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Welcome back to the show everybody we've Got an update in Congress we also have The SEC wins a motion against Ripple we Got that and so much more somebody roll That beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.72 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is off by 6% right now 42,700 plus for Bitcoin 2,300 Plus for Ethereum 96.2 billion plus for tether Market cap xrp is 50s we're at 7 off on The 24hour and off by 6.2 on the 7day The range of price 4997 on bottom and 5131 on top we are sitting at at 50 Cents almost flat this morning we'll Keep an eye on it I do want to remind You however there's 86 days left to xrp Las Vegas baby and I tell you something Tickets have picked up since the Holidays are over I can tell you that All these incredible people will be There and all of these incredible people David Schwarz perryan boring Simon mlin CEO Kevin Maloney from my trust Eleanor Terrett from Fox we got ra Wes Jeremy Hogan James Murphy is going to be added To the site Jo and Doo from link to John

Deon I'm telling you Nancy beaten Robin Oconnell this just gets better because There's more coming ladies and gentlemen We just added casino coin to the mix as Well shout out to Daniel and everybody At casino coin big big things coming Don't mess around ladies and gentlemen And if you're wondering hey why should I Go well look don't look look at it as a Cost look at it as an investment you're Going to hear David Schwarz in the room With you talk about one of the most Important things that are coming to The Xrp Ledger automated market makers which Could put every one of us in a position Where you don't have to sell your assets Ever in the rest of your life or your Family's life I'm pretty sure you're Going to want to look at that ticket as An Investment and make the investment in Yourself to come learn as much as you Possibly can about the asset you just Found out has more to it than what we Had yesterday right because that's going To be validated and confirmed by February 14th that we stay above the 80% Consensus for automated market makers Which we are now again shout out to Daniel from casino coin for joining Again this year we're so glad to have Him back it was a great call and it was A long overdue catchup he said we got Something cooking and we'll send some of

You guys to xrp Las Vegas so you're Going to want to join anything that Daniel's got going for casino coin in Order to have a chance to win a ticket To the Event and here we see right here uh Tokenization can unlock massive amounts Of trap value that before you couldn't See it was there this is Bruce Fenton we All know who Bruce Fenton is but listen To the point he's making here on London Real there's a lot of really neat things You can do to unlock trapped value in The world you know the first Securities Came out in 1600s the Dutch East India Company and that changed the world Because before that you had one owner One projects if you had a ship you had To get be a real rich person and you had To have a ship and you had your own ship And if it sunk you lost 100% if you had Pirates you lost 100% and some and there You go and then somebody came together And essentially said because I don't Want there to be a copyright issue so if There is and I have to get rid of this You know I'm going to cover it in Summation really quickly so essentially That's how the derivatives Market was Created right that's exactly what Happened it says say why don't we all Put up one1 let's 10 of us put up one1 And then we'll be able to buy 10 ships Right that way if something happens to

One ship none of us got completely wiped Out this is what happened and this is The moment we are in again Bruce is Absolutely correct we are watching the Birth of a new asset class and it's Absolutely exciting so let's keep moving We got a lot to go over did we ever Fully discuss why the SEC would want a Node on The xrp Ledger xrp sits as I Said on an open permissionless Ledger How do I know that it's open and Permission list because the chief Technology officer at Ripple tells me it Is he explains it to me but I also have Hard evidence the SEC announced about a Month or two ago that they're going to Establish a node on The xrp Ledger and Other open and permissionless ledgers The SEC didn't call Ripple to ask Permission for to do that they're just Going to do that Now what's interesting about that is What I've always said about the Technology you cannot stop the Technology whether it's Bitcoin ethereum Or something else xrp it doesn't matter However what you can do is introduce reg Tech regulator technology like running a Node on ledgers and I have said this Decentralized world that we're going to Really doesn't really matter because They're going to change the way that They regulate so they're going to Regulate suspicious activity the way a

Cop does by running radar on a highway Or watching for a driver who's swerving That could possibly be erratic from Being drunk or Reckless this is the shift that's going To take place and there's still a fight And you're about to see it right now an Update from Ron Hammond shout out to Ron Hammond and The blockchain Association Group the SEC Yellen comes in front of these Committees with a the full plate of Issues facing Treasury listen closely to all of this Now since we are in an election year Expect a lot of D's to focus on the Economy and recent positive GDP numbers While RS will likely focus on inflation National Security issues with Iran Crypto is likely to come up through Especially on stable coins recall back In December 21 when presidential working Group on stable coin said if Congress Didn't act on stable coin regulatory Framework then regulators would use as Much Authority as currently Allowed that's what we've been seeing From the SEC and I believe they've been Using more Authority than they actually Are allowed I think most people agree With that as well Congress got the memo Under uh representative Maxine Waters in 2022 who can't even do her own taxes Thought I'd throw that reminder in there

Congress started working on a bill when The house split Patrick McKenry took the Lead in July 2023 it seemed like the House was ready to advance the bill but The White House objected taking a few D Votes last uh uh last uh session I think He's saying there so uh he says so now It's been over two years and while we've Seen enforcement actions on binance USD And scrutiny on Tether there hasn't been Much from The Regulators in terms of Crafting a clear framework for Redemptions reserves Audits and other Factors with Administration called for Um if you see here one area of stable Coins to monitor is the big tech Companies goes back to Libra meta Libra Project in 2019 years ago is what got Congress engaged on Stables it says even The project defunct Maxine Waters sent This letter earlier this year in regards To their Trademark recently we've seen X tease Their push into payments by receiving Various State money transmitter licenses That didn't go unnoticed in DC as Democrats during the July stable coin Vote mentioned several times their Concern about about Elon Musk getting More into the payment space the Liber Scrutiny back in 2019 wasn't solely About the project recall politically Meta was in a pretty bad spot at the Time of the reveal with the 2016

Election interference concerns Cambridge Analytica debacle and other issues like Child pornography that irked ours in Democrats it says here uh to say it was Probably the worst time politically for Meta to propose a new payment system is An understatement that's for sure fast Forward to 2024 while meta is still in The hot seat look at last week's hearing With tech Executives X and musk are Right up there at the top regarding Scrutiny it is still unclear however all The x is planning to do but learning but Already they have been several push Backs from policy makers largely on the Democrat side of the aisle on this Venture these Tech platforms are not Trusted in DC by either side so worth Keeping an eye on this development as How it could change Uh the trajectory for stable coin Legislation we will see and shout out to Rod for that but let's look at what's Happening in the Meantime according to sources Wisdom Tree is working with New York Authorities to offer cryptocurrency Products oh take a listen Wisdom Tree Funds is working closely with the New York Department of Financial Services to Offer crypto related products and Services to customers in New York Sources say that nyd FS is very close to Approving a limited purpose trust

Charter for Wisdom Tree which means it Will be able to conduct digital asset Business in New York state only nine Other firms have limited purpose trust Charters for crypto including coinbase And Fidelity digital assets this could Be a very very big deal for New York all Its residents and all of Wall Street Keep an eye on it ladies and gentlemen And US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen Is set to address the house Financial Services committee where she will Emphasize the risk associated with Cryptocurrency platforms and stable Coins and what's interesting here is as We're talking about the financial Stability oversight Council fsock baby Now you've heard me talk about this to Where you probably want to vomit Right but as I've said don't let the Mal Contents out here change The Narrative Of what's been happening for almost 5 Years it's a lack of regulatory Clarity It hasn't Changed we're not waiting for Builders Right Builders are waiting for the same Thing that Ripple's waiting for some Clarity and then watch the world flock To it from your mama's basement to Wall Street it's that simple however US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen is set To address the house Financial Services Committee where she will emphasize the Risk associated with cryptocurrency

Platforms and stable coins in her Prepared testimony she leads the Financial stability oversight Council Group and a group of federal financial Regulators responsible for monitoring Stability of the financial system Highlighted the urgent urgent need for Congressional action in the Cryptocurrency Space Yellen highlights that FTX is Crypto's Leman Brothers moment of 2008 Right and in her testimony remains Committed to addressing the challenges Posed by digital assets and related risk They bring so look what's important here Is that they're calling for legislative Action they're urging Congress to do Something but remember it was the Chamber of digital Commerce who just Reported late last week that they had Put the effort forth to reverse Sab 121 And this bulletin required firms Banks Institutions that custody cryptocurrency To record customer crypto Holdings as Liabilities on their balance Sheet what is that really mean what that Really means is is that they put this in Place to gut the idea of financial Institutions and Banks custody in crypto That was their way of saying oh no you Don't when the world was trying to say Oh yes we Do they put that in there to discourage The financial sector from getting

Involved into custody and crypto at this Point don't believe it that's what we're Seeing right hang in There the bank which broke new ground in The USA and allowed holding Cryptocurrency had stepped back after Pressure from authorities and it wasn't The SEC So there was a bank flying in the face Called vast Bank in Oklahoma with 1 billion in assets Announced its decision recently to exit The cryptocurrency market oh it's not The SEC Remember When Brad Garing house Told us the OCC also since the ruling That xrp was in and of itself not a Security he said that he talked to Banks And said hey where we at let's get going Here and the bank said to him oh wa hey We hold up uh first of while case in Over and we've been told by the office Of com controller of currency the OCC not to touch this stuff until they Say So this is where we are and it's not Because there's a lack of Builders right It's not because Ripple's failed because Ripple has not failed it's because Congress has failed right you want to Put failure on somebody's lap let's put It where it belongs it belongs on Capitol Hill they're up there to get the Job done and then they act like they

Can't do two things at once it's quite Embarrassing Right at least it should be to everyone Because it is to me I can tell you that And that's one thing I don't move on Because I Don't I don't lean in to either side you Know what I mean it's you know get the Job done you know if it was a for-profit Company most of them would be fired for Being ineffective and Feckless US District Judge Sarah netburn granted The SEC request for ripple to disclose More comprehensive Financial details Information about its institutional Sales okay we're moving the ball forward Ladies and gentlemen take a look at it The SEC has want its motion to compel Ripple to produce its 2022 23 uh Financial statements post complaint Contracts uh it says here uh governing Institutional sales of xrp and answering Questions regarding the amount of Institutional sales proceeds it received So with that being the case right this Is what Jeremy Hogan had to say about This oh he says I re I didn't really Comment on this motion because well it Was a little boring and I didn't feel it Was important to Joe Jane xrp call me MC Beth but I still Don't Oh okay essentially what he's saying

Here is a nothing Burger ladies and Gentlemen let them have this motion Right because at the end of the day if We look at what John deon's pointing out To here John Deon predicts that any fine Imposed by judge Torres whether this new Information or not right is likely to be Far less than Ripple's Hefty $200 Million legal fees Possibly a fine around $10 million now I Want you to think about this three years Of dragging a company's name and two Individuals Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larsson's name through the Mud family friends co-workers they're All looking at you and thinking well you Know you can say what you want and They're Vindicated and they are Vindicated but the reality here is this Government agency Recklessly and I think Ray Charles could See that Recklessly went after Ripple and these Two people and smeared and tarnished Their names for three years and it's Still Going where is the Retribution for these Gentlemen the judge should be doing Something now I believe that really puts All of this to bed but I understand the Judge is doing that in her own way Because I believe that she's letting Them have as much rope as they need to

So there is zero possibility of any Appeal once this thing is done and that I believe is where I really rest so I Hope you guys will join us we're going Into the freedom zone go to dig Perspectives. comom or click the link Underneath the Video not Financial advice or me or Anyone else ladies and gentlemen we're Going into the freedom Zone and we're Going to look at some very very Interesting things in the health Department getting healthy right being Healthy and learning some holistic Things that really kind of take us back To a place and time where people really Lived in a much cleaner Way I hope you'll join us it's a great Way to support the channel cost almost Next to nothing and we know censorship Is extremely real out here in the world So this is our safe place to talk about All things whether it's crypto or Otherwise and we're going to do that Right now we'll see you in the freedom Zone


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