Ripple CEO Points To Banks/Financial Institutions Using XRP In Dubai

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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I am checking My volume sorry Mr B checking the Volumes again double Checking check it out xrp blastoff tus 12 Days I am going to focus on the Short-term price action today could we Have started our movie our move to my Target of 89 to A135 already during our recent impulsive Move for xrp you can see all the large Spikes of volume and green meanwhile the Bulls are in charge currently Additionally we are putting in a series Of higher lows higher highs um battle Through local uh area of demand around 62 cents once once we clear 66 cents we Could have a fast move to the upside I Like the sound of that then we got this From crypto bull if xrp repeats the Surge as it did after the first major Triangle that I'm assuming he's talking January 2018 we could see $27 or within The next 3 months in other words if it Repeats that triangle from back then $27 I know a lot of people that would gladly Accept That um wanted to show this this is from Wheezy xrp Google searches on the rise

Google Trends reveals greater enthusiasm Among Americans 4 xrp over Ethereum here's the Google Trends looks like Delaware is the number One state into xrp then Nevada Arizona Louisiana but all of them are more into Xrp than they are ethereum Cryptocurrency or the company Ripple Which is separate from xrp the digital Asset then we've got this this is Brad Uh garlinghouse Dubai's Regulators have Consistently demonstrated their Pro-innovation approach with this Announcement as the as the latest Example riple will continue doubling Down in regions where there is Regulatory Clarity for crypto a key Reason we're hosting Ripple swell in Dubai this Year and he's retweeting this today in Dubai Financial Services Authority dfsa Approves xrp under its virtual assets Regime allowing licensed firms in the Dubai International Financial Center to Incorporate xrp into their virtual Asset Services and then if you look look right Here Anthony welfare is going to um he Says another step forward for ripple xrp Ledger and crypto since the dfsa opened My opened up external applications xrp Is the first virtual asset to be Approved by the regime xrp joins Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin as assets previously Approved under the dfs's virtual assets

Regime xrp now stands to benefit from Legal and regular Clarity in the DS DC um and will be available for use by Institutions located in the DC to Accelerate faster more more efficient Global value Exchange wow folks now Jim Rickards is Back on the scene I wanted to play you This clip from him he's talking about Financial Wars which we're in the middle Ofal War yeah of course it's a Connecticut war of course people are Being killed s um you know 400,000 Ukrainian casualties I just talked about Possibly tens of thousands of Palestinian casualties but this is a Penti war as much as anything um and the US is losing uh the you know the Russian Sanctions have failed I I I teach a Seminar in financial Warfare at the US Army war college and I told my 2022 Class this is April 2022 not long after the Ukraine war Started I said these sanctions are going To fail and worse than that they're Going to uh they're going to uh there'll Be blowback that's going to hurt the United States more than it's hurt Russia That's all that's happened so uh so we Know a lot uh there's a lot we don't Know I think we can correctly anticipate A large scale Israeli uh land infantry armor Drone uh invasion of

Gaza but what we don't know is well Hezbollah open a second front would Escalate to Iran but those are the Things that that are really going to tip The global eon economy into a global Recession if not a a financial crisis Hey there I just want to quickly Interrupt the video and just say on a I Got to get through uh her commercial to The other Side here he Is in the pentagon's first ever Financial war game in 2009 at the Warfare analysis laboratory part of John Hopkins it's a top secret uh lab about Halfway between Washington and Baltimore Uh the Pentagon did not need my help in War games but they did need outside Expertise in financial War they had Never done that before and I even Recruited and and they they sort of you Know they the FBI and the CIA and the Treasury and um think tanks What I Call The Usual Suspects I said look if you Want a really good Financial award Involves you know lying cheating and Deception we got to get some Wall Street People in here because that's what They're good at so I was able to recruit Um a top private Equity manager and one Of the top analysts for one of of the Biggest banks in the world so we got a Little uh Little Wall Street expertise In the room U went extremely well since

Then um uh by the way the scenario we Did in 2009 was that Russia and China Were going to accumulate gold and start A new gold back currency and try to run The dollar off the road so we did that Uh 14 years ago uh warn the Pentagon the Whole idea of a war game is not to do Today's war it's look 5 10 years down The road and help people prepare for What might be coming we're there now Then you and I talked about the bricks And other uh you know other multilateral Efforts to uh to get out under the Dollar but I did another um war game What what we call tabletop you just get 11 15 experts around the table and you Talk it through you know wasn't quite as Elaborate in that sense as the um as the 2009 war game but I was sitting one seat Away from one of the top officials at The United States Treasury who was he Was he was like the dollar guy Le on to Asia Japan and China and so forth and uh So I I basically tell that you're in You're in a vault in the Pentagon you Know but I tell them what I tell your Viewers uh you Know the the greatest threat to the Dollar doesn't come from overseas Although there is a threat it comes to The United States itself we are we're The ones destroying the Dollar by Overusing sanctions and that's what I Said at the time I said sanctions can be

Effective but when you overuse them you Create an incentive for your adversaries To get out from under the do system to Come up with Alternatives easier said Than done takes takes a long time but um But they begin working on that because They don't want to be the next victim And the the if you say what was this you Know I had to use cliches but the you Know the the straw that broke the camels Back is when the United States froze About $250 billion of treasury notes and Securities owned by the Central Bank of Russia those were their reserves they Had them invested not all of them but a Lot of the reserves in US treasuries we Froze them um that was unprecedented I Mean we kicked Iran out of Swift and we Did the same thing with Russia we did a Lot else to Russia but freezing Central Bank Reserves of a major Global power Largest atomic nuclear Arsenal in the World I think he's laying it out Perfectly here everything that you're Witnessing all the scops that we've all Been living through have everything to Do with what he's talking about right Here it that's what's on the line the World Reserve currency status period That's why I've been accumulating gold An xrp this is it you know Etc uh had Never been done before well think about That from the perspective of you know Brazil Saudi Arabia India um turkey uh a

Lot of other countries you're sitting They're saying well huh if they did that To Russia what if I do something United States doesn't like are they going to Freeze my reserves and the answer is Maybe yes so you've now created a very Powerful incentive to get out from under Dar hemony Um it didn't come from them it came from Us because we were overusing the reserve So I pointed this out in this um this War game I'm describing and this Treasury official he kind of like Slamm Both hands like face down on the table Like boom like that he goes the dollar Has been the global Reserve currency it Is the global Reserve currency today and It will always be the global Reserve Currency and I I turned I said David I I Feel like uh I'm in White Hall in 1913 Listening to John bull say Sterling is The global Reserve currency and it Always will be and then you know 30 Years later it was it was done um so uh But you can't get through I mean I Always get the meetings I've been in the Pentagon that here here's the part where He tells he talks about how which parts Of our government get it and which ones Don't this that assessment which is Their furist thing tanks you been in the Treasury of the FED Etc the only people Who kind of understand what I'm saying Are at the Pentagon because they I mean

The the military and the and the office Of sec secary defense because as I say To them I said when the rest of the Government screws up it ends up in your Lap like the military and that's going To happen in Israel the military is Going to have to come in and pick up the Pieces that other people in the state Department the fed the treasury have Have you know scrambled um so uh so they Kind of get it but the treasury doesn't Get it uh the fed's kind of not involved They they don't really do International Stuff it's not part of their mandate so So-called uh the White House Janny Allen Doesn't understand anything we're Talking about right now she's um she's a Statistics geek from Berkeley uh you Know probably a high IQ no common sense No real International experience so she Doesn't understand this unbelievable our Country is so screwed um now I'm I'm uh In in the group today you you we're Going uh we're looking at that FTX org Chart some more and I think It All Leads Exactly to the geographies and the Places that I believe it leads to and We've got some eye openening stuff um That'll about about that today also I'm Going to be um I mentioned I talked to Brad comms and if he goes forward with Xrp loss Vegas um I'm going to be able To he's going to let me provide a Discount for tickets inside of this

Group only just wanted to let you know That but he hasn't confirmed for a th% Sure um if it's happening or not but When he does he gave me his word so thanks I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and Family we're going down some very very Um we they don't call this the danger Zone for no reason D Member group go check it out [Music] [Music]


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