Ripple & XRP L Zone At #Consensus2023 & SEC Monopoly Creation

[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and this coin desk Um It's actually an opinion article Caught my attention It says please enjoy the final crypto Winner with U.S regulations coming soon The fraud schemes and irresponsible Investment management practices that led To the current market downturn will be Things of the past reasons Paul Brody of Of ey now I do this is the interesting part to me I do believe that this could be the Final crypto winner in that the final Crypto downturn where parts of it was Because of lack of regulatory Clarity I Believe that's true Um I think it's it could be very true I Don't think that it's the last time We're going to have downturning because It doesn't matter whether you have Regulatory Clarity or not you're going To have ups and downs in in markets but Final crypto winter is an interesting Title because I think that from a Regulatory standpoint I mean literally You could have to today you could have Xrp Clarity and it's over And from that perspective it's exciting

Now I want to show you this because it Reminded me of something Um the official cool guy the digital Asset investor Channel Tweeted this out bit bit uh bit boy Ben Armstrong had gone and met with Donald Trump's son Um and the reason this is interesting is I mean he's talking about how uh he says Here you already know I was throwing Gary Gensler into the bus at every stop And represented xrp Army as always Um what's interesting about this And bit boy probably doesn't even know This but way back when on this channel We were talking about certain things one Of the things we were talking about was Ken Curson who is Jared Kushner Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was best friends with with Uh Ken Kirsten Ken Kirsten was on Ripple's board when the whole Trump Biden election Fiasco happened all of a Sudden out of nowhere one of the three Letter agencies goes after Ken Curson Many of you were here and saw that at The same time On this channel we were showing you Where what I thought was very Interesting that Jared Kushner just by Coincidence I'm sure New Benjamin Netanyahu who was the the Prime Minister I think at the time of Israel

Probably the one of the most powerful People in Israel that Jared Kushner and His family was friends with Benjamin Netanyahu when Jared Kushner was a kid And it included Netanyahu spending the Night at their house okay they were that Close in fact I showed a picture at the Time of Jared Kushner looked like he was Playing soccer in a gym when he was in Middle School and Netanyahu sitting There kicking the ball with him that's How well they knew each other Then there was this remember the Abraham Accords this was right towards the end Of trump being president and Israel and The Middle East and and you they they Created a piece That had was the first time it had been Done in like 40 or 50 years and then all Of a sudden everything changed and we Never heard of it again and I always Thought it was weird because knowing I Mean Israel their life is on the line Being in having people shooting missiles At them all the time and so to have Peace was a huge thing the whole time I Was growing up that's all that they Talked about on TV was maybe this time We're going to get Israel and Palestine Together and all these Middle Eastern Countries well they actually did it and We've never heard about this again and I Always thought that it was weird that You would have this peace and then all

Of a sudden Israel would say oh well new Administration come in and guess we're Not going to get to have the peace Anymore Ah that I always thought that was kind Of strange So anyway that's all I'll say about that Some of that goes into all the world the Stage foul by the way Here's a must-see video that Riz.genstler resigned uh put out and I Think that uh xrp Darren Fame 21 at Fame 21 more go give him a follow very smart Guy he's a friend he's a old school OG Anyway this is a great clip watch this So by the way this is uh Anthony welfare From Ripple earnings we've got two two Announced Um projects and then we've got five Under NDA Um Royal monetary Authority baton is a Real cbdc so there's a central bank and They've issued a currency and that's Very much a decent stages at the moment And Palau is actually a US dollar stable Crime so Palau has its own government But no Central Bank so they use the US Dollar so we're issuing Um on the public blockchain on public Xrp Ledger a USD stable coin for this Country that's actually quite Interesting for Innovation because There's other things can be done with That pull out there you go okay and then

We've got this just in Taiwan to allow Traditional Banks to offer crypto Trading services and you got Hong Kong Central Bank has urged Banks to provide Services to crypto firms before Receiving a license so over here in the U.S we got Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler trying to crack down on crypto While over in Hong Kong and Taiwan on They're wanting everything to uh they're Wanting it to crypto to thrive And we thought that we lived in the land Of the free What has happened to the United States Of America Then we've got this guy this guy it was An ex-general council at the cftc and Listened to what he lays down here if a Digital asset activity occurs on the Spot Market it's not a security it's not A leveraged retail commodity product Then there is no cfdc or SEC regulatory Authority over that product there is Only cftc enforcement jurisdiction how Large is that Universe it is large and I Base that on two key assumptions First I looked at the top 15 digital Assets by market capitalization now There are thousands of digital assets But the top 15 account for about 86 Percent of the market Second I Look to what the commissions Themselves have said about those 15 Digital assets not a chairman not a

Commissioner but the commission itself Because only commission can speak for Itself Based on my review and looking at cftc And SEC enforcement actions it appears That the cfdc has asserted that seven of The top 15 digital assets are Commodities these seven digital assets Are some of the largest accounting for Approximately 76 percent of the digital Asset Market The SEC as a commission has never Challenged any of those cftc Determinations some of which have been Around for years instead the SEC in an Enforcement action has asserted that Only one of the top 15 digital assets is A security and that digital asset Currently accounts for about two percent Of the market 76 to 2. 76 percent of commodity two Percent of security and the rest of the Top 15 about 8 percent undetermined I don't think that should be very Surprising because the market division Between swaps regulated by the S the Cftc and securities-based swaps Regulated by the SEC is about 90 percent Swaps for the cftc and 10 security base Swaps for the SEC so I conclude where I Began there's significant regulatory Gap In federal spot Market regulation of Digital assets because the large Majority of digital asset spot Market

Activity Falls outside the regulatory Jurisdiction of the cftc and the SEC Thank you wow Okay then we've got this coindesk hell Must have frozen over coindesk is Covering Ripple blockchain company Ripple sold over 361 Million worth of Xrp tokens in q1 2023 to power its odl Product and then we've got Emmy Yoshikawa again she's showing us some More pictures from consensus xrp uh the Uh I can't remember what the organ xrp Commons did they set this up anyway They've got some really cool uh graphic Graphical interfaces here's one of them Everything I've ever seen that's xrp Related is done in a it's a Class Act And then the sum wallet looks like They've got a presence bring bringing You the sum wallet uh activation station Find us experience live xrp Ledger Utility and there they are Um then let's see what else we have Digital assets daily put this out crypto Price warning China Biden and the FED Could be about to destroy all value of Bitcoin Folks I don't put anything past these People and The the whole Bitcoin you know you know How I feel the whole Bitcoin thing's Never made any sense to me once I'd been Around for a little while and it makes Me nervous because I think that they're

Going to bring in their own stuff and You don't know There's a lot of different ways they can Crush something that you don't know who Created Then we've got this all shady roads lead To China Mr Huber had put this out so This teenager vitalik already had a team For Chinese strategy in February of 2014. he went to the way back machine Look at this this guy was in charge of Chinese strategy and translations at Ethereum There's a young Charles hoskinson right There Now I wanted to show you this okay this is Um this guy right here Here's what's going on right now folks What's going on right now is all of the Sudden the coinbase and all of these Look the Bitcoin and the ethereum people They thought that they got a free pass And I think they did get a free pass From the bill Hinman speech and I think The plan was that we would they would They would have a monopoly with Bitcoin And ethereum Bitcoin would be the Digital gold ethereum all other tokens Would be built on ethereum I think that That was the sec's plan I think it was The plan of them in cahoots with Wall Street and I think that they were going To create a monopoly in the disguised

Whales would be these hidden people Behind the scenes that owned that that Controlled ethereum and then they would Get guys to go out and say decentralized Decentralized decentralized and they Would they then it would become so Meanwhile you would in essence have a Controlled system that they were Pretending was not I believe that was The plan that's of all the stuff I've Going through I think that that's what They're I think that the xrp army Through a through a uh put a stick in Their spoke so to speak and I believe That when when we started exposing what Had happened and what was done that's When things changed well in the midst of Us uncovering all of it we were showing Old video of Jay Clayton old video of Bill Hinman old video of Gary Gensler When he taught at MIT we showed it all We spent over two or three years showing That stuff on the on this channel and Other people's channels and on Twitter Uh handles we uncovered it all folks we We uncovered it all But what's going on now now that these Guys that were Bitcoin ethereum people Now they don't see themselves as safe Anymore now they're wanting to go back And uncover these videos but they want To leave the Eastgate part out well we Don't leave the each gate part out here So one of the guys that's doing it he

Goes by z uh Z ZK shark and he's showing All these old videos and we're all kind Of making and I'm all for it but we're Kind of all making him aware look we Found all this stuff show our videos he Doesn't want to show I don't think he Wants to show the the Eastgate part Um but I said since you're uncovering The video of the SEC Shenanigans maybe You can help us find these after all of Our research and all the things we found There were these five videos that we Never could find and Weezy had tweeted Out about it one William Hinman 2018 Tech GC two William Hinman and Aaron Wright 2019 at Cardone this is William Henman and Aaron Wright Aaron Wright was Involved behind the scenes with Consensus and the Brooklyn project and The conversations with the SEC we know That and I'm going to show you a video Of him telling you exactly why this was All done the way it was done in his own Words but anyway these are the five Videos that that uh and this this is the Tech GC we still want that one there's Bill Hinman now I've been saying it for over two years They were trying to create a monopoly Get Bitcoin Lowell Nest from Perkins kui Said it We wanted to get Bitcoin and ethereum Out from under Securities laws they knew If they could do that they could have

Bitcoin as a digital gold and they could Have ethereum and all of the tokens that Were built in the market would be built Off of ethereum and then they would slam The door on everybody else and they Would I've said it before it wasn't Until now I found a clip where he says It they intentionally slammed the door On everybody else and it was Intentionally vague by being Intentionally vague that you couldn't Put your finger on anything but listen To him say it because Aaron Wright and Remember this guy is it was with he was One of the guys involved in the Brooklyn Project which was done by consensus and Consensus were the ones meeting behind The scenes with the SEC leading up to The um the bill Hinman ethereum free Pass speech well actually the Bitcoin Ethereum free pass speech he tells you Right here Exactly what they did So what does it mean to be a Decentralized network so remember the The whole concept of of the bill Hinman's speech was that ethereum Probably was he didn't come out and say It that way he said setting aside the Fundraising in other words ethereum was A security but he said now it's so dense It's decentralized and therefore it's no Longer a security but what they did is They int they knew that by using the

Decentralization mantra that who's to Say whether something's decentralized or Not and they knew it would be vague Enough So that nobody else could come through The door listen to him say it so what Does it mean to be a decentralized Network so there's an ongoing Conversation both on Twitter and other Forums trying to figure out what that Means and you know the SEC and around The Regulators may keep it purposely big They may actually not find many of these Networks to be decentralized Um so that gives the SEC you know a bit Of power here and the potential to Actually become king makers or queen Makers or unidentified powerful makers In order to uh to kind of pick and Choose which technology we use So You you the king makers make Bitcoin and Ethereum King even though their inferior Technologies then they get all then then The machine gets all their media and all Their pundits to act like bit for the Next three or four or five years the Bitcoin and ethereum are just this Better stuff when they're not they've Just been made King by a regulator That's compromised and then what do you Do then then you go after the others Like Ripple That's what you do that's how you pick

Winners and losers and that's what's Wrong and that's what Congress has to Fix and that's why I tweeted to Congress What this really is is this is an Attempted Monopoly creation and it is Anti-Trust Behavior that's what it is And Congress some of the Congress people Are probably involved in the Bitcoin Ethereum thing and that's why they won't Acknowledge this but this is what went On I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family They never saw the xrp Army coming Didn't see it [Music] [Music]


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