Ripple/XRP-DTCC Move $11T To Blockchain, David Scwartz Confirms R3 & XRP?, XRP Price $0.85-$1.05?

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have here Iso20022 delayed and why you shouldn't Worry about it dtcc moving 11 trillion To blockchain what about xrp can David Schwarz confirmed the relationship there Maybe so I think you're going to like it Digital pound foundation and David Schwarz on real world assets xrp price We got it all somebody roll that Beautiful Intro [Music] [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now we are at $1.47 trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 2.2% good morning good Afternoon good evening wherever you are 37,1 100 plus for Bitcoin just back over 2,000 right now for ethereum 87.6 Billion plus for tether market cap xrp At to number five spot 62 cents up 1.1 To 24hour off by 4.7 on the 7 day look At the range of price we are ranging Between 6156 and ranging between the top at 6285 Currently sitting at 6223 now that's the tighter trading Range we're used to seeing isn't it

Right these wide spreads we've been Seeing over the last week or so have Tightened so we will watch and see what The uh analysts say before we get out of Here if you have not done it it is Black Friday special it will not last long and It will run out but if you act right now And click the link underneath the video You can get 83% off plus the golden Ticket plus three months extra and look It's not just VPN to help protect your Anonymity Online this is also about securing Password manager get a secure password Manager end to end file encryption Personal privacy manager for $344 a month I'm telling you this is I Look uh I could have used that secure Password manager back when I got hacked Last April and I didn't have it I didn't Have it set up and shame on me but you Know what I have one set up now I can Tell you that you can too if you click The link underneath the video right here We start with Wheezy nerd Nation shout Out to you Wheezy switch flippy says Jim Kramer predicting a significant drop in Altcoins uhoh I'm putting everything in Not Financial advice I'm just playing But it has worked out almost at a 100% That whatever Jim Kramer is claiming the Opposite usually happens shout out to The inverse Jim Kramer and here very Quickly here are the most held assets on

Uphold after xrp and not surprisingly It's Casper and xdc are coming into the Running slightly after I wanted to share That very quickly here because it is Nice to know what are the most uh held Assets on uphold I love that and shout Out to uphold be talking with the uh CEO Very soon from uphold shout out to Simon And this here may find uh some people Upset but let's take a look here because Again this is why I said watermarks to Watch not to live by right iso20022 Migration in Europe postponed until March 1 19 2024 shout out to ingred for This the EPC uh psmb considered that an Unsuccessful ISO version migration on November 19th would not only have Impacted the national sepa transactions But also significant volumes of crossb Sepa transactions with potential KnockOn Effects across the whole sepa region Which sepa is the payment system for Europe as you probably know but look This is the enormity of of what we're Talking about here that's why we are in What Swift refers to as the co-existing Phase where we have these payment rails Running side by side because of this Kind of potential issue and thank Goodness that they're handling it that Way they have pushed this now into March Obviously we will watch closely for that For Europe that doesn't mean other areas Of the world aren't moving sooner but

Let's bring some comfort here with pegas Salani here explaining the ISO 2022 and Ripple standing with them so ISO 2022 is A global standard for financial Information exchange this enables Interoperability between different Systems straight through processing of Payments and Rich data Transfer and it'll also Foster Competition because it's open and Flexible at Ripple we've been aligned With ISO 2022 from day one we've always Recognized that this is the direction of Payments and it'll be better for Everyone and we were really a first Mover on that front we've also joined The standard body um to help contribute To how payments will shape in the future And there you have that that's Refreshing to hear that then there's This old but still has very very much uh Uh relevance to it it's the dtcc the Depository trust clear Incorporation Is moving $1 trillion worth of Derivatives transactions to Blockchain yeah thanks to a deal with IBM R3 Sev and axani here and if we go Into this you can see the uh Confirmation uh test members were Bank Of America Maryland City Credit Swiss And JP Morgan and even at the early Phase Market which also helped craft the DTC blockchain solution was also Participating the DTC project will also

Move forward under advisement of Blockchain Consortium R3cev all right which first emerged in July 2015 well then you have to ask Yourself because everyone always says Well we know that R3 used xrp as a Prototype example to show how their Quarter platform work we all understand That they plan on introducing multiple Different assets to that platform and a Lot of people actually dismissed the Idea of xrp being used by R3 because of The lawsuit that took place however R3 Did get a settlement of more than a Billion I believe it's been said of xrp Out of that case and that splitting up Of that partnership between Ripple and R3 so the question remains is Will R3 Use Ripple or xrp in their Tech stack Somewhere along the flow well in a Opportunity for one particular troll out Here to take shots at uh some of the Narratives in the community here he says There's 10 things he wanted David Schwarz to confirm here uh and a couple Of which I won't go through all of them It's not necessary but Swift does not Use xrp R3 does not use xrp R3 does not Use The xrp Ledger David comes back and Says essentially all of those things are True to as far as he's concerned but There are some small exceptions such as This one and then he shows R3 here so Now you have to start asking yourself

Would xrp play a role in r3's Contribution to help settle that $ 11 Trillion worth of derivatives for the Depository trust Clearing Corporation open-ended question but a Damn good one nonetheless and here we Have this this is digital pound Foundation talking about Atomic Settlement and what's incredible about This is that we need to understand as we Are in this coexisting phase that we've Just got absolute proof of right with The delay of the uh sepa transition to Iso2 222 but that doesn't mean other Areas of the world have stopped keep That mind open so but here we have to Understand the importance of stable Coins and cbdcs on a blockchain because This is how you're going to get that Real movement of value and obviously Bridge assets like xrp as well take a Quick listen to this clip here in terms Of answering the question around what Can it do that that current forms of Money can't do I guess the answer is that it allows you To transfer with ultimate finality in a Very quick time so you know one of the Gamechanging gamechanging uh Concepts Having come from sort of Trad F foreign Exchange where everything is settled on A t+1 or a t plus2 basis so you do a Trade you do a trade but actually Nothing settles until two business days

Afterwards going to a stable coin where There is actually absolute transfer of Value in on on a t0 basis Atomic so Depending on the blockchain whether it's Ethereum or some of the quicker networks Out there it can be seconds for me to Transfer to you J if I had you know we Both had a wallet in a metam mask and we Could just transfer each other some some Funds we can do it with absolute Certainty outside of the banking system Uh a transfer of wealth and value within You know seconds that's very very Different to what what's there in the in The um in the current um landscape Absolutely well said and look you know And this is the idea to understand this You know as non-sexy stable coins are They are sexy in the regard that look You're not moving any of this tokenized Value around without the help of cbdc Stable coins and or Bridge assets like Xrp it isn't Happening it this the system is not Complete right so it is extremely Important that we get clarity and use of These Assets in the very near term and That goes for this as Ripple targets 30 Trillion in real estate assets and or Real estate market and xrp Ledger Tokenization let's hear from David Schwarz in this quick clip where he Talks about going after real world asset Tokenization and how The Ledger is

Geared for it de yeah you're right that Institutional adoption of xrp Ledger Technologies is growing I think part of It is just the heritage of The xrp Ledger that was built around Enterprise And financial applications crosswater Payments was the product that The xrp Ledger was originally built for you know What we were looking at back in those Very very early days was how would there Be Enterprise adoption of well Bitcoin Was the only cryptocurrency at the time What we think is like how would there be Enterprise adoption of Bitcoin there Would have to be Bridges and connections And there'd have to be you know these Other Technologies as as far as Trends And the way it's moving real world asset Tokenization I think is something that I'm that I'm pretty excited about right Now because that's you know that's a Real problem and there's real interest From mainstream Financial giants like You know like JP Morgan and Bank of America are actively pursuing Tokenization of traditional assets so I Think that's an area to watch and I Think that's anara where the xrp Ledger Is going to Excel and that is the next Place that we're going to excel I really Do believe that and I tell you what I'm So excited about is because that's a Point of no return because that what You're talking about there is you're

Talking about real use Case utility for The Ledger not speculation you're Talking about solving a real problem for A massive massive industry with massive Massive ability to take over in Market Capture and that is exciting to me and Just like this the xrp price has risen At about 6% in the past three days Triggering renewed optimism among Investors and analysts two analysts dark Defender and egg rag crypto see the Current Trend as a turning point and Essentially citing that where we are Right now if we hold the level that we Talked about in the opening of the show Here then essentially we could be Staring down the barrel of 85 cents to a Doll five uh in our next move up should We see that happen now it's not Financial advice from me or anyone else But I'll tell you what this is this here Is I'm asking you look this conversation Inside of here it Bar None is a THX what We're able to have on this channel right Now right now if you join us in the Freedom zone for next to nothing you Will not be sorry that you came in there And today we are going to be tackling The Free Press Free Press is dead and I'm gonna prove it to you right then We're going to talk about that Insurrection that happened was it that Or was it possibly something else we're Going to take a look at some evidence

There that may change your mind and I Encourage you to look at it as a patriot And not a Republican or a Democrat and You may see more clearly than you've Ever seen before we hope you'll join us In the freedom Zone it's not Financial Advice or me or anyone else we're just Talking the truth in there and we don't Have to worry about censorship either And what a beautiful thing it is very Refreshing hope to catch you on the Inside come on In


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