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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp Community believes Ripple CTO is saying do not sell your xrp Details that's the headline from the Crypto basic and they're talking about Of course none other than David Schwarz Not just Ripple CTO but co-creator of Xrp and The xrp Ledger but is he Actually telling the xrp community not To sell their Xrp I would argue no I would say that What this is actually about and it's Interesting nonetheless and it's fine Some people will disagree if they he's Telling you not to sell your xrb fine I Think that's silly but it's really more So a story on the concept of selling Something too soon but uh before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a financial background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and You definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about Crypt Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun and look I'll say here at The outset on the topic of selling too Soon look nobody can know where a market Will Top like and even if you're just Talking about a specific Market cycle Like depending on what asset you're Talking about it may not even be crypto Just I'm talking conceptually here you

Don't know for sure if after it's Peaking and you can tell it's running up Quick because there's a parabolic Formation on a Chart I mean you don't necessarily know That it's ever going to come back ever Again does it just go to zero forever I Mean hell there are some Cryptocurrencies that even though they Move in tan with the market you know They hit an all-time high back in 2017 And last cycle they didn't actually even Though the directionally did they did The same thing and so look the idea of Selling too soon is mostly stupid and Unreasonable now all sorts of people are Going to have regret selling and then Seeing what happens with price action Later I get that I understand that but It's mostly unreasonable so let's let's Let's delve into this this piece reads As follows members of the xrp community Have identified a discreet message Advising against selling xrp too early Amid a recent disclosure from Ripple CTO David Schwarz in a recent tweet Schwarz Recounted the story of a regrettable Investment decision he made several Years ago with his ethereum portfolio And let's just go ahead uh directly into This this is what he actually shared on Social media platform X it reads as Follows as many of you know I sold 40 ,000 eth at about $1 to put solar panels

On a house I no longer own that eth was Worth over $100 Million shortly after so folks this what This had to have been way back in the Beginning I just went to livecoin watch And pulled up the alltime price chart so This means it must have happened in the Beginning part the first half roughly or Maybe not even first half but but in 2015 cuz I was scrolling through if You're look at the screen you can see What I'm doing I'm kind of scrolling Through prices throughout 2015 into 2016 And as you can see in 2016 it was Already starting to run a bit and I Don't think it ever went back down to to That dollar range which means that it Must have been 2015 here you can see Like on on September 17th 2015 it was 87 Cents then you can go to uh October 8th 2015 it was 59 cents can you imagine Buying eth at 59 C although can you Imagine buying xrp at half a penny cuz That was a thing too but then you go Fast forward a little bit here and you Can see uh let me get a little bit Further out here yeah even just uh the Beginning of J January the next year January 17th 2016 was already up to $125 and then you fast forward to here You can see like you get to like June And it's like you know 13 14 bucks so it Must have been 2015 but of course you Know David Schwarz has been in here

Since just about the beginning in the World the crypto right um and so you You're thinking okay he sold 40,000 each For a dollar he got $40,000 now you think in the time that Actually sounds pretty good and I've Actually seen him talk about this in the Past this is a brand new conv he Literally just was sharing this Yesterday but I have seen him talk about This in the past and I I remember him Stating in the moment uh well not the Moment but the F the first time I saw Him talking about this some time ago That you know it seems like a really Good deal at the time because it went From however whatever the amount is that He would have initially put in it goes Up x amount it's now 40,000 bucks hey This seems like a hell of a profit and So he took some profit and there's Nothing wrong with that of course I mean It's you just got to understand if Something's appealing to you in the Moment like you just you can't beat Yourself up for not knowing last week's Winning lottery numbers like that's not How it works that's not reasonable now People are going to do this you know People are going to sell xrp and then They're going to look back in the future And like oh man I used to have so and so Amount of xrp I used to have maybe even You could say tens of thousands of xrp

And now ran to 50 bucks or whatever it Ends up being and like my God if I had Just held on a little bit longer my God I would have had so many more millions And I understand the tendency for people To want to do that but it's a Fool's Errand and it it's it's meaningless Which is why when I sell I have the Expectation that in all likelihood at Some Unown point in the future it's Going to be worth way more if I'm right About xrp in terms of long-term Viability yeah so my hope is that even If and even it keeps running in that Market cycle good for the rest of the People that held out even if they make Way more money than me good that's how I Look at I do mean that Uh I'm not going to beat myself up Though I definitely am not and I'll just Wait for you know you know CU look Things don't go up in a straight line Like there are Corrections things won't Go up in a straight line forever that's A Certainty if it doesn't it would be the First time in history chartwise like That's not nothing goes up in a straight Line forever there's zero examples of That it doesn't have so it's just a Question of like to what degree does it Go down but if you're talking about a Parabolic advance we're in short order Xrp is running up to 5 10 15 bucks

Whatever it may be well I'll be selling On the way up and then I'll just waiting For it to Crate her back down I'll take Profit and then I'll just start buying Back in at whatever the new roughly the New bottom is that that's my plan anyway But the good news is even if you're one Of the people scream well it's never Going to go back down well I disagree With you I think that's silly because That's never happened in history before But even if you are actually right and I'm I'm talking after a parabolic Advance but even if you are right I will Be selling because I'm happy with the Life-changing wealth I have accured by Selling xrp and plus that money it's not Like that's all I get out of it I'll put That money to work I'm not just going to Blow it all in hats I'm going to spend It or not spend it on something I'm Going to invest it and then it'll make Even more money and it's going to I'm Going to be in preservation mode so it's Going to be much more conservative than Investing in crypto but so what it's Reasonable to have you know you know a Preservation tactics in place after you Achieve life-changing wealth in crypto Of course that's reasonable you don't Just keep risking it you know come on Like Obviously um but he say he had more to Say on this so David Schwarz said my

Father ironically did almost the same Thing after my older siblings moved out My parents didn't need the enormous House we were living in but it needed Quite a bit of fixing up to sell so my Father sunk a lot of money into gutting And redoing the house but during the Months it took to do that as renovation Costs escalated the real estate market Crashed he took a huge loss on the deal But guess how he funded the renovation And purchase of a new house while the Old one was renovated he sold his Apple Stock the stock went up about 5x over That same time period like father like Son I guess and then he shared a picture Of his father which is on your screen Right There uh but look people do this all the Time and it's not like you're stupid or Bad or made some sort of horrible Mistake it's that you don't know the Future so and I don't think he is Beating himself up over I hope he's not Because it wouldn't be reasonable for David Schwarz to beat himself up over This and especially in the early days And kind of like to you know to bring That point home um take a look at this Somebody responded to David Schwarz and Wrote 100 Mil and it's true I mean he Had held on then shortly thereafter he Would have had by his own account a $100 Million worth of eth $100 million and so

This guy responded and said 100 Mil can You still sleep at night and David Schwarz responded with what I think is a Pretty damn reasonable response and he Said he said everyone who has been in The crypto space since 2015 are earlier Has stories like this we all could have Bought Bitcoin at $350 and sold at $60,000 for a nice 170x In six years yeah so the point's not Lost I mean like this is a once- in a Species type of thing and I've said that Before and it really is the case you're Not going to have something like this I I can't imagine like the Advent of this Magical internet money like you're not Just going to have that again that is a Once- in a species Thing and so is there ever going to be Something where you know separate from That there's this level of frenzy and This much money flowing in I mean in Theory that could I I'm kind of Skeptical of that but it's certainly not Crypto Curren like this is a once in a Species event and we're living through This right here and so jumping in in Those earliest of years right now yeah Everybody um was in the same situation And it was there were much greater Uncertainty back then that's just a Matter of fact statement like it's Easier for us here in 2023 as we see the Likes of Black Rock jumping into crypto

It's easier easier for us to say yeah of Course it's here forever but in the First you know four five years 3 four Five years especially it wasn't as Certain and there were people that had The conviction that it would be and they Were right fine but there was a lot less Certainty back then a lot less and so of Course people were taking profit you Don't know how high it's going to go This had never happened before there's No precedent for any of This and so yes you can look back and Say in hindsight yeah okay thank you Monday Morning Quarterback that help Says 0% it's like Captain hindsight from South par Park you guys know that Episode I'm talking about yeah thanks Captain Hindsight does nothing for Us and so that's why you just need to The way I like it's like you just you Set goals that are going to be Incredibly attractive for yourself and Then you just execute and you hold Yourself accountable you hold yourself To the plan that you set in place if you Sell and it's appealing to at the time Great Don't Look Back you just made a Bunch of Profit and there's other opportun There's always going to be more Opportunity anyway and how David Schwarz I mean he had I don't or has I don't

Know how much he may or may not have Sold but he he publicly stated that um In the past this is many years ago he Publicly stated that he had 16 million Xrp that's not a Secret but um by the way that wasn't Given to him he had to actually buy that Himself and I don't know what he paid For it but even if it were back in the Day and it was like half a penny that's Still like $80,000 but but I I don't Know what he would have paid I don't Know if there would have been a special Deal or if it came directly um I don't Know who he bought it from I don't know If it was actually from Ripple I just Know that he stated that that he had it Or if he got it from the open market I I Don't know so I don't know what he would Have paid for that but 16 Million so you know probably like I Don't know again I don't know if what What his Holdings would be today and I'm Not even going to speculate on that but It's just can you imagine that level of Crypto but there are all sorts of Stories like that like think about the Earliest of of Bitcoin Like there are all sorts of people that Had thousands of Bitcoin in the early Days it just wasn't worth anything at The time now of course that would be you Know you'd be like you'd have more money Than God now at this point if you just

Held on to it but who's going to that Was over a decade ago I mean bitcoin's Almost 15 years old at this point here So it would have been kind of Unreasonable to expect for that to to be The case here but so is he is this some Sort of secret message though as as some Indicate and I did see some comments Along these lines although I think they Were joking I hope they were joking is This David schwarz's way to tell you not To sell xrp no come on Man hopefully that's almost 0% of you That think that it's just a question of Like when's the Reas reasonable time to Hold and that's why like what I'm was Saying towards the beginning part of the Video the idea of selling too soon it's Mostly stupid and unreasonable because It's whatever you want it's whatever you Want it to be you just do and it's Unreasonable to kick yourself later down The road if it becomes worth way more in The future you know that's pretty much It that's the way that I at it so you Guys can tell me what you think but I Don't think he did anything wrong I'm Glad he got what he got this isn't a Stupid thing it's not a bad thing it Just is what it is and yes if he had Some sort of superpower ability to see Into the future he would have held on to It just like if you knew what the Winning lottery numbers were for next

Week's Lottery you'd buy the ticket Today wouldn't you well where does that Get us literally nowhere absolutely Nowhere so it doesn't matter I'm not a Financial adviser you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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