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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel I think the worst is Behind us just it was as as an xrp Community I think the worst is behind us And I actually mean that in a couple Different ways if you're just talking About broader crypto markets and just Think about the disaster of a dumpster Fire that 2022 was for crypto markets uh I I think it's highly likely that yes We've actually seen the bottom and it Was in November of last year now Specifically for us as xrp holders Though uh have you heard the news that Broke uh yesterday evening if not uh and Uh I'd love to get you caught up to Speed now I'm not going to in this video But I'll note I did make a video that Was almost 40 minutes long I published It today and it had to do with a ruling Uh from Judge Torres yesterday not on Summary judgment which would be the Completion of this case potential anyway Uh there could be a jury trial though There's any number of ways this could go But Um what we did get is a a highly Consequential ruling from Judge Torres Um having to do with what x expert Expert witness testimony would be Allowed to be considered and what would Not be allowed and I'll just say this it Wasn't perfect for either side but it Was really good for ripple frankly and

So I just sitting there as I was going Through it I was like really I do think The worst is behind us we've been Dealing with this crap with the SEC for Over two years but I think what's most Probable is that the worst is is uh is Behind us and I don't know that for sure There is a possibility here like say Ripple gets announced right when maybe This thing gets dragged out to the Appellate level then ultimately to the Supreme Court in which case oh if that Happens fine I will retract this Statement but outside of that I mean What's most probable to this point I just I I don't suspect that this is Going to be an outright win for ripple But it could still be fantastic for Extra people there's as long as there's A path forward for xrp and to me that Just seems to be what's probable and if That's the case if if the SEC gets a Technical win as long as there's a path Forward for xrp I you're not going to See appeals and that's going to talk About this in my very last video in fact And so with the market being where it is For crypto just in a general sense and With all this lining up right now we may Have a very exciting 2023 unless we get Some unexpected ridiculously terrible Ruling from Judge Torres the degree Which xrp might rock it if we get good News here I don't I don't make price

Predictions and I don't know for sure But if if this does go well for xrp Holders depending on how judge Torres Words the ruling some serious fireworks Could be in store and I'm here for it I Am looking forward to it But uh but before going further you want To be clear I do not have a legal or Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering legal or financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube videos about crypto related Topics but just as a hobby and just for Fun so here's a headline from coing gape And I just kind of want to make a Broader point I don't feel the need to Read the article especially since in my Last couple videos I've been talking Sufficiently about uh what what has Happened as a result of judge torres's Ruling having to do with the expert uh Witness testimony but here's the Headline from coin gape xrp to 40 cents Judge Torres denies SEC motion to Exclude testimony and so part of what They were wondering is are we going to See a you know a bump in xrp price as a Result of this ruling well I think it's the concept's kind of silly At this point because frankly you know It's been what like over 12 hours since That news broke if that were going to do

Something that probably would have done It by now unless you think that people Need time to digest it because it's some Sort of legal happening but I don't Really buy that argument frankly I think That people have already placed their Bets you know in terms of if they think That things are going to go well maybe They bought a boatload of xrp I think a Lot of people probably did that and so What's going to set that off well not Not this ruling as important as it is I'm not pretending like it's not Important people are waiting to see what Happens regarding her decision for Summary judgment that's what they're Waiting for here so in the meantime we Do have xrp at 37 cents and you know Global markets in terms of xrp price did Not respond despite the good news that We saw Um Towards this ruling last last night So it should be 37 cents Bitcoin 22 461 Market cap for the S-Class a little over 1 trillion and Bitcoin dominance at 41.74 you got the crypto fear and green Index at 49 out of 100 which is neutral But hey at least the typical you know Lovable cuddly little retail Lemmings Out there at least they're not in fear And I can always sleep well knowing that They're not in fear I don't want them to Suffer out there but are we going to see

A new all-time high this year well check This out so I have previously shared That Um chart analyst credible crypto who is One of my favorite animals out there He's got 337 000 followers Um he he up until literally today was The only analyst that I filed that was Talking about a new all-time uh high This year for uh for Bitcoin And um and so I do think like this has Always been the case Bitcoin will be the Coin that leads us out of the the depths Of the bear Market it always has and uh It will for the foreseeable future I Don't see any sort of change in human Behavior that would make me think this Time's any different and that's fine I Still like Bitcoin I'm not excited about It but I like Bitcoin I own it and I Think that Bitcoin will lead and then That money gets rotated into large cap Coins the mid cap coins and then small Cap coins rinse and repeat So He he still believes this is the case And I'm going to share with you Perspective from a second analyst who is Saying that he believes the same thing Could happen and it's actually hard to Find this perspective this is a truly Minority perspective but I respect the Analysts who are putting their neck on The line uh talking about this type of

Activity look I would love I would love For them to be right maybe he is I don't Pretend to know I'm glad I'm not an Analyst because I'll tell you what yes Any YouTuber find any YouTuber is going To take heat and no matter what you're Covering crypto you could be covering Some sort of unrelated thing hobby that You're interested in there always be People out there who give you heat if You're uh you know putting content and Opinion out there but I I have to tell You I am so happy that I am not a Technical analyst because they take it Way worse than you know your typical uh Crypto YouTuber okay the technical Analyst my God people get Fiery if if Expectations are set and then you know Certain things don't happen so I just I Have no interest in that at the time I'm Not going to make predictions I'll tell You that but um but he was asked here by Somebody named frytoshi uh you honestly Still see all-time high this year cred There's always a chance but it seems way More likely we're going to have a crabby AF year whilst the FTX dust settles Incredible crypto Series in his uh Consistent confidence wrote The Following yup no change if I'm right That we are missing a final impulse for This cycle and that it has started it Would actually make a lot more sense for Us to see new all-time high in 2023

Rather than after 2023. people struggle To see such aggressive Rises but it's Literally the norm in crypto Has happened twice in this cycle already But still most view it happening again As an impossibility I understand that The FTX collapse came completely out of Left field but with record highs 73 Percent of all Bitcoin in existence now In Diamond holders hands most of the Damage has already been done in my Opinion and Supply is constricted at Levels never seen before meaning when we Start running we probably run harder Than most are expecting Well I do I hope that he's right and I've made the point too it's pretty Obvious you don't have to be a chart guy To know this most of the people that uh Were gonna exit stage left you know as Prices started coming down in crypto They've already exited you know then you Get to people who's left people like me And and you listening to this and we'll Bet that you fall on this boat too if You're still you know interested in Anything crypto related right now uh You're probably stubborn as hell like me Just you just refuse to be be shaken out Of your I'd be willing to Hazard that's A lot of you listening anyway Um and I really am one of those I just I Could not be more serious when I say This if I'm wrong about crypto and fine

Maybe I am and it all goes to zero I'm Gonna write it to zero because I have no Interest Um and being shaken out of my position Due to short-term the price action Crypto's here to stay I I am one of the Actual True Believers in the long-term Viability and usefulness of crypto Period That's why I'm so excited about it Though there's a reason I make videos Just about literally every single day Um and so then there was this the Article from the daily huddle uh Covering the another analyst who also Thinks it's possible we could see an All-time high this year so here's an Article uh entitled Bitcoin burst to All-time high perfectly feasible in 2023 According to analysts who predicted Major Bitcoin crash An analyst who accurately called the big Crypto crash of May 2021 says that Bitcoin Uh Bitcoin going to its all-time high This year is not completely off the Table pseudonymous analyst Dave the wave Who also predicted Bitcoin recovering From the bear market near the twenty Thousand dollar level Lists four reasons why a Bitcoin rally Up to its high at around sixty nine Thousand dollars in 2023 is not an Unreasonable expectation

And uh and I haven't found it's probably Been a long time since I've mentioned Them on my channel I have talked about a Moment before he is one of the analysts I follow and uh he's got 136 000 Followers on uh on Twitter pretty well Known guy in crypto media covers uh the Content he puts up pretty regularly Honestly but uh here's what he tweeted Out a move to push previous Bitcoin All-time highs this year is perfectly Feasible Then he's got four bullet points number One less steep rate of appreciation two Plenty of time equal to the decline Three only Midway on the logarithmic Growth curve channel four 25 of the way They're already end quote the MLS Specializes in using logarithmic growth Curves or lcgs for short which aim to Map out bitcoin's long-term fair value Throughout cycles of volatility to the Upside and downside ever since June of 2022 Bitcoin has been in the buy zone of Dave the waves LGC he notes that it Bodes well for Bitcoin that price has Been ranging in his buy zone for over Eight months now and he said quote Perhaps a positive to see bitcoin price And the LGC buy zone for a lengthy Period The easy money will be had by those who Build a position if not already long Rather than those who try to trade the

Short-term volatility of course this Involves time and of course involves the LGC model which if held should always be Hedged end quote and so um again I Appreciate it when analysts put their Necks on the line here because you know People are going to be screaming at them If this doesn't happen that just happens It's the nature of what it is to be a Chart guy on social media so who knows Maybe they're right maybe it really does Happen and if not look the good thing About my particular approach to Investing in stocks in crypto is after I Buy something I don't do anything that's It because I firmly believe and history Has proven it to be true to this point Certainly you just You Trend up stocks have been trending Up Um even despite you know multi-year Instances of stagnation or After Decline That stuff happens But endlessly trending up over a hundred Years worth of data proving this we got 14 years of data showing this is true For crypto so the good news is even if They are wrong I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing Which is precisely nothing because it's The laziest least sexy approach to Investing I get it there's no Bells There's no whistles but it freaking Works it just works and that's all I

Want that's all I want so I'm just gonna Hold my crypto tight and sleep easy at Night it doesn't matter in the end I Just like talking about it because it's A topic I'm genuinely interested in but In the end it doesn't matter it Certainly doesn't But that's a cool thing so lots to look Forward to so look get ready for the fun Part get ready for the fun part because I think it's coming at the end of the The SEC case looks like we're past the Bottom of the bear Market is goat I'm Not a financial advisor you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon family sedan


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