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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines did grayscale get a Win last night and his Bitcoin kidnapped Hong Kong rating assoc agency with xrp We're going to get into it Ripple Network spanning the entire world you're Going to want every bit of this bmy Melon explains on demand liquidity and So does David Schwarz and we got this Here from the digital pound Foundation Mbridge set for 2024 and will it Challenge Swift you're going to love That China bis and ripple connection we got It all for you and so much more somebody Rolled that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad Kinds come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.09 Trillion Market cap for crypto the Market is up 4% good morning everyone 26,800 Plus for Bitcoin 1,500 plus for Ethereum tether market cap right now is 83.6 billion plus that is getting close To an all-time high and we see number Five spot 48 cents for xrp right now We're up 7 on the 24hour but hold up We're off by 6.8 on 7 Day Somebody get this thing turned around You know what I mean Well until it does I want you to take a Look at this it's miles Franklin

Precious metals Investments ladies and Gentlemen and listen I want to call to Action here I told Andy sheckman I said Look I know my audience loves gold Because they love glint and they've Shown that they love glint and they love Precious Metals just like I do I want You to do me a favor I'm asking you as a Favor to you or to me excuse me and this Is a favor to you as well because they Have the best prices on precious metals Don't believe me just call them or email Him the number is underneath and I want You to put in the subject box it's info@ Myfranklin doccom and I want you to put In the subject box dig gold Brad kimes Dig gold diig gold Brad KES tell them I Sent you you are going to get the best Prices on gold and silver that is Available out here in the world there's No question about it and I want you to Just push and tell let's show him how Much we all love our hedge and our Precious medals because I do and I'm Getting ready to have some more on the Way because I'm getting some this Weekend and I can tell you it's going to Be silver this time where I got gold Last time I'm gonna get me some silver This time make sure you do too the best Price is going no doubt about it all Right let's start right here real quick Ladies and gentlemen I want you to Listen to this clip even falic butterin

Knows what's going on in the difference Between ethereum and ripple that's Really what ethereum is you know people Talk people talk about things talk about Cryptocurrency 2.0 know being like the Internet of value we're we're not the Internet of value rle is the internet of Value we're an arbitrary processor for St trans functions there you go even Vitalic knew the answer right and as far As I'm concerned what you just heard There was motive Right and here's stepen n off here shout Out to him uh whistleblower for eth gate Let's hope uh he says he's got all Information he's got the maps he's got It all and we can't wait to see it he's Supposed to be releasing something soon Turns out falic but and AKA crypto Judas Secretly wants to be xrp but he's so shy He deleted his tweet which is in this Article stating that xrp is better sound Money than Bitcoin now that I've outed Him uh he can be free to be he she or Xrp shout out to Stephen for this and This is an old tweet here from 2019 Where he did say and I remember when it Happened I think you want to use xrp Here because Pierre Rashard said this is The ideal stable coin in store of value You may not like it but this is what Peak sound money looks like looking at Bitcoin and he says I think you want to Use xrp the chart for xrp xrp would look

The same so it also sound money but they Have institutional adoption and Partnerships so they're better there you Have it right from the gift H's mouth Right there you have it and then there's This guy what are we going to do with This guy Charles just listen to this Clip here and listen close when they Talk about E Gate on the other side of The aisle they're talking about okay People use connections and relationships And perhaps money to convince insiders In the government to go easy on Ethereum probably happen who knows hard To say there's obviously a lot of people Digging in that well and it's like There's a bare in the woods so You're telling me T-Mobile When it wants to buy Sprint doesn't find Ways to make the FCC and the FTC and Others a little happier about that That's how America does business it's Wrong it shouldn't happen right but That's how that happens and we're Surprised that our own industry started Learning that that Joe luin figured some Stuff out okay I mean let's let's be Real about it we're adults we can have a Real conversation I know the media can't Well I tell you what we can Charles and We've been having that real conversation For years while you called us names and Cussed us out which I have never done to You and I never will because I'm not

Going to stoop to that level because the Facts are not in dispute and the law is On our side and the reality here is this Is a must listen Charles hoskinson just Explained what's wrong with our Government system but says we should get Over it and accept the level of Corruption because it's just the way Things get Done wow what a complacent and defeatist Attitude that is it's a wonder that Someone so resigned to give in can still Find the strength to create a new Technology that can help better the World something doesn't add up Charles then there's this Eleanor terret Says of late last night the SEC had Until midnight to appeal grayscale's Decision and if they didn't then seven Days from now the case will be closed And Grace scale can start working with The SEC staff to get the process of Approval rolling changing it over to a Spot ETF right that's what's happening Here we'll see what happens this came in Now we need to really confirm it but Nevertheless tree news says here which Is automated so we want to be careful With this but it says us Securities and Exchange Commission will not be Appealing Court decision on grayscales Bitcoin ETF Source familiar with the Matter so we don't have complete Verification but if this is true I think

Jeremy Hogan makes a great Point here Shout out to him you will probably make A lot of money soon and I hope you do But whatever remain pure and true about Bitcoin will soon be gone and this I say To you true story Bitcoin is about to be Kidnapped by the largest institutions in The world whatever anti-bank Anti-establishment hope you had for Bitcoin the second that Fidelity Black Rock and vesco and Van vanc get approved For a spot Bitcoin ETF it will be Over and once they're done pimping it Out it will never be the same you better Enjoy the Ride that's the Truth Hong Kong's rating agency here Announced on Monday that it has added Hadera maker and Quant to its key Indexes moreover xrp has replaced Circle USD coin in the top crypto indexes love Seeing that for us then there's this Ripple's Network spans almost 2third of The entire world how about that one Major large larger countries such as Russia Saudi Arabia Iran Kazakhstan Argentina Algeria Congo Libya Sudan are Not yet connected or have not yet been Officially confirmed may be another way To say it shout out to xrp drops for This number of countries reached 70 plus Volume moved cumulatively so far more Than 30 billion more than 20 million Transactions since launch there are over

70 payout markets available via Ripple Network cumulating adds up to 90% of the Global Foreign Exchange Market that's The work that's been going on ladies and Gentlemen that's why I'm so excited and You can see the closer up maps here Africa has 54 countries Ripple net Covers 13 of them we like seeing in that And it will be more and look at the Coverage in the US and Canada come on in Yeah we love that then there's a Reminder right here bny melon is a Ripper partner don't forget Tim Keeny Formerly bny melon responsible for 25% Of global institutional Assets in the World poly sign could be a great Acquisition bolt-on company for uh the Bny melon com uh bank and that would Cover digal asset custody Ripple joins Isda for derivative settlement to help Settle $ 1.2 quadrillion dollar worth of Derivatives and now we have this which Is David Schwarz telling you why xrp is So cheap and why they will want to use It but this is bny melon very quickly Here talking about and explaining OnDemand liquidity management from bny Melon take a quick listen just for wire Transfer alone we have 36 software Applications that are vital to process Say the payments so when we look at uh Liquidity we have all these core Software applications that are moving Money back and forth we had to get our

Arms around all this money moving moving How do we know who's moving what money And when so we created this this big Data repository and we use that to track The liquidity of a client across lines Of business and gets every debit every Credit it's a giant database has the Time that the uh that the Creditor debit Posted what the what the amount of the Transaction was who the client was and We use that at an aggregate level to Have insight into when a client is using Liquidity and when a client needs Liquidity now throughout the bank we Also have tools that we can offer to Clients to help them rationalize their Use of liquidity does it make sense to Be making these payments when you're Making them if you need to make these Payments when you're making them do we Need to lend you money to get the Payments out that is part of our core Liquidity services and that is done at a Crossline of business level where there Is a there's quarterback for the whole Bank that says hey I'm going to look at Liquidity at across different lines of Business to be able to rationalize where Can we maximize the best value for the Client now that right there sounded a Lot to me like when Bob way explained The patents one of the patents that they Have and worked on at Ripple which is Being being able to have this macro

Overview of all of the different payment Networks and participants in the network And being able to Source liquidity from Any one of those different networks to Satisfy one actual value payment that's Never been done before and it sounds Exactly like what he was describing There inside of bmy melon's C or doors Uh now listen to this very quick clip Here of David Schwarz explaining where This is early back in xrapid days but It's still very relevant because right Now we have market makers and we have Speculators largely in the market what We need are more Market participants in The market take a listen okay we have Then we have two questions that's fine But I think the the the Gent back was First I'll wait okay so so I was just Wanted to know uh what kind of scale the Banks are currently using this to trade Um amongst each other because I mean if They're doing it on the existing you Know traditional uh crypto Exchanges wouldn't there be issues with Liquidity Pockets right like like for For a bank to settle a couple billion Dollars amongst each other there's I I I Just don't see how they could possibly Get to that size without materially Moving the market against each other and Now listen very quickly I just want to Say this because this is a fantastic Question because it's still the moment

That this market and space is in right They're quickly working their way out of It but I don't want to see speculators Go away market makers Market Participants and speculators are a Healthy Market but what I do want to say Is I want to see more Market Participants and more market makers Creating the Speculator Market a much Smaller Market in general because this Is when you're going to get those deep Pools of liquidity built to service a Market instead of having dry pockets of Liquidity going to the exchanges trying To make a market but then the price just Keeps shooting up because of the value Of payments being so high and then it Doesn't make sense for banks to use it At that point listen to what David says Um so so no one is settling on a digital Asset at scale today uh what's going on At scale today is the messaging part That's able to settle on a digital asset When the liquidity is there um whether Or not the my what's happening on the Digital exchanges right now is there are Really only two participants there's Market makers and there's speculators And that's part of what I think is Making the market so unhealthy uh the Market makers are deathly afraid that Speculators are going to see a price go Up on one exchange and beat them by a Millisecond and sort of you know make

Them take a loss and vice versa what We're trying to do with xrapid is bring To these crypto exchanges Market takers People looking for liquidity who don't Care what crypto prices are doing the Thesis is that if we do that market Makers will make more money because they Won't be there won't be people trying to Force them to you know take a buy when The price is dropping in vice versa and They'll respond if I see you making a Lot of money I'll make just a little bit Less money and some some else will make Less money still so we think that Bringing in like real demand for Payments will bring the spreads down and Bring the offer volumes up xrapid we'll See if we're right about that but you're Absolutely right that there has to be More liquidity the volatility problem is Solved by by the speed the next question Is can we solve the liquidity problem And I think um as X rapid scales up We'll see whether this just brings more Liquidity or in the in the negative Scenario do we just use up all the Liquidity and then the market just dies I don't think that'll happen I think What market makers are looking for is People to to take the liquidity that They provide absolutely and to add to That that's exactly why automated market Makers are going to be so amazing Because they're going to help build

Those liquidity pools to service the Market so you don't end up with a dry Pocket of liquidity somewhere and the Price spiking out of control that's the Problem with Bitcoin right all right Let's keep it moving very quickly here Because Ripple to demonstrate tokenized Hong Kong monetary Authority eh KD pilot Program using new cbdc platform you Remember when we reported on this back Last spring in May and this here is Today rather shared by digital pound Foundation talking about project mbridge For set minimum viable product in 2024 Could it pose a challenge to Swift the Answer is yes according to digital pound Foundation here it says right here it May pose challenge to Swift's leading Payment system and could influence Similar shifts in payment methods across Different regions well this is Remarkable because embridge project in Hong Kong monetary Authority at least in This example is in fact Ripple and it is In fact The xrp Ledger because James Wallace said so but don't go anywhere You've heard this but don't you go Anywhere right it is we're using the Same technology that it's with The xrp Ledger What would the token would be the cbdc Right so the central bank would actually Create their own token digital Euro Digital dollar whatever the mar the

Market is um and that becomes the Digital asset as so that becomes a Digital asset keep listening the native Coin the native coin yeah now where Where xrp could come into play Potentially is when you're looking at Crossborder cbdc so when you have a Digital dollar and you have a digital You know real you know Or digital digital pound listen you you Obviously need to have some some way to Interact cross border right so I think Bis call this a multi cbdc model bis Called this the multi cbdc model this is The xrp Ledger model ladies and Gentlemen um the the one of the ideas is You use a sort of a neutral Bridge Currency to go from one to the other Similar to the model I explained earlier Where at with our on demand liquidity Stay with me and I'm glad you did Because there's lots of people that Don't know that and they need to hear it Not everybody watches every video every Day right so appreciate your patience But here you see developed in Partnership by central banks of China we've never found that connection To China Hong Kong Thailand and the UAE Embridge serves as a unified cbdc Platform ladies and gentlemen it goes on To say its efforts are synchronized Through Bank of international Settlements CU of embridge notably 10

Cent which which owns WeChat pay and the WeChat app is reported by the Chinese Media to be among the key participants Right while mbridge continues its Development approximately 20 central Banks are being kept in the loop about Its trial advancements so on and so on So when you see this then you put this With it China has partnered with the Bank of international settlements to Create Embridge replace embridge with the Ripple cbdc Ledger which is built on xrp Ledger right it's just permission it's For themselves they're using it right a Digital payment system that completely Bypasses Swift and the US Banks now We're getting ready to go to the freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen it's our new Patreon group which you can buy and join For just a cost of a cup of coffee no More are we going going to stand for Censorship and we've seen the largest Xrp influencer in this space Dai # freed Dai be wrongfully suspended on X that's Right the platform that's supposed to be Free speech he's been shut down and what Does it say when they can just rip you Off of a platform when this is your Livelihood and it certainly is mine too And for the cost of a cup of coffee you And I get to keep this relationship Between one another and no more will we Let Twitter or YouTube or anyone else

Get in between us and we're going to Start having conversations inside of Here that we cannot have because I have Been victim multiple times of censorship As well so this is going to be a place Where we get the extended conversation Happening we're going to do it today and Today we're going to visit M Uncle Ray Diio today and we're going to talk about Some things you are absolutely going to Want to know so make sure you click the Link for the patreon join us in the Freedom Zone you're going to love it I'll see you There not Financial advice for me or Anyone else just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next One


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