Ripple/XRP-Why Are People Saying Ripple Have Failed?, BTC 110% Gains, FLR, VET $20 Trillion Market

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines Bitcoin 110% gains You're going to hear from Raul po B Chain in a 20 trillion Doll Market oh my Goodness and flare is on fire and how About this has Ripple failed because There's a lot of people out here saying That Ripple has failed we're going to Take a look at it and why ripple at all Well we got the answers in so much more Rest sit back in your seat fire up that Coffee this one's going to be good Somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is 1.74 Trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 7% 43,000 200 plus for Bitcoin 2,300 Plus For ethereum and we have 95.9 billion Plus market cap for tether xrp is0 50 Cents we're off by 1.1 in the 24h hour And off by 2.9 on the 7day range of Price very quickly is between 04978 on The bottom 0. 513 on the top we will Keep an eye on it I want to remind you Right now that link 2 is the best home For private equity in the world I want To remind you that Circle has already

Filed their S1 to go public and you can Still get that private equity on link 2's platform oh my Goodness click the link to my sponsor Underneath and go get you some and by The way Ripple is on there they just Uploaded three very special blocks of Ripple we don't know how much longer We'll have the opportunity to get this Private Equity so I am telling you now So you can take action and all you have To do is sign up and register to get Started these are investment Opportunities for all and you need to Know that that they have the most Affordable minimums in the world when it Comes to gaining access to private Equity that is the absolute truth and It's Bar None while they have Rose to The top and continued to do so make sure You click the link to the sponsor and You will also see them on stage at xrp Las Vegas 87 days from now ladies and Gentlemen oh my oh my oh my and I have a Very big interview tomorrow with Somebody and I can't wait to lock that Up and tell you all about it get your Tickets the VIP tickets will run out Very quickly they are going they're Already showing they're going to sell Out first so if you want a VIP Experience you're going to have an Incredible two days no matter what but You want that ticket you better get it

It's going to be incredible this is what Happened last year and we're seeing in Repeat taking to his official X account Raul pal shared that a bitcoin price Chart that shows an annual return of 110% that comes from doing nothing Essentially what ra po has said multiple Times and shout out to Raul we are very Privileged to say that we had him here As a guest a month or two ago and it was A wonderful conversation with Raul Always um very very much uh respect his Insights and he's basically just talking About not being a Trader being a Long-term macro investor buying it and Holding it that's what he's talking About so it's not Financial advice it's Just sharing his perspectives that he's Seen in the market and it's a lot less Stressful meanwhile you have a lot of People telling you oh you're missing out On all these other opportunities not if I'm not that kind of Investor I'm not a day trader I'm not a Swing Trader I'm a long-term macro Investor that's what I Do and it has served me well as it has Served Raul so and it just it fits my Life better it fits my life better but Obviously as a steward of my investments I I like to be in tune and in touch with The market every single day as you know Ripple me I mean uh Ripple backed Flair Jumps 44% in a week as holders eye

All-time high shout out to Flair and Hugo and the rest of the team there this Is getting exciting because we know what Flair has promised to do here and what We need to see and I'm not saying this Like I'm some skeptic I'm saying this Because I'm excited to see it roll out And prove out right that's what we want To see happen right and if it does prove Out the way they built and intended it To do so it is going to be a GameChanger In finance period let alone with digital Assets it is going to be that look defi Is the next iteration of Finance period Full stop so I'm very excited to see This for Flair and I'm very excited to See Flair completely rolled out and to Watch how it will be accepted and how it Will work going forward ward in the Future so so excited to watch that Happen V Chain's ambitious move Targeting a 20 trillion payments Market With V3 TR trademark Listen you guys may have know if you've Been with me a long time I haven't Talked about vchain in a while but I've Interviewed Sunny from vchain and i' I I Tell you uh I love vchain I love what They're doing and it's not Financial Advice but it's just a reminder to those Who are new to the channel I've been Very excited for vchain and what they Doing and it looks like they are really Raising the bar for the market capture

They're going for here and I absolutely Love it we will keep an eye on their Progress and then I want to switch gears A little bit and take you to this okay This is Mike no this is rul po talking With Mike nober let's play the clip First one thing we've got to own up to Is you and I tried to red pill or orange Pill Jamie Diamond at the JP Morgan Event in in Miami yeah and You know it's one of those funny things I remember I heard Elizabeth Warren on TV and saying well it doesn't have any Real value and so why should we even Care about it and I'm thinking to myself Lady who do you think you are like the Richest woman in your state believes it Has value the richest man in Pennsylvania Jeff Yas from Susana Believes it has value Stan driller Ray Alia some of the great investors of the World believes it has value but Janny Dellen doesn't and like okay you don't Have to participate but like don't be so Goddamn arrogant to think you're right And everybody else is wrong and if this Isn't somebody to say a statement like That that ain't the PO calling the Kettle black here this dude like the Market's right and you're wrong and Jamie you've been wrong I love Jamie D And I hope he runs for president but He's been dead wrong on bitcoin yeah and You know he's also got the vested

Interest that you know when you've got The Monopoly on the banking system the Last thing you want as Competitor well leave it the r to be Able to lay it down with that nice Accent you know what I mean because That's exactly what's going on right That's exactly what's going on here it's About The Gatekeepers wanting to remain The Gatekeepers that's exactly what JP Morgan is and this is a clip here from Shout out to ml markets who's on fire And will be at xrp loss Vegas can't wait To meet this guy in Person he asked a very important Question here because this is a Narrative that there are let me tell you Something crypto Twitter is just a Cess Poool of Mal Contents I mean a Cess pool this was the Original reason I started private Groups and if you don't believe me you Ask anybody that's in one whether in the Dpmg or in the freedom Zone they'll tell You it is a much better atmosphere CU You're not loaded with a bunch of Mal Contents Bottom Feeders It they've taken a clip of David being Candid and very honest and Straightforward about the approach and The things that they've done and tried To turn this into a narrative that Ripple has failed and you shouldn't

Support Ripple you should support Builders what the hell do you think Ripple X is Doing there's no bigger effort to Support Builders than ripples Ripple X Arm this is why I tell you be very Careful with these people these people Are very dangerous and I tell you a lot Of it to be perfectly honest is less Observation and more look at me look at Me poor me right now I don't know Whether it's bad parenting a lack of Parent figure I don't know what it it is It's above my pay grade to tell you Exactly what it is but I do know this It's not correct and shout out to Mel Markets for making this video I want to Play a clip here that he shares of David Talking and then we will comment on it And again if you want to meet mol Markets you better come to xrp Las Vegas This guy's are up and cover break down My opinion on whether or not David Schwarz was actually saying that Ripple Has failed at payments we're big Believers in payments we're not going to Stop uh we're not going to stop doing Payments that's not going to happen so We're not going to stop doing payments However I think these other use cases Are extremely important and I think You're going to see us producing you Know we're very interested in real world Asset

Tokenization we're we're we're very Interested in um in um an ecosystem of Multiple chains with asset portability Across chain so you can have chains that Can provide smart contract capability You can have greater throughput you can Have chains that have data storage for Nfts without having going to try to Build one chain that's good for all Purposes so I think the answer is yes to Everything except like reducing our Emphasis on payments I don't think You're going to see that from us see That so you're not going to see them Reduce their emphasis on payments but They're going to expand their use case Offering it's brilliant I love it but I Think you will see us looking into other Use cases metaverse use cases and T Cases I think I think we're I think We're going to have we're going to have To broaden I think the the the next big For us is probably a sort of multi-chain Ecosystem starting with the evm Compatible uh chain which will allow Which will be nice because currently Like if you're in the xrp ecosystem you Know we basically just don't have a Smart contract solution and so having One that's industry standard will will Make it easier like you want to hire People to to build hiring people who Know evbm you know is very easy so I Think you're going to see us placing

Placing other bets and encouraging Growth in other parts of the ecosystem Um I I think the answer is we haven't Gotten the traction we wanted just from Payments that doesn't mean that doesn't Mean that we you know we shouldn't keep Trying but it all exactly it doesn't Mean you shouldn't keep trying because He knows as well as I know and as well As every other adult out here Understands we need legislative Clarity Brad garlinghouse himself made it very Clear that it wasn't just the SEC Holding this down the OCC is told the Banking system don't you dare think of Using this until this thing is out of The way and we give it a green light so This is all about Clarity it's not Because banks are seeing what they have And saying no what you have doesn't work That isn't the Problem but it's almost The Narrative That's being shoved out here by the Mal Content so be very careful who you Listen to and I for one am very glad That ml markets has made this video Because I like him agree that Ripple has Not failed in fact they are succeeding In a massive way I want to remind people Very quickly right now that Ripple has One billion dollars flush in cash and They don't have debt as a company but Yet there's Mal contents out here trying To tell us not to support Ripple because

They Failed and to get behind Builders Instead how about getting behind a Company that's a flush with a billion in Cash and zero debt and has a developer Arm Why would you ever in your life try to Pick up a half-ass narrative like That and by the way the knee-jerk Reaction for everybody is oh Brad he Doesn't want to speak negatively against Ripple he's afraid to be Objective they're Liars I spent two and A half years doing a court during a Court case entertaining the notion that Made me want to vomit for over two years About xrp being a security go look the Videos Up was I on Ripple's side then or was I On my investor portfolio side because All I wanted to do was understand how it Was going to be seen legally and I had To turn and go down an Avenue of could Xrp be a bearer Bond and a security and Every other thing we looked at you think I wanted to do that It went against everything I believed About xrp not being a security but I had To try to get myself as a thought Exercise to understand why the SEC is Approaching it this Way so whether you have some Mal content Out here trying to act like they're Objective and they take opposition to

Ripple just to prove that they're some Half-ass objective journalist or whether It's the fact that you have somebody out Here probably feels like they're not Getting enough attention ition from Somewhere probably home right and the Next thing you know they're out here Trying to smear and throw somebody else Under a bus when in fact the same hurdle Is in front of us for the entire digital Asset space as it is for ripple as it is For xrp and it's Regulatory and Legislative Clarity for goodness Sakes for goodness Sakes and why would Ripple be a part of The fifth annual chadam House gathering For leaders and Professionals in Fintech the historic Golden Gate Club in San Francisco California when you're Talking about Ripple and White House Members and Federal Reserve Representatives probably a nothing Burger you got it Cypress Dem monore This is another guy who's out here up And coming absolutely killing the space I hope he comes to xrp Las Vegas I want To meet that guy I really do I just Think these young guys are a lot of them Out here just said they're so good I Just think he I think he's really Good then this Duke Law review now it Didn't say anything about xrp or Ripple Failing in the Duke Law review from 2021 but it did speak about over 200

Institutions working together to Initiate payments using xrp as you can See in this little clip right Here this is the stuff this is the stuff And what was it just a day or so ago we Had Oliver sovia senior director head of Product marketing for Ripple talk about how they've been Relatively quiet for the past three Years in the United States for ripple Payments but we're geared up to announce New product updates because they have The majority of the United States Covered when it comes to transmitter Money transmitter Licenses But don't support Ripple support the Builders right I'm telling you this is This is what happens in a crypto winter People start to put more emphasis on Their own Ego than what's actually happening in The market the last thing I want you Guys talking about is me you ain't gonna Get rich talking about Me how the hell am I helping you if I'm Not giving you the information you need To figure out which way you're going to Go your life's Busy I'm the last thing you need to be Thinking about you know what I mean you Want the news well this is the news be Careful who you listen to out here Because a lot of people are trying to

Make the news instead of just give it to You trillions could flow into xrp the Xrp Ledger cering 1% 1.4 quadrillion From token Market this was based off of The gentleman from Arch a we played the Clip here Said there would be 30 to 50 trillion in His prediction by 2025 I did the I did the numbers for a Trillion dollars I said what if he's Wrong and he gets a trillion dollars We're still looking like a $94 xrp who's Pissed about That all I want to see is xrp's use case Be adopted by the world in the manner it Was designed to be Because the dollar is in trouble ladies And Gentlemen the Petro dollar agreement is Being Unwound before our Eyes that is what was put in place to Apologize for pulling the gold standard Underneath of the dollar Down something has to underpin the US Dollar in order to give it dominance to Keep us from living a life like we see Happening in other countries that have Hyper inflation that crush the people That live There and if they're going to do this And you're going to have a transition That allows the US dollar to be dominant I would think putting a decentralized Ledger for the world and the liquidity

Plugged into it to back the US dollar Going Forward allow the issuance of private Stable coins between private financial Institutions as long as it's under Credential regulation this would be a New use case to soak up hyperinflated Dollars coming home so that you could Have a bank offer you an actual dollar That's digital on your Phone well people think that's not going To happen Brad Brad that happens in Small countries it doesn't happen here Because I've never seen it so I don't Have anything to compare it To okay but that doesn't mean that it We're we're not in that moment cuz we Are And then for those out here Ripple may Have failed you know what I mean but the Bis doesn't think so they brought them On the task force for crossb Payments think about Davos was Bitcoin There was somebody from ethereum There but Circle Ripple and Stellar were There any Questions well it's time to head into The freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen oh My oh my you're going to want what we're Doing in here and we're going to talk About another another Shady organization That is trying their Damnedest to capture human civilization And control of it and I mean this this

Is Serious at the Bottleneck and there's many bottlenecks Food and money are bottlenecks and we're About to get into that right now into The freedom Zone not Financial advice of Me or anyone else I'll catch all of you In the freedom Zone come on In


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