Ripple/XRP-SEC vs. Coinbase, XRP FUD, New XRPL Amendments, XRP Price $10-$15?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you There are a ton of new things happening Every day in this space and certainly For The xrp Ledger we got that and so Much more somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's 1.74 trillion doll market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up 2.8% 43,124 Bitcoin 2,300 Plus for ethereum 95.9 billion plus market cap for tether Xrp's 52 and the market is up 4% on xrp In the last 24 hour we're up 4.1 on the 7 day now very quickly if you guys hear And I sound a little nasally or clogged Up I have to tell you I did have a a Surgery yesterday on my nose for a Deviated septum so uh it's going to Sound a little goofy for a few days so Now I've got all this stuff stuffed in My nose and but we you know what we got To work we got to make videos we go to We got to keep an eye on what's going on In the market that's what we got to do Everybody here needs to get the Information they need to have every day

We're going to make sure that you get it Just like this it's not 94 days left Until one of the most important Conversations in crypto goes down at xrp Las Vegas 24 it's 93 days Left the world's largest xrp conference Is only 94 days away hear from the Influential voices in the industry Including Christopher Gian Carlo digital Dollar project Perry and boring digital Chamber of Commerce Simon mlin uphold Kevin M py itust Capital eler terret Fox Business and many More we're trying to fractionalize it to Where anybody can have access to Generational wealth by buying these Fractional shares of property so um We're trying to restore that kind of uh Access to it so building generational Wealth for anybody early bird tickets Ending soon on the future of digital Assets benefit dinner book your room now With the MGM Grand get your tickets now To xrp Las Vegas 2024 now we're talking uh I tell you Super excited and there's more to come Ladies and gentlemen you still don't Have everything yet and there's such a Great lineup already oh my goodness I'm So excited for it I can't wait to meet Everybody there get your tickets VIP is Going to sell out first I make sure I'm Telling you that it's not hype it's Going to happen so if they want a VIP

Ticket make sure you get it all right Let's look at this because uh we know That uh there's a new book out here by Chris Dixon it's called the everything Token and rightfully so Shout Out To Dai Says if you followed eth gate then you Know the more appropriate title for this Book would be own a Monopoly and then here's Chris Dixon Going on to making his rounds for his New book that's out take a listen to What he says so I had like 20 people Really smart people a lot of them work With me on my team read it including Like Dan Benet Tim Ruff Garden like CS Professors Bill hman law Prof you know Law experts oh Bill Hindman the guy who Gave the free pass to ethereum at the SEC head of corporate finance division Of enforcement well isn't that Interesting isn't that interesting yes It is interesting now why did you have Uh Bill Hond read that Chris Dixon was It more just a proof read it make sure That there wasn't any damning evidence In your Book asking for friend then here he is Making more rounds I don't need to play This but he's talking about Institutional acceptance of the ETF as a Good thing which it is and we know that It is and there will be multiple other Products to come however there's another Narrative out here and we covered it

Over the last two days Sunday and Monday About the new governance proposals for The xrp Ledger Foundation one of those Suggestions was about member governance And about how there would basically be a Certain amount of xrp that they would Have to buy into in order to get a Certain position and to try to keep a Open governance and Democratic situation Now these were mainly mainly put forth As talking points just to start the Conversation this was put out by David Feling shout out to David for that and We saw David Schwarz which we commented Yesterday who said much the same thing That this is a great way to start a Conversation it doesn't mean anything's Going to happen at this point but a Conversation has been started now from That conversation being started There have been other announcements that Longtime uh uh developers that have been Running nodes have decided to stop Running nodes on The xrp Ledger then There's been this fear narrative that's Been created that The Ledger will go Down and that the Ledger's going to die And then nothing's going to happen to The Ledger and I I just have to say I Think that is the most ridiculous thing In the whole wide World I remember a couple years ago Tiffany Hayden tried this too If you've been in this space for a while

This isn't the first time that this kind Of nonsense has been kicked up but That's okay you know what because we've Been beat up because we believe in Something we've been beat up because we Know the potential of what Ripple has Done to integrate xrp into the financial System along with their own Suite of Products we've been watching all of That but there's been a huge portion of People out here that get so frustrated Because the Market's been down for so Long that now they want to start Pointing out why it's going to fail and They have the right to do so but I do Think that they're wrong I think They're 100% wrong and they're about to Find out real soon because I said this And I made the point very clear Certainly yesterday and did on Sunday as Well give us a free pass and watch how Many developers flock to the network why Are there so many people building on Ethereum it's not because it's a Superior techn Ology right no no no why are so many People building on E the because it got A free pass and nobody from ethereum Will ever come out and say that's a lie That didn't happen not Chris Dixon not Vitalic not Joe Luben none of them have Come forth and said I'm goingon to sue Anybody who says it that happened Because it didn't happen none of them

Have been able to address it because They know It's the Truth so we got to be careful out here Because the closer we get to xrp's time Ashley prospers actually absolutely 100% Here the stronger the fud will become And that's exactly what we're dealing With here then there was this post which Has been pulled down by Shawn McBride And it basically said I'm paraphrasing Because of all the fud that was being Kicked up about people developers Dropping nodes and those Things and essentially Shawn McBride Came out and sha McBride made a post and This is sha McBride right here shout out To him X Google X Amazon X Ripple and the post essentially Said anybody worried about the future of Ripple and xrp doesn't need to be Worried I can't say much more than that I'm under ndas shout out to you Sean and let us not forget the major Accomplishments that have taken place Thus far xrp Ledger clawback amendment Has over 80% consensus as in its twoe Period right now if it continues to hold That for the rest of the twoe period it Will become adopted to the to The Ledger and then what else do we have oh There's a lot going on here cross train Bridge Amendment now up for voting time To boot up The xrp Ledger evm side chain

Validator come on in shout out to Piers Technology here they have been working Very hard on exactly that right there Are big things happening ladies and Gentlemen and at just the right time Look at this today whe say win says I Will install Ripple 2.0.1 on The xrp Ledger labs validator And some of our full history pathfinding And submission notes I will closely Monitor the performance and if all fine One and a half weeks from now I will Change our vote on automated market Makers to Yay and it's already over 60% And I know another one that may be Voting yay in the future very soon as Well then there's this Ashley Prosper Again says uh two validators have now Voted yeah to the automated Market maker Amendment xrp goat and Ftsu let's show them some love damn Right that brings us to 25 yay just Waiting for four more and we know we get One more from we' say if everything goes Right and I know of another one that Brings us down to just two Left and I know Another voter so that's three and that Would leave one left so I know of three Votes that are Coming if all things go well leaving Just one to get us to the 80% right Wonderful wonderful What's Happening

Here think of this when all these things Are approved and what the the integrity And characteristics of The Ledger will Look like then the capability the Functionality it will be expanding ever More that's so beautiful then there's This going to the court side of things If judge Catherine F uh failure fail I Think it's Failure grants the motion to dismiss for Coinbase the ruling could force the secc To end its reign of Regulation by Enforcement against cryptocurrency We have to watch these things extremely Closely and there's so many more events To watch as well and this is to clear up Very quickly here about the possible IPO For ripple let's listen and get it right Because this has been manipulated a Little or misinterpreted a little uh Around social media about what Brad has Said about filing uh the S1 and doing an IPO here in the states take a listen of This recently you may have read we did a Tender offer to our shareholders we've Now repurchased uh over a billion Dollars of stock from our shareholders Uh that's something that's important to Us quite frankly because it is not an Immediate term priority to go public uh You know in the United States trying to Go public with a very hostile regulator That has to approve your S1 that doesn't Sound like a lot of fun to me you know

Coinbase obviously had their S1 approved And now the SEC is suing them for doing Things that was outlined in their S1 now That as I mentioned there's a hearing Tomorrow in the US about some of that But I think it's indicative of uh why Would we want to subject ourselves to an SEC that is openly hostile to this Industry so so in terms of an IPO an Exit of some sort is that sort of parked To the side this point elsewhere outside The US for a listing I mean yes to all Of those uh I don't think about an IPO Exit I think about an IPO is a step in The journey uh you know shareholder Liquidity is important to me we have Investors that first invested in Ripple In 2012 so uh they've been in this deal For you know 11 and a half years and so We want to provide that liquidity which Is one of the reasons why we've done These tender offers and now repur just Over a billion dollars of stock uh you Know we have looked at other Jurisdictions that have clear rules of The road but honestly a lot of people go Public because they need to raise Capital yeah Ripple's not really a place Where we need to raise capital and so it It is not a short-term priority we're Obviously keeping that option open uh And we'll evaluate it you know as time Continues and we'll evaluate again as we Have uh new regul sitting at United

States and I guess some of it's Market Dependent as well last year was an Interesting what uh you know space with In the tech World more broadly there Were a lot of secondaries BuyBacks but Very few IPOs the market wasn't Obviously very great for them so I guess It's also you know how the broader Markets play out as well for sure that's Part of it and not just the public Markets but also the crypto markets and You know I think uh coinbase stock is in A much stronger position now than it was A year ago but uh obviously well off its Highs from three years ago when it went Public so it's just not a huge priority We have a lot of capital very strong Balance sheet we can continue to play Offense through an acquisition point of View invest in the business you know as We started this conversation Very optimistic about the crypto market4 Because of those things around putting Compliance first making sure we focused On solving real problems for customers And not just speculative cycle I think We'll put the whole industry in a really Good trajectory recently I think it's a Great point and I think it's a great Time to be highlighted with that point Again and where he's at now let's take a Look at the list look at this list here Shout out to Ashley Prosper get who just Been on fire here so we're at one month

Into 2024 and here is a list of things To watch out for crypto regulations fomc Meeting fed meeting presidential Election Ripple case conclusion coinbase Case dismissal binance case partial Dismissal the first crypto case filed in Supreme Court of the United States Possible War cyber pandemic AI danger Automated Market maker on The Ledger Clawbacks on The Ledger evbm side chain On The Ledger hooks on The Ledger IPO Craze X payments a new SEC chairman Basil 3 endgame final steps to fedw I I I think that's a hell of a list 2024 Is looking amazing and you know I I I Want to say this for all of us and by The way all of us includes Bradley okay I am not I'm not this is not teacher to Student this is all I'm in this too Okay it is nice to remind ourselves of All of these things because they're Still in front of us I think that this List is a great reminder of just exactly Where we are currently in this space it Is very important to constantly reassess Where we are and make sure that that Where we've not created some Hypothetical or some speculative water Mark that we should have been some other Place other than where we actually are Right and I know people get up every day And they get frustrated I know people Want when Moon I want it to I am like you you know

There's no difference here right but one Of the things I wanted to highlight Today very quickly as we wrap this all Together here is I want to remind people When you're looking at the price and you See things like10 to $13 in 2024 or Someone says $250 or or a 100 bucks or Or $5 it does the price doesn't matter Because the price hasn't Moved and people get frustrated and they Look at Price every day and we can tend To get frustrated and I know it could Happen to all of us but I just want to Say no matter how great your portfolio Looks the greatest asset you have is You it is Ourselves right and if you're feeling Frustrated about your portfolio never Forget that you don't have to stop Working on you if you have a great Portfolio and you've built it and you Have it you're just waiting for when Moon don't forget to work on yourself And that's a reminder I'm taking for Myself this is not me talking at anyone This is advice for myself too right Because I know that this is going to Take care of itself now as a good Steward of my finances and my investing I monitor the market every single Day but I'm also working on me and my Personal life I'm also working on things That I want to be better at as a person Whether it's inside my family as a

Friend as a professional whatever it is I have Pursuits and Endeavors that Entertain my mind when I'm not paying Attention to the market and covering These things so my life can feel full And fulfilled and engaged with my family And the people that I love around me Because all of this means nothing if I Have none of That it's time for us to head into the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen and You're going to want to be in there with Us today because I tell you we got a big Secret going on under the freedom Zone Not Financial advice from me or anyone Else join us at dig Perspectives. come on In


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