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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and link to had a Good Thread about the three vors they Thought could surge in 2024 I think there're there's a good Chance here that they're right too They're saying Ai fintech and cyber Security well we know what's we know With fintech you get a Bitcoin ETF and It'll probably trigger a lot including The fintech IPO Market um if you get Gary Gensler out of the way even more so And then AI of course is kind of like a Complimentary thing and then cyber Security now I showed you cuz link to is One of my sponsors I showed you Yesterday how you can search by the Different vertical on link to's website In the different private Equity Investments they have this is the I Didn't show the cyber security one but They do have two cyber security Companies on the platform now big IDE in Tanium so I do think 2024 is going to be An interesting year here's Jeff Wilner He's the one that wrote the coindesk Article on the 20 23 most influential he Says for coind des's most influential Words it was fun to speak with ripple CEO Brad garlinghouse who was sneakily Had he sneakily had one of the best Comeback stories of 2023 but as Brad

Brad and I both said the award Spiritually belongs to the xrp Army this Guy is a good guy he's one of the he's One of the good guy journalist and Brad Garlinghouse of course is one of the Good guy CEOs check out the limb that egag Krypto Walked out on today he did a little Thread on his take drawing parallels From past bullish runs my opinion syncs With historical Data eyes fixed on bitcoin as the Majority anticipates 48,000 to 50,000 Peak potentially followed by a pullback Igniting a widespread alt season yet What's intriguing a scenario where Bitcoin skyrockets to alltime Retraces and unleashes a truly wild Altcoin season my Camp xrp's initial Surge 7 to $10 a major retrace then Skyrocketing to a jaw-dropping 20 to $30 stay steady the charts resonate with Bullish Vibes ready yourselves for a Potentially Wild Ride let's hear about Look this is Peter Schiff on Fox Business they're not they're not wanting To listen to what he's saying about gold Versus Bitcoin I want to throw one thing Out because before I came on I was Listening to Charles Payne talking about Bitcoin and you know your late buddy Charlie Munger is already rolling over In his grave with all this hype now that Uh coming out about about Bitcoin yeah

We're looking gold is real Bitcoin is Fool's gold 41,9 7 and climbing great to have you Both thank you yes for now yeah for Now so then we got this this is um the Sailor question let's see what this is The Sailor question is how much of it Becomes part of the quotequote financial System and does it is he suggesting that There has to be a payments element or an Actual transaction element but he was Saying gold you wen't saying a payment If it became part of the payment system It could be much bigger well but it also If it became part of this goes back to Can it really be part of the payment System and have actual and continue to Increase because as we we've discussed a Million times if it keeps inreasing Nobody's ever going to use it except There's there's that company we had on That uses just little tiny little pieces Ofit Say what about that company Ripple and That digital asset xrp that none of you Seem to want to talk About Brian Kelly used to talk about it But to now he'll only talk about Bitcoin obviously you're long you're Very bullish has anything changed in Terms of the trajectory of the move Higher no not really I mean certainly so This move is really built on this Anticipation of an ETF probably January

5th to January 10th so as it gets higher As a Trader of course I'm going to get a Little scary because you're saying how Much of that is already priced in we're Getting pretty close to that um but in Terms of the longer term trajectory for Bitcoin I think you just have to think Of it as we're in this C let's call it One to twoyear bull market period we'll Have these pullbacks even in 17 when we Had a massive run we had months that it Was down 30 40% so you just have to keep That in mind so January 5th to 10th it Seems like it's all downside it's like You have the sell the news or the Disappointment so how do you position Into that I I mean I think you're long Going into it and then you start Layering out of it as you get towards The end of the year so let's call it Over the next week or so at least that's The strategy we're going to employ okay And then the reaction you know in Sympathy from the other coin I mean will There be a sympathy move too yeah so Generally what we've seen in Bull Markets is about a month after Bitcoin Moves it starts to go to the alt coin so We saw ethereum breakout last night and Then salana and then it starts to go Down the list and so that's what I would Anticipate let's say let's call it January or so BK good to have you here Say hi to Brian by the

Way a lot of this move has coincided or Coincident with the fact that five rate Cuts apparently are priced in for next Year every time we get we pull them Forward Bitcoin seems to take a leg up Is there any truth to that yeah I think It's a macro Tailwind we've been Fighting the macro headwind for almost Two years now right Rising rates Stronger dollar all of that the fed's Probably done Europe has got a real Problem on their hands China's got a Massive problem on their hands and Japan Is unlikely to tighten so when I look at Global liquidity I think yeah sure gold Bitcoin both of them are going to do Well in this environment so question About the the having I've heard it Called the havening or the having but Either one we're getting to that in April I think right um and that's been a Bullish thing before I sort of Wonder is It the same thing though is that already Getting priced in or is this is there Something technical that actually Happens that would make it be priced in Closer to the event after um so what We've seen historically is that the 12 To 16 months after a happening is the Best performance of Bitcoin so that's What everybody's thinking about um this Time you know this time might be Different because the price of bitcoin's Higher we now only have I think it's 900

Bitcoin a day that come out so that gets Cut in half it's not a lot of Bitcoin But what it does do is it makes Bitcoin More scarce than gold so for the first Time in history you have an asset that Is more scarce than gold in what way More scarce uh let's call it a stock to Flow ratio so uh the amount of Bitcoin Mined every year divided by the amount Uh amount outstanding same with gold and Now there'll be quote unquote less Bitcoin than gold mind on a relative Basis all right now BK you you sat in These seats for a long time on this desk A fast money regular and we know that You miss a lot of things about the show A but first and foremost we know you Miss would you Rather we would do a quick game of would You rather which is America's favorite Game of course would you rather Bitcoin Or gold oh Bitcoin yeah long both Correct I am long both absolutely yeah Sure I mean you got to bet on the Fastest hor I heard that Once next up Japan or America so DX okay We won't worry about any of that now This before Brian Kelly and all of them On on uh the CNBC show were instructed That they weren't allowed to talk about Xrp and ripple anymore um they used to Try to teach you how to sell it this is Late at some point in late 2000 17 my Theory is that they were they and a lot

Of the news media were to instructed You're no longer allowed to talk about Ripple and xrp all we're going to talk About is Bitcoin and ethereum from now On this before they they got their Instruction how do you even buy it I Fear not because our very own crypto Baller BK is here to tell us exactly how To do just that BK yeah sure so Ripple Has been on an absolute tear and and Just to add to what SEMA talked about What Ripple really is going after is the Swift Network or International payment Transfers so what you're talking about Here is an upgrade of the International Financial system and that's a very big Market so that's why people are very Excited about it so here's them showing You how to buy it uh they're a little Bit backwards for your old school Market Folks it's going to drive you crazy like It drives BK but you know what still Doesn't matter here we go so up here you Can see that's how to buy xrp look John Deon says 2018 I had a very successful Financial advisor tell me I wouldn't put Anything in Bitcoin or crypto I said not Even 1 to 5% he gave Peter Schiff like Response bitcoin's Fool's Gold Ponzi Government will shut it down he told me I was effing crazy to have 50% of my net Worth in Bitcoin today in 2024 the Larry Fink Black Rock Fidelity others pushing The ETFs the same financial advisor is

Now advising his clients to buy the ETF But put no more than 5% of your net Worth in it that's what slow and steady Mainstream adoption looks like I was Saying this was going to happen 5 years Ago Folks it's happening now um wanted to Show you this because this is a great Commercial this is the new coinbase Commercial and I like it get a job save A little take out a mortgage buy a House get a job save a little take out a Mortgage buy a house get a job save a Little take out a mortgage buy a house Get a job save a little apply for a Mortgage get a second job get some Roommates rent a house realize the only Generation that's going to fix this is Yours and start Building I think that's great look at This tweet from David Schwarz I've just Read over the documents in the debt box Case and this is absolutely shocking Behavior the SEC went to a judge seeking An emergency order to paralyze several Businesses and blatantly misrepresented Facts to get it before anyone on the Other side could defend Themselves well where's Congress until Look the Congress can take care of Business on these guys all day long but They haven't done anything that includes Patrick McKenry Tom emmer it's all talk Talk talk until somebody look until

These people start seeing Repercussions the Gary gers of the world Go have gone through their whole life in The bureaucracy and instead of H facing Any repercussions they just leave their Old job and then they go to an MIT for a Couple of years or whatever and then They get put in a new job but they never Get punished they never face any any Kind of punishment whatsoever for their Behaviors and until they Do nothing's going to Change so that's just the way is now in The um in the member Group which is Members only it's D we're going To talk about all the fake emergencies That are That that they're our government and Across the world all these organizations Are trying to scare all of us into Believing we're going to talk about Their fake emergencies you can call them False Flags or whatever you want to call Them in the end it's just a bunch of Lies and we are surrounded by them I'm Going to show you some of them all right I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family if you want to Find out about what's really going on We're calling them out now in in the Group I can do

It half of these emergencies is just a Bunch of BS fake Crap here we Go Oh


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