XRP Las Vegas Update , Ripple Chairman Hacked & Astounding SEC Behavior

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and I had a uh I got on a Call with Nick buedo from link to my Sponsor this morning and he had a lot of Interesting things to say about what They're doing listen to this a fedo from Link to on to give us a link to update Hey Dai thanks for having me on today Yeah man uh we we've got uh so so Today's kind of an interesting day we're We're you know we were out of Ripple for For six weeks and and as was reported by By Yahoo finance Ripple was doing a Tender offer which is which is a buyback Of shares so they were buying back a Very small percentage of employee shares And early investor shares uh to provide Liquidity to those folks so so what had Happened was for that six week period we Couldn't access ripple at all um but but Luckily we're now able to to access it Um from those same people and we're Going to we're going to launch three Blocks today at three different times so These are all pacific times by the way 8:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pacific time um all of our members will See uh they won't be huge blocks but There'll be a small Ripple block Available at a discounted price uh Should you want to make your first

Ripple investment or or or make an Additional Ripple investment today is a Fantastic day to do it um and uh and and By staggering those times it allows our Members from all over the world to to You know to take part in it because We're we're in over a 100 countries now Oh wow any updates on uh link to are you Guys still planning to go public or is There anything you can talk about well It it we we made that announcement last Year it is still on our road mapap for This year um and I I I hope that we'll Talk more about it um at xrp Las Vegas Because we'll we'll be having an Investor conference at xrp Las Vegas for All the link to members um in fact if You don't mind you know we're g to have We're going to be a sponsor at xrp Las Vegas and and and we're also going to Have two different events at xrp Las Vegas that I'd love for our members to Hear about um the one event is going to Be we're going to have link to Las Vegas Investor conference which will be open To all link to members and that'll take Place on the 2nd around lunchtime and That's the day before xrp Las Vegas and That then that evening we'll have a Special team aollo only event and um I Know you've been to some team Apollo Events maybe you can tell them what it's Like oh yeah I've met a lot of nice People there um I did one I've done one

In um we went to the Washington Nationals game that was one and then we Did one was it Bitcoin Miami yeah yeah We did Miami which was which was really Really great that was a fun one and then Wine Country oh yeah wine country was special That was really that was a whole lot of Fun too we had we had a a great time There um but we'll be having one in Las Vegas it'll be a great time the last one We had was in New York City during the Ripple proper party we had nearly 180 People there um and I'll just tell you Link to members if you've never attended You know especially for team Apollo Members if you never attended one of the Team Apollo events you got to come They're fantastic and and for our other Members if you want to attend our Conference there will be invitations for Both of these events um for xrp Los Vegas coming from link to in the next Couple of weeks so just stay tuned for Details you'll get it in your email box Awesome and you just by the way you just Missed the blower they were blowing Right here outside my window just about 30 minutes ago you know it's you you Have caused all of your listeners Anytime there's a blower outside our Windows I'm sure everybody's thinking of You in fact I always thought it would be Funny when we when we meet up at these

Conferences one day I'm going to show up With a t-shirt that has a blower on It or that's funny all right um so so he Was talking about their uh Presence at Xrp Las Vegas yesterday I mentioned that Um one of the speakers was John Deon but He wasn't here on the site but now Brad Comms and them had added on to the site Reminder that all the links to xrp Las Vegas are in the description of this Video if you're if you're a member in my Da xrp.com group you can get a discount Um there's a discount link there in that Group I've posted it several times check This out breaking news Saudi Arabia Egypt and UAE have officially joined the Bricks the brick according to Reuters this is a big deal folks because The Petro dollar everything that Americans every everything about your Life your standard of living has to do With the fact that the P dollar is in Existence no P dollar no standard of Living Glenn Beck was reminding every Explaining a little bit today I want you To really understand what I just told You the ramification this isn't from Today this is from March of 2022 but it Stands true now I I want you to really Understand what I just told you the Ramifications of this what I told you is There's an axis and Allied Power Argentina Brazil Mexico Ukraine Russia uh the stands of course Saudi

Arabia I don't know about Yemen Iran India China th those are all part of an Ally now everybody's talking about gold What would that I mean oil what would That mean for Oil but I just told you it also affects The US dollar this will take the US Dollar out of the world Reserve currency Which people told me 10 years ago could Never happen it's going to happen soon But more importantly goods and services Think about what happens if we take this Part of the world out of production Let's say there's a cold war when we had A cold war with Russia we didn't really Need any stacking dolls so we were Pretty good but now if this is the Cold War and we don't trade with these guys Do you know how much your clothing is Going to cost how much a car will cost Where are you going to get your chips For anything because Taiwan is the one That makes all of the sophisticated Chips this is going to change everything About your life everything that you Think you know about America if I was China and I was going To to attack Taiwan I would wait until All of this was this Alliance all this Was complete then I would take Taiwan Over now big news today was that uh First it was reported that Ripple had Been hacked 213 million xrp which is $12.5 Million worth then uh Chris lson

Retweeted it and said yesterday was Unauthorized access to a few of my Personal xrp accounts not Ripple we were Quickly able to catch the problem in Notify exchanges to freeze the affected Addresses law enforcement is already Involved I'm I'm wondering from this why Chris Larson does not have some kind of Like institutional grade custody that's My first question here um whale wire Clarifies xrp hack story that is Currently circulating it's clear that Xrp was not hacked nor uh is that Possible lots of fake news going around What happened was someone had gained Access to co-founder Chris larsson's Personal wallets yesterday but Thankfully they noticed it quick enough And law enforcement work working Alongside crypto exchanges have already Frozen all the stolen funds you can see How quickly the Maxi media tries to Spend this story to bash xrp it's it's Like if Michael sailor had his private Keys compromised and then the headlines Read Bitcoin just got hacked That's exactly right what I'm wondering And well here's Thomas silk jar I don't Know if that's the right way to say his Name we received a tip yesterday from White bit of suspicious deposits which Led to unraveling a huge network of Accounts involved in this case we Alerted Chris as soon as we realized

What was going on and have worked Tirelessly for the past 18 hours um Collaborating with our good friends at Gate Hub sharing data with exchanges Involved in the matter sharing data with Chris and his team and collecting Information for further processing and Investigation by Chris's team law Enforcement at this moment I can't share More details I can however reiterate as Usual that some exchanges are much more Responsive than others thanks for the Collaboration now I'm kind of confused By this in That I would have thought that Chris Larsson would have had institutional Grade custody like in a um I know I Remember when he tweeted this back in September 2020 about how um he had an Xrp wallet with a New York digital what I don't I don't remember what their name Was New York digital something Group anyway he had put some of his Crypto there but I figured all of his Crypto would be in a place like that Guess not um met a law man astounding I've never seen anything quite like this In more than 30 years of representing Clients adverse to the SEC I actually Think this voluntary dismissal could Make it more likely the SEC lawyers Involved in the Mis misrepresentations To the court will be sanctioned what He's talking about Elanor terret

Yesterday tweeted this out new the SEC Has just filed a brief in the debt box Case saying that it intends to dismiss The lawsuit against the company the SEC Has using dismissal rather than face Possible sanctions from the judge for Misleading the court in order to secure Restraining Order so John Deon retweeted this and he Says Gary Gensler this disgrace falls Under your leadership or the lack Thereof first your lawyers were Described by a federal judge as Hypocrites lacking faithful allegiance To the law and the Ripple case later and Remember they Lied they lied about the bill Henman Speech for over a year they even li they Lied about the bill Henman speech being His personal opinion then they turned Around and lied to Charles Gasperino which he seems to be fine with But they lied to everybody lied to the Judge lied in the court and and he's Saying here later an appet Court ruled Uh your denial of spot Bitcoin ETF was Arbitrary and capricious in the Grayscale case despite those incredible Findings findings that would make any Lawyer or leader cringe from Embarrassment and humiliation your Agency's lawyers continued to act with Complete disregard for the truth and for Justice now you run away attempting to

Shield your unethical lawyers from Facing the very law they swore to Uphold and then look at this the I mean Just today we we saw where Navi and goop To Ste down so I was looking through Some of his videos think about this he's Describing Middle East regulators and How they meet with businesses in good Faith to help them meanwhile while us Regulators meet with businesses to build A file on them they use this file to sue Them then they lie to the judges in Court for years so that businesses have To spend Millions to disprove the lies That's what we're talking about here Navine goop is describing the way the Middle Eastern Regulators behave how Would you characterize the crypto Regulatory environment in the in the Middle East if you had to compare it to What we're seeing in the US right Now I think it's just light I mean it's day And night right I mean so what I can see Because I experience mainly the UAE I Think The Regulators are very open uh You can come up with an idea have a Dialogue with the regulator agree on the Way forward and and you're able to move Forward with very quick speed also you Are able to very quickly mobilize in Terms of Team you're able to scale up And then constantly go back to the Regulator if the model changes in some

Way so this is this healthy two-way Dialogue that's creating the the fertile Ground for companies uh to grow in the Web 3 Space how would you characterize the Crypto so that's the state of the United States of America um today also today we We had this The xrp Ledger amm finally Passed and will be activated around February 14th so that's good news that thing's Been out there for a long time then we Had this uh keynote announcement money 2020 apparently is going to have Monica President of Ripple will be at money 2020 um okay we're going to go in dp.com And all I'll say is this Folks if you want to get the Chills about what it is we all face in This evil world that we're now in come On into da xrp.com and also if you want To get your U Las xrp Las Vegas discount Come on into xrp Los I mean sorry Dp.com uh because that's in there too But I'm going to show you some video That is just pure chilling to me I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family if you want to get The chills you like scary movies we're Living one right now come in here I'll Show you what should be chilling to the

Bone for you all right here we [Music] [Music] Go [Music]


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