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Welcome back to the show everybody You're going to love today because xrp Is up over 9% in the last 24 hours you Heard that right 9% and we're going to Bust some Ripple fud xrp fud big time And we got the bis in Ripple and we got So much more somebody roll that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $1.38 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 8% Bitcoin 35,200 plus ethereum 1897 and change and We see tether market cap 85.4 billion Plus B&B at the number four spot right Now xrp at the number five spot but I Bring that up because that wasn't the Case overnight that's right xrp was at The number four spot we're going to get Into that as well right now we're up 8.2 Here but you'll see in a second on Fiat Link we're up over 9% ladies and Gentlemen the last 24 hours 25.4% up on the seven day uhoh starting To ask the question when Moon Yeah and Just moments ago we were 9.3 9.03% up on the 24hour now 8.78 as it's Fluctuating ranging between

6351 cents and 774 cents that's where we're at this Morning oh it's a good day ladies and Gentlemen and so is this link to private Equity ladies and gentlemen all you have To do is sign up register and get Started you just got to click the link Below and you're already on your journey To get private Equity no doubt about it And the best private equity in the world So make sure you do that before it is Gone now look at this this is what we're Talking about from Michael Branch right Here give him a follow and there you Have it ladies and gentlemen xrp took The number four spot as it was up 10.19% at the time when it did that Shout out to Michael for that but that Reminded me of something back in the day Xrp is now currently at the moment Trending over ethereum Google Trends Check it out you can see it right here So this is pretty interesting now what I Wanted to share with that is for people Have not been in this space long back in 2018 Ripple actually passed ethereum to Claimed a number two ranking on coin Market cap now it wasn't long after that That things started getting really funny For ripple and xrp because I believe They understood clearly at ethereum's Camp where the danger was because the Power of the tech and the business Ripple here we see this is an alert to

Everyone here the scammers they are Unfortunately so very good please be Careful ladies and gentlemen Community Alert here from Zack xbt thank you to Him or her whoever that is uh and uh There is currently a fake Ledger Live App on the official Microsoft app store Which has resulted in 16.8 plus Bitcoin That's over half a million Stolen oh boy please be careful I mean You know I have been victim to fishing Attacks and and you know and many other Situations I know people have been hung Up in but just please be careful you Know uh I want I hope everybody gets a Chance to see this and if they don't Please retweet it if you're on a social Media platform or a post and then tell Everybody friends neighbors co-workers Let's get this out I don't want to see People they work so hard for what they Have to be uh taken advantage of and That's a pretty hard scam to recognize There so I'm grateful for Zack X xbt There Charles P vain says uh pay excuse Me uh it's early for me this morning on A time change here getting adjusted to It here stop showering Sam bankman freed Uh his family with sympy sympathy uh It's time to expand the probe to Everyone involved including Wall Street And Silicon Valley and this is Absolutely right this is why we love Charles V pay because he calls it like

He sees it and he's been in the world of Finance for a very long time so uh I Think this to spot on and I don't think Anything should stop about this case Even though Sam bankman freed has been Found guilty on all charges I think they Should go deeply into this the way he is Suggested here and his Family his mother and father are Absolutely complicit in this that is not A guess well speaking of funny business Here how about this guy now which story Is it that's what we have to ask Ourselves I want you to listen back here 2019 well Alex Holmes I want you to Listen to what he said about their Partnership with ripple take a listen we Were doing a lot with with with odl Today and and um also pushing into uh Ripple net as well in the in the coming Coming weeks and months now very quickly This was about the money gram Ripple Partnership for those that aren't aware Take a listen uh the thing I love about Odl at the moment is that we're sort of Completely in the Forefront of this um As we go around and talk I think there's A lot of skeptical people out there Still and and you know um I'm here to Say I guess I was one of them and now I Am not do you think Ripple could make a Comeback there a lot of eff effects Volatility in that stuff um to be able To see transactions go to you know for

Example US to Mexico which is the Biggest Corridor we have right now um We're moving you know $350 transfers to Mexico literally you know every second You know subc we're moving just and and Settling you know billions of dollars And that's probably the single biggest Challenge that we had um you know using That was we were trying to look at Crossb um use cases and you go from you Know US dollar to a peso like we do Today you got to buy pesos you have to Play Pesos into the market there's an fx Cost to that well you think when you go Into the crypto world you could Eliminate the FX cost the reality is you Can't because that that that coin's Moving around in value so um you know For us I think getting us to Mexico up Um I think we're pushing almost today About 10% of our volume uh that we Normally do to Mexico through the odl Platform it's working extremely well We've now um opened into uh four new Corridors that were um beginning to to Scale uh and I think that those will Continue to ramp in the in the coming Coming weeks and and months and uh you Know I at the end of the day pairing off Our transaction flows with the currency Flows really gives a lot of efficiency And scale to to what we do you know it Didn't really solve for anything and Actually it added a third element

Because you're now you're going a dollar To a currency to another currency so now You're doing like two foreign exchange Trades instead of one um literally Having that on demand liquidity so Knowing how many pesos I moved what time Of day where the peso rate was and then Be a to actually buy your pesos at that Same time land them in Mexico for the Purposes of settling is really pretty Phenomenal it's pretty amazing so it Didn't really make a lot of sense to me So um you know I won't comment on you Know what else they're doing or or where They're going to go cuzz you know it's a Lovely company I guess yeah oh boy there You have it now what's funny is is that If you remember I'm going to take you Back to the actual deal this is back in Uh blockchain firm Ripple to end the Partnership with money gram back in March of 2021 right so uh what's Interesting about all of this is um Brad Garling house said today we are Announcing that Ripple and money Graham Have together decided to wind down our Current partnership agreement Now Understand that Ripple had been sued by The SEC at this point right and both are Committed to revisiting in the future See our full statement which he has There but what's what what's interesting About this is that they put up uh uh 50 Million and let me double check that yes

It's right here so Ripple bought a 30 Million stake $30 $30 million stake in Money Gram in 2019 with its partnership Initially set for two years the deal Allowed money Graham to use Ripple's Product for crossb payments and foreign Exchange settlement now for me it was One of those things that was like this Is not only a partnership which by the Way was approved by the SEC and they Knew that MoneyGram was going to use xrp But then they turned around and sued uh Anyway uh it's pretty remarkable what The SEC has done here uh and Unconscionable despicable and some more Words at Ryme with gymnasium but Nevertheless Money Gram stopped Transacting under its commercial Agreement with ripple in early December And said in a regulatory filing it will Not receive any Market development fees In 2021 so there's uh the $30 million Stake but it was up to a $50 million Deal I believe that they had planned and They bought up to 30 million so the Original plan was that Ripple was going To buy up to 10% stake in money grant Okay so you wonder when you hear this Kind of badmouth move here by the CEO Alex Jones you have to wonder does this Have something to do with unwinding that Deal and that money he may have wanted I Don't know the answer but something is Absolutely off with Alex Holmes at money

Graham no doubt about it and I'll tell You why and it's not just because of his Two-faced statements okay it goes much Deeper to that it's because of this Kuwaiti Finance house calls Ripple a World-class firm a mid partnership for Instant crossboard service uhoh looks Like Alex Holmes from MoneyGram is Looking like a jaded girlfriend right Because now what we see Kuwaiti Finance House cooperates with world class Companies to provide unique top tier Services such as cooperation with ripple To launch instant crossb payment service By using Ripple's technology so you know When we see this stuff about Kuwaiti Finance house and shout out to Wheezy For this uh you know then let's look at This okay here we go again Bank of International settlements the Central Bank of central banks of the world Ladies and gentlemen no one disputes That did you know we are the regulatory Co-host of 2023 DC fintech week on November 6th through the 9th tune in to Hear Augustine Carson's and everyone Else including this guy right here Brad Garlinghouse ladies and gentlemen that's Right yeah from The Firm that we're Hearing Mr Alex Holmes suggest right is Okay I guess right but the truth is the Kuwaiti Financial house right right the Bank of international settlements the Central Bank of central banks certainly

Sees the value of Ripple and obviously They're offering xrp for crossb payments Even if they haven't used it yet that's Why I'm having trouble seeing Alex home From Money Gram on this fintech week Yeah that's right because he's probably The one that's wrong right something up With that then there's this as we inch Close closer to November 20th the list Of Heavy Hitters gearing up for a Paradigm shift is draw jaw-dropping here From Wall Street Bulls the intergration And adoption spree slated for November 19th is nothing short of a financial Renaissance from sepa to Swift bny melon To HSBC the an the UN anonymity excuse Me in moving toward a new Financial era Is clear and xrp is poised to be at the Heart of this transformation I think That's absolutely right the convergence Of these two Financial Giants of these Financial Giants excuse me on the same Release implementation dates underscores The synchronicity in this massive Transition the anticipation is electric And it really is with Ripple's prowess And the xrp's efficiency we're not just Witnessing a change we're part of a Revolution Let's buckle up for this Exhilarating ride towards Uncharted Territories that's exactly right and When you hear me say that uh we are Witnessing the greatest Financial Paradigm shift in the history of mankind

And it cannot be overstated this is what We're talking about here and this here Is the shift to iso20022 right the world Is ready for Unstoppable power Ripple And xrp November 20th is going to be a Game changer now I don't know if it's on That day that's the only thing I have to Say to that because we know that all of These systems are switching and moving Over and all of this business and that Is great but that does not necessarily Mean that xrp get used on November 19th Or November 20th right and that's Something I think everyone should at Least consider right uh and look and I Hope that they do and I hope the price Goes absolutely ballistic I am someone Who believes that xrp will ultimately Live at four and five digits there's no Question about that um but for me at Least right but but what I do understand Is is that I have witnessed over since 2017 here I have witnessed a phase in Operation where things are phased in and We know it is not a it is not a Speculative thought Ripple is in fact on The Iso20022 body standard or standards body Committee right that's a fact so is Stellar right so seeing all of this Integration is absolutely positive now When it computes to the use of xrp may Still be a stage away or so and when That starts to happen I wouldn't be

Shocked if if it's done at 5% of the Payments on The Daily flow and then Phase it into 10% and so on and so on And so on right so expect that is what I Am expecting but if it's better than That I won't be disappointed that is for Sure and listen to this because speaking Of switching to iso20022 which obviously Moves to a standardized messaging system That's been around for more than a Decade but it also is going to build in The ability to code out Central Bank Digital currency stable coins and other Assets like xrp and xlm to help move Value along with that rich data in the Messaging so along with that we know That the stage is being set here because If you haven't seen my video from Yesterday I said Ripple liquidity hub Goes live this year and that is because We know that the CEO from uphold has Just partnered uphold with ripple and we Know that that is exactly the definition Of what Ashish Bera told us is that Ripple sitting in front or on top of Something like a coinbase which is a Prime broker like uphold and here you Have it right here right so uphold is The better deal it's the better Situation and that's why they're with Them and they are gearing up to launch In December he had mentioned with ripple And what they're going to do on the Business Enterprise end right which is

Going to provide daily payments and Flows every day so upold is not held to The speculative retail side which is Still a very part large part of their Business but listen to this quick clip From Simon is there there's a slightly Different point which Is as regulation is now finally becoming Clearer in the UK Europe in particular In places like Singapore and Dubai as The rags become clearer you're going to Get greater Enterprise adoption you're Also going to get greater adoption from The traditional Finance world so we've Now been approached by several Banks who Are interested white labeling our Service again they don't want our wallet They don't want their customers have to Go through kyc twice but they do want to Plug in and access certain of our core Services you know that and there you Have it right there he's telling you and As I said yesterday we reported in this Interview from link to shout out to Ray Quentes and everybody Joe ad Doo this is What we Know they plan on launching this and Starting it very quickly in December of This year here that means all of 24 is Going to be just ramping up the Solutions for financial services and Banks right this is extremely exciting Because this is opening up an Avenue Where Ripple's not a startup uphold is

Not a startup they are connecting two Businesses that have massive massive Business flow and I believe we are going To see some Network effects out of that Move right there then there's this this Is a atomic net don't forget about Atomic net with Jack McDonald here an Atomic settlement and the reminder from Xrp drops here is this is that if you Look at Atomic settlement versus uh V or Via central banks here you can see Ripple helps make that happened but we Also know just to go into this uh very Quickly here if I go back to that sorry About that if we go back to this we know That Atomic net and is what they're Building for poly sign settlement and Arthur brdo and David Schwarz are the Ones working on that and that is going To be very exciting and honestly if You're talking about the situation with Uphold combining with ripple to service The financial industry Banks alike They're going to need a situation at Some point where it gets so good to them That they're going to want to get deeper Into this game instead of just using the Service and they're going to have a need For custody right and look at here That's why that's guy's right there so Shout out to Jack McDonald for that now Let's take a look at this because we are Up over 25% on the 7 day we are up over 9% in the last 24 hours xrp Valhalla

Says egg rag crypto the ultimate Summoning ladies and gentlemen behold The mother of all bull runs is upon the Xrp Army well I love hearing this check Out in below chart here well we Certainly will you can see where the Bullish crosses have been and where We're at the crossroads of another Bullish cross ladies and gentlemen and You can see here in this very close time Frame what he's showing us all we are Right here and if we cross it's going to Get even better is what they're saying And matter of fact let's take a look at That further egg rag crypto goes on to Say we get that cross and basically our Midterm targets are 85 cents $1 $5.50 and $640 ladies and gentlemen up to seven Bucks even then we're looking at this From dark Defender here rightfully so #f Freed ladies and gentlemen the fight is Not over working very diligently so so He can get his uh profile back and we'll Keep you up to date for anything that we Find out Shout Out To Dai hi all what a Weekend it was We Set uh we set the 66 Cents Target for very short term and now It's broken to 4-Hour time frame Congrats who believed in it we need to Stay above this level today as well the Daily time frame indicates we were Oversold so they might be back testing 66 cents but currently right now we're

At 70 right so let's see our next Target Is a $188 in the short term and you guys Know what happen happens after we cross A dollar things get really interesting We must observe xrp close to 6649 first A prerequisite The crucial Fibonacci Level $188 as said we're at 70 cents Currently plus and right now well the Other targets such as 105 and 133 but None of them are as strong as 66 Cent Similarly as $1 18815 has the same Strength so whenever we see 188 broken The do88 broken then we could set the Target for $585 as our shortterm Target from that Point on oo getting exciting ladies and Gentlemen by the way don't forget to Join us in the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen this has been amazing and Today we're going to be getting into Who's really behind Etherum yeah eth gate like we said over The weekend it is much bigger than you Think and I tell you we going to peel Back a little bit of that for you a Little more like the layers of an onion And put some glasses on and something to Close your nose because this thing Stinks to high heaven and you're going To want every bit of it but you know how It is we can't touch these things Because we know what happened to the xrp Goat he got he got cancelled he got Wiped out right silenced no reason no

Warning no nothing but that's why the Hundreds and I mean hundreds and Hundreds of others have joined us in Here in just the last two weeks and I'm Asking you two for the less than a cost Of a cup of coffee a month let's make Sure that we don't get silenced because We can all stay together no matter what And we're having conversations in here I Wouldn't dream of having out on social Media because of the censorship that Still exists but that's going to do it For me not Financial advice from me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you in the Freedom Zone


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