereum and you know Bet that vitalic is the new Elon Musk But it's not a new world Reserve Currency that everyone can use so this Is a massive problem and no I don't Think salana ethereum Dogecoin no I Don't think that that's matters oh he Didn't touch xrp that would have been a Mistake for him well Jimmy Valley kind

Of uh reminds us from yesterday have you Heard of the Scandal called eth gate It's been called the largest financial Scandal in history bigger than INR check It out um this is the eth gate the Financial crime of the century here's Some of the players um in eth Gate um he Gave a speech and they cashed out that's A great now something I've never I don't Think I've ever really done it on this Channel in terms of talking about Bitcoin let's remember for the last or Bitcoin and ethereum for the last 5 Years we've watched as Wall Street and The government has pushed the Bitcoin Ethereum narrative but have you ever Really asked yourself why did they Choose Bitcoin and ethereum and why did They choose xrp to go after if you Understand how the mechanisms work it Starts to become very clear David Schwarz has said many times that the Best incentive is no incentive well the Bad guys need incentives that's how they Control things like mining if you Control the mining you can control Bitcoin like with ethereum I'll just Show you the video this is a video that The xrp Ledger Foundation did on the Consensus Mechanism and this if you if you truly Understand and and if you watch this Three minutes and you understand what They're saying and I'll try to stop it

And fill in the blanks but if you Understand it it becomes very clear why Proof of stake and and Mining would be The favorites of the the people in the Current system system and it would make You understand why they would Intentionally get a plan together at the SEC and the cftc to let Bitcoin ethereum Have a free pass but go after anything Else especially the consensus mechanism Which is what xrp Ledger is watch this Welcome to our series on The xrp Ledger In this episode we'll describe how Transactions are confirmed on the xrpl Using the consensus Mechanism with a decentralized ledger There's no single Central Arbiter that Confirms transactions but there does Need to be a method to ensure see what What in other words what they what they Want is they want to sell the world on This decentralized concept but it's but It was a total trick it was a fraud the Whole idea that it was going to be Decentralized the they chose the design The design of Mining and the design of Of the um uh I'm now I'm drawing a blank On it the design of Mining and the Design of the uh ethereum 2.0 anyway they're going to show it in a Second I'll show you all Network Participants execute transactions Correctly and Consistently this includes the order in

Which transactions are processed to Avoid what is called the double spend Problem and attempt to spend the same Asset more than once on a blockchain There are different ways to reach this Agreement one of the first consensus Algorithms developed is called proof of Work which is used by a number of Blockchains Bitcoin a number of Validating nodes called miners all Compete with each other to solve a Difficult mathematical puzzle so Difficult that it takes a huge amount of Computing power and electricity and why Do complex math all day because not only Does the winner decide the transaction Order they also get a reward paid out in That native asset but it does come at a Cost to the environment particularly if The energy used is not sustainable Energy and it's not always the most Efficient way to settle a ledger as it Takes a lot of time and can be Expensive there's also proof of stake Where each all right so you got it you Control the Mining you control Bitcoin then there's Proof of stake well this is what Ethereum 2.0 is and you can see it's Like watching a crime in progress when She when she shows you what proof of Stake is remember when ether the Ethereum had the Ico It they they disguise the whales you're

About to see why they disguise the Whales Stakes a certain number of Cryptocurrency in order to participate And similar to buying lottery tickets The more you invest the greater chance You have of winning in other words the Disguised whales have the most of it so They control it that's the point that's Why those are the two that the bad guys Those are the two that the people that Would want to continue to have control Over the financial system would have Chosen Bitcoin and ethereum to be their Favorites while they slam the door on Everything else and go after xrp this is Much more efficient but it does Concentrate validation among the Wealthiest Stakers and finally we'll discuss a Third method The xrp Ledger consensus Algorithm this doesn't rely on huge Amounts of energy to solve math problems Or require payto playay instead the Incentive for the nodes to firm Transactions on the xrpl is simple so That the Ledger functions well and the Best way to help The Ledger function Well is to reach accurate agreement as Efficiently as possible so within Seconds a number of diverse and Independent nodes rapidly compare notes On a set of transactions until they Agree on the processing order and Confirm the

Transactions because this happens within Seconds and it so are you getting the Picture now if you hadn't gotten it Before you might get it now Ripple works With financial institutions Regulators Central banks around the world to Develop regulatory Frameworks for crypto And blockchain read our approach to key Blockchain public policy issues that Impact so this is something Ripple had Put out yesterday then metal law man was On with uh Brad comms he's been uh Studying or been at the coinbase um Hearings listen to what he says such the Guy's so smart this dude helped me get Back on x I wouldn't want to be at odds With metal law man this dude's sharp the Judges are very smart but they're not Expert in how crypto works and so Therefore the SEC made a lot of Statements that were not immediately Challenged by the judges unfortunately One of the best examples was the the one Of the SEC lawyers in the coinbase case Said the reason that Bitcoin is not a Security is because there is no Ecosystem behind it unlike all of the Other tokens uh reminds me of when uh The SEC told Charles Gasperino that the ethereum ecosystem Was built out so they didn't go after Ethereum but xrp was not built out and So they had to go after it and they were Just boldfaced lying they're making it

Up as they went John Deon and I you know Were sitting next to each other in the Audience there and we just turned and Looked at each other and you know you're Not supposed to laugh in court that can Get you in trouble but you know our eyes Were rolling like how can they say Something so absurd and the problem is The judge didn't contest that the judge Doesn't know that in fact the Bitcoin Ecosystem is one of the largest Ecosystems on the planet and arguably is Second only to the internet itself in Terms of the scope of this ecosystem Where where in order for transactions to Be um validated there has to be a Consensus that involves people and Mining in nearly every country across Across the globe this that's an Ecosystem and then all this building That's happening on top of of Bitcoin With ordinals and other other things Happening there is no question that There is an ecosystem and So okay and then uh finally this is Interesting this is from uh Dubai Fintech Summit uh what are the Implications of the recent SEC approval Of spot Bitcoin ETS there an interesting One minute or watch This ever evolving Landscape What can it lead To

Oh yeah going to be going to be Interesting now um in dip.com we're There's an undercover video you want to See how bad it really is you want to see How bad it really is there's an Undercover video there's also one of the Uh canadi I'll call it the Canadian Conspiracy I wanted to show you um and Also the guy who was caught trying to Bribe um Carrie Lake there's more on That too in there I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button tell your friends and family Here we go Dp.


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