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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you Today uh the last shutdown that we Experienced around the globe was just a Test balloon and we're going to have a Member of the European Parliament tell It to you oh yes we are and I tell you Something else too right while we're at It here Fidelity plus spot Bitcoin ETF Equals Dtcc oh Somebody explain that well we Got Elizabeth Warren novag grats we got Ripple Partners moved to a new phase of Piloting CBD season stable coins Somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KS Come on In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on YouTube and Twitter For exclusive content right now 1.7 Trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 2.9% Good morning good evening good afternoon Wherever you are 43,600 Plus for Bitcoin right now 2300 Plus for ethereum tether market cap is 90.3 billion plus xrp at the number five Spot at 65 cents up 3.2 on the 24hour And up 6.8 on the 7day and look here the Market cap of xrp 34.9 BNB 3 6.1 keep an eye on it we could be coming After that number four spot range of Price right now between 6318 on the

Bottom and 6569 on the top we're sitting We're sitting there at the higher end of That range here but the range is a Little wider than we normally see so I Got my eyes open I have no problem if Xrp wants to take off Today and by the way speaking of taking Off the Market's been taking off on the News of the spot Bitcoin ETF F being Approved we've got that look we've got a Lot of information to look at in that as Far as that goes today and I want you to Pay attention to the contrast of the News as we move through it today as well I think that's extremely important to Take note on a macro uh point and Looking at this it's I trust Capital you Guys know I'm a customer and I believe In them and they're amazing and I know Lots and lots of you have taken Advantage of it and I often say there's Nothing better than buying crypto but One thing and that's buying taxfree Crypto and the reason I say that is Because think about the fact that you Could let's say the uh spot Bitcoin ETFs Are approved well what if you bought Your Bitcoin inside of itust and now you Don't have any capital gains Implications because you bought it Inside your IRA what about the idea of Gold going to 3,000 right but you decided to buy it Inside your IRA so now there's no

Capital gains implications this this is The kind of strategies we're talking About employing here we discuss stuff Like this all the time inside the dpmg If you don't believe me go to dig Perspectives. and join us there uh by The way dquan former Tera Luna founder Is set to be extradited to the United States to face charges meanwhile CZ has Been told you can't leave the United States until his hearing he is facing up To 18 months in jail for law violation Bance F $4.3 billion the largest to date And we see as I said in the opening of This video Ripple is now 3% away from Becoming a bigger entity than binance Coin it could be taking them over in Market cap soon watch out ladies and Gentlemen now we know this is where I Talk about the contrast of the different Points we're going to make today bis World Bank IMF all to collaborate Together tokenizing projects not Breaking news to us just setting a tone Well pigeon platform supports realtime Processing through multiple payment Rails including fed now and the Clearing House realtime payments Network now I'm Not really familiar with pigeon I don't Know that if there's I don't believe There's any connection that I'm aware of To Ripple in any way so I did check that This morning and didn't find anything in The immediate front however we see that

There is a lot happening in regards to The payment rails that currently exist And incorporating new technology and new Companies that can assist all of these Industries and or I should say all of These top leaders in Industry of Finance To get into the new Financial system and New payment rails now that has to happen And for that to happen we know that There's Iso20022 well I want you to listen to to Paul Tamala here tell you exactly what's Going on and that you better not sit Around and wait for it to happen on your Timeline battles that we all know Happens with ISO 2022 all right so Looking at 2024 then uh and getting your Forecast what are sort of the main big Steps to sort of summarize what we've Covered I think the big steps are it is Guys it's just going to happen and Whether you think it's 2025 or it's Going to slip to 202 6 it's not it will Be a 2024 issue and actually you need to Bite it you know you really need to get Yourself ready and if it was up to me I Would say automate it because otherwise You're just going to be doing a lot of Busy work and that's not good for you It's not good for your customers and There you have it right there there is The word being brought down right there That look Iso20022 it's not going to continue to

Get pushed back it's not going to slip The timeline it's happening in 2024 get ready everybody because that Opens the door and sets the tone on the Technological side of delivering Messages to be able to begin to Incorporate alongside of that Messaging the sending and delivery of Digital assets like stable coins cbdcs Xrp xlm and other assets as well very Exciting times and as we see here Ripple And Bo T cbdc partnership to enter pilot Phase in 2024 look look at the contrast now we're Going to be also talking about this Bitcoin spot ETF right which is more Like a retail investor Institutional Investor product this is solving a Problem Ripple is solving a problem for Banks payment system financial Institutions around the world and here We see moving into the next phase is Bhutan with ripple to continue on as They say here the goals for this pilot Phase and entire bhane cbdc push are Summarized in determining how the Digital ngultrum which is the name of Their token or cbdc is deployed and Integrated into existing Financial Infrastructures in the country that's How well it went right they're not They're not like ah we tried it I think We're going to go back to the dollars The paper money no it actually went so

Well now they're going to begin to Integrate it entire Financial Infrastructure in the country that's What's going on there remember Bhutan Has heavy trade with India as well major Trade Nation right there India then we have this remember palao And this was the palao stable coin which Is really backed by the US Dollar on the Public Ledger itself on the public xrp Ledger not the private Central Bank Ledger the public xrp Ledger which makes It even more exciting well then we look At this here again Revolution Revolutionizing palo's finances uh Ripple uh palao report unveils Successful uh pilot of the palao stable Coin project and its impact it goes on To say here the uh pilot project Launched in July 23 aimed to evaluate Potential of palow back stablecoin the Palow stable coin as a digital payment System phase one of the pilot involved 200 government employees and local Merchants using the PSC to make Purchases here it goes on to say that The pilot was successful with both Volunteers and retailers expressing Positive feedback on psc's ease of use Speed low transaction fees most Participants also indicated they would Favor using PSC if adopted Nationwide we like hearing that then it Says here Palo stable coin project is

Part of growing trend of Central Bank Digital currencies and stable coins Being explored by governments businesses Around the world and it says here these Digital currencies offer the potential To improve efficiency reduced cost Expand access as we know it says here Palao stable coin project is a Significant step forward in developing Digital payments in palao with continued Collaboration Innovation PSC can Potentially transform the nation's Financial landscape now on the flip side The report calls for integration with Existing financial institutions could Face challenges as we know with the need Of extensive in infrastructure Modifications and Regulatory adjustments I remind everyone today remember we Listened to a ripple official tell us That it's three months integration on The long side and it's two to three Weeks on the short side to integrate any Company any Bank into ripplet and what They're doing Three months long side two to three Weeks short side that's what you're Looking at that is not that long in a Financial quarter they could have Anybody up and run it without fail how About that one the expansion of Participating merchants might cause Difficulties convincing a wider range of Businesses to adopt PSC but you know how

This goes this is where the domino Effect comes in when you see the Competitor across the street having uh Uh better success and more customers Coming in to use them because it's so Easy use the palow stable coin oh watch Out it's it's a very simple game after That the successful palow stable coin Pilot project represents a pivotal Moment in the evolution of digital Payments within smaller economies its Positive outcomes signal a potential Shift towards increased stable coin Adoption in regions with limited Traditional Financial infrastructure so You see the use case here for something Like Ripple the company or xrp The Ledger you see it right right now let's Turn towards you know the product to Invest in right this is a much different Thing this is a huge contrast difference Here we're talking about introducing new Investment products based on bitcoin or Ethereum even this is vanc that gives Their 15 crypto predictions I'm only Going to go over a few of them here they Predict the US recession will finally Arrive but so will the first spot Bitcoin ETF over 2.4 billion May flow Into these ETFs in q1 of 2024 alone in Support of bitcoin's price now uh this Is something I've talked about all the Time if we see a US recession correction In the traditional markets The Narrative

Will be by the ones that tow to line Well yes there is a correction but it's Not as bad as one would think because Some of the money that's coming out of The traditional stock market is actually Going into these new products called Spot Bitcoin ETFs maybe you haven't Heard of them Bob right and then you Start hearing the whole narrative could Be created I mean you could see it They're waiting to do it they're waiting To do it prediction here fourth uh it Says the fourth Bitcoin having in 2024 Will see minimal Market disruption and a POS having rise in bitcoin's price with Significant gains for some lowcost Miners it says here Bitcoin will make an All-time high as far as vanx concerned In Q4 2024 potentially spurred by Political events and Regulatory shifts Following a US presidential election so Uh things could change drastically from There it goes on and on and on but for Today and the purpose of today we need To stay focused on the ETF and what Could be coming in just a very short Period of time listen to Kathy Wood Right now responding to the SEC engaging With them on the spot Bitcoin ETF and Application looks like the SEC is going To be forced to approve a a spot Bitcoin ETF what of any Communications have you Had with the SEC about your application Where are we in this whole thing well uh

It was uh publicized and disclosed uh I Think it was last week that um we had Responded to uh SE the sec's requests For information around our our uh Bitcoin filing uh and we responded and That's basically all we can say uh I Think many people think that fact that The FED uh I mean the fed the SEC um chose to ask questions is a Change in Behavior Uh and therefore I do Think hopes are rising that a or a Number of Bitcoin ETFs will be approved Yeah the the my understanding is the Court now is going to issue a mandate About how to enforce their decision here To the SEC and their SEC is going to Basically follow that mandate everybody Is a assuming at this point that they'll Probably approve most of the Bitcoin ETFs by the end of the year is that That's a reasonable assumption at this Point they lost the court case they Chose not to appeal it at this Point right uh and I do believe uh maybe The reason they're saying by the end of The year early next year I know our Final deadline on this filing is January 10th January 10th and there look Kathy Wood and ARC Investing are the first Ones to file so they're the first ones To find out what's going on here so uh January 10th we're not that far away Here we're talking about a month away Almost yes give or take right so we're a

Month away from finding out what's going On here possibly sooner if they don't Even wait that Long now listen to here oh boy Mike Novag grass need I say more Mike novag Grass is here Galaxy founder uh CEO and Chairman uh let's let's go straight Straight to the Jamie d of it all um you You watch that you Heard you thought what to yourself he Keeps doubling down and he keeps being Wrong um what surprises me is so many of Jaime's clients right uh some of the Wealthiest guys in America you know Abby Johnson at Fidelity Jeff Yas uh Stan Dr Miller Ray Doo big big investors all Believe that Bitcoin is a store of value Uh we see it in our client base our Trading desk has been busy with hedge Funds buying uh we see it in Institutions buying and so I don't know Where Jamie gets off thinking that he's Smarter than all those guys it just it It it's the epitome he's also spoken I I Think it's Supreme arrogance to think he Knows what has value but all the rest of The people don't coming from a guy who Is boy if anybody knows what arrogant is Jesus and quite frankly he's just been Proven wrong Bitcoin has way Outperformed JP Morgan stock over for One year five years 10 years you name The period um people around the world Believe in this they believe in the

Community the ecosystem uh they see Governments spending too much money not Just here in the US but everywhere and Think you're going to debase fiat Currency um and so I mean the the the Story has kind of already been argued in One when Larry f went on your show and Said I think you're going to see Bitcoin And all portfolios I think you know was Kind of game over Listen uh to that point you know I think Jamie Diamond is just simply talking his Book and trying to suppress Bitcoin Until things are approved because Everyone on the inside look if we know That Bitcoin is not money and Bitcoin is Not money right then they know It they know it so why would Jamie Diamond be saying that knowing full well That these are going to be investment Products to talk down the price right Meanwhile Fidelity Investment has taken A significant step in the cryptocurrency Market by listing its spot Bitcoin Exchange traded fund on the depository Trust Clearing Corporation marked under Ticker Fbtc there you see it right there right There so they're waiting too everybody's On the Sidelines so somebody think that Jamie Is actually going to get that Right it ain't going to happen you know I see this happening right I see this

Happening and I could be wrong maybe Last minute they pull it out on it but I See that this is going to happen because To the prediction of vanc about a Recession coming I see this as a hedge For the large institutions to offer Something like this for their clients While they get their ass handed to them In a correction in the traditional Market and then this will be here as a Recommendation to put 1 to 5% or Whatever the financial advisers will be Saying because they've been saying it's It's nothing don't touch it I wouldn't Go near it right now they're going to be Saying oh just like Larry Fink said this Is a a flight to Quality you can you not am I crazy can You not see the narrative that is about To unfold here to apologize for the Damage that's about to be done I you Know how I feel bad for the people who Have recently retired living on an Income that they work their ass off to Build and then watch it get decimated in A correction that's coming sooner rather Than later and I hope that I'm wrong About That I can't even play this guy this Guy's talking about the obvious you know He thinks you know what I think the Etf's going to send the Bitcoin price Higher okay so you carried the one you Know God bless them look join us in the

Freedom Zone if you want to get down to It and what's going on here World Economic Forum ladies and gentlemen Talking about what do we need humans for Don't believe me listen to them say It useless humans that's what the Discussion is with the world economic Forum and how about the Member of Parliament who's going to explain to you That there is no good intentions with The political Elite and you cannot comp Fly your way out of tyranny it is a must Listen if you join us in the freedom Zone dig perspectives. don't mess around Hurry up and get in there I may shut the Door on this thing by the way xrp Las Vegas is coming soon if you want a Discount you can find it in the freedom Zone when it comes available too but you Got to get in there to get it not Financial advice to me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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