Ripple/XRP-The Federal Reserve=XRP Mentioned 111 Times,Ripple/VISA/Remitly $1.6 Trillion, XRP Price

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you today oh my oh My Federal Reserve public comments and Xrp mentioned for use 111 times yeah we got that Visa we got You know what somebody roll that damn Intro here we go I love to smell a Crypto in the morning let's do This digital perspectives with Brad K Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we're Sitting at 60 cents ladies and gentlemen 602 on the bottom and 6142 on the top Range of price for xrp current market Cap for crypto is $1.51 trillion the Market is up 1.1% 38 88,200 Plus for Bitcoin right now $2,075 in change for ethereum 89.2 Billion plus for tether market cap we're Watching it close 60 cents as we said We're up 0.9% on the 24hour but we're Off by 1.7 on the 7even day I don't mind I like the news that I'm going to be Looking at and there's the price that we Said ladies and gentlemen if you haven't Done it join us in the freedom zone or The dpmg these are two levels of Investment and I'm going to tell you Right now first of all dpmg is the place To be if you're looking to build wealth And be around like-minded people have Access to a library of content and

Communications private weekly live Stream we get into it in here and it is A remarkable experience to be in this Group of people I am proud to be a Member of the digital perspective Mastermind group and that is a true Statement go to dig prospectives decom Look at the testimonials you'll see for Yourself you get the freedom zone for Free if you join the dpmg and for almost Next to nothing you can join us in the Freedom Zone which today we'll be Talking about corporate media ladies and Gentlemen we talk about everything in There crypto and otherwise you're going To want to be in there it's growing so Fast in this group and it's because we Have the freedom to speak about things That we couldn't dare do inside of this Platform we're on right Now well steuart alera says today's Wall Street Journal Supreme Court has Repeatedly ruled against the SEC in Recent years and you know what that Means the SEC is anything but infallible It is bloated broken Baguer don't be intimidated when they Come knocking that is a remarkable Remarkable comment from steuart Alara It's so True fight stand up and fight if you Know you're not wrong Always in November approximately $236 Million was illicitly transferred from

Listen to this projected assoc projects Associated with Justin's Sun namely Palon X htx hecko Bridge these sunlink Ventures collectively make up nearly 70% Of the total funds stolen in terms of Monetary value well that I believe has Led to this CLE now has cut ties with Justin Sun then there's this now yesterday we Just reported that uh NASDAQ SEC Black Rock sat down to evaluate their ETF for A spot Bitcoin trust right well here we Have this this morning here SEC Confirmed it met with grayscale for the Second time yesterday to discuss Converting the grayscale trust into a Bitcoin ETF this is important to note because we Also know that Kathy Arc should be the First in line for the approval or not And hopefully everybody gets approved But that is something to pay attention To because the SEC is starting to meet With multiple applicants now as we get Into it I would look for early next year If it's going to happen at all we'll See then there's this as we know that Escrow for ripple is released every Month in a autolock escrow account and It releases every month and ripple is a Fantastic Steward of the escrow always Using what they need for operations and Incentivizing companies to uh Prime the Network and help to build the market

Infrastructure Ripple's Esco Ripple now Holds 39.9 billion in its escrow accounts now This is the first time that we've dip Below into uh the 39 billion range this Is quite remarkable I think it shows the Uh amount of adoption that's been taking Place over the years recall that Ripple Introduced the escrow system in 2017 of December as part of an effort to Stabilize the xrp market and concerns From others that they would somehow dump On the market well they don't that's why They locked it up in this autol locked Escrow account 55 billion esro and Different escro excuse me xrp in Different escrow accounts with they plan To release 1 billion uh each every month For 55 months however the company took Further steps to stabilize the xrp Market as seen in previous month Ripple Usually locks back a significant portion Of xrp shortly after unlocking the Program 1 billion coins at press time Ripple has yet to return some of the Newly unlock 1 billion coins it's still The first relax it's gonna it's going to Happen they always do Then we see here xrp wallet zum uh shout Out to Wed say win and the entire xrp Ledger Labs team the special thing about The Apple pay integration is the new Onramp available in over 150 countries Come on in Google and Apple pay we love

Seeing this kind of connection to the Traditional payment world don't we oh Yes we do then there's this here adds the euro to xrp trading Pair uhhuh yeah see uh this is just Getting better and better and it will as We move through this content today You're going to love it you could see New Euro trading pairs have been added To exchange xrp to Euro and Salana to Euro as well now this is Pretty remarkable here shout out to 707 Crypto here this now there has been a Lot of talk when we talk about R3 the Quarter platform and the quarter settler Which in the early days of development Did in fact highlight and use xrp for Settlement they also went on in the Early days to say that as they scaled And build out they were going to bring In the opportunity to use multiple Different assets digital assets to Settle and that's wonderful we love Seeing that kind of choice well this Happens to be from a CTIC coding boot Camp from 2022 2 uhhuh and here it is Right here March 24 2022 quarter 4 boot Camps 2022 and there's xrp right there I'm Going to give you a clip that 707 puts Out so we can all hear it use the fiat Currency uh which again um let's say you Want to have GBP uh as your base token Type you can use this inbuilt utilities

You can also use this digital currency Class which let's say gives you Instances of of uh let's say xrp Bitcoin Ethereum and so on there you have it Uhoh what are the trolls gonna say now Boy they they're always so quick to come Out they're not gonna use xrp you Know I I you know I tell you you know How ridiculous these people are and then Here it is right you can see that xrp Will be a asset just like multiple other Assets just as we've talked about and Everybody can still be excited about it Because it is still coming that's the Beauty and right here inside visa and Remitly expand efforts to move 1.6 trillion Global remittance Market Digital how about that 1.6 trillion visa and remitly take a Listen to this Quick Clip here now in The early days Matt Matthew Oppenheimer Was considering and leaning into Ripple Now I don't know if we have any evidence That that information ever coed and came Together but that's okay cuz I got Something for you we're uh you know Really excited about the Partnership if You look more broadly for remitly you Know our our goal and commitment is Really to provide dedicated and and Seamless and trusted crossborder uh Money transfers why not continue Something that has been working and is Fabulous and that's what that that's

What we're doing here um this Collaboration really feel on on on Visa's mission to help Foster new Opportunities for financial inclusion For the millions of Migrant workers that Rely on remittances um to send to the Loved ones around the world there you Have that we love it but don't forget Whether Matthew Oppenheimer and remitly Have gone on to make that complete Connection to Ripple it's okay because Visa has the connection Visa bought Ripple partner currency Cloud for $900 Million pretty sure they're not going to Leave that one in the closet they'll be Using that right and if you want to know Who the real leader in this space is Here's a throwback clip from Zoe Cruz Here who came from uh uh Morgan Stanley Knows a lot about what's going on in the Financial world that's an understatement I want you to hear what she says about Ripple and xrp being clear away the Winner in this space the crossborder Payment space high volume low value not The Morgan Stanley Goldman sa space the The the one that addresses it's a multi- Trillion dollar space By the way $200 Adds to a lot of money yeah but you're Talking about Two7 or sorry 1.7 billion unbanked 1.7 Billion people don't even have a bank Account don't know how small the account Is and another two billion people under

Bank right so they chose a space that Said not only do you have people outside Of the financial system uh and xrp being Used as the bridge currency because it Was designed for that is a multi- Trillion dollar problem that if I solve It I make a lot of money I being Ripple But also I make a difference and frankly The reason I am so excited to work with That company is they can change the World so that's their mission they're Not going to it's very expensive by the Way to have railroad tracks that Reinvent the way crossb payments are Being done so they're lucky to have a Balance sheet for such a worthy goal Having said that look I used to be an Options Trader options are wonderful Things to have provided they're not too Expensive they understand that um there Are the ecosystem is being built you Know exchanges that are worthy of that Word as opposed to Fly by Night Exchanges in the middle of nowhere uh so They are putting uh some money in that Optionality of if that infrastructure Gets built it has two things one is it Legitimizes the space and also you're Making money on your investment but I Would say uh they're very smart in the Way they're going about these options But their main mission where the money Is being spent is really laying down Those railroad tracks that are very

Important and no one I mean frankly as I Said they can't pretend they occupy bit They are store of value just like Bitcoin is obviously list uh but Um they're the clear winner currently in That cross bers the clear winner and That's why as I said though uh I also Say they could be the Netscape of the World or they could continue to be Google from day one to where they are Today there you go and that's where we Are will they be Google or Netscape I got my money on Google that's What I think they're going to do Reminding everybody what we covered this Morning that Ripple was approved in 31 US states for money transfer licenses Then we have this breaking news you will Want to read says Johnny crypto shout Out to you Johnny xrp mentioned 111 Times in the Federal Reserve 584 page Document investigating Cbdcs is this the xrp Smoking Gun Everyone is waiting for as xrp being the Chosen one these arguments both for and Against xrp being a good choice for Future rails of of money but the fact That it was mentioned 111 times mean it Is truly being considered by the FED it Must it's a must read if we go into this I got the document right here courtesy Of Johnny and it is 111 times this is Just one of them and this is public Comments received on money and payments

The US dollar in the age of digital Transformation for the if there's one thing For sure we we know that the Federal Reserve knows exactly what xrp is and What it's to be used for come on In now let's take a look at Price really Quickly here it's egg rag crypto xrp two Days monthly close analysis observing The bearish formations at top or at Peaks a hanging man B shooting star C Gravestone and D long-legged historical Data strongly indicates that these Candle formations on the monthly time Frame often proceed prede either a price Range or a price decline Uhoh the present monthly formation Appear looks like you're going to have To go to work if you're at Lunch don't be late getting back you Might get written up uh pres present Monthly formation appears to resemble Either a gravestone or long-legged Pattern this suggests a potential price Range or a Down turn the key levels for Xrp is to close above 93 and surpassing $141 on a monthly basis until then I Perceive it as a macro accumulation Phase and there is the actual gravestone And long-legged dogee that you could see Right there so we're looking at it we're Seeing it but as it goes again you know We look at these things as indicators What I'm more excited about is the

Information we just went over and when I See that and compare it to the Technicals of the chart I say to myself Well the fundamentals really in my mind The way I see it not everybody's the Same the fundamentals really are the News right and that news taking effect And going into action and use case will Create movement on the chart so it tells Me that the charts are saying exactly What we need to know that we're still in An accumulation phase not finding advice But that's how I'm interpreting all of This because until we get legislative Clarity for stable coins and making Banks 247365 we're not really seeing the the Kind of ramping up that I want to see at Least and I look and it doesn't mean the Price can't move before then it moved to 384 back in 2017 to 2018 and there Wasn't a bit of clarity wasn't it you Can't underestimate the spirit anim Animals and that's why we always look at The charts besides the fact that one day That I don't cover the damn charts you Know it'll go to $27 and then everybody Would be pissed at me so we're doing the Charts and we're very grateful for dark Defender egg rag Crypto Crypt bull 2020 And so so many other people that put the Time into these charts it is such a hard Thing to do and I don't think you can Find the people that do it any better

Than the ones we showcase here so I'm Very grateful for them uh look hit the Like And subscribe leave a comment below I hope you will join us and all the many It is growing so quickly and so is the Conversation in there inside the freedom Zone and let me tell you if you're Looking for a discount for xrp Las Vegas you need to join the freedom Zone Yeah that's what I'm telling you I'll Catch all of you on the next One


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