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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp influencers with very large Followings have been silenced and I want To make sure everybody knows about this As a community we should be aware of This and uh there's a post that was Shared by digital perspectives on social Media platform X yesterday which I made Sure to hit like on and I reposted it And a ton of you also have but I want to Make sure everybody knows because not Everybody that's listening now Necessarily would be aware of exactly What's going on on social media platform Act formerly known as Twitter but there Are a couple of larger accounts well Known that have been Suspended And I don't I don't know why I I really Don't But I'm hoping and I think that it's Just an egregious error but it's not Being corrected and it's been a long Period of time and I wanted to highlight With you exactly what's happened because It's completely absurd I want to keep Everybody in the no and the explanation It's beyond interesting and it's written By Attorney James Murphy who um you know And I don't know if he he'd consider Himself necessarily a member of the xrp Community if he does or because he's He's known pretty well just in the world Of crypto but he has uh he did for for a

Long long time for close to a year I Think he covered what was happening in The secv Ripple case he's known as metal Law man and if you've been following my Channel for a while you name probably is Ringing a bell because I'd highlight him With a certain amount of regularity Right and you may have wondered wait a Minute where' that guy go that Moon Lambo guy he was talking about Metal law Man a lot what happened well he he's Gone he he his account was suspended he He he did nothing wrong and and uh so it Was him and my fellow xrp YouTuber the Digital asset investor and he had well Over 300,000 followers on social media Platform X and it's just poof it's just All gone years of efforts years of work And it's just poof just gone and it's Unfortunate so it is nice to see that The community is coming together and Circulating this but I want to make sure Even more people arew so uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so there's this Post shared by digital perspectives and Shared screen grabs of a letter that was

Sent by Attorney James Murphy uh to a Few individuals here uh Linda yarina who Is the CEO of X also uh Elon Musk I no Introduction needed there obviously and Then Adam me's uh Chief litigation Council at X and you know Considering how awful this is for the Accounts that have been suspended in in A way that's completely unreason Reasonable uh despite that it's Interesting to see attorney Murphy's Demeanor here because despite the Serious nature of this he has and you Think you'll see what I'm talking about As I go through this he has kind of like A a comical approach to this so it's It's like he's able to continue smiling Despite the nonsense and irritation and Stress that he's had to deal with Despite this he still has a certain um You know sense of uh you know comedy About this which which I and if it fits It's not over the top or anything like That you'll see as I go through it but I'm just saying that because I Appreciate it um he's keeping it Lighthearted as much as possible despite The fact that it's a serious matter and So anyway this reads as follows dear Linda Sam and Elon greetings my name is James Murphy and my handle on X is at Metall law man I am writing to you on Behalf of myself and digital asset Investor here in after

Dai whose handle is digital asset bu on X both of of us find our X accounts Inexplicably inexplicably in the Permanently suspended Penalty Box I Wanted to share our stories with you Because I thought you might welcome the Feedback on our experience with X after Submitting 15 Appeals I have been given no reason for The suspension of my at metall law man Account dii was told he was suspended be Because he was an Impersonator which is kind of funny Because there are actually hundreds of Impostor accounts on X pretending to be Dai but X suspended the real dii on the Grounds that he was the Impostor anyway all of our appeals of The suspensions have been ignored so I Am reaching out to the three of you Directly as a last resort read on I Think you might find our stories Compelling particularly if you happen to Be fans of the novels of France Kafka And I'll pause here to note that Although none of us can be absolutely Sure why this is happening my strong Suspicion at this point is that it's a Mistake and I I'm not convinced that They're putting the effort into it that They should to look into individual Cases like this and either it's out of Apathy or they just don't have the Manpower to do it I don't know what it

Is but that's what looks like to me so Let me continue now meta law man Background I am an attorney licensed to Practice in New York and Virginia I have Been practicing law principally Principally in the field of Securities Litigation and regulation for the last 30 years the law firm I founded was Recognized as the national law firm of The year in Securities regulation by us Newsbest lawyers in America in both 2021 And 2022 after retiring from my Law Firm I started engaging on Twitter in October 2022 providing commentary on legal and Regulatory issues arising in the world Of Cryptocurrency I have appeared on Numerous Legacy Media and social media Shows including Twitter spaces with Scott milker and Mario naal to talk About legal issues in crypto in October 2022 I started engaging on Twitter by August 202 3 10 months later I had Gained about 27,000 followers and I'll Pause to note that was welld deserved uh His Insight was valued by so Many um I mean it helps me to understand He's one of the attorneys that I was Regularly following and I wish I had Known about him a little bit sooner but Once he started to get a bit of traction He had a few thousand followers it Started popping up my newsp and I was Like oh who's this guy and then I saw

That uh you know I think John Deon was Sharing some stuff from him some others And uh then I looked I was like wow this Guy is rather Sharp and insightful and I Shared a ton of stuff from him it's just Kind of disappointing that he's gone Because I'd love to get his perspective On other stuff to share on my channel But is what it is so hope hopefully he Get his account back we'll see anyway he Continues on August 16th 2023 my phone Was hacked Sim swapped and my X account Was hacked the same day I reported the Hack to X and requested that a all Content posted on my X account by the Hacker be deleted and B that my account Be DEA activated until such time as I Regained control of my phone on August 18th 2023 I regained control of my phone and My X Account on August 22nd 2023 X informed me that after careful Review my account was permanently Suspended because I had violated the X Rules no specific rule was cited and no More information was Provided on SE September 6 2023 I submitted my first of 15 appeals Of the Suspension I explained the whole hack Situation in multiple appeals I received No response from X on September 22nd 2023 I filed a federal lawsuit to obtain

Discovery into the identities of the Hackers who Sim swapped my phone and Hacked my ex account I have since Obtained video surveillance footage of The hackers and I am currently pursuing Avenues of Recourse I have submitted a total of 15 Appeals to X over the past 3 months Explaining the situation in detail I Have received no substantive response From X current status of at metal law man Account my verified at metal law man Account is permanently suspended while Numerous metal law man impostor accounts Freely roam the Xplatform these faux metal law man Accounts have appropriated my bio my Likeness and my content without my Permission I know there are many content Creators on X dealing with similar Impostor problems one particularly Problematic aspect of my case is my ex Account bio States I am a lawyer just Not your Lawyer all of the metal law man impostor Accounts use the same language here's The thing I doubt that the Bots or Trolls who who run these impostor metal Law Man X accounts are in fact Lawyers pause to say attorney Murphy I Doubt that as well I definitely doubt That as well then he continues I don't Believe any states in the United States

Are awarding law licenses to bots at Least not yet okay see this is what I Was talking about you still got at least Some sense of humor despite the Seriousness of all this because it is Ridiculous and then he has a subheading Here enter my ex account manager on November 15th 2023 and this is Ridiculous check this out folks because Like it's like at X here the left hand Seems to not know what the right hand is Doing seriously check this out because He should not have been in this position Uh where he was basically offered an Account manager to help him like promote His ex account so and so forth so anyway Reads as follow on November 15th 2023 I Received an unexpected email from Someone describing herself as a new Dedicated EX account manager it turns Out that this was not a fishing attempt X account managers do actually exist the X account manager's email to me uh to me Read read in part quote at X we're Constantly looking for ways to better Serve our customers I'm excited to Introduce myself as your dedicated Account manager I'm here to ensure that Your company is getting the most out of Your investments in X my goal is to Advise on all things X End Quote and then turning Murphy continues This is absurd that he's receiving this

While his account is suspended like That's that's ridiculous so he says I Thought well this is fantastic I Scheduled a call with her for the next Day November 16th after introductions I Told my ex account manager that I was Delighted to hear from her because if She was looking for better ways to serve Her customer I had a great idea how About unsuspending my account she Explained apologetically that she didn't Have authority to do that I asked Whether she could at least put me in Touch with a human at X who could talk To me who could talk about my Suspension she said she couldn't do that Either but she encouraged me to file an Appeal online given that I had filed 15 Previous appeals online and received no Response I politely declined the Suggestion there's that old saying about The the definition of insanity I had no Reason to expect a different result this Is not intended as a criticism of my ex Account manager I believe she is truly Committed to doing everything possible To enhance my experience with the Xplatform except of course turn my Account back On next subheading where to go when There's nowhere to go having lodged 15 Fruitless appeals with X and having had No luck with my ex account manager I did What anyone else in my position would do

I asked chat GPT here is the response I Got quote I couldn't find any specific Information related to Elon Musk Censoring an individual or entity named Metal law man end quote who would have Thought right chat gbt for sure you'd Get something there right alas no help From chat gbt and no I don't really Think Elon personally banned me and Folks this is the thing like there's Been a lot of talk about this some sort Of conspiracy against the xrp community No there's no evidence of that I mean if You have any point it to me and I'll Highlight it on my channel I don't think That's the case at all there's not only Is there no evidence of it I see this Type of thing happening to all sorts of People in all sorts of different Communities having nothing to do with Crypto so I have no reason to believe That it's it's it's xrp specific to me That the idea of that sounds completely Absurd but if you do have evidence I Will highlight it on the channel just Make just everybody push it at me I'll Highlight it for sure I just don't think It Exists anyway he continues if you are Still reading this you might now see the Point of my earlier reference to France Kafka the most apt of the Kafka novels Is called the trial if you haven't read It I'll save you the trouble the young

Protagonist Joseph is arrested charged Tried convicted sentenced and then Executed without ever being told what Crime he was actually accused of Committing that's C Kafka for you and It's where we get the term Kafkaesque but I digress but not really After serving three months of my Permanent suspension and filing 15 Appeals with the AI Bots at X I re I to Remain curious as to what x rule I am Accused of violating but enough about me Let's turn to The Curious Case of the Digital asset investor now folks when it Comes to dii situation it's at least as A ABD and if anything You' think that This based on everything I've seen if Anything this situation is even more Clearcut so check this out digital asset Investor background Dai has a background In traditional Finance he provides Crypto related content on X with a Particular emphasis on Ripple and the Xrp token Dai has been actively engaging On Twitter SLX since 2018 he has a YouTube channel with nearly 200,000 Subscribers that has attracted nearly 79 Million views and so folks of course That's obviously rather impressive uh to My knowledge he is this he has the Second to largest xrp Centric YouTube Channel on the planet seconded only to Uh the blockchain Backer uh digital asset investor

Timeline in May 2018 daai created his Twitter account and in the ensuing 5 Years he has amassed over 300 47,000 Followers on October 5th 2023 deai received a notice from X that His account had been suspended for Breaking unspecified Twitter rules daai Immediately filed an online Appeal on October 11th 2023 Dai was informed by X That he allegedly violated Twitter's Rules regarding Impersonation X asked Dai to provide a Business card in and personal Identification to prove that he was Indeed the real Da Dai immediately complied with the Request and uploaded the documents to X Dai has since or has received no Response from X after delivering his Proof of identity s weeks ago he has Appealed six more times each time Receiving no substantive response from X And folks I just got to tell you this is Something that could happen to any of us And so when this happens to somebody in Our community I think the right thing For us to do is support each other and That's why I'm making this video we Should be supporting each other when Something like this is because it looks Like an egregious mistake that's what it Looks like if there's any information to The contrary where they actually did

Something wrong okay that's hard to Fathom though being aware of these two And how they conduct themselves and the Fact that these things actually happen It's hard to believe that that that's Even a possibility honestly and this Could happen to any of us it's just the Same like there's all sorts of fake Moon Lambos out there you know I shudder to Think that just me out here doing my own Thing trying to build something for you Know over half a decade at this point Somebody could just come along enough Fake accounts and then I'm perceived Mistakenly as the fake one and then I'm Just I just can't can't use my account Anymore that's devastating this has to Be devastating for them right that's why We should support one another it's just Disgusting what's happening here and so Fine if it's a mistake it's a mistake And that sucks and and that should do Better but they need to acknowledge it They need to fix the problem Okay current da status when ested da Provided conclusive proof to X that he Is in fact the real da and not an Impersonator yet the real daai remains Banned from X meanwhile X hosts numerous Accounts of obvious Dai Imposters parying comments I believe in Our free enterprise system in the United States I appreciate the fact that X is a Private Enterprise and you management of

X are free to run your platform as you See f F daai and I are both strong Advocates for freedom of speech we have Vocally supported the Free Speech ethos Of X under its current management so we Find it puzzling that we are both banned From X while imposters and other Entities like the Taliban in North Korea Who may not fully embrace the American Concept of free speech are free to post On the Xplatform but again your platform your Call we choose to believe that the Suspension of our account By X was simply a mistake or Two now that you have this background Information R trust you will restore our Accounts and and reinstate the follower Connections to those Accounts and then he wraps up by Saying one sec let it load here uh Thanks for your consideration and please Do not hesitate to contact me directly Should you have any questions uh best Regards James a Murphy so there you go that's what what Happens and now you're all informed you See how absurd this is though right you Know so one gets his account hacked and Then presumably because of the the bad Things that was that were done to his Account while not under his control he's Now banned that's ridiculous the number Two there are a bunch of impostor da

Accounts and in then attempt maybe to Squash at least some of them they happen To pick the real one and terminate that One but then the rest of the the fake Ones are running free I mean you can Look at these screen grabs here there's A bunch of posts like here's one by Pompus masy sharing screen grabs rest in Peace rest in speech rather at metal law Man and and digital asset by gone but Not forgotten it's like they were still Here thank you and then he shares these Screen grabs of all the fake metal law Man accounts and the fake Dai accounts That's right it's actually a pretty Funny way to it's like they were still Here yes yes kind of like they're still Here except for they're not just all the Imposters right and so there's a bunch Of stuff like That ridiculous right so I I'm hoping That they get their accounts back Because that's what seems right in the Absence of any good reason that they Shouldn't have their accounts and I I Doubt there's any good reason uh and X Won't even communicate I just the I'm Just I'll just say I'm glad to see that The community's been rallying around Them is what it is Folks cross fingers hope for the best I Mean I don't know what else to and it Kind of makes me wonder too I don't know If this doesn't work do they take legal

Action or something like that I don't Know we'll see what happens I'll keep You posted I'm not a financial adviser You should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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