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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you today UAE Stablecoin Ripple partner news ACI soft Bank UAE stage is being set ladies and Gentlemen and what xrp price could look Like with 10 and 14 trillion Market Thereafter we got that and so much more Somebody rolled that beautiful Intro digital perspective with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content at the top of the Screen right now $1.13 trillion market Cap the market is off by 6% right now Bitcoin 27,800 plus ethereum 1,600 and change Tether market cap is 83.4 billion plus And we still don't know how the US Government really feels about it Xrp number five spot is 52 cents we're Off by 0.5% on the 24h hour and off by 0.2 on the 7 day let's get into this Ladies and gentlemen it's I trust Capital I know you've heard me talk About it but I talk about it the way I Talk about other products I don't offer Anything that I don't use that's the Bottom line I'm a customer first as I Was here and it's a great product and Service and if you want to buy crypto And not pay taxes it's through an Ira Through a regulated company and Framework that's what feels so good

About this Empower yourself get your own Back office roll over your 401k and I Know there's a lot of people out here That have lost jobs or changed jobs and They've got to do something with their 401K well click the link and check out All the options here you will not be Sorry that you did let's start right Here it's edrg crypto and we still have Daai and Exile and I am an official Digital ass ass set investor account While he is in Exile and I encourage all Of you to do the same so we can bring Attention to this he has been wrongly Suspended on this platform and he should Be re reinstated immediately I don't Know why it's taken this long but I can Tell you this the fight will not go away In fact the Army is getting bigger help Us get Dai back on this platform and Let's go one step further and help us Get X and Elon musk to put some kind of System in place so if there has been Some kind of misstep by a content Creator we can understand what those Missteps are why isn't there any kind of A warning system set up for this Platform I mean Elon Musk himself has Stated he wants this to be a super app Well if you want it to be a super app Then it needs to have super rules Because we all need to know what the Guidelines are in order to be able to Build a community and run a business on

A platform that's supposed to be better Than anything else out here make sure You retweet and share let's get him Restored well we start very quickly Right here it's the FTX debacle we know Co-conspirators have been testifying Against Sam bankman fraud John Deon says Here I believe she cut the first deal or She's first to cut a deal he says I bet She provides an accurate depiction of Sam soless as for her credibility as a Witness when I was a federal prosecutor I explained to the jury when sins are Conceived in Hell there are no angels For Witnesses oh boy what a line let me Tell you something here's a little fact Not a lot of people know John Deon has Never lost a case and I tell you this Guy knows what's going on if you want to Know somebody reading the tea leaves This man knows so I can bet you know That what they say the old Adage first the squeal gets the deal They've been rolling on him meanwhile Ripple CTO shares his new insights on Xrp Ledger automated Market maker Feature up for voting here this is a Very very key uh Amendment to The Ledger Here can be if it passes we will have to Wait to see what happens here but CTO David Schwarz has encouraged validators Within the xrp ledger to vote for the Automated Market maker feature only if The community is in agreement taking to

X Ripple uh CTO recently ignited a Conversation about amm feature on The Xrp Ledger and said amms are the weird Defi trick everyone's talking about and It says here promoting decentralized Ethos with intriguing post community Members asked how long it would take Before the amms would go live on The xrp Ledger after a governance vote Responding schwart said the amendment be Backed by the majority the changes could Come up within two weeks buter sing uh On the majority vote the executive noted That no validator is supporting the vote For now as far as he is aware the amm Feature was introduced with ripple Version 1.1 1210 or 1.12 which also introduced a potential Clawback feature this amm feature will Not just introduce new trading engine it Will also facilitate linkage with The Xrp Ledger decentralized exchange known As a DEX despite the importance that Many attach to the feature Schwarz said Validators should not vote Solo in their Bid to push the changes however he Admonished that the community should Make a decision and then validators Should nearly all vote Yes when they Believe the company is o on board enough Uh the community excuse me is on board And enough node support the change Now I love this because I think Automated market makers not only can

Create a stabilization mechanism for xrp Price while you also have the ability to Earn rewards delegating your xrp to a Liquidity pool but the other thing about This is I think it could change the Design and integrity of the xrp token And be seen more as a stabilization Token than it currently is today that'll Be interesting to watch that happen in a In a way of maturity if it does speaking Of maturity here the UAE which is really Looking to be a Cutting Edge crypto Hub Like the UK and obviously Singapore UAE Announces its first ever Durham back Stablecoin in challenge to the US 125 Billion dollar market everyone's getting In the game ladies and gentlemen and you Know if we think about you know the US Stablecoin market being 125 billion Right well if we think about that market Size think about the idea that one of Those stable coins or multiple US dollar Stable coins actually be approved in Some kind of regulatory frame framework Or through legislation and instantly it Is the largest stable coin legitim Legitimately run right I mean that to me Is extremely extremely powerful idea to Think of it that way now with that being Said let's get on to this because I Wanted to show you this portion of it Which is right here first Durham back Stable coin dram launched early this Week and it says here um by distributed

Ledger technology research DTR a 10-month old decentral Finance defi Startup formerly founded uh startup Founded by former soft Bank top Executive well then that made me think Of this very quickly here which is Remember soft Bank a major Ripple Partner in Japan and then I was like Then my mind got going I like don't Forget about this ex soft Bank director Just recently pooed appointed as head of Public policy for Washington DC for Ripple Labs remember that that is Linda Believe right there so extremely Extremely interesting stuff happening Here and so is this and let's take a Look at this really quickly here okay so This is where we're seeing the stage Really be set ladies and gentlemen not Only around the world but right here you Can see this post here Swift September 20123 presentation major vendors Dtcc isda don't forget about that are Getting ready for utti right so Interoperability of digital asset Tokenization very quickly here let's run Through this just quickly is uh Facilitate interoperability between Platforms across asset classes including Digital tokenization here I'm moving Quickly here and then uh it shows here Automated integration channels and then I want to take you here where it says Major vendors um uh are getting ready

For UTI which is unique transaction Identifiers and again it shows isda rate Here well makes me want to remind Everybody Ripple joins isda alongside of Our three to help settle $1.2 Quadrillion dollar in derivatives ladies And gentlemen that is extremely exciting Then we see here ACI which is a ripple Partner here uh real-time payment Software has launched an endtoend Digital Central infrastructure solution Designed for central banks and financial Institutions again a reminder right here ACI offers services to Banks around the World and it says here one second let me Get that off the screen very Quickly okay so then you can see here it Says use of ACI offer services to Banks Around the world wanting to connect uh And leverage Swift's Global GPI um which Is global payment in initiative ACI also Supports realtime schemes around the World meaning that any bank can use Real-time Payment Systems to support Swift fi uh Finn GPI DLT Ripple wire an Immediate payments but we also know Ripple is also immediate settlement There's a difference between instant Payment and instant settlement but let's Keep going here because I want you to See this as well take a Look okay fighting some technical Difficulties here but let's move quickly Because I want to stay with this and

This is Ripple partner ACI discussing Their involvement with fed now now look At all these connections we're talking About here the UAE stablecoin former Soft Bank guy former ex soft Bank uh Executive now the head of policy for Ripple and DC and look at this the AC ACI Ripple partner here the FED now Connection take a listen this is a heart Of the new Global Payments landscape Right which is evolving rapidly um and Uh fed now in the US is uh is Federal Reserve first major new payment Initiative that's coming out um in North America in recent years um a has been The leader in the real pay Time payments Across the world and we currently Support 18 realtime domestic schemes Around the world including zel TCH and Now fed um fed now with our recent Launch so this partnership between fed Now and um ACI um is is is really Valuable as we bring in those invaluable Insights into the FED now working group That would help Drive the adoption and Growth of this new payment type A as as You're well aware has been a Pioneer and A leader in payments as well as Real-time payments over over a long Period of time and and as such we bring A wealth of experience um to the work Group The feder Reserve RFP work group Because of all the all the know use Cases and edge cases and requirements

That we seen around the world so with That we believe the partnership with um The Federal Reserve to get RF fee off The ground it's going to be extremely Beneficial mutually beneficial uh for For BCI and Real Time payments in General so you know Real Time payments Is a hard of right there now listen now Let's take a look at this as a quick Reminder here you know PSA public Service announcement from Ripple Federal Reserve uh faster payments Council just A quick piece of This hello everyone I'm Pat Thelen I'm The vice president of Global account Management at Ripple we TR and and you Know again I just covered this this guy You know yesterday's video but I'm just Doing it as a highlight so you see all These connections you're in a down Mar Look I'm showing all of this because We're all in the bottom of a market here And you can't tell me that you don't get Days you wake up and go what in the hell Is going on and am I in the right place Well I don't know and I can't answer That for you because I don't give Financial advice but what I can do is Take you down the path and show you my Digital perspectives and then you use That and put that against your thoughts Pattern and you know what I get plenty Of people to email me and tell me you Know Brad I disagree with you or Brad I

Agree with you and that's Fine I'm actually not here for that what I'm here for is to share information and Help you save time so you can figure out And get to the answer you're looking for Listen to this so the way we think about It is xrp ledger is really this open Source open Ledger platform you can Build a lot of different verticals on Top of and when we talk about the Internet of value at Ripple we're Thinking much bigger than just crossb Payments it just so happens crossb Payments with institutions is the niche That we're focused on right now it's Kind of like Amazon with rare books in The early days just this Market happens To be A10 trillion market1 trillion do Market now that's no fake Number that is Craig dwit who used to be At Ripple an executive shout out to Craig we've heard Brad Garling house and Chris Larson and other talk about the Size of that market they're after and Beyond you Know in times like this you have to Really go back and drill down now have I Got a plan to take some profits on the Short end you better believe I do but This is what has always drawn me in to What Ripple are doing around the world To enhance and complement the financial System of the world with the use of xrp In The xrp Ledger take a listen out too

And now let's jump into the $14 trillion Market cap quick breakdown on what it Could mean for xrp given the circulating Supply of 54 billion puts xrp at $259 given the circulating supply of 65 Billion xrp would be trading at $215 circulating Supply 75 billion xrp Would be trading at $186 and again my final thought is this Really realistic yes very much so I just Showed you guys how it would work keep In mind this is just one Entity and that's him just talking about ACI that I just walked you through right So this is the interesting part about it But this is where a lot of us are shout Out to crypto Insight on this and shout Out to 24 hours crypto who had that Breakdown on Price as awful as it feels right now a New wave for crypto is coming now is the Time to fortify your mind and your Strength Strategy you will be selling to the Haters at 10x today's prices if you can Emotionally with understand excuse me The manipulation and Volatility this is what I believe and With the early news of this video Talking about automated market makers There is the idea that we would never Have to sell some of our Holdings and That to me is the real empowerment of Why I'm really here because I do believe

That Ripple will achiev their goal and What it comes down to is that to a Degree they already Have it really comes down to how much Percentage how much capture how much Market capture do you believe Ripple Will gain in the financial world and With the use of Xrp and until then we got to look at the Short term and that's how we do it right Here with either egg red crypto or dark Defender you know we're big fans of both It says finalize xrp finalized the Correction after 196 back here you see When it happened back there right and Then he says uh had the wave one at 91 Cents which we saw and he says here uh We had wave complete two with the slight Risk to Wick final point at 39 cents and It says here the price above the weekly Ichimoku cloud is getting closer we will Experience how bullish xrp will be above It and this is that pivot point that Corrective structure we're really Looking for here some tell us we got to Get above 55 cents 85 cents but you know What the truth is is in a macro sense we Need to get above that last previous High of 196 that we had and if we get Above there we can really start talking About that really higher price xrp from The $5 plus range right and then on from There as you can see how these Elliot Waves move you get these leg down big

Leg up correction and then another leg Up right to finish out that five waves Right so this is exciting to me look Everybody has a different appetite for Risk so I'm not trying to convince Anybody of everything you have to make Your own mind up and everybody has Different goals that they want from Their Investments as well so keep that In mind for yourself as you move forward Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else I couldn't be more excited even Though we're in the fog of war with Crypto with the lack of clarity and no Legislation to speak of at this point I Still believe it will all be And when it does it'll be in the 11th Hour it'll be trickle trickle flood That's how I see it happening I'll catch All of you on the next One


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