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Welcome back to the show everybody where We at with the Bitcoin spot ETF we're Going to hear from Kathy Wood we're also Going to hear from Franklin templon the IMF and what they say about Central Bank Digital currencies we got be Brad Garlinghouse rolling down memory lane Ladies and gentlemen the bis Singapore Dubai and guess what else we got we got The reason that when xrp explodes it's Never coming back somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we are at Well $ 1.48 trillion the market is up 2.4% I love seeing that Bitcoin right Now 37,200 Plus ethereum $2,055 in change and tether market cap Is 87.6 billion good morning good Afternoon good evening wherever you are Xrp is 63 cents off by 0.1 to 24hour off By 7.9 in the 7 day but we're going to Look at some great information today Ranging between 65 and 63 cents uh Respectively uh a lot tighter range than What we saw the other day with the fake News as they say uh if you haven't done It yet ladies and gentlemen this right Here pure VPN I've used it for years and Let me tell you something it is

Extremely affordable and they do more Than just uh VPN ladies and gentlemen They now are offering incredible deal Two-year plan 83% off golden ticket Black Friday deal $344 a month you can't afford not to do It ladies and gentlemen full featured High-speed VPN secure password man Manager and and file encryption personal Privacy manager this is just one of the Many layers of protection I use each and Every day I know you're going to love it Too all you got to do is click the link To the sponsor below you won't believe It you'll feel so much better out here And there's so many scams right now and As this Market takes off and more things Open up you know they're going to come Even harder so make sure you have all The different layers of security in Place right here Franklin templeton's Tokenized money market fund approved and Regulated by the SEC now I'm going to Play a quick clip of this it's very Short so Franklin Templeton got involved In blockchain early on the first thing We did was decide we wanted to do a Tokenized money market fund uh and so we Built a shareholder servicing system on On chain uh and then we actually worked With the SEC so it's an approved Regulated money market fund uh and in That process we saw a couple things so And as well as a hot cold storage wallet

Uh so gave us some good insights into How the cost because we ran four of our Own uh transfer agency systems Historically uh and we were astonished Even ourselves to figure out how much Less expensive it was uh to run it on Shain uh and then two we ended up you You had to hold coins because you need To be able to pay for the transaction so This is a a public chain money market System so transactions are on a public Chain that obviously the the Shareholders information is on our Private chain uh and so as we then Started to hold we did on the Stellar Network lumens uh we started to Recognize wow if you hold these it's Interesting as a node validator you're You're learning a lot of information About what's going on so today we Actually validate five different chains Um and there you have that tell me again How it's not coming yeah everything is Moving this way uh this is exciting news And let's get an update really quickly Here uh we're going to hear from Kathy Wood here about exactly what's going on With the ETF let's jump in right right About here um and that's January 10th is The final deadline they've been able to Push it it's uh very orchestrated push It push it but the final they either Approve or deny on uh January 10th and What do you think well again I I

Mentioned something has changed that's Good um the odds have gone Up uh there is only one wrinkle just Occurred to us in the last couple of Days um they will approve a number uh at Once it won't be just one uh that would Be choosing a winner given the way ETFs Work um but we know grayscale wants to Convert to an ETF I don't know how practical that is Or if the SEC will let them or if they Need a special dispensation I just don't Know the rules um grayscale has said it Will sue the SEC again if if it denies Uh the conversion so there we have to Pay attention could Grayscale actually throw a wrench into The works here uh we're watching closely Look I want to see this stuff get Approved because I know what it's going To do for the market to have a ETF Whether it's Bitcoin ethereum and xrp And by the way why is there not a black Rock filing for that and in fact let me Find this very quickly here Yeah so there's this here out this Morning just an hour ago Black Rock Files an S1 application for its spot Ethereum ETF okay great but hey Black Rock why aren't you filing a S1 Application for a spot xrp ETF it's the Only digital asset with legal Clarity And in fact Freddy rizz poy from hot law Has been the one who pressed the SEC to

Force them to answer there has been been No decision on the determination of what Ethereum is or isn't when it comes to Being a security so these things get Quite interesting ladies and gentlemen We will watch these closely no doubt About it but now let's get to more of a Global stage Here this here from Daniela cambon here Uh shout out to her IMF says Central Bank digital currencies can replace cash Oh uh oh uhoh you know I thought they Were going to coexist right look this Has been the plan all along you got to Watch out for it there's a dark side to All of this digital world cbdcs can Replace cash which is costly to Distribute in Island economies she said Wednesday uh this is chrisina georgeva The managing director of the IMF right At Singapore fintech Festival they can Offer resilience in more advanced Economies and they can improve Financial Inclusion where few hold bank accounts Cbdcs are the digital form of a Country's fiat currency which are Regulated by the country's Central Bank Bank they are powered by blockchain Technology allowing central banks to Channel government payments directly to Households it's all for the children Isn't it cbdcs would offer a sale and Lowcost alternative to cash they would Also offer a bridge to go between

Private monies and a yard stick to Measure their value just like cash today Which we can withdraw from our banks Said the IMF Chief the IMF has said that More than 100 countries are exploring Cbdcs or approximately 60% of the Countries in the world the level of Global interest in cbdcs is Unprecedented several central banks have Already launched Pilots or even issued a Cbdc said the director now uh we know That there's more than 90 central banks Pursuing acbc at the moment now you'll Remember this old clip shout out to Mason for this one here this is old B Gold ladies and gentlemen listen to this This is when Brad garlinghouse was Sitting on the stage with Ross the Lawyer Ross cow from uh the IMF General Council take a listen to this we've all Heard it but just stay with me Here you want to take one go for it the First one's for you IMF do you see IMF Holding crypto Assets in the future I Did not put that up There remember I'm from the legal Department I'm supposed to be very Conservative about these Things Um I I don't want to go into great details About the maybe I should take what the IMF is gonna Do you know uh yeah I I think the I

Think there is a plan there's no Question about it shout out to Mason for That old but gold clip and right here is The reminder the World Bank refers to Stable coins uh Ripple xrp and xlm as Stable coins in the PDF we've covered Multiple times and then I I put this out Resurf this and and shared it you know Wondering and asking the general Question why is it so unreasonable for All of us to ask the question if xrp Could become a stable coin and could the Automated Market maker introduced to the Ledger change the characteristics and Integrity for qualifying as a stable Coin within the financial system as the Bis has suggested in this group one Stabilization mechanism here it you know It either is or isn't I mean we're not Married to it we just you know we're Trying to figure this out because this Is what we do we're speculators in these Digital Hills but I want you to listen It is old but gold clip from Lord xrp Here and Brad garlinghouse explaining What is so relevant about xrp and what Ripple does with their Tech stack take a Quick listen to us not just the currency Also you're very involved in blockchain Absolutely so Ripple sells a blockchain Technology to Banks and payment Providers and other financial Institutions to do realtime settlement Between Banks

So today if you wanted to send if Morgan Wanted to send $10,000 to London right Now the fastest way for her to do that Is to drive to nework or JFK and fly it There and we all know the analogy right And it's so true but look let's let's Understand this right project mandal Mandala right here from bis now we Already know that Ripple is helping to Work with the bis but then you know you You see this all this information about Faster cheaper for more efficient Crossborder payments right they go Through the whole list I don't need to Play this for you you understand this it Doesn't say Ripp or or xrp in it right But that's okay we know that they're Working with their task force for crossb Payments we know that much but then we Also know that Singapore is where Ripple secures a Massive payment license from the Central Bank monetary Authority there and who is Actually in Project mandala uh Australia K Korea Malaysia and Singapore and we also know that Obviously like I said Ripple is on the Task force for the bis as well H you Know are we really out on a thin limb Here to see that there's going to be Some kind of cooperation and then we Understood this right before Ripple Swell is Dubai as a global C crypto Hub Approves xrp under its virtual asset

Regime uhhuh yeah and then we can't for Forget about this cuz I'm going to tell You all of this is cumulative the Ripple Uphold partnership to enhance underlying Crypto liquidity infrastructure and Let's make no mistake about it Institutions wholesale backend payments Baby just like Simon mcgoffin the CEO of Uphold has spoken and told us Right this way uphold can bring and Introduce more revenue streams more Consistent daily revenue streams through Serving payments for B2B this is massive what they're about To do all of these things Singapore Right Dubai understanding the Ripple and Uphold Partnership understanding that all of These things are going to cumulatively Kick into what we know as Network Effects which is why I believe all of us In this market right now are wondering If we're going to break a Dollar some are wondering if we're going To see a new all-time High look I I have a plan to take some Profits I've been in a space a long time Ultimately I'm hoping to never get rid Of my real deep Long bag Holdings of xrp And I could participate as a liquidity Provider with automated market makers And hold my assets forever make maybe Even give them to my children and

Grandchildren and so on and so on and so Forth but you know the the the real deal Here is about Network effects because I Believe once xrp Explodes outside of Speculation and all of these things that We're looking at today through helping Serve the cbdcs that'll be introduced Around the world as a bridge Asset working with du buy working with Singapore working with uphold out of the UK and the us becoming a Nexus for us Financial institutions so they can use It and have access to it without Actually violating the current standing Of Regulation Today all of this outpaces at some point The speculative market and use Case Utility becomes the price driver and the Price of xrp is never coming back to Where it is Make sure you join us in the freedom Zone this is where we get ready to part Ways here I tell you what a conversation We're having in here and you are missing It and I don't want you to and for 20 Cents a day that's right $6 a month you Can join the conversation and today and What we've been talking about here Bitcoin and ethereum are they prototypes Oh we get into it and how about this the Hidden plan to control our food supply What I could never think of discussing On this channel without severe

Repercussions we get into it behind here This is the freedom Zone where we Covenant Free Speech where we're not Attacked for our thoughts this is where It's happening and I tell you in December 1st I'm going to be picking the Best comment that I find and I am going To give that person whoever it is a $100 Or $100 in xrp whichever is easiest We're going to make it happen because I Love showcasing the bright Minds that Are in this group and in this space and I can't wait to celebrate each and every One of you but I'm encouraging you to Come in for next to nothing and join us Here in the freedom Zone at dig Perspectives. comom just click the link Underneath the video and we'll catch you On the inside not Financial advice from Me or anyone else I'll catch all of you On the next One


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