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Welcome back to the show everybody check This out we got bny melon in the news Coyle says farewell but not goodbye What's going on there we got Flair we Got Bob Ross from solo genic aquarium we Got Charles gasparino questioning the Expectations of xrp holders at the SEC Versus Ripple Greg kids gonna help us All get back on track here today and Guess what else we got a ripple Association someone very close to Ripple Telling us that U.S Reserve currency is In trouble and that governments won't Hold the U.S dollar somebody rolled that Beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency is off by point eight Percent good morning everybody Bitcoin 23 500 plus ethereum 1600 plus right now Tether market cap is 68 billion dollars Plus they say and xrp is 41 cents let's Get into this let me tell you what I did I did this You may want to do this let me tell you Something what I just did I just got Bill foddle from the Privacy Pros I got A link underneath the video for you to Get the best price on one and let me Tell you something it's amazing look

Protect yourself Faraday bags yeah fire Water damage nobody counts on these Things happening I don't want them to Happen either but I'll tell you what I'm Getting one in case it does that's how I'm going to store my words and I'm Gonna store my words because I know I'm Going to be using my ledger and my Stacks baby and if you haven't done that This is a great compliment to one Another especially these Faraday bags And the uh bill fotel right here click The link underneath the video If you Haven't got the Ledger Stacks get that If you haven't got the Faraday bags I Just ordered two of those for me and Mrs Backup and the bill foddle to save my uh My private Keys amazing amazing Opportunity this this is a great time to Evaluate what's going on how can you Protect yourself we work hard for our Assets don't mess around click that link Custodial Bank bny Mellon Ripple partner Has promoted Caroline Butler to CEO of Digital Assets Now I tell you something First of all congratulations to Caroline Butler but this is again you know in a Crypto winner is it cold out here let me Tell you something This is what I want to see this is the Stuff that tells me okay well bny melon Sees the future enough to promote Somebody to be the CEO of digital assets I think I'm on to something we may

Disagree about which assets are going to Win which you're going to lose that's up To everybody else but this is good news To me in a time like this however what To make of this shout out to Stefan Thomas Early Ripple exec then went to Coyle he says this is farewell but not Goodbye today Coyle is sun setting I Would like to thank the team that made Coil what it is helped create the Interledger foundation and an ecosystem Around it of course I'm sad but the work Continues he goes on but I tell you I Have to ask the question here Is the project being abandoned or is it Being sold to another entity for its pay For use model That it works so hard to create did Somebody buy the technology the Proprietary tech there that controls That hole instead of using subscription Models You if you use it and view it then you Pay for it I don't know I mean wouldn't this be a Great application for incorporating it In something like Twitter or Google Right Ah We shall see but you know he says it's Farewell but not goodbye Shout out the out there in Hugo here Standing here Women from

Spivc trade as Flair puts on an event Now uh shout out to Hugo here look I What's going on there Hugo do tell are We doing something with SBI VC trade Little white labeling with the flare Network Slayer one maybe I don't know we'll see But I'll tell you what right here you're Going to want this Fascinating look look whether it's flare Whether it's solargenic or a many other Amazing projects it is watching the Growth off of the xrp ecosystem that I Find so fascinating We're here for it And this little clip right here is Bob Ross from real solargenic here Explaining tokenization Regulatory Compliance approach and working off The Xrp Ledger tokenization or tokenized Securities will be the next bull market Don't believe it it's still true take a Listen so but when you're talking about Tokenized Securities you know as you can Imagine the traditional Financial Market Is heavily regulated and there is no way That you can completely Provide a service in a decentralized Manner but what we have done we try to Come up with a hybrid model so that Means that Users they can actually tokenize assets And stocks on which is Actually the tokenization ecosystem in a

Centralized manner obviously they need To pass kyc they need to pass you know The AML screening so once they are Onboarded And they can actually white list their Wallet address and they can start you Know tokenizing assets they can start to Trading these assets with uh you know Within the platform however at any point Of time the users they can Transfer out these tokenizing stocks to Their own private wallet which is on The Xrp Ledger at this moment but down the Road we're going to be providing the Support for chromium networks as well Anyone who's trading these assets on the Decks in order to do that they have to Whitelist their wallet addresses right And that means that they need to create A trust lie with solugenic Issuing address in order to do that they Have to come back to go Through the onboarding process you know Which is obviously kyc and AML screening Once that step is done The wallet address is going to be Whitelisted and these users are able to Trade these assets you know on the Decentralized exchange as well There you have it look I'm showing you That because why am I going through a Crypto winner why are you going through A crypto winner I think this speaks to it

Because I believe whether it's solo Genic or whether it's some other company Or corium or whatever it is Anyone who's bringing kyc AML and then Bringing real use case of smart Contracts and tokenization to a very Real market like they are Is going to help support and provide the Opportunity for the next bull market in This space because they're going to Solve real problems for very real Companies with very real pain points That's why I'm showing you that Now here we have very quickly Charles Gasparino questions expectations of Buyers of Ripple's xrp sales and Basically uh he continues to weigh in on The SEC lawsuit here just very quickly With this uh just to show what's Happening Here just want to keep Everybody up he says uh Per Howie an asset that is sold becomes A security when the purchaser has a Reasonable expectation of profits to be Derived from the efforts of others what Profits were xrp buyers of Ripple exec Sales expecting from Ripple itself Serious question is the SEC case Continues here and it's a nice response Here from Bill belisaris he says Basically it's worse than that the Howie Case investment contract involved two Contracts and under one there were Obligations on the company towards

Investors Ripple contracts according to Ripple and an expert in the case did not Oblige Ripple to do anything to increase Xrp's price and he goes on but you get The gist of it right there we will find Out I'm highlighting this because We need to keep in mind that this is not A criminal case there is no fraud here There are no criminal charges here and What I want to remind you of is what Greg Kidd reminded of Canada Senate of Back in 2015. this is what we're really Talking about how do you define the Technology that moves value and settles It damn near instantly because it isn't Just about the token it's more about the The Ledger itself right that value Protocol which is a decentralized Exchange which can become the World Exchange take a listen here if two years From now we find out the Ripple isn't Exists first what's the threat to the System what what could go wrong where This is not involved as you're Projecting it will be Oh so so let me be very clear the Company Ripple could go away tomorrow But that will not have any impact on the Ripple protocol the Ripple which is The Xrp Ledger Is like uh think about it as like tcpip For the internet or SMS for text Messaging there's no like SMS company That makes text messaging between

Telephone companies possible so this is Just it really is just a set of Technical protocols just like SMTP is For for email so there doesn't need to Be a ripple company for the Ripple Protocol to survive and and Thrive it It's already out there and that's really The truth of it right there shout out to Plan xrp for that clip and what I want To say to to that notion is is what I've Said for a few years now What the realization of the fourth Industrial Revolution the internet of Value is the realization from the Creators of these value protocols is That they missed an opportunity when They made the protocols of the internet In its Inception and birth in the early Days the internet of information we're Using right now They missed the opportunity to create a Token to represent the volume liquidity And utility that moves across that Protocol And that is what Ripple has done with The creation of The xrp Ledger which Obviously was created before Ripple but Then we have here Saudi Arabia says Opening settle trade and other Currencies we have covered this multiple Times but why is it important today Because this gentleman sitting on stage From DBS which does work with ripple They have done tests just so you know

They are at almost every swell shout out To piyush Gupta from DBS they cited a Few years ago in 2019 that Ripple was The cheapest when it come to doing Cross-border payments but listen to what It's escalated to now because we can't Forget the larger geopolitical monetary Implications of what we're exactly Talking about here and it's moving value Across the world anything to anything In seconds take a listen here Wanted to get your snapshot and we're Going to delve into it with our next Guest as well what is the future of Money because it you know it's rare that We hand over Hard Cash in London where I'm living today yep you know cash is Getting less pervasive even here with The the Dirham right okay what do you See in 10 years okay that's also a very Tough question uh I don't have the Answer to that but I'll tell you how I Will approach it uh one money as we know It today and the US is a reserve Currency I think you'll be stressed you Know governments that are not aligned With U.S policy would start wondering Should I buy should I keep US Dollars Should I keep U.S treasuries and if I Don't agree with U.S with us then Weaponize it against me so I think that Question is in most common mind okay if I'm if I'm if I'm running any government That come uh to mine uh currency being

Backed by Commodities you know a basket Of Commodities Commodities I think would Be best but I don't know if you're good That big that's that and I mean China Has been pushing for that now we have Cryptocurrency today we have a stable Point today we have Central Bank digital Currency today so there's a lot of Question you know uh is there going to Be a change for the future of money look Different now I don't know the answer But I do know that status quo as we know It I think won't stay you know given all That has happened uh it won't stay it Won't stay yeah I won't think I don't Believe I'll stay the same how does it Move forward I don't know now the third Cryptocurrency is a little bit of a Misnomer okay because crypto I think Come from a Greek work that means secret And currency if you are a money you must Satisfy three three uh rules you might Be a unit of account that means I can Measure you can you know price it you Must be a medium for a change that means It's widely acceptable by everybody and It must be a storage of value so uh Crypto currencies really a digital token You know uh so I I think it doesn't Satisfy the first two units of exchange And medium of exchange and the union of Account so it's not really money per se You know uh well I was wondering maybe I'm just being too simplistic but it

Could almost be like the Accu which was Preceded the Euro right it was a tray Weighted basket of currencies couldn't You devolve or evolve to a a Cryptocurrency that we could agree on With you know 10 of the leading Currencies of the world and that's our Instrument I haven't thought about that I I don't Know uh to be honest with you I don't Know uh if it's time against a bastard Of current uh currencies I'm not so sure If it's tie against the basket of Commodities maybe you know because I Don't think anyone wants to be beholden To any uh other countries or block of Countries interesting so tell me See it is interesting isn't it And understanding that The xrp Ledger is The World Exchange Wouldn't you have the biggest basket of Commodities on it that you ever could And if you made a stable coin off of all Of the things on The Ledger Wouldn't that be exactly what these two Gentlemen are talking about here at the World government Summit Look now Financial advice for me or Anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one

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