Ripple’s Top Lawyer SHREDS GENSLER

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel frankly Kim Jeong ginzler the Supreme leader and dictator over at the SEC is Screwed nobody likes that guy to be hon Like nobody likes that damn guy and yes Fine I'm heavily biased against him Because he's just been wrecking people's Financial well-being especially people In the world of crypto and specifically In our xrp community unquestionable And you know just wait to see some of The stuff I'm covering here and I'm Happy to report this because things are Not going to go well for him in All Likelihood uh I don't know what he's Going to do next look at this headline From the Crypt basic Ripple clo Chief Legal officer outlines reasons why Gary Guinsler can't get a job outside SEC so I've got perspective from him I've got Perspective from two Fox Business Journalists that would be Charles Gasparino and Elanor terret and also a Comment from from Attorney John Deon Here but suffice it to say um especially Depending on what happens uh you know With the uh the 2024 election in the United States uh there could be an Administrative shakeup let's say but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely

Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun Ripple Clo thinks it would be difficult for Gary ginzler to get a job outside the SEC given the negative reputation the Securities regulator has built for Himself over the years in a tweet today Stuart aldr Ripple's Chief legal officer Slammed SEC chair Gary guinsler Following his remarks during a recent Interview oh yes he absolutely shredded Him and it's it's just it's delightful To see I I take great joy in seeing comments Like this uh against ginzer and Specifically from pretty much anyone at Ripple but especially Stuart ald since He's their top in-house legal guy Because my God Ripple was under attack Just like xrp holders were under attack For year I mean frankly their lawsuit's Not even over yet so they're still Dealing with all these Pricks but I love Seeing the push back oh my God I do I Genuinely do it brings a smile to my Face because the the people over at the SEC specifically Kim Jean Gins are Absolute monsters Anyway peace continues for context Fox Business journalist aler terret shared An excerpt from gin's recent interview

Where he revealed plans to continue as Wall Street's top regulator should President Joe Biden WI a second term in November 2024 and folks this is Disgusting check this out during the Interview guinsler noted that he loves The job adding that the SEC boss gives Him uh being the SEC boss gives him the Opportunity to quote Do something for the greater good and The Greater Community end quote that's Right so folks he loves doing what he's Doing he loves crushing your financial Well-being out there he loves crushing Your dreams and your hope and making Your net worth much much smaller he Loves doing this he's protecting you oh My God he has to know that that's not what He's actually doing right we can Speculate all day and we like I've Speculated we've all speculate about why He's doing what he's doing there's a Theory that he's hoping to get a better Position within the Biden Administration um but again it's just Speculation but he has to know he's not Actually helping people he's actually Harming people he has to know that right Because you know his views in terms of You know what the SEC should do it was Like a 180 from when he was speaking Publicly about what what the SEC should Do back in like 2018 2019 before he

Became SEC chair versus when he became Uh the the person that's running the the Damn Organization because he said that look You know we going to have to figure out There's got to be a path forward SEC Needs to provide Clarity specifically For ripple he even was talking about Ripple it's it's like I don't believe That he's saying a truthful damn thing Here anyway peace continues expectedly Gendler's desire to continue his job as SEC chair stirred reactions from the Crypto Community with ripple clo also Commenting on the development and so Here's what actually happened I don't Need to the whole article but these These are the highlights here so there's This post from elanar terret Fox Business journalist and she wrote The Following yesterday uh she wrot wrote This yesterday SEC chair Gary guinsler Said Wednesday he absolutely plans to Stay on as wall Street's top regulator Should President Joe Biden win a second Term in November I love this job Guinsler said in an interview from his Office at the sec's headquarters in Washington now that was reposted by Stuart aldera uh Ripple's Chief legal Officer and here's what he wrote who Else would hire him he's politically Toxic he's a Serial loser in the courts His staff has been caught lying to

Judges his agency's Twitter account was Hacked in the most embarrassing way and His sponsor at MIT quit because of close Epstein ties did I miss Anything and f that is the most recent Terrible thing that happened With the uh the SEC account X formerly Twitter getting uh getting compromised Getting getting hacked because they Didn't have tofa Enabled what a bunch of damn idiots all These people are tools it's just Astonish and all the while they're Preaching publicly well you got to be Very careful when it comes to your Internet security and then they have a Freaking 2fa what a bunch of assat Pricks but uh I I will say steuart aldri That's a good list and you are right but When you ask did you miss anything Yes I would like to highlight something Do you remember this one here's a Headline from Reuters from October 31st 2022 Senate Republicans want the SEC to Explain why staff are quitting and so Folks it's not just you and I that Despise Kim Jeong ginzer because he has Been wrecking our financial well-being No no no no it's not just us the staff Hate him the staff have been leaving Literally for years now and it's not Over Max so that was from 2022 check out This literally this afternoon from Fox Business journalist Charles gasparino

Scoop SEC bracing for major Exodus among Senior enforcement lawyers in its crypto Assets and cyber unit according to Officials at Major law firms who have Seen several of the resumés so folks Let's pause to think about this why Might that be happening why might the Senior enforcement lawyers at the secb Leaving right now the the the crypto Related ones why would they be leaving Right now might it be because of just Loss after loss after loss on the SEC Because they have bogus nonsense Arguments that judges thought were Complete BS maybe that's why and they Don't want to be associated with this And under the ridiculous rule of Kim Jong ginzler might that have something To do with it and then gasperino says Fox Business is withholding names to Protect privacy the move suggests that The bleed of senior staff under guinsler Controversial leadership of the agency Isn't letting up folks nobody likes this Guy he's very unlikable I don't think he Has friends honestly I'm pretty sure he Doesn't have Friends in fact if if he were in middle School right now he he he'd go to uh He'd go to the cafe he's getting his Lunch he's in line he pays he's holding His tray he's got his his mac and cheese And his chicken nuggets maybe a little Apple juice and he's holding his tray

And he's looking around and there's a Bunch of kids at various tables but he Starts shaking because he doesn't have Anywhere to sit because he doesn't have Any damn friends because he's an Unlikable prick he has to go sit in the Hallway little and then there's this from Attorney John Deon he reposted what J Gasparino said he said I can say with Certainty there will be no job offer Coming from the Deon Law Firm despite The fact that I'm hiring you see Unfortunately for SEC enforcement Lawyers the Deon Law Firm requires one To always maintain a faithful allegiance To the Law plus we have a zero tolerance Policy for intentionally lying to judges Just to win a motion spot On so so think about this so then the Question is okay what will happen with Ginzler because he's not going to be in This position forever obviously well Look at this headline what will happen To SEC chair Gary ginzler if Trump Enters the White House Now folks I'm not Going to get into a bunch of politics Because this is not a political Channel As I've said many times I only tackle Politics in so far as it has something Specifically to do with the world of Crypto Andor Finance broadly speaking Other than that I don't care if you're On the left if you're on the right

That's not the it's not the purpose of This channel to get into that crap so You're all okay in my book we can be Friends when it comes to crypto and xrp Cool all right cool uh but I will say This Uh one of the quickest ways perhaps to Get rid of guinsler would be if there is A change in administration you may Recall that uh when Biden was elected But before he had actually been sworn in As president uh the the previous SEC Chair uh that lizard person what's his Name that little prick uh J Clayton uh He quit December 22nd that was his last Full day of course the day he sued We that's why we remember that day right And he equit because there was a change In Administration in fact the lawsuit Against Ripple highly unlikely that it Would have dropped that particular day It's just that that was the last Opportunity he had to do it since he was Leaving and again he was leaving because The administration was changing which is Kind of normal practice so regardless of What you want to happen within this Election which would be far outside the Scope of this video or this channel Frankly I will just say if there is a Change gendler's likely gone and that Would be delightful now not conf Confident that Trump would be Particularly friendly to crypto but my

God it was way worse under Biden we'd All agree under that like that's just Just it just is like it's very clearly True that things have been far worse Under under Biden just from the top on Down in this Administration so you know If that shifts uh I don't think it's Going to be all like puppies and Rainbows and sunshine and ice cream and All that crap but it would be closer to That and then this little Mr Burns Lookalike would be gone at least right Cuz he'd probably just quit I don't know For sure but uh let's just say that uh There's a reason there's a reason Jay Clayton there's a reason this happens Folks it's it's if if if an Administration comes in that's not Friendly uh to to your side maybe I Don't want to deal with that anymore Right I'm just saying I just I there's a Reasonable chance that we're not going To have to be putting up with this guy Much longer I don't know what he's going To do I frankly don't give a damn this Guy is awful he he has harmed so many People and so many people in our Community I just I I will give zero Fox If if he has a if he has a sad time After this I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy or sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon



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