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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you we Got David Schwartz more FTX Fallout Unfortunately Hong Kong on crypto we got The financial stability board on Stablecoin regs International standard Center you're going to want it Jack McDonald poly sign Ripples cbdc's and Partners growing and how about this one Xrp technical analyst says there's a 27 Trigger point somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.17 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto the market is up 2.6 percent good Morning everybody Bitcoin now 24 600 Plus it's up 13.8 percent on the seven Day ethereum 1696 and change it's up 12 on the seven Day tethered market cap says it's 70.2 Billion xrp 39 cents it's up 2.9 on the Seventh day good morning everybody Ledger Stacks if you haven't signed up For it the creator of the iPod what are You what are we waiting for Click the link underneath don't mess Around I'm telling you this is something You're going to want to have it's Already a list of people it's only going

To get longer and then there's privacy Pros Privacy Pros sent me my Faraday bag and They also sent me my bill photo which You can see here which you could put Your passwords in or they call it your Keys right your secret keys they used to Confuse me when I was first in this Space right they go don't let anybody Get your keys it's like well your keys Are passwords can we just call them Passwords I don't know anyway You can get a bill photo and in case There's flood fire damage or what have You you can always have peace of mind Knowing that you're protecting yourself And your private keys or passwords for Your accounts make sure you check it out Right here this is David Schwartz shout Out to him he says if you know what uh Would have been in this envelope you're A crypto OG well you know what I have to Admit I do not know what would have been In that envelope but it was obviously Based around cryptography or Cryptography not cryptocurrency he says And it was basically referencing I guess Uh some information it used to be Illegal he was saying to share Information uh about algorithms and Things of that nature and cryptography If if you were a cryptographer and you Shared it with a non-citizen inside the U.S you could be guilty of a crime

Exporting Munitions That's How Far We've Come ladies and gentlemen then there was Obviously some troll hopped in here and Says well that's your subpoena in that Envelope to testify in court in regards To Ripple SEC casing how you use retail Investors as exit liquidity which is not True David Schwartz answers back here it says You must be confusing me with the whales Who bought under multiple identities in The ethic Ico or Bitcoin miners go David Schwartz yeah everybody knows about Eastgate right there's no putting that Back into in the uh in the bottle I can Tell you that and here is more Fallout And I take no pla uh no uh uh pleasure In saying so but this is more Fallout Here hedge fund uh I guess Galore I Guess it is Capital One of the victims Of FTX collapse is thrown in the towel After halt of its assets got trapped Into bankrupt exchange the fund has Finally decided to shut down and return Its remaining assets to investors I tell You how much more are we going to see Here Gary genzler could have stopped This he allowed this he met with Sam Bankman freed and FTX multiple times and Chose to not only turn a blind eye to The way the business was being run and Do 0 due diligence to realize it was Being run like a dumpster fire He gave him a broker dealer license on

Top of it One has to wonder is that because Sam Bankman free was the second largest Democrat donor Meanwhile Hong Kong proposes rules for Crypto trading platforms all crypto Trading platforms planning to apply for A license including pre-existing Platforms should begin to review and Revise their systems and controls to Prepare for the new regime the notice Said because Hong Kong is going to allow retail Investors to trade larger Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum Atomic wallet says Saudis are buying I Tell you you know I studying all the Saudis are doing we also know the Saudis Are really getting close to joining Bricks they vote they've been very Public and vocal about that idea But Bob Ross from solo genic here in Korean look at what he says here and This I think Nails it to where we're Going to move into now Tokenization of Securities will be one Of the central core components of any Ledger that cbdc's will run on Solo genic already has the tools Yes He's right You know if you're looking for some Magic Bullet this is about as magic of a

Bullet As It Gets Tokenization of Securities will be one Of the central core components of any Ledger that cbdcs will run on That one you can write down right Because I think Bob's got that one dead To rights right there And I tell you Moving to the international level The financial stability board here many Existing stable coins would not meet the High level recommendations soon to be Set by global standard Setters like the Financial stability board said class not And this is really important because They are saying it will the International standard Setters Recommendations for regulating crypto And stable coins on a global level by The way Are said to be released in just four Months by July of this year Uh-huh That's what's happening Uh then there's this and this Falls in Line exactly with what Bob Ross was Saying listen to Jack McDonald the CEO Sitting down with a fireside chat with Link to and remember Atomic net that is built for poly signs Use Created by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz of ripple from The xrp Ledger Co-creators of The xrp Ledger here

Listen to what he's saying here if you Want to go to your traditional Prime Broker your Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs BNL and State Street whomever is Providing custody or prime brokerage Those organizations do not support Digital assets today from a custody Standpoint very simply that means There's a pain point to get everybody Into the digital Revolution here to get Everyone tokenized and that's where they Come in as polycline and standard Custody and certainly McGowan that's Been bought and purchased to On Wednesday the SEC proposed keywords Proposed a broadening of the custody Role To include number one Specifically digital assets into their Definition of the assets that that would Require an investment advisor to use a QC so they're essentially Proposing a codification of what's Already existing today but but in the Scope of the definition you never had Crypto or digital now you do we think That's a positive from the standpoint of Validating that there's a there there It's credentializing that's right just Like the president's executive off order In the summer Basically said hey Regulators go Regulate this space What President Biden Was saying is there's a there there this

Isn't just a corner case it's big enough To pay attention to I think with the SEC Came out and said on Wednesday was just That the other thing they said was that Qualified custodians to support this new Asset class need to do a lot of things To meet our enhanced definition around What it means to be a qualified Custodian for digital And poli-sign has done that And they are standing there like a Catcher over a home plate say it we're Right here and you know what there's an Entire industry there's an entire sector Notice the capital markets that will Need to tokenize and they have no idea How to do it properly and you know what Poly signs sitting right there Right over home plate it's like the Catcher going come on in here put it Right in the mitt we got you back They're going to take care of it I Couldn't be more excited Will Ripple sign Singapore as its next Cbdc customer Look I played over the weekend it was Brooks at whistle who basically said That there is a four-man team in Singapore working on Central Bank Digital currencies there come on in Now we also had some other news out of That as well and I believe it was let's See I want to find this for us really Quickly here so I don't have to read the

Whole article to you Um you know one second here Let me find it one second There it is now remember this too Because you know what It was also reported that January the Fintech company Ripple landed the Southeastern European country Montenegro To Pilot a digital stable coin So now we know about the kingdom of Bhutan we know about the Republic of Palau now we know about Montenegro right And we know that there are a couple Dozen others according to James Wallace That we still don't know about and Brook's Aunt whistle telling us about Singapore and a four-man team there Working on Central Bank digital Currencies Yeah I gotta tell you this is getting Pretty interesting ladies and gentlemen And understanding what Bob Ross had said Let's go back there for just a quick hot Second if we could if I could one second Tokenization of Securities will be one Of the central core components Of any Ledger that cbdcs will run on see All of this is tying in together that's What I'm seeing Then there's this reminder right here New odl partner on the way and this may Be a few months old but nevertheless This proves that Ripple is already Acting as if they've lost a lawsuit by

Continuing to pursue massive adoption Around the rest of the world Leaving the United States in only one Position if they don't choose to get With it which is get left out And I don't think that's going to happen I really don't now that and 50 cents Won't get you a cup of coffee but that's My personal uh digital perspectives it's Not by advice uh but he says as a Reminder here if you know uh Joy Lucas Uh Exchange in the UAE to discuss how Ripple enables money transfers on-demand Liquidity using xrp the post concludes We look forward to collaborating as Wrath of common always does he shares Some existing Ripple Partners already so You can see the knee bone connected to The leg bone this is not a huge uh risk To go out on a limb and say there's Going to be some cooperation and Collaboration here now let's talk about Price because I know price always gets Everybody a little buggy right I started calling the numbers on my show Because I don't really look at price I Follow fundamental news And then it forces me at least once a Day when I'm twice a day when I'm doing The videos to make sure I'm paying Attention to price because I focus so Much on what the actual news the Fundamental news is out here now this Happens to be a real

Up close look at where we are right now And shout out to egg rag crypto for this One and then he shares this also today As a reminder using the xrp Fibonacci Circle uh with the w pattern he sees 27 In the books here now let's talk about This because this isn't to There's a point I want to get at about This this isn't just simply oh it's 27 You know uh you know let's talk about it He says I've been stating that xrp will Hit 27 since I've tried different Technical analysis tools and 27 keeps on Being aligned with my ta and he's not The only one we've seen it with crypto Bull 2020. we've seen it with dark Defender and others There's something out here now it Doesn't mean it's a guarantee but They're all seeing something and reading The tea leaves the same way and I I find That to be very compelling at least When xrp finishes the second part of the W formation and closes monthly candle Above two dollars and 20 cents I will long it to Valhalla he says I Love the way he says it uh this is what He's talking about this W pattern and This is where we are in this And you could see that there is a Massive massive line of support here That if that's broken these other Rings Down below could be where you go right I Mean that's just the way the numbers

Work and the charts speak But if it follows this W pattern in some Degrees and you can see this W pattern Is obviously not exact but that's where The lowest dip was And if we have that followed or at least Rhymes he's saying that if we get to two Dollars and 20 cents it is going to be You know all but guaranteed basically That we would reach that 27 mark But if You look at the time markers where these Things are it's 2024 before we get to The two dollars twenty now obviously Look none of this is in stone but this Is what the indicators the charting Tools are suggesting Right so if that be the case right then You could be looking at 2024 by the time You hit a couple bucks and change And then you could be even further six Months to a year before you see that 27 Buck range Look I'm here for it I'm just trying to Provide as much objectivity On all sides of the equation whether it Be sharing someone's knowledge like egg Crypto about technical analysis or Whether we're talking about fundamental News and watching the geopolitical Landscape shift when it comes to stable Coin regulation or the adoption of Central banks uh Partnerships with Ripple all these things matter because They all add up to a final goal which is

To see xrp used in the manner that it Was intended and I'm here for it one way Or the other not Financial advice for me Or anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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