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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out Ripple gets another Central Bank Partner baby New York assembly has a Bill for crypto and White House road map For crypto but it is not good ladies and Gentlemen you're about to witness the Most aggressive shutdown of crypto You've ever seen somebody rolled that Beautiful intro [Music] Perspective Brad kimes come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It is 1.11 trillion dollar market cap For crypto the market is up 2.1 percent Good morning everybody 23 400 plus for Bitcoin now 1600 slightly over for Ethereum tether market cap 66 67.6 billion dollars they say xrp is 41 Cents let's get into this if you haven't Done it you better get your name on this List if you're interested at all I'm Being at the greatest xrp army Conference ever of a lifetime this event Is going to be incredible I have got People that are already committed to Coming to this thing as panelists and It's going to blow your mind but you got To put your name on this list it's Underneath the video if you don't you're Going to miss out because it's going to Be a capped event and I guarantee you Right now it's going to sell out let's

Take a look at this this right here U.S Debt Clock ladies and gentlemen and There's a problem we talked about Yesterday it's saying zero dollar ratio To oil zero dollar ratio to Silver zero Dollar ratio to Gold what is going on Here This is a problem M2 money refers to Just so you know uh money that is Currently in circulation amongst all of Us you know every day right So that is a lot of money and for some Reason that ratio is not showing why is It not showing for these very important Commodities listed here I don't know the Answer but I tell you what I do know that the United States Government has printed way too much Money and you guys know that I love Having Glenn as a sponsor but I was a Customer first And I tell you something this right here Stands out to me take a listen to this Very quick plug shout out to Jason Collins and everyone at Glenn Here are what we're calling are five Golden truths number one with glint our Clients can buy save and spend real Physical gold digitally even at the Checkout giving instant access to Gold Liquidity 2. glint's clients own their Gold unlike many of our competitors our Client's goal to specifically allocated To them secure in a Brinks fault in

Switzerland and insured by Lloyds of London three all glints transactions are Super safe and super fast when a client Spends their gold using their glint MasterCard their physical gold is sold And their transaction is satisfied in The local currency of the vendor within A maximum of one quarter of a second Four in the US your glint account allows You to save and spend in both gold and US dollars we have now introduced Glinted our in-app P2P functionality That enables our clients to instantly Send and receive US Dollars between Glint accounts perfect for gifting Splitting bills or making payments also When U.S citizens spend gold in any State in the US there is zero charge on The transactions and five glint FX is up To six times cheaper than the banks so When traveling abroad glint account Holders need only take one card with Them no more exchanging US dollars for Local currencies at the bureau de Challenge it's easy and inexpensive at 0.5 percent to spend in gold And if our clients want to withdraw Local currency they can use MasterCard Accepting ATM machines all over the World again with minimal fees There you have it right there shout out To Jason causes in glent uh I love those Five golden truths and it is the five Golden truths that I love about it that

Make me want to use it and I love having Access to my gold through the MasterCard Debit card I really do when needed take A look here we covered this yesterday Ladies and gentlemen link for that Underneath the video we covered this Yesterday I'm not going to play it again But it is obvious that Senator Warren Was coordinating and colluding with Sec's Gary Gensler for questions and Answers before testifying in Congress Now to clear this matter up here Jeremy Hogan says it's not illegal that I know Of but definitely unethical since her Job is to provide oversight of the SEC And that obviously conflicts with her Feeding questions and answers to the Head of the agency she's supposed to be Keeping an eye on In short I said put Elizabeth Warren Senator Warren put politics Lobby Interest in front of the people she is Sworn to protect and serve got it vote Them all out I'm telling you it's the best way to do It Put a flush on it whoever's been in got To come out This breaking news right here From Leonidas shout out to Big Skinny He's got some news he's going to he Shared with me you're going to want it But you might not might not like some of It but you're gonna love this so you

Just won't get this while you can shout Out to Leonidas for this as per the PM Of Montenegro The nation launched a pilot project to Build the first digital currency or Stablecoin from Montenegro in Cooperation with ripple and the central Bank Come On In Baby James Wallace Brad Garlinghouse sitting right there getting The deal done I tell you what you know Uh James Wallace has told us is more Than a dozen or a couple dozen central Banks that they're working with directly He's also told us that he believes this Year you will get a lot of cbdc news and Announcements very very excited for Montenegro and all the new announcements That would be heading our way in the Coming months and year New York State Assembly has received a Bill that will legalize State agencies To accept cryptocurrency as a means of Payment for fines taxes fees civil Penalties and other state related dues You know uh shout out to New York They've really been under it because There's a lot of restrictions to New York residents that don't apply to many Of the other states so we'll see how This goes but I think this is a big step In the right direction here however in a New government document the White House's office of Science and Technology

Policy known as ostp is asking for Public help in identifying key areas the Crypto industry that need more research And development you believe you me if They're asking the public for it they've Already done it Then there's this and this is a big deal Ladies and gentlemen John Deaton shout out to you my friend And I I one million gazillion percent Agree with his statement here the Administration's roadmap to mitigate Cryptocurrencies risk has been released As of yesterday He says we will soon witness the final And most aggressive push to shut down Crypto I've been saying I'm waiting for it that The crypto winner has not fully yet been Realized Until the exchanges have really been Dealt with because they're too Centralized against the traditional Conventional framework that exists for Exchanges today in the United States Because USD tether has not been Rectified or satisfied These two issues are glaringly obvious To me that they are points of interest And targets for the United States Government Ready the U.S government is coming for Crypto thank goodness xrp is a digital Asset and not a cryptocurrency don't

Believe it it's still true let's get Down into this ladies and gentlemen I Want to take you through it but I'm Going to give you the highlights Look at what they say here It would be a grave mistake to enact Legislation that reverses course and Deepens the ties between cryptocurrency And the broader Financial system The administration however Wholeheartedly Supports responsible technology Innovations that make financial services Cheaper faster safer and more accessible What does that sound like to you That doesn't sound like the Bitcoin does It But it sounds awful lot like what Ripple's been doing with xrp the digital Asset Safeguards will ensure that new Technologies are secured and beneficial To all Here's another paragraph section I Grabbed here Agencies are using their authorities to Ramp up enforcement Where appropriate and issue new guidance Where needed the banking agencies issued Joint Guidance just this month with Recovered On the imperative of separating risky Digital assets from the banking system We encourage Regulators to continue

These efforts Gary gensler's not being Stopped he's been encouraged And I don't see anyone on the right side Of the aisle doing anything other than Windbagging Including those designed to address Limit financial institutions Exposure to risk of digital assets and Here's where we get into it in the Coming months the administration will Also unveil priorities for digital Assets research and development which Will help the Technologies Powering cryptocurrencies protect Consumers by default I believe this is Going to see the blessing of a value Protocol Or protocols That's what I believe And it could limit Cryptocurrencies risk to the financial System following the steps outlined by None other than wait for it Financial stability oversight Council Known as fsoc ladies and gentlemen Including addressing the risk of stable Coins We're not done Crypto currencies cannot undermine Financial stability to protect investors And to hold Bad actors accountable Some cryptocurrencies entities ignore Applicable Financial regulations and

Basic risk controls practices that Protect the country's households Businesses and economy in addition the Cryptocurrency platforms and promoters Often mislead consumers have conflict of Interest fail to make adequate Disclosures USD tether Or commit outright fraud FTX and there Is poor cyber security across the Industry that enabled Democratic people Republic of Korea to steal over a Billion dollars to fund its aggressive Missile program that's a national Security issue You you smelling what we're stepping in Ladies and gentlemen because I sing And isn't it fitting shout out to Weezy Nerd Nation right here give them a Follow Isn't it fitting that we're going to Show you none other than Gary Gensler Back in the day explaining exactly what Ripple does take a listen to this Fintech has gotten into payments Startups have gotten into payments we All know the story of China that alipay And wechatpay are dominant in the Payment system and yes the Central Bank The People's Bank of China had to get Their arms around it And in Africa and Kenya safaricom a Telephone company got into the payment Space now what does this all mean to

Facebook Facebook has watched this and Said we want in as well We want to do what alipay or WeChat pay Or even any of these startups are doing In this space because if you can get Into payments you can maybe get into Credit and if you're getting payments And credit you can start to make some of The profits that the financial sector Has made Fintech has gotten into pain he knows Exactly what's going on here You know you can't make it up This is going to get very interesting And I think it's going to get a lot Scarier before it gets a lot better Make sure you know what you hold protect Yourself everyone has to do their due Diligence that everything I say Everything I show you Do your own research no matter who you Trust whether it's me or someone else This is not Financial advice you have to Do the soul searching and the knowledge Digging and everything trust but verify It's the only way you can do it Egg rag crypto xrp bouncing range he Says BTC is bouncing above the 2018 All-time high by about 20 percent Ethereum is bouncing above its 2018 All-time high by 20 percent however xrp Is bouncing below its 2018 all-time high By 90 percent xrp should be bouncing Above the four dollar Factor range by a

Factor of 10 from the current price of 40 42 cents Then he shows us this Wake up line line of Faith Falling wedge Falling wedge Target is a dollar twenty To a dollar fifty the wake up line Of faith is five dollars fifty cents to Six dollars Thirty cents this aligns With dark Defender greatly and some of His long-term price targets as well These targets will be met faster than Any one of us can comprehend Top Line of The falling wedge and line of Faith Apex Is around March he says and isn't that Interesting because should we see the Resolution of that case I believe the Fundamental news could work very well in Line with the technical news but none of Us know for sure and that's the Important thing to remember here but This is where it's all coming to and We're either going to break up break Down or more sideways motion what's it Going to be none of us know But I tell you what even though I know I Don't know I'm grateful that I have the Awareness To be paying attention and to have a Position while doing so that's what I'm Doing not Financial advice for me or Anyone else I trust Capital you know It's not just as simple as getting Tax-free crypto because that's what you Can do at I trust Capital you can roll

Over your 401k and 403 b and 457 and

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