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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines U.S government Revaluing gold silver in oil Kevin O'Leary's in the news Chinese Yuan Expansion Moody's in a stable coin Rating you're going to want it we got Circle and we got a new project on The Xrp Ledger John Deaton's in the news how About this one big Banks I and xrp and Saying that it could soar in price how High Could It Go somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Perspectives with Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody take A look at this we're at 1.08 trillion Dollar market cap for cryptocurrency We're off by 0.1 or excuse me 1.8 Percent this morning uh Bitcoin 23 100 Plus 1500 plus for ethereum tether Market cap 67.8 billion they say and We're going to talk about this in just a Second xrp 40 cents this morning take a Look at this ladies and gentlemen if you Haven't done it it's home of the xrp Baby I know you know it if you don't Know it click the link for my sponsor Underneath the video why uphold is Different well first of all I'll tell You very quickly it's anything to Anything private Equity to link to you Can convert your crypto into private Equity and buy Ripple private Equity or Poly sign or or uphold private Equity

There's so many opportunities and things To do on this platform home of the Altcoins don't mess around check it They're staking h-bar included check it All out click the link underneath the Video the Thing ladies and gentlemen right here Clock Why is goal Goal Zero silver and that is troublesome To me Very very Troublesome to me Now obviously this is a ratio against M2 Money which is circulated in the world Amongst you and I and the rest and there May be other Factor but it's a lot of Money and the ratio is showing zero I look this has been for days now What is taking place here are we to Assume that this is a glitch Or should we start thinking that this is Quite possibly at zero because they're Going to be revaluing these commodities You know that you know are we wrong to Question this Are We Wrong to speculate I don't know the answer But I know one thing it shouldn't be Sitting here at zero That much we all know we'll keep an eye On it Oh boy You know the last time we heard Kevin O'Leary come out and give us the utmost Confidence of where you can put your

Money the platform failed I'm talking About FTX shout out to Belton Road on This one but listen to this is the Latest from Kevin O'Leary here Completely transparent I'm an Irish Citizen I'm a Canadian citizen I'm an Emirati citizen I also have all kinds of Assets and investments in the U.S where I'm an investor and I pay tax I can put these assets anywhere I want I Can choose any jurisdiction I want I Have access to the EU through my Irish Passport obviously I could put them in Dubai if I wish the most advanced Regulatory environment right now that I Can find the very first license ever Granted worldwide was to bit by that is A broker dealer attached to a crypto Exchange in Canada in my opinion that is The safest place on Earth to put assets Oh boy and there you have that and we've Heard that before from Kevin so be Careful we don't want I don't know if Kevin's going to turn out to be the Jim Cramer of crypto you know oh boy Oh Bigger things happening ladies and Gentlemen meanwhile in China China will Continue to expand its digital you want Cbdc pilot program the central bank said And check this out Central Bank is currently testing the Cbdc in 17 provinces The cbdc was recently upgraded to

Include offline payments and smart Contracts and as you know also uh Derivative settlement so they are moving Very quickly I have talked about this You know Area the U.S is behind the U.S is behind Let's think of this for a moment Are they they're the largest economy in The world Everyone says and listen and and Brad Garlinghaus has even noted the SEC Doesn't get to tell the rest of the World and in fact when he speaks to Other people around the world they're Like they don't give a crap what the SEC Says they're going to do whatever they Want and that's fine and I get it and They will and real utility and liquidity Will come from the financial Institutions and Banks putting it and Integrating the Ripple software and xrp Ultimately for settlement I get it I'm just asking everyone to entertain The notion that the United States is Last because it is the largest economy It's told the rest of the world get Yourself in line The United States is the one with the Biggest risk of all as we move into this Digital age because their National Dollar happens to also serve as the Global Reserve currency Now look I know China is out here Literally doing everything they can to

Compete and make themselves look Attractive to the world with their Dollar I'm just I'm just comparing a few things Because if we we go back and I've delved Into this before The United States dollar became the Global Reserve currency around 1944 the Creation of Bretton Woods and the IMF we All know this drill But the real race for the United States Dollar to be able to challenge the British pound at the time to Sterling Pound To be able to replace it didn't start in 1944 it started around 1914. And they had to work very hard to make It such a reliable dollar and get a lot Of gold accumulated so then after the War they became the most attractive Option What I see here is China jockeying to do The same thing in the digital age However if you factor in at the usdc may Possibly serve as the retail digital Dollar it's already out here in Circulation And we can't take away the idea of what David andofado has put forth from the R3 Fed coin report which is one of many Options of things that could happen it Is not a guarantee it is certainly not Me saying this is what will happen However if the United States wanted to

Use a wholesale backend cbdc in the Federal Reserve U.S treasury Central Banking system that is not available to Retail and consumers If they wanted to they could decide to Peg To a five dollar bill to xrp a ten Dollar bill a twenty dollar bill a five Hundred dollar bill they could do this But they would have to collateralize the Situation to make it legitimate and then Obviously based on the amount of Liquidity and utility moving across the Network I think you guys get it it's Something to entertain there's no Question about it we don't know where It's going but we know we have trouble In front of us Leading financial institution Moody's Corporation is reportedly working on a Scoring system for up to 20 stable coins Assessing the quality of their reserves Attestations uh oh remember when USD Tether told the Department of Justice to Go fly a kite you don't have enough Evidence to seek out a demand or a Subpoena or warrant warrant to see our Our books or Reserves remember that Things are changing ladies and gentlemen And I want to remind you right now According to Moody's 2022 settlement volume has Mastercard at 7.7 trillion in settlement volume Visa At 14.1 trillion and tether at 18.2

Trillion and they've been thumbing their Nose at the Department of Justice I urge You to understand that I think this ends Horribly Oh However sitting off to the side a circle With ustc going hello we're complying Everyone And added a 44.5 plus billion usdc Currently backed 44.6 plus billion in U.S dollars is held in custody accounts This to me looks a little bit more like The way the Regulators are going to want To see it I don't think you got to go to MIT to know that We'll see And then here we have this Web3 based xrp Healthcare I think Launches today uh and it says it Promises wholesale costs to drugs Now listen we'll see where this goes but I don't know a ton about it if anybody Does feel free to DM me because I'd love To learn more quickly and see what's Happening there But then we have this shout out to John Deed in the field General representing 76 000 plus xrp holders Says he believes that the final and most Aggressive push to shut down crypto Might soon be witnessed In the wake of the White House statement Over the weekend Look I'm I'm I agree with him you heard

What I just said about tether Tether settling according to Moody's 18.2 trillion And nobody gets to see the reserves They're offering a digital dollar to the World which is the only product that the Federal Reserve has and they just say Forget you guys Oh okay okay Yeah I don't think so I don't think that's How it plays out at all however I do Want to remind you of the language that Was used here in the statement that was Released in John Dean's mentioning here It would be a grave mistake To enact legislation that reverses Course and deepens ties between Cryptocurrency and the broader Financial System This is why I believe Brad garlinghouse Is always referred to xrp as a digital Asset not cryptocurrency he wouldn't buy Coffee or a haircut with it The administration wholeheartedly Supports responsible technology Innovations that make financial services Cheaper faster safer and more accessible That is where I see the the delineation Between something like xrp xlm and some Others and a broad part of the rest of The market Meanwhile take a look at this Big Banks eyeing Ripple court cases xrp

Price holds on to gains oh really IG Bank And I'll get to the long and short of it Down here They lay out the case and everything uh That we all already know but they say Base basically both parties are waiting For final judgment date but Ripple CEO Uh believes the case could conclude by Summer and feels very good about where We are relative to the law and the facts This is IG Bank a positive outcome for Ripple could see xrp soar but the case Is in the air this is far from Guaranteed that's true This is IG Bank Right around 2 000 employees Spread across was it Switzerland the UK I mean people all over the world use it They they focus on training equities Bonds FX Market They know a little something about money Right Pretty interesting and if you didn't Catch the news over the weekend Ripple Gets a new Central Bank partner Montenegro welcome to the fold yeah Launched a pilot project to build the First digital currency or stablecoin for Montenegro and it is a beautiful place I've looked up pictures of it I would Love to take a trip and Mrs back up There someday wonderful stuff now let's Take a look at this you know that 27 xrp

Keeps showing up whether it's crypto Bull 2020 whether it's dark defender or Whether it's egg rag crypto when they Look at these charts they're all seeing Something now I tell you I don't know When or if it actually happens and they Don't either But according to the charts here It looks like a very real possibility We're going to have to pay attention to It to see if it comes to fruition but I Tell you with everything that I see Happening I don't know what happens but I certainly believe in it myself it's Not Financial advice I'm not trying to Encourage you one way or the other But if that in fact is a launch pad line That we are looking at I'll be damn Happy to see that go to 27 bucks no Doubt about it that's going to do it for Me not Financial advice for me egg red Crypto or anyone else it's just our Digital perspectives I'll catch all of You on the next one

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