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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and I have fantastic news for You this evening you may have heard by Now the news broke roughly several hours Ago that Sam bankon fraud SBF for short Has been found guilty on all charges uh May be facing up to 110 years in prison I'm going to share with you a few Comments from various individuals Including a few attorneys within the xrp Community uh in fact I've got a Prediction from John Deon as to what uh What the sentence will ultimately be for SPF and I'm going to give you some of The specifics in terms of how this Actually went down including his Parents' response because they were in The courtroom when the the uh the ruling Was heard but it's unanimous from the Jury so sit down I'll get you caught up To speed on everything that happened It's a glorious day and I know there are Some people out there that thought uh Somehow he was going to get off because Of these political donations this or That that never made any sense to me Personally um and now we see that the Justice system uh has done what it Needed to do but before we going further I do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or

Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoy Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun now here is a rather Glorious meme on your screen for those Of you that care to take a gander and um This is actually sent to me via text by My youngest brother uh just after the uh The news came out and I thought it was Funny so I went ahead and posted it on Social media platform X and it's great You guys I'm sure most of you are aware Of what this is a play on at least if You're on X which is formerly known as Twitter when this went down SPF was Posting some really weird stuff and it Was a span of I don't know one or two Days apart I can't remember but there's This long thread where he posted the Number one and then wrote what and then That was it so I don't know if he was Was trying to make himself look like he Was actually crazy still truly bizarre Behavior and then he came back might Have been an day later and started Writing some more stuff I can't remember The exact timeline but it was this weird Long thread and so somebody took out Everything that he wrote and just Replaced it with guilty after each of The numbered posts that he wrote so one Guilty two guilty it's absolutely Glorious all the way up to number seven Because that's how many charges there

Were against him and then there was also This meme enter in response to what I Shared it up you guys I'll tell you what You guys out there in the world of Crypto not just in the xrp community People worked fast putting together the Memes and that's actually what my Brother uh sent me via text he's like Memes are a curry that's all he wrote to Me and he shared that Meme that I just Shared to you but here's another one Here's a gif actually he's it's it's SBF Not enjoying a cucumber which is his Favorite thing to put in and around his Facial region he's sitting behind bars There now rather glorious um here was Jeremy Hogan's rather succinct response To this news breaking he simply wrote SPF guilty In all capital letters um here's what Attorney Fred RIS poy had to say with The news breaking my tiin or my tie-in Of SPF to secv Ripple though rare sure Wins do exist in some cases not guilty Was never going to happen for SPF Likewise your liable was never going to Happen for Brad garlinghouse and Chris Larson that's why I continue to believe More is happening behind closed doors And so I certainly can't speak to Anything that may be happening behind Closed doors in any either of these Cases but in terms of a sure thing I Mean whether or not you agree there

Technically is a sure thing these cases Were as close as you're possibly going To get and so I was highly confident in The fccv Ripple case that we'd get Justice there but to be honest with you I was way more confident in this case to Me it just seemed like more of a slam Dunk this little stole billions Of dollars from people you don't just do That and get away with it and there There's absolutely Smoking Gun evidence So to me it's just like CL slam dunk you Know what I'm saying um and that's why Again I was so surprised that some People thought like he was actually Going to get away with this um here you Have a post from Attorney John Deon and Now trust me that BS argument that Sam Was a victim being bullied by the Government is going to bite him in his Ass I predict 60 or or plus years and I Tell You Folks he may very well be Correct on that front um in fact here Actually move this one forward I was Going to share this slightly later in The video but uh there is this post by Katherine Han she's the founder and CEO Of Han Ventures and also she's on the Board at coinbase so she's certainly no Slouch she's not a Fly by Night Individual and she shared her Perspective as to why she thinks that um At a minimum Sam bankman freed is going To end up spending decades in prison and

She had this really long post as to why It's on your screen if you want to go Ahead and um and pause the video to read The whole thing feel free to do that um But I'm just going to just for the sake Of time I'm just going to share the Summary and she shared these screen Grabs but when it comes to sentencing And this is something that most of us Are not familiar with because most of us Are not working in this particular Industry but there are sentencing Guidelines based on specific parameters Uh so here's one screen grab this is a Sentencing table here um and then There's also this uh and so there's There's a guideline for judges so They're not just making it up on a wh I Understand there's specific charges and You might have you ever wondered in Terms of how the calculations you know Up to 110 years in prison where does That come well it's because there are Guidelines for this and so you can just Kind of piece together and then the Question is since judges do have Discretion that that part certainly is True what's he actually going to get and So it seemed more on the light side Katherine 's expectation anyway based on The guidelines set forth here was it Could be 27 to 34 years but that doesn't Mean that attorney John deon's Expectation that you know he's going to

Get at least 60 years is wrong that Doesn't mean that deon's wrong Necessarily you're talking on the Lighter side of it's 27 to 34 years so If it's somewhere more in the middle Between that and the upper end that Seems totally plausible so it could be The case that deon's knocking this this Uh prediction out of the park here we We'll see what Happens but either way I mean He's his his life's over man like this Is he is absolutely screwed functionally This this is over so and I don't Obviously I don't mean that in terms of Death penalties and he's not subject to That no no no just but I just mean it's Over in terms of it's done he is not a Free man he he may never walk streets Freely ever again and if he does he's Going to be a very very old man in all Likelihood that's a virtual certainty Here uh then you had this post from Scott milker known as The Wolf of all Streets and he wrote wrot SPF guilty on All charges later dude I remember when Consensus on this platform was that he Was too politically connected to go to Jail the system was rigged he would Never get arrested he would never go to Court he was always going away sorry Conspiracy theorist yeah exactly and so It's the same thing we saw this stuff uh Same type of comments in the secb Ripple

Case oh who the judge must be bought and Paid for the the sentence you know or The ruling rather for motion for summary Judgement the ruling should have come Down from Judge Tores already this is a Sign she's bought and paid for judge Torres is nothing more than a puppet and These are some emotionally charged Comments here not grounded in reality And you're just you're going to there's Always going to be a certain percentage Of people that think that way but uh my Brain don't work that way that's not Grounded in reality the reality is that In the United States generally Justice Is done and it's not a perfect system And of course people who are guilty uh Go free and sometimes people who should Have gone free are end ended up being Found guilty and there are mistakes in The system there is no such thing as a Perfect system anyway but I'm telling You broadly speaking the system actually Works and so the idea that this guy who Stole billions of dollars of his Customers funds gave it to politicians That the politicians would somehow Protect him uh no in the United States The judicial system uh I mean it's it's Not common especially on this type of Level to see actual you know instances Of judges and politicians in cahoots I Can't think of one in recent memory here Especially you're talking on a major

Level like that like it just that type Of stuff doesn't tend to happen right um It just and then Plus on top of that What the politicians are are now Beholden to this guy that's going to be You know he's he's he obviously broke Why would they feel beholden to him Because if they don't do anything for Him he goes to jail obviously because It's so obvious that he broke the law Right so from the politician's point of View it's Like why are they going to go out and a Lim and risk their necks when when Obviously that wouldn't be to their Benefit anyway Um and then there's also this somebody Named xrp hopeful wrote what about his Parents so the referencing s spf's Parents what about his parents nothing Going to happen to them and attorney Deon said in response to that we all Know his dad is also complicit he didn't Structure those holding companies by Himself his dad didn't demand a higher Salary for nothing yeah so I don't know Exactly what may or may not happen to Spf's father but even based on just that It's one of those things where you know Where there's smoke there's fire Typically right so I'd be surprised if There's not something to that and I'd be Surprised if it's not found out and and Something doesn't happen we'll see

Though um so here's a headline from uh From Fox Business Sam bankman freed Found guilty on all fraud charges and I Just want to highlight part of this I'm Going to jump over to a coindesk article But uh they note here uh in the trial SPF phase 7 charges two counts of wire Fraud and five conspiracy counts the Charges combined and amount to a maximum Sentence of 110 years behind bars judge Lewis Kaplan who presided over the trial Set a sentencing hearing for the morning Of March 28th so we do have to wait Until the end of the first quarter next Year it seems until we're going to find Out what the actual sentence is but it's Not going to be good for him and in the Meantime he is in prison so that's Fantastic also CU that's is absolutely Scumbag just just there are no Sufficient words that I'm going to say On this channel at least because I try To keep it mostly you know PG to PG-13 Here but the guy is absolutely Despicable and uh by the way as far as That 110 year number you some of you may Have noticed that some Outlets are Reporting that he may receive up to 115 Years behind bars and I've seen that as Well if you're wondering why that is it Was reported by Katherine Han might have Been in a separate post But uh oh yeah here actually here it is Right here uh she wrote correction uh

Combined statutory maximum by my math is Around 110 years had forgotten that one Of the counts was severed earlier so There you go there was a separate count Which apparently was severed as she put It anyway I guess it just means it was Withdrawn by the prosecutor I'm Supposing that anyway so that that took The maximum down from 115 years to0 Years but he ain't going to live that Long isn't he about 30 years old anyway I think he's something like that so Yeah he so he'd still he'd probably be Around 140 if he gets the maximum it's Over for him man it it's it's over as it Should be here's the coindesk article Sam bankman freed guilty on all seven Counts in FTX fraud trial Sam bankman Free defrauded his customers and lenders A New York jury found after a 5-week Trial for the FTX founder in former Chief Executive a tentative sentencing Date was set for March 28th 2024 bankman Freed could spend decades in prison and Theoretically up to 115 years that's What they said but again as I just Shared with you the accurate numbers I Understand it is 11 years uh Sam bankman Freed perpetrated one of the biggest Financial frauds in American history us Attorney Damen Williams said outside the Courthouse after the guilty verdicts on All seven charges were Revealed this kind of fraud this kind of

Corruption is as old as time we have no Patience for it and that was his quote Uh and appeal seems likely in a Statement defense attorney Mark Cohen Said bankman freed respects the jury's Decision but maintains his innocence and Will continue to quote vigorously fight The charges end quote and so check this Out because this happened pretty quickly Which is kind of amazing uh jurors began Deliberating a little after 3:00 p.m. Eastern time just before 7:40 p.m. the Judge said they had reached a verdict The attorneys and bankman freed returned Return to the courtroom and the guilty Verdict was read out shortly thereafter To a packed courtroom so think about That you're talking about for this whole Case which went about five weeks uh You're talking about four and a half Hours for the jurors to come to a Unanimous decision now if you comp I saw Somebody else compare this I didn't fact This myself so uh this could be wrong But somebody else had reported I pulled Up for this video that just for Comparison's sake Bernie maid off Uh his trial I don't remember how long They said it went but they the the jury Deliberated for I think they said he's He said four days so compare that forf To like about 4 and a half hours Somewhere in that neighborhood yeah that Sounds about right because it's that

Much of a freaking slam dunk exactly This was always going to happen he was Screwed anyway peace continues bankman Freed kept still when the verdict was Read he'd been instructed by the judge To look toward the jury box and jurors Were told To look toward the court clerk and Judge the verdict unanimous your honor Was the message from the 12 New Yorkers Who voted guilty on all seven counts the Judge thanked the jurors for their Service the jury reached the guilty Verdicts on the first anniversary Coincidentally and that is pretty cool Uh found found him guilty coincidentally On the first anniversary of the Award-winning coind Des scoop that Spurred the former crypto Moguls down Fall how's that for Coincidence um and then there's this Spf's parents in Attendance as the forers read the guilty Verdicts Joseph bankman the defendant's Father buried his head into his lap from A seat in the viewing Gallery his mother Barbar freed kept still back straight With a kind of sullen expressionless Staring Straight Ahead after the judge Left the courtroom bankman freed stood Up and his lawyers leaned in and spoke To him he didn't look back at the Viewing Gallery even as his parents Shuffled over to the wooden divider

Directly behind him arms around each Other they stared at Sam's Bank back While roughly three dozen reporters Swarmed around them Sam still head and Looked back back at his parents or the Rest of the gallery by the time he was Escorted toward an exit at the front of The courtroom just as he was about to Reach the door he shot back a final Glance at his parents with a blink and You'll miss it a half smile and Nod his Mother brought her hand to her chest With an audible Thump so there you go that's how it went Down happy it's a happy ending right This is a story with a really happy Ending I mean unless you consider the Sentencing to be the truly happy ending But as long as he gets at least several Decades or so roughly around there you Know I mean if he got less than 30 years That would be dis it's possible that Would be somewhat disappointing but Again it's it'sin the judge's power to Do whatever so it's still is technically Justice it's just when I say say that I Would just mean from the the perspective Of he's operating within the parameters Of the law but when you say justice That's it can evoke a lot of things Including emotion and it's really Subjective so it's going to be an Opinion so outside of you know you know The the somewhat broad discretion the

Judge has Subjectively just think about what the Word justice means not everybody's going To think that it's Justice if he you Know gets sentenced to the lower end of That and I sympathize with that I'm sure There's people listening that would not Think that's Justice and I say fair Enough to that uh it's it's it's Personal opinion it's fine but hopefully Attorney deons right and he gets at Least 60 years so yeah obviously I think Most of us would prefer that he gets the Max sentence I don't know if that's Realistic or not but even if it's around 60 years well you know that little Buttnugget with a fro he's already about 30 I think so You know he that would put him at what 90 Like anything that would make life worth Living is gone for him so even if it Were 50 or 60 years even Like it's it's over for so like I I I Think we're going to be happy There so anyway just want to share the The news I'm sure a lot of you have by Now have heard the headline but I wanted To give you some specifics around that I Don't know that everybody had heard all Of the details I want to break that down Along with some perspective from a few Individuals but hey great news I'm not a F advisor you should not buy yourself

Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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