PRICE MILESTONE ACHEIVED!!! XRP $1.88 Next, Analyst Predicts

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel and it's time for a little Celebration video because Bitcoin has Broken above $40,000 this is a rather important price Milestone and I'm going to share with You perspective and reactions from a Number of people within the crypto Community and also a perspective and Actually outright prediction from an Analyst that says xrp in the short term Is going to $188 so this is going to be A fun let's just celebrate it's okay to Celebrate the little victory along the Way even if they're not all-time highs This is a particularly important Psychological level but anyway before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun at the time I'm Recording this video it is 5:53 p.m. Central Time uh that's my time zone here In the good old Midwest IND the United States 5:53 p.m. central Time and um it Was around 4:30 when Bitcoin uh broke Above 4:30 p.m. central Time when uh Bitcoin broke above $40,000 for the First time in over a year and a half and

So just minutes after that I uh I I Shared this post on X and I just put Some happy emojis # Bitcoin and there You can see this is the price alert on My phone price Milestone Bitcoin price Is above $40,000 now believe it or not I Was annoyed as hell that I got this Because I set up my phone I thought so That I didn't get any damn notifications And I'm like what the hell is this I Hate getting notifications on every Single app I turn them off I do not want Them but uh I was happy to see this one After I was happy but $40,000 those poor Bears out there those Poor little cuddly Bears out there how They going to sleep at night calling for $12,000 Bitcoin which by the way Remember $40,000 Bitcoin that seemed Inconceivable for most people at the end Of last year and the beginning of this Year $440,000 Bitcoin impossible yet Here we are December 2023 and it's been running man it just Has here's a headline from coin Telegraph Bitcoin tops $40,000 for first Time in 19 months matrick Port tips $125,000 in 2024 Bitcoin has reached the $40,000 Level for the first time since April 2022 climbing around 2% in 24 hours Bitcoin surged from under $39,500 to strike above $40,000 on December 3rd to hit a 19 Monon High

According to coin gecko data yeah and by The way I will pause to note that Bitcoin did briefly drop below $4,000 And that was around according to Livecoin watch around 530 so about an Hour after it broke $40,000 it very Briefly dropped down to about 39,95 Bucks and then popped right back up so It could still go below it by the time You're watching this who knows like I Don't make price predictions man I'm Just I'm just a YouTuber guy I'm just as Excited to you to be in the world of Crypto I don't pretend to know where the Prices are going uh but right now it is Above $40,000 at the time that I'm Recording this it's hanging on by a Threat so we'll see which direction it Goes if there's going to be stronger Conviction for the upside or Not um but anyway peace continues it Also marks a new year toate high for Bitcoin which is up over 140% since January 1st it's down around 42% from Its November 10th 2021 all-time high of Over $69,000 and and look there's always Going to be those people like even when Xrp goes up so by the way xrp is uh 62.6 Cents uh at the time that I'm recording This it did move to the upside a bit and Then right back down you know after Bitcoin started pumping up and I I Here's my attitude about all this

Because look here most of what it is to Be in crypto is to endure pain and and You know stuff that makes a lot of People feel bored I'm always excited About this stuff maybe you are too Because then we can just be weird Together whatever but most of what it is To be in crypto it's sideways price Action downward price action it beats People up and so I always say and I I Mean this when you have the good news You have the positive days celebrate it Is okay to Celebrate and then you always have those Sticks in the mud like when xrp was Going up to going like low 60 something Cents recently up to over 70 cents like There were a bunch of us celebrating on Twitter but there's always that one Person out there who's like tell me you Contact me when it contact me when it Reaches a dollar and my response to that Is basically you shut your mouth Because I'm going to celebrate and have Some damn fun it's like or or if that's Too harsh I could do this baby girl baby Baby girl hush them beautiful lips sh Baby girl hush them beautiful lips Because I'm telling you it's it's worth It we don't have to suffer purely when We're when we're uh when we're holding Our crypto you can have a lot of fun Doing this too and it's worth it you Know build up some damn morale that's

What I'm Saying um and so anyway peace continues Though um in a November 30th Matrix November 30th note rather Matrix Port Predicted that Bitcoin would hit over $60,000 by April next year and $125,000 by the end of 2024 and by the Way I was not familiar with Matrix Port But they're being cited here by coin Telegraph and so they're just some sort Of investment Product Company uh in the World of crypto offer financial services I don't know anything about them beyond That and they said quote the years when Bitcoin mining rewards were HED were Generally bullish end quote Matrix Port Explained Bitcoin is expected to again Have when mining rewards are cut by 50% So look I don't buy into the mining Narrative there are other things that Are on fouryear Cycles uh you know the US presidential election for example hey Cor Ates maybe it's that now not that I Think that that's the strongest that's The reason for the correlation Necessarily I mean how maybe it is I Don't know for sure but it what has the Closest correlation so far as I can see Is stocks you know there's a it's just The way that risk on assets are being Treated and I just think that it happens To be the case that there's this Fouryear cycle with having but it Doesn't line up perfectly and a lot of

People are with this false narrative and I it's just it's it's proven to just not Be the case at this point but either way In terms of expectations to the upside Yeah we probably going to be having some Fun over the next year that would be my Guess um then there was this post from Sanit which of course does fantastic Work with uh onchain analytics they Wrote Bitcoin Bitcoin has risen back Above $440,000 for the first time since April 28th 2022 as the weekend is coming to a close In celebratory fashion fud and fomo Toward the ongoing ETF confirmation Dates will dict Whether $50,000 arrive sooner rather Than later uh that certainly is true we We'll see what happens there and by the Way there is this post from The Wolf of All streets and this was uh at 4:03 p.m Central time and he he wrote uh will Bitcoin close this is the poll will Bitcoin close the week slash day above $40,000 two hours until the close and so You can you can um you can place your Vote here in the poll yes or no I I voted yes just for the fun fun of it I didn't pretend to no but yes 57.7% and 42.3% voted no it will not be Above $40,000 uh that happens in less Than a minute now 5:59 p.m. central Time Um and here I'll I'll even hit Refresh On this bad boy but uh it currently is

According ah it's under it's under five Bucks now it's back above so it's like Right at it it's right at it we'll have To see what technically happens but it's Basic like it is right there man okay It's now 600 p.m. According to to to my phone so it's Above $40,000 that's something definitely not Nothing supposed to be impossible folks Yet here we are and by the way look I Understand that this is not an an xrp Day but so what look it's worth Celebrating the Bitcoin price action I'm Going to keep saying this because it's It's true and it matters we need Bitcoin To lead the way it always historically Has and if we want to see xrp hit a new Alltime high then you better hope that Bitcoin hits a new all-time high because That's always been a requirement for xrp To hit a new alltime high here's a post From Attorney John Deon maybe I'm Getting softer in my old age but it Really is great to see people positive Happy and excited about bitcoin's price And the potential recovery for the Entire space $40,000 and climbing the Only thing better than this would be Getting an invite to Michael sailor's $100,000 party hey no look again it's Worth being excited this I don't know if He's getting softer as an old old age or Not he's still got the fire I'll tell

Tell you that fire in the belly fighting Against all the nonsense SEC corruption That's for damn sure uh but he's right You know it's the sentiment is correct We should be happy and excited about This um here is a post from Mike Alfred Very well known in the world of Crypto um and he wrote today on the Momentous occasion this is pure sarcasm Today on the momentous occasion of Bitcoin retaking $40,000 I just want to Pause and express the incredible sadness I feel for all the people who didn't buy Bitcoin all year at $16,000 $20,000 $25,000 $30,000 $35,000 in $38,000 while I know the mood should be Celebratory I'm finding it very hard to Share the sentiment I'm devastated for All the people who will have to find a Way to have fun even while remaining in Poverty and a single tear was Shed uh here's a post from the dark Defender xrp chart analyst and uh big Expectations for Price action for xrp Even in the short term and this is a a Post just from this morning hello my Dear friends hope you all are fine I've Just completed the TA below as promised While sipping my coffee xrp is Continuing for $188 in the short term the primary most Substantial level is still 66.4 n

Because the Fibonacci level and the Weekly Trend intersect the weekly candle Is close to this level bullish in Indicators and I expect xrp to break Here next week to continue the $1 Target Have a great Sunday hey $1 xrp next week Well I don't know and I always get Nervous when any analyst sets a Particular timeline because so Frequently they're missed even if They're right about chart structure but Setting that aside um there is certainly A sense within the crypto community that We're probably not going to have to wait Long to see fireworks and I mean we're Probably going to be seeing fairly Regularly certain things popping off Over the course of the next year even Before the pure Euphoria when when Everything's at its height and all the Celebrities come back in the laser eyes And all that crap are people going to do Laser eyes again this cycle we'll find Out we'll find out together we'll find Out together but man $1 Xrp I know it's it's just when it Happens it happens fast and so like I'll Just be here for it whenever it happens It's going to happen I don't know when I Believe it's going to happen anyway uh And I'll I'll be patient uh there There's also this post from my fellow XP YouTuber the blockchain backer and he Noted this also them yellow rocks out

There uh they're doing pretty well too Uh I I know it's metal um he wrote gold $70 above all-time high now that is Interesting gold $70 above all-time high Bitcoin breaking $40,000 is the universe Trying to tell us something well Peter Shi think so of course he's kind of Crapping on the all the crypto people's Right here this is a this is famous Nocoiner Peter Schiff who likes to sell His yellow rocks he does he's got a Company selling yellow Rocks and he posted the following about An hour after Bitcoin hit $40,000 gold trading above $2,100 tonight for the first time in History is far more significant than Bitcoin trading above $40,000 gold has completely broken out It's an Uncharted Territory while Bitcoin still needs to Rally more than 60% here from here just to make a new High uh okay FKS well uh when it happens It happens and it's going to happen the Idea that Bitcoin won't ever head a new Alltime high is just completely Preposterous to me just me personally I'm just saying but Peter shift like When is is this guy ever gonna come Around I mean I mean Bitcoin will have Been live in January for 15 years and it Just keeps trending upward that entire Time despite massive pullbacks along the Way so like in another 10 years or 20

Years is he just going to be saying the Same crap yeah well it's a bubble it's Going to zero it's tulip Mania is he Going to be saying that 10 and 20 years From now does he ever have enough Intellectually honest intellectual Honesty and intellectual curiosity to Look Inward and say huh well I know this Still doesn't make sense to me but gosh Everybody else thinks it does and it Keeps going that way what am I missing Is he ever going to look Inward and just Wonder like what did I get wrong or is He just going to just insist for the Rest of his life that it's going to zero Is he ever going to come around because Here's the thing if he did come around He would be embraced there would be a Little bit of ridicule and joking but That's kind of fair as long as it's not Over the top rude uh it's kind of fair But I what happens in these instances There's not much of that people Celebrate those that come in into the World of crypto and acknowledge okay There actually is something to this Maybe he never will though I don't know But it's completely absurd at this point So anyway just wanted to put out a quick Video because like just to deliver the Message it's worth being happy and Celebrating this is fine it's okay it's Okay to do this even if it goes back Down by the time you're watching this

Even if it's going back down and it's $36,000 Bitcoin and now xrp's falling Whatever dude just in the moment enjoy It while it's there because we don't get Enough of this but so like when it comes Just make the best of it and um as I'm Closing out this video still about $40,000 it's now 6:06 p.m. central Time I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy Yourself anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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