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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here India fears Losing control of the money supply and The real bull market is coming and we're Going to tell you exactly where it's Coming from somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter or Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive Content at the top of the screen 1.02 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto it's up point seven percent good Morning Bitcoin 20 800 plus up 22 Percent on the seven day ethereum 1500 Plus up over 20 percent on the seven day Tether market cap 66.3 billion they say And xrp is 38 cents up 11.6 percent Let's start right here gold is security Glint it's key ladies and gentlemen why Do I like having gold and access to gold With my MasterCard debit card and on my App on my phone well I tell you why Because I think you're going to see Evidence in this video today it's going To show you where the bull Market's Going to come from in the digital asset Space and I widely believe that gold Will play an enormous role in giving the Confidence to this new digital monetary System we will be we will be moving and

Shifting too I do believe we are Witnessing the greatest Financial Paradigm shift in the history of mankind And in my house it absolutely includes Gold this is an example the equivalent Of Seventeen hundred seventy dollars Worth of gold purchased in 1933 would be Roughly worth 150 that fifty one Thousand dollars today let that sink in That's why I top off my Link Card yeah Charles gasparito Fox Business News Absurdity of the xrp community hatred For all things and people associated With ethereum can be found in the fact That every person I associate know I Know associated with eth wants Ripple to Prevail over the SEC because what it Will mean for crypto regulation and Probably e-coin oh boy Tell me you don't know the ins and out Of a of a space that you're talking About without telling me you don't know The ins and outs of the space and the Facts that you're talking about this Tweet is a perfect example I certainly appreciate Charles Gasparinos reporting when it's accurate Okay Charles gasparino does it he Obviously doesn't know vitalik buterin And Joseph Lubin who have been very Clear and vocal that they see xrp as a Clear threat The xrp army doesn't want it to fail we

Want eth and all other cryptos including Xrp held to the same standards it's not Complicated there's regulatory capture Inside of the SEC as far as I'm Concerned The only thing absurd is Charles Gasparino's tweet that goes uninformed Every time we see it here it's Ridiculous we don't have to agree let's Be clear I'm not going to attack and name call And I encourage everybody else to not do That either But I tell you this the only thing Absurd is this tweet that Charles Gasparino has made here it is completely Uninformed This is an investigative journalist you May want to start doing a little more Investigation right Oh boy India is worried they will lose Control over the money supply in the Country due to assets like Bitcoin This can happen says the Central Bank Governor And then that is not good for something Like Bitcoin right listen here so Currencies have the potential you know They have the characteristics of Becoming a means of Exchange That is they can become a means of Exchange of of doing a transaction And most of it is dollar denominated so If you allow it to grow assume a

Situation where 20 percent of our Transactions in the economy 20 percent Are mentioning an ad hoc number 20 of The transactions in the economy is Taking place through cryptos which are Not issued by the Central Bank it is Issued by private companies which are Placed all over the world The Reserve Bank being the monetary Authority of the country as the central Bank will lose control over the money Supply in the economy we will lose Control over 20 percent of the Transactions in our economy Reserve bank's ability the central Bank's ability to decide monetary policy To decide on the liquidity of you know The level of liquidity that needs to be Maintained the level of money supply M3 That has to be maintained in the economy The reserve bank's authority to that Extent will get undermined it will lead To a dollarization of the economy and Please believe me these are not empty Alarm signals or empty you know I am Getting this can happen one year ago in The Reserve Bank we had said that this Whole thing is likely to collapse sooner Than later and if you see the Developments over the last one year Climaxing in the FTX episode I think I Don't need to add Anything more and he does it he Nails it And listen I have said for years now the

Central banks are going to join this Fourth digital Revolution no matter how Skeptical they may seem because they Need to remain in control Empower and Relevant that's what's going on here Ladies and gentlemen and this gentleman Right here says exactly what we've been Talking about as well what we're Watching take place now Is not just so the Legacy players can Pick up the space at Pennies on the Dollar because that is exactly what's Happening and I believe it's happening Through regulatory capture through Goldman Gensler I'll tell you what we're seeing in the Long term is we're not just seeing the Suppression of the market so the Legacy Firms and institutions could come in and Buy up the space which is absolutely True and it is absolutely an indicator That when we see that that we know that They're about to unleash this thing once BlackRock and JP Morgan and Goldman and The rest of them Get their positions where they exactly Want it then we're going to get clarity But after that moment takes place We will also have this In a room on stigmatizing industry and Make you know They destroy tens of billions of dollars At this point of value belonging to People or is the objective to actually

Stimulate the economy and protect People nah man see so we're saying Actually it's 2 trillion because it was Three plus trillion in the crypto space It's been destroyed down to one right Now and it was less than that just a Week ago and you're the first person to Comment for me at that angle and I'd Absolutely agree that it's like so well But I guess the fall question of that is Uh what what type of expectation do you Want to give to regulators and how rigid Do you want those regulations to come Down on the web 3 Community well I don't Want to it's not about coming down that You can they can come down on the web 3 Community yeah and then everyone will Self-custody their assets they'll use Strong encryption and privacy technology And all you would do is accelerate the Propagation of an inevitable Quote unquote dark web yeah this is Exactly what I've been talking about for Years We reported on this Jay Clayton even Said this when he was the SEC chair You can't stop the Innovation you can't Stop the technology it will innovate Around you if they don't embrace it How do you embrace it how do you get People to use it you get people to use The technology and the assets because You choose the ones that you want to Regulate

You bring a trust to the people in the Market and the consumer and the citizens By highly regulating certain protocols And demonizing others whether that be Through fines or we're just saying that It's not a safe place to be this is Regulated over here and this is not over There we have a dark web and we have a Regulated web we are on the precipice And when we see the big Legacy firms Come in and get their positions really Dialed in And the clarity comes for stable coins You're going to know at that point That there is a regulated crypto digital Asset space and value protocols and then There is the rest of them Don't believe it it's still true And looking forward here we got to look Back just a little bit In 2017 we had this document here for The center for Global development And what do we find I'll tell you what We find shout out to ISO uh who put this Post up ISO 2 or 20022 let's do it And I want to show you this and Obviously from 2017 but stay with me We're not done Ripple has completed Several pilot tests with global active Banks while Stellar network is now being Used to provide interoperability between Mobile money operators in Nigeria Kenya Ghana and to facilitate remittance Payments to the Philippines using 2016. That's how long all of this has been Going on we come down here a little Further and what do we find out we get a Reminder about the interledger protocol Which makes everything interoperable it Ties it all together right the mesh to Use any protocol but a nice reminder Here is that in 2017 Ripple was in contract with 75 banks for Integration has a Consortium of 47 Japanese banks with SBI That began piloting the solution in 2017. They say Siam Commercial Bank and Obviously uh SBI remit as we all know Right You know this is where we're going Four days ago ABN Amro issues digital Bond on the stellar blockchain Remember when we covered Jack McDonald From poly sign Which you can get it linked to by the Way Tokenizing the entire Capital markets The next bull market will come if it's Going to come at all From use case from real businesses Needing to solve a real problem with a Very real solution that is very Compliant and highly regulated Here we have it right here I'm just Going to give you this right here so we Have to read the whole thing

You see it Became the first bank in the Netherlands To register digital Bond on the public Blockchain using fire blocks digital Bomb was issued to select groups of Investors to raise funds on behalf of Apoc and Aba Here it breaks it all down the smart Contract was developed by bit Bond on The stellar blockchain You know I've never promised when Moon I've never suggested I know when things Will blow open or explode but I know for Certain that if we're going to see a Bull market it's going to come from Tokenization and Larry Fink from BlackRock and 10 11 trillion dollars Assets under management think so too I'm focused on the whole idea of Blockchain for securities AKA tokenizing stocks and bonds That's what Poli SCI does Link for link to is underneath the video If you're looking to get that if you're Credited You can't make it up Then right here this professor from Mobile Says this In conclusion It confirms everything we know control Relevance remain in power from the Central banks no option left No option left

Is no longer a matter of an option and Choice for the government and central Banks of any Sovereign Nation It is imperative and has become an Essential necessity Cbdc's world of various will soon emerge The only option for keeping pace Digital transformation of Industry trade And commerce particularly in fintech the Segment of bfsi sector and it goes on to Talk about the Smart Technologies Touches payments cashless we know the Rest of it I remind you the UK said that we're Stepping up we're going to do a a Digital pound stable coin in the coming Weeks that is a G7 Nation In the coming weeks they say Well I tell you it gets awful hard to do This digital Revolution if they don't Have somebody to send it to now doesn't It It's for the wholesale back end I've talked multiple times about how It's much easier for them to build the Plumbing the market infrastructure on The wholesale back end they're not Worried about the consumer citizens Using the digital dollar just yet for Groceries and whatnot that'll come It starts with them first then it Trickles down from there And one of the things that they need to Really get this thing going

Is Clarity regulation Listen I know we want it badly but they Need it Because they lose control relevance and Power if they don't have it That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one

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