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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and let's start here just In Russia says ditching the US dollar For trade settlements is a top priority In two in 2024 and then while these guys are Talking about ditching the dollar and Accumulating a bunch of gold we've got These morons over here like Elizabeth Warren it's time for the Federal Reserve To cut interest rates what she means It's time for us to go back to money Printing now this is an older clip but This is Andy sheckman talking about How these politicians like Elizabeth Warren where they're going to lead us I Had the fortune of of having a couple Drinks with James Rickards you know he Was he was employed by the CIA to to run Simulated Financial war games and he Says well here's what I would do every New brick as they call it it will be Pegged to one ounce of gold in dollar T Dollar terms period he says if they do That they don't have to do anything the West will destroy themselves if the West Continues to inflate in order to pay for Their all of their entitlement programs And all of their obligations remember We're 150 trillion in debt and no one's Buying our bonds anymore saud's selling

Them Japan's selling them China selling Them so if we have to inflate the dollar Goes down gold goes up bricks win he Says and if the West tries to buy gold To compete the dollar goes down gold Goes up bricks win so it doesn't all Rely upon China it may have started with China but the countries that are joining Are joining because they all want to Have equal say in instead of be under The thumb of the West okay um then we've got this I I had Put this out there today with all the Negativity I mean it never fails every Time the Market's flat or whatever it Gets so negative in in the uh xrp Community whatever you want to call it But this year Brad garlinghouse said it Himself he he said let's let's effing go Uh he was talking about 2024 when he was About to talk in Davos We have all the reasons to be optimistic This year think about where we were this Time last year I think that was before We had a a ruling in xrp we didn't know If we were about to lose the lawsuit We've got all the reasons to be Optimistic now and I am not just for xrp But for Ripple and I do own Ripple private Equity and you can get it on my sponsor Website today linked to okay now and and By the way forgot to mention um that was Andy sheckman that was talking a minute

Ago right there and he's also one of my Sponsors miles Franklin and I have I Have a phone number and an email in the Description if you use da code Dai gold You can get uh the best pricing um on Their when you call or email Them hold on I'm getting a a text here Okay all right this is an interesting uh Chart that I saw today how how many Institutions does it take to turn on the Mainstream crypto light bulb crypto Trading in custody it shows who's ready Bank of America Black Rock bny melon Just about every major institution is in The crypto trading and custody private Crypto funds not as many crypto ETFs a Decent amount crypto enabled payments oh Look there JP Morgan who worked with Ethereum before the main net launch They're all set up for payment Tokenization several of them Tokenization I think's going to come Last but an interesting chart I've said For five years even when even when these Same institutions were saying that Crypto is going to go to zero and and None of our customers want it I was Saying then no not only are they coming But they're all Coming and they are all coming check This out the automated Market maker Amendment for xrp leg are now tick Ticking at 25 yes votes four more yes Votes for the activation period to

Trigger the current rippled version 2.0 Seems to be the one activating the amm On the Xrpl if all goes well and is stable we Have many exciting amendments upcoming But they also need a preparation for the U uh by the US the community to educate Ourselves on the matter many have Approached me to learn about the amm and How to stay safe when using the feature D okay now I look folks sorry if I harp On Chris Dixon but sorry but we went Through a lot in eth gate and these People have not have not in any way been Held accountable for their actions have Not in any way even had a microphone Stuck in their face because they go on Shows like Laura Shin where she's going To tow the line and help them continue Their narrative When the truth the true narrative is What we're going to show you Because the the fact Jack is that Chris Dixon met with Jay Clayton and and Jay Clayton told him to go out into the Industry and put together a bunch of Lawyers so that they could and and that Was what and their their mission per low Nest their the Andre and hor Woodson Attorney was we wanted our we wanted to Get Bitcoin and ethereum out out from Under Securities laws that is what they Set out to do they didn't give a rats Behind about having regulatory Clarity

For the industry they didn't even talk About it after they got the free pass Because they thought they had their Monopoly he just wrote a book and writes The entire book on blockchain and Doesn't even mention xrp in the entire Book then there was uh this listen to This clip I mean we already know that Bitcoin is now considered a non-security It seems like ethereum is too um so how Does you know do are we just stopping Innovation at Bitcoin you can't get more Disingenuous than what he just said eum Or you know is it just like if you were Created before some date it's okay but Anything after that date is bad or is There some pathway for new things to Become the way the Bitcoin ethereum is I I what I would say to you is the only Reason he's acting like he gives a crap Now is because we uncovered eth gate These guy make no mistake these guys Were planning on just going forward and Being and they were planning on all the Tokens being built on ethereum and and Bitcoin living Too but now because eth gate was exposed They want to act like they oh we should Have Clarity for all of them but he's He's not telling the truth when he says Well you know it's pretty obvious only Bitcoin and ethereum have are are not Securities now no not true I said have You no shame CHR Dixon he's blocked me

But I still included his thing in there After you secretly meet with Jay Clayton And engineer the fake regulatory Clarity For Bitcoin and ethereum not legal Clarity just the Henman speech you're Still going to run with this and not Even mention that xrp is the only Digital asset with legal Clarity legal Clarity being a judgment from a court or Congress you're still going to run with That despite Jak Clayton and Bill Henman's best efforts to stop it can you Direct me to the chapter in your book Your uh about your closed door meetings With Jay Clayton and the SEC to get Bitcoin and ethereum out from under Securities laws at least that's what Your attorney LEL Ness Said then this clip he was on Laura shin And he says this but there a lot of People in crypto who are critical of What they call VC folks this is the part The Terri I them this is the dirty Little secret right Here one of the memes around this Actually uses an image of a faucet where The VCS get most of the flow there's Just drops left for retail so you know With these critics calling out a6's Involvement and funding new projects and Receiving you know some percentage of The tokens how do you um you know Address those criticisms especially when They say what you and the founders are

Doing is dumping on retail it's just None of these criticisms I've seen are Actually based on any facts um so like They're all just sort of vague Insinuations the actual facts I'm going To give you some facts the situation is You know if you look at all of the Projects that were involved first of all The first thing people will say is that We own like too much and control these Projects it's just simply like I think The average certainly I think the norm In the industry now is like a VC lead Will own something like 3% of the tokens And if you just go look all this stuff Is public information certainly you Know almost all these almost every Project we involved with me on sub 5% Second of all I think even the smart Critics will say that like A16z you know holds these things for a Very long time so the the stat that we That we have is that of the token Holdings since life to date in the Crypto funds we have sold 6% of our Token Holdings just just to give you a Sense of the fact that how longterm we Are well that's look the them dumping on Retail with their tokens that's one Thing that's a different issue the real Issue the one they're not talking about Is the ruling in the xrp my Understanding I'm not an attorney I'm Not a Securities attorney but my

Understanding and I asked all of these People but I'm pretty sure folks my Understanding and I'll play a little Clip of the Ripple ruling and the Judge's ruling in that in that case is That institutional sales which and and This is what they were doing they're They're getting there's a company compy A is going is going to get um funding From a venture capital firm like andrees And horth they're going to get uh They're going to give andrees and Horwood some of their the equity in the Company but they're also going to give Them they're going to give them some of The tokens that they Issue that is a that is a Founder issue Giving tokens for money to Andre and Horwitz an Institution so the question is was that An illegal Securities offering when they Do that and according to the Ripple Ruling I think it is and I'm I've ask These attorneys describe more than a Dozen digital tokens as unregistered Securities now we have a decision from a US District Judge in New York that the Xrp tokens sold to the general public Are not Securities however tokens sold As part of institutional sales to more Sophisticated investors are and the all Right so is that not A a Founder that issues tokens and sells Them to andrees and Whits in return for

Investment right they're giving them Money uh and they want tokens is that Not a security per that ruling and Nobody is giving them any scrutiny for That little dirty little secret right There but the other you know the other Beef that I have with this whole the Chris Dixon thing is they're all you Know Bill lman went to andrees and Horwitz after the after the whole eth Gate thing he almost I'm not saying it Was but almost like a quidd proquo he Goes and gets a job out of injuries and Horward Horwitz afterwards so did Katie H who just happened to be sitting in Front of Jay Clayton the day before Clayton goes over to andrees and Horwitz to talk to Chris Dixon but the bigger problem is all all Of the ties between Henman and Clayton And China because China remember Directly benefited by the regulatory Capture of Ripple Jay Clayton and Bill Henman helped Alibaba China CCP go public in the New York Stock Exchange in the US Jay Clayton Bill Henman Gary Gensler helped Prevent Ripple and continue to prevent Ripple from going public in the United States And I said the US has a problem with That country that starts with a C now We're going to go further into this and Show you we're going to let you hear

From a an actual whistleblower in To tell you what they're really trying To do over there in that country that Starts with a CA and we're also going to I'm also going to show you you know We're going through all this censorship Stuff I'm going to show you where I Think it really started and and I I Think it's pretty clear to me where it Really started and why it Started not not where it started but but In the internet age what triggered these People to know we've got to go and start Controlling these these social media Outlets I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family all roads lead to China right here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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