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This is getting very very real I've been Telling people since 2020 we have a Dramatic shift in our financial system And we are 50 years exactly almost to The day of the Jubilee in 1973 when Israel was attacked we're one Year after the Shimita think about this for just a Moment this is playing out to the tea Family so in today's video I'm going to Break down our bond market and how Jacked the US economy is and usually When we're in a dire straight in a Financial system we go to war but it's Eerily familiar that 50-year Jubilee Israel was rated in 1973 and now we're In 2023 and Israel gets ra uh raid we're Literally in biblical prophecy right now So I'm not going to get deep into that Part of it but you need to understand That there's human cycles that are Playing out over and over and over again And God ask T us not to repeat Consciousness to expand Consciousness so What I'm doing is I'm raising my Frequency as high as humanly possible I'm building my relationship with God And I'm making sure that I follow the Life of Jesus as close as humanly Possible I'm not fighting an invisible Enemy I'm already saved I'm already Powerful I'm already strong so my name Is coach JB what I work to do is I work To make the very complex macro and

Microeconomic strategies excuse me very Simple and we've helped over 7,000 Warriors since 200 20 with multiple Different resources one of the resources That we've had almost 14,000 people Download in the last two and a half Weeks is our Financial Freedom guide Which is absolutely free it's in the Description of this video put in your Email and you'll get the free guide Right in your inbox no Hoops to jump Through it's my exact guide on how I Built Financial Freedom number two it's A separate thing is a in my insurance Team I'm a licensed insurance agent I Have licensed insurance agents in all 50 States teaching people the infinity Banking concept tax code 7702 how we Secure our wealth during these crazy Times and we use it to compound and Retire taxfree it's a great way to Secure compound and grow your wealth It's tier one Capital it's one of the Safest things in the risk pyramid so we Use cryptocurrency as a volatile Currency to gain a large amount of Wealth and we secure it in things like Insurance that's how the wealthy retire Tax free so if you want to set up an Appointment in the description of this Video or in my social media platform Click the link so be very clear the book Is separate from the appointment the Appointment is for my Insurance team

It's a free consultation and the book is My financial guide to freedom I don't Know if it'll work for you but it's Helped me in over 7,000 Warriors Worldwide all right so let's dive right Into it family so this is getting very Very real okay now I'm GNA be very coded With the things that I say because I Want to be very careful I want to use Discernment with my words and the choice Words because I want to make sure that Those who have ears to hear and eyes to See will see this okay what I've been Explaining to you guys is the macro Microeconomic and I've done the opposite Of the 99% since 2012 20 it's created Financial Freedom for my family there is Yes there's Darkness yes there is evil But the path to the light is difficult So the weak and worry will not follow Family everything is problem reaction Solution it is eerily familiar that We're 50 years in the Jubilee in 1973 Israel was rid and boom we woke up was It Saturday morning or Friday and I was Like holy cow this is playing out to the Tea family I believe when you're looking This way this is the reason why this is Just my opinion okay it is a financial Disaster right now so since 1971 we Detached from the gold standard and now We're paying the price 50 years later There's no money in the system every Single Dollar in the system is someone

Else's debt okay the job markets are Screwed and the bond market is is at a Catastrophic position right now when They inverted well the when the rates Inverted because of the yield going up Dramatically from 2022 to 2023 and They're going to keep jacking up these Interest rates guys it's sucking Liquidity out of the system your taxes Are going to pay debt guys there is no Money for critical Services we have to Keep borrowing there is a need for a Financial reset and the time is now and It could be a narrative of War but this Invading of Israel is going to create Massive division okay remember you're to Be in the world but not of the world You're supposed to look up to the light And heave up to a higher frequency so What I'm doing right now is I'm working Hard on raising my frequency I'm not Feeding into the I'm not Feeding into the devil's plan I'm Raising my family's vibration through Fasting meditation prayer building a Relationship with God and being around Like-minded individuals and Rising as High as we can to come out on the side Of this in a great position so China Japan share of us bonds it shrinks to a Record lad this is on August I'm going To show you a little timeline here okay Your the bond market is what you need to Pay attention to okay this is a timeline

So this is uh they're talking about will Um how to prepare for dollarization now Do I think the dollar is just going to Collapse I do not think that because if It does the whole world collapses so I'm Not here to say oh your dollar is going To go to zero but I'm definitely using Cryptocurrency is a spective asset to Make a large amount of wealth but I'm Securing in in Insurance precious metals Businesses things that are tangible and We're going into real estate next year I'm not playing game in these Funny Money Fiat and you know crypto's funny Money too guys it's all Quantum it's in A computer so you have to take these Profits and secure it into things okay Because what if okay the timeline fast Forwards to 1971 in that year President Nixon abandoned the gold standard from That point on the dollar has been backed By not a precious medal but purely the Full faith and credit this is key of the US government and since 1971 numerous People have called the end of the US Dollar as the world's Reserve currency Will the 2020s be the team point for These calls to turn into action this is Key right here by the faith and the Credit of the US government the US Government got downgraded from triaa to Aa+ it was aa+ this year the regional Banks are being downgraded it cost us More money to borrow money so hey let's

Go to war and a holy war guys this is All Financial it's so unfortunate it Breaks my heart that we go to war we Kill innocent people for people's Financial gain that's been the system For a very very long time guys think About look at war and look at changes in A financial system look at War changes In a financial system guys so it's here It's here it's nothing to fear it's Nothing to panic about how would stay Focused on Family Faith and God okay This is important to understand right Here this is the timeline 106 crash in Long-term treasury bonds now one of the Worst implosions ever it's time to face The facts the crash in the long-term Treasury bonds is reaching in Epic Proportions it's right up there with the Tech bust of 2000 and the housing of 2009 I truly believe that this treasury Collapse is going to be the Catalyst to The new switch in the financial system Um is is China really dumping treasury Bonds and sending yields higher a former US official explains the mystery China Is not dumping stock Psy of us bonds Brad steer says he says a large part of China's Holdings is not accounted for in The US data he said well this is some Treasuries Beijing so you're going to See companies like you know Insider They're they're like almost supporting The narrative that it's okay so so so

This is what I want to show you kind of Like the the back and forth that's why I Wanted to show you this I kind of forgot Why I was showing that part of it you're Going to see a lot of people within the Media saying oh everything's fine Everything's fine guys it's not Okay it's very simple to see I'm not Some professional macroeconomics the Bond yield the long-term treasury bonds It guys we're in a really bad shape just Put it that way think about this if Every single Dollar in the system is Someone else's debt think about what's In the 401K what's in the in in these S&P companies it's debt guys it's all Debt in the system when debt is Expensive and money is expensive it's Much harder to run your companies and When you start laying people off of Those companies it causes a ripple Effect no pun intended we're in a Massive liquidity crisis that'd be a Great time to switch your financial System to On Demand liquidity realtime Payments move money at the speed of Light and drop the borders in banking And bring everything into an even Playing field right the very thing they Fed you out of is going to be the new Financial system at the end of this Video I'm going to share with you Exactly what I'm doing I'll repeat the Same things over and over again the bond

Meltdown put Spotlight on how China Could use massive treasury stockpile Okay so let me get let me get off my Sobx with this guys what you need to pay Attention to as you look this way um and And again I want to make it very clear I'm not discounting the war I'm not Discounting the negativity and the low The really horrible atrocity of War um My prayers and light love and positivity Go out to all these families what I'm Telling you guys is this is all Narrative as you look this way there's a Whole another narrative going on this Way and this is a financial narrative Guys the God that I know the God that I Have a relationship is not violent the God that I know and the god that loves Me is unconditionally loving and the Devil that I know in the Bible the Prince of the earth that Jesus speaks About is ruthless as a broken scared Little Boy and Jesus said to be in the world But not of the world right he had a Globe in his left hand he was pointing Up like this and what's in between the Two is heart to escape the world is up Through your heart love God with all Your heart love Humanity as you love God Treat others as you want to be treated And pull the log out of your eye before You pull the straw out of your others as If you live in the worldly plane in the

Worst Economic Times in the world is a Time where you can totally free yourself Financially do the opposite of the 99% Everything in this world is inverted Everything is backwards when I learn That that everything is backwards and The devil is the prince of the earth and The Darkness exists Within Me The Darkness and Light Cain and able can't Killed the naal body when I started Saying and I stopped being a can't Person I started being I'm able to I Will I must I will never give up I Started to see great things and the Difference between the drug addict of me 17 years ago who committed suicide to The guy I am today is Christ Consciousness in the middle Jesus never Said he was coming back in the physical Guys he never said he was coming back in The Physical he never called himself the Savior we called him m we called him our Savior he was gone for 18 years guys Nobody talks about the 18 years he was Gone from his birth to 14 he was Spitting fire in the synagogues why Didn't they kill him then something that He learned those 18 years he was gone From 14 years old to 32 I think it was Around one year after that they killed Him for the knowledge that he came back With maybe you should be diving into That what was he teaching what was so

Powerful that he was teaching that they Needed to hang him on a Cross and why did he die for 3 days and Rise 3 days later he was crucified on The skull of the cross the Jordan River Think about That the Bible is a beautiful Representation of your human body guys It's very important to understand and Stop just trusting Doctrine but going Deep into origin and you do that by Connecting back to the Body isn't it written that you're Kings You powerful you are Strong and the difference between you And the greatest version of you is Inside of you but all this stuff is Going to distract you guys all the war Is going to distract you and keep you Focused on the Devil's Playground so What I'm doing is I'm working harder on Myself than I do anything else fasting Protocols high-intensity training Spending as much time with my kids I Built freedom I use money to free up Time I use cryptocurrency as a spective Asset to make a large amount of wealth To secure in things like index universal Life precious metals businesses I'm Going into real estate just so you just Be transparent I have silver I'm getting Into gold next year and I'll be getting Into real estate next year I'm not a Real estate expert but I realize the

Value of it and for me and uh I need Depreciation for taxes and Self-development guys I'm constantly Working on myself constantly working on My Ascension process I'm constantly I Books all around me guys everywhere I'm Constantly studying I'm not saying I'm Greater than anybody else there is no Person there is no person on Earth Greater than any other person we're all In different phases of our Awakening Process that's it guys that's it we're All in different phases of our Awakening Process we're children and adult bodies That are trying to re-remember who we Truly are everything you need is inside Of you family so I hope this information Reaches you well yes we are going to war Yes it's going to get very ugly I broke It down in Ray Delio's changing World Order we're now 1718 I think it's 16 171 18 it's here guys the great reset is Here welcome to your new monetary system Welcome to a new way of living a new way Of communicating but one thing that will Never change is God's love for you and The Walk of Jesus Warriors rise get your together love you guys appreciate You


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