Ripple/XRP-SEC vs Ripple=SCOTUS? “Zero Doubt” Ripple Wins, John Deaton-Hinman Emails Become Public


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Welcome back to the show everybody check This out Ripple will win zero doubt We're gonna get into it Hinman emails Will become public United States Congress moving forward to bring Clarity To crypto somebody wrote that beautiful Intro Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.08 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto we're off by point four percent Happy Friday Bitcoin 23 000 slightly Over ethereum 1585 and change tether Market cap 67.4 billion and we see xrp At 40 cents right now ladies and Gentlemen if you haven't put your name On this email list we are going to put On the xrp event of a lifetime xrp Army Sign up put your name on that list you Are not going to believe when we Announce who is going to be at this Panel it is going to blow your mind you Better get your name on that list and if You want a VIP ticket you better join The digital perspectives Mastermind Group it is a remarkable group of people It is truly a mastermind group private Lessons full access to the private Telegram group groups weekly live Streams it is the learning curve that You need get your time back I know your Life's busy but the door shuts on these

Opportunities ladies and gentlemen make Sure you don't mess around and get in There let's get started very quickly News is popping off on this Friday You're going to hear John Deaton talk About Ripple wind and Supreme Court Yeah you're going to hear about it right Now you're going to hear about this 322 million xrp tokens transferred by Whales in the past 24 hours now we don't Need to read the article because I did It for you that's how I do it it's all About saving you time here ladies and Gentlemen and getting the information You need Basically saying you know although they Cannot know where all of these Transactions are coming from they are Speculating and not Financial advice That in lieu of a decision and ruling in This case coming soon and also citing The library case hearing on the 30th That there is positioning by whales that They are feeling a favorable outcome Headed their way Then there's this Shout out to Kappa gonna cap here He says solo Nation where a bunch of Happy solo genic and xrp Ledger Enthusiasts that have come together to Comprise a community library of xrp Ledger xrp solo News videos tutorials And multiple languages how cool is that Says check us out at and

DM if you'd like to contribute well I'll Tell you what shout out to Bob Ross and Everything that they've been doing That's solo genic and don't forget about Corium too that's a smart contract token That is coming out and platform and 7 000 transactions per second uh I'll tell You something I have been very impressed With the fact that solo genic the Largest xrp Ledger token and everything They've been doing to tokenize stocks These people and the team there Understand exactly how to get these Things done I have seen it be it make it Look effortless as opposed to other Projects we've watched lately so keep an Eye out to what they're doing shout out To Bob and everybody there no doubt About that U.S Bitcoin Corp a North American Bitcoin mining firm uh oh has Been ordered to cease operations by State supreme court justice or face Penalties of ten thousand dollars per Day Now they could pay up to over a half a Million dollars a product they don't Shut down uh by the end of January we'll See how all of that goes but Look we know obviously that's specific To U.S uh that that particular company But listen you know Things that are using a lot of energy to Mine their tokens I'll be at Bitcoin or Not

It's a problem the world is moving to a Green agenda whether you believe in it Or not it's where the world's moving and I tell you things that are using a lot Of energy should be looking at other Avenues renewable energy sources things Of that nature we shall see and a Reminder very quickly Brian Brooks is no longer the CEO of bit Fury he's still on the board but he has Left that position where will he land we Don't know Michael Brandt shares here the SEC is Seeking to know whether firms who have Custody of clients funds meet the Criteria of being a qualified custodian And I couldn't help myself This would have been a great question to Ask Sam bankman freed and FTX the second Largest owner of the democratic party Don't you think Gary Gensler How does he get to keep his job I'm curious and can I get a job like That Cftc's Johnson urges Congress to expand Commission's crypto oversight Powers oh Yeah okay here we go everybody's got Clarity now that the the milk's been Spilled right And I tell you something God bless Social media right because you know the Milk being spilled was something that You would never know about because Mainstream media got the mouse shut on

This right most of them She goes on to say here down in here During a speech that she gave at Duke University which we also know Hester Purse was at I believe the same speech Effective due diligence on businesses Including crypto firms they want to Acquire cftc regulated entities she Explained that the expanded power she's Looking for for Commodities regulator to Enhance uh customer protection prevent Liquidity crisis and mitigate conflict Of interest all of this seems like Backpedaling because of what happened to FTX to be perfectly honest Says the commissioner notes that the Regulator currently has no ability to Conduct due diligence on whichever firms Buys the business and merely a passenger As the exchange goes through the sale Process Johnson also addressed Co-mingling of customer funds which is One of the most egregious accusations Levied against FTX following its Collapse you know uh look the SEC could Have covered it Even if the crtc could And we know he met with uh Sam Backmanfried and FTX more than once so But here we go I think this is the beginning and However small this is it's about to get Bigger just stay with me here Newly introduced resolution could

Potentially see lawmakers buying sodas And chips using crypto supporting Vending machines this is obviously an Educational move right to show people in Congress uh how this stuff can work in a Practical real way for them oh wow That's neat that happened that well I Can see now uh you know but what's more Important is that this is being pushed By a Senator Ted Cruz so we'll see how That goes but this is the bigger side of All of what we're going to talk about When it comes to us getting a little More focused to get legislation done Stable coin legislation will be one of The top priorities for the newly formed U.S House of Representative subcommittee On digital assets Financial technology And inclusion if we go into this article Here about the chairman of the newly Formed U.S congressional committee on That and says this America and I like This is the place where innovation in Fintech and blockchain this is Representative french hill who Understands the importance of blockchain Technology and digital assets Some of his first insights into what was Anticipated for crypto regulation in the Country the financial services Subcommittee on digital assets Financial Technology inclusion Chaired by Hill was put together January 12th with the remit uh identifying best

Practices policies that continue to Strengthen diversity inclusion in the Digital asset ecosystem during that Interview Hill said that Bitcoin was not Quite ready to be a real-time payment Method yet that's how that's one of the Reasons you know he knows what's going On but he added that we want to make Sure that America is the place where Innovation and fintech and blockchain is The part of the future that is what we Need to see right there ladies and Gentlemen and with that let's move to This it's to go baby John Deaton Representing over 76 000 xrp holders Shout out to you my friend and shout out To Eleanor tarrett for this great little Space they held the other day but I want To give you this clip and shout out to Futch here xrp futch who lays down this Clip and it is spot on he's talking About the Henman emails he says we're Going to get to see him The SEC has asked that the Hinman emails And the 58 drafts of the speech and the Email comments about the speech from People like the director of trading and Markets or for Valerie s or for anyone Else that all of that be sealed and not Released to the public and of course Ripple objects and the law is this if The judge is going to rely on any of Those emails for any purpose She's going to order that they be they

Could be redacted reasonable redactions But unsealed and made to the public if She Did that she's not relying on those Emails for anything Then it's not a Judicial document and She can seal it so I would say that I Believe that they're going to become Public but because I believe that the Judge is going to rely on them for some Purpose it could be for the fair notice Defense it could be for you know any Kind of um you know factual issue or Whatever and so because of that I lean Toward they're going to be produced and Publicly do you think we'll see them Before we get a ruling or do you think We'll get a ruling and then we'll see Great question uh I'm gonna predict that We see them first even though some Others disagree with me and and I'm just Guessing so anybody's guess is as good As mine but I believe that I don't see I Don't think we're gonna see a ruling Um you know for for a few months I don't I don't think it's coming you know uh I Said May didn't he probably yeah I said At the very latest the the end at the Very earliest the end of March but I Wouldn't be surprised if it was into Late April early May you know what I Mean uh I don't think it goes past June But we could be innate and but there's Also you know the judge could decide uh

That I'm just gonna release it all Together because of the um of the drama That may be releasing the emails is Gonna cause so she wants everything Dumped on the public at one point at the Same time maybe she does that but and I Tell you that would be remarkable just For us to be able to get to see him and See this Shameless behavior that went on In there that Brad garlinghouse has told Us about oh I I hope we get to see him And then there's this John Dean's not Done with us yet He says I have zero doubt That the current makeup of the U.S Supreme Court will rule in favor of Ripple if it goes that far ladies and Gentlemen I have told you that I believe And boy have I caught a lot of stuff on This one That this case could make its way all The way to the Supreme Court and people Get frustrated and think man that'd be Four more years three more years five More years listen it doesn't mean that Things would be bad if that were to Happen it doesn't mean that it will Happen But I'm suggesting that if that happens Ripple gets a win at this level and then The SEC appeals it all the way to the Supreme Court and if Ripple gets a win At this level Then U.S adoption will go nuts then

Global adoption will increase even more You will see massive adoption I believe If that is the scenario and outcome And it would make sense to have a legal Dog leash as this thing takes off like a Rocket because the technology actually Works And then they revisit it at the Supreme Court level because it really is about All the money it really is about The xrp Ledger being a decentralized exchange The World Exchange eventually in fact But John Deaton says here He took uh took this topic a little Further because the topic really started Out on this this is what you need to Know It was really started on the current Case of grayscale against the SEC Regarding the conversion of gbtc into Bitcoin ETF And that's when it went a little further Deaton commented on Twitter and said This uh ABS Abacusum uh said here uh who wrote that There was a chance that the case where Grayscale couldn't be moved to the U.S Supreme Court he added that the sharp Legal sources are impressed with the Grayscale's brief in front of the DC Circuit and believe a win is possible Now the founder of crypto law John Deaton stated that he reckons a win is More than possible

For grayscale he considered the odds That grayscale will win in the DC Circuit Court to be 50-50 and the case Should move to the U.S Supreme should The case move to the Supreme Court the Chances to win against the SEC are 75 to 85 percent Deaton believes that the denial of Grayscale's request to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF while the regulator has Already allowed Bitcoin Futures in short ETFs is arbitrary and capricious Then he says zero doubt about ruling in Favor of Ripple John Deaton then stated That if the SEC stand against Ripple Would go as far as taking the case to The U.S Supreme Court Now you ain't heard nobody else talk About death set right on here He is certain that the court decision Would be made in favor of the blockchain Giant I have zero doubt that the current Makeup of the U.S Supreme Court will Rule in favor of Ripple if it goes that Far if it goes that far now what I Wanted to remind people of in this too If it would go that far is remember when The summary judgments were written and I Remember legal analysts at the time when It was written because Ripple submitted Their summary judgment and used the Blue Sky laws as their real points of Argument that there is not even an Investment contract to consider here

They I remember I don't know if it was John Dean or Jeremy Hogan or both of Them or others as well that said this Brief was written so well it seemed fit For a Supreme Court Fight It was that kind of document The Way It Was Written Well before we get out of here what's it Going to take to get into the Stratosphere we got to get through the Through here that's what agrag crypto Says And if we do we can start talking about The new all-time highs in the 27 37 Bucks and all of these things But we got to get through this here We've got to get up through it We got to get off of this line the atlas Line that he's shown us so many times But if we can get through that Troposphere it looks like it's going to Be everything else to go with it when it Does and will it be the case and a Ruling That finally brings Clarity on xrp going Forward so it can operate in its Full-scale intended use not just around The world like it does today but right Here in the USA too not Financial advice Or me or anyone else okay

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