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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you here FTX is in the news SCC and retirement Accounts for crypto we got crypto Super Bowl ads banned MasterCard CEO we got The US government we got to look at here Bank of England we talked about the Launching of the digital pound project And we need to discuss that is The xrp Ledger involved we're gonna take a hard Look at it and we're going to hear from The one and only Quincy Jones brilliant Developer xdc xrp Ledger is going to lay It down how it all comes together Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content if you've Ever been wondering how xrp xlm xdc Algorand and tokens like that are going To work together today's the day you Leave here knowing exactly how it is a Market cap of 1.13 trillion dollars Ladies and gentlemen for cryptocurrency The market is up by 1.2 percent Bitcoin 23 100 plus ethereum 1600 plus tether Market cap they say is 68.2 billion and Xrp is 40 cents right now we're going to Keep an eye on it ladies and gentlemen Take a look at this it's uphold it's Dr Martin heiswick right here he says There's only uh there are only there we

Are excuse me I'm excited we are the Only multi-asset platform that is always Guaranteed 100 plus reserved With assets and liabilities publicly Displayed in real time from day one no Dodgy proof of reserves no expired Audits how about that come on in uphold Click the link underneath tezos just Became a tier three asset ladies and Gentlemen which means you can get it Directly on and off of tezos how about That stake in h bar up to 30 assets you Can say I'm telling you check them out Click the link below this here from Eleanor Tara shout out to her says Sbfftx and his lawyers have filed an Appeal to judge kaplan's order to reveal The identities up to two unidentified People who helped secure his bail Package why are they working so Diligently to cover it all up um Hmm Now the SEC is putting its boot in a Different place They're warning that retirement accounts Crypto Stakes may be unregistered Securities there's more fear-mongering Going on by the SEC here pounding the Ground And it gets worse because then we see This is well announced Crypto commercials banned from Super Bowl ads this year and I tell you all of This feels just like suppression because

They're going to come in and run this Market you watch what will happen who's Day the Legacy players right the Legacy Firms that have been watching for over a Decade all their clients and customers Go buy this crypto stuff that they can't Sell well that day is soon to change New York Post says initially reported The crypto commercials are banned from Appearing from Super Bowl ads following FTX collapse concern over the now Disgrace crypto firm that arrest of his Founder have left the biggest game of The year steering clear of crypto Mark Evans Executive Vice President of AD Sales for Fox Sports told the Associated Press there's zero representation in That category at all in this year's Super Bowl moreover stating that several Crypto companies have made efforts with Ftx's downfall quickly disintegrating Those opportunities and let me just say And add to this if I could let me just Add to this if I could The irony of this is if The Regulators From the cftc if The Regulators from the SEC had not turned a blind eye to the Second largest Democratic donor they Would have caught the fact that FTX was An absolute disaster but they didn't and One can only assume that donor money Gave them such short-sighted vision Shout out to Bob Ross right here from Solugenic Emporium big things coming in

That way is what they're saying here air Drops people that's what I'm hearing About Shout out to Bob Ross and the whole team Over there MasterCard CEO is saying I Think we're going to have a world where Everything will be tokenized and will be Passed around in a safe fashion Well guess what I think so too But in the interim they're going to ban Crypto ads they're going to scare people From retirement accounts with crypto in Them Because they want to control it all That's right That's exactly what they want to do Here's a clip here and I'm not going to Play the clip and this is actually I Think it's a little older it's not Really new I saw this from a while ago But it is the US discussing the concerns Of China's cbdc's and basically a new Payment system and way to to update Swift and make it more efficient and I Think we all know that what Ripple has Been doing with the development of Ripple net The Ripple liquidity Hub and on-demand Liquidity can certainly serve to Complement and help make Swift a better More viable product than it has been and Certainly more secure and scalable We'll see This is Russell Brand right here and he

Lays it down and tells you exactly the Way we've been saying it forever on this Channel shout out to Russell Brandon his Channel is amazing Um look he's gonna lay it down it's all About being scared of crypto from the Government and Central Bank level Because Because They lose relevance power and control if They do So worried about it Cryptocurrency and what we need to Protect you from is that we can't Currently regulate it and therefore Predict Its Behavior and therefore Accurately know when and how we should Invest in it and therefore increase our Own profits you can see that would be a Problem for us we've got to protect you We've got to protect you from us ever Being poor and therefore beholden to you For money and that would mean I guess We'd have to do what you wanted instead Of what we wanted and you can see why We'd want to protect you from that Yeah that's it And then here we have this the actual Taking steps of doing exactly that bank Of England has launched a project for Central Bank digital currencies and they Propose a 10 000 to 20 000 holding limit Per person for its digital pound take a Quick listen

If we introduced a digital pound we Think we would need to set a limit for How much people could hold this would Give us the time to understand the Impact that it might have on the Financial system and help us ensure it Wouldn't cause disruption Once we better understand this and how People use it we would review this limit We've not yet decided what the limit Would be but it would be high enough for Day-to-day spending so you will receive All sorts of payments such as your Salary without worrying And there you have the beginnings of That now then there's this article here Because we know that Ripple has had a Deep relationship with the bank of England since 2015 2017 somewhere in That time frame it's been a long time Many many many Years uh most people will get that Reference if you're old enough to However we don't have a guarantee that That is in fact the case but what we do Have here is really a highlight of the Work that was done in the original pilot From the bank of England which suggests Cross-border synchronization a joint Project with ripple demonstrating that Synchronized FX transactions in two Different simulated rtgs systems can be Achieved leading to the incorporation of Synchronization functionality into the

Roadmap for Renewal that's what we know Right Bill Morgan says it even more Clearly here that there is a lot of good News out of this but if we look into it What you find is exactly what we Highlighted the foot note shows that That information was based on the 2017 Proof of concept pilot by Ripple which We were aware of but obviously Ripple is On the digital pound foundation so these Relationships have become deeper and More emboldened exactly in what way We're still not quite sure take a listen Bill Morgan also says here that on a Deeper dive however I did find a diagram On rtgs model Banks June 2019 background Guide proposed rtgs functionality Synchronization I wonder who the bank Conceived would be the private Synchronization operator in this model Of the Boe as you can see here and There's the rtgs system there right we Know that also that Ripple is on the Faster payments Council as well right we These are all things to note right and Then we know here in another 2019 report Update on synchronization engagement the Bank stated it heard from 60 firms of Some who wanted to become the Synchronization operators the report Listed firms in Annex and one of them Was in fact Ripple none of this however Proves anything I'm just tracing the Dots to see what can be connected that's

Exactly right now obviously the Speculation is is that will The xrp Ledger or a private develop private bit Ledger off of The xrp Ledger tie into a Side chain however it works for this Synchronization we don't know but I'm Speculating there's a great chance that It could do so but that is speculation Not Financial advice here is Quincy Jones brilliant developer young man I've Been privileged and honored enough to Have him on this show once or twice I Think it was shout out to Quincy he is Going to lay down here how xdc algorithm Xrp and xlm work together as a Complement and not in competition then I'm going to take you to a section where He says that absolutely Bitcoin cannot Scale and there's real problems there Take a listen shout out to thanks reborn 1-3 for this as well confirm settlements On chain so what does that mean well That means if somebody wanted to pay you So if I was running on quarter and I Would primarily have most of my money in Xdc right and someone wanted to pay me An xrp I can accept the xrp payment Through a smart contract on quarter Through the court of settlement have the Xrp get routed to an xrp address that I May have uh be able to maintain Um like be able to uh execute a smart Contract native to the quarter Blockchain from a payment on the xrp

Blockchain while still being able to Retain the payment personally and Execute settlement for them so they know That the payment went through I got the The customer contract was executed Everything's good and this goes for not Just xrp but this can go for ethereum This can go for essentially any other Coin that you're willing to accept but The reason why this is important is Quarter next and xrp already have a Relationship when it comes to the court Of settler when it comes to xrp being The main settlement token because what Ends up happening is you use xdc uh on Corda to execute the smart contracts or Any other smart contract platform you'll Use algrand on algrand you'll use Ethereum on the ethereum blockchain to Execute those smart contracts while you Use the settlement tokens to do the Absolute settlement from blockchain to Blockchain so you wouldn't have to worry About settling your value on if I'm on Ethereum and you're on Al Grande we Wouldn't be worried about that because We're doing business seeds on our Respective platforms we will just do the Settlement token and the liquidity token The bank liquidity token being xrp and The private liquidity token being xlm Now you have just hit the net on the Head with the relationship also where Xlm comes in so xlm xrp they're both the

Liquidity tokens and then you have xdc And algorand which are smartphone Platforms or going to be used More yeah yeah now When it comes to the progression of the Space because the way in which I see Things is they are obviously Manipulating the news in which they Provide us In a way which makes it seem they're Still so far behind yet they've been Building on this technology for years And years and years and there's Obviously a lot of people like you who Have been in the space and have been Developing the software and doing the Work essentially behind the scenes which Is allowing for this technology to Thrive so in your kind of perspective How far along the timeline are we in Terms of the mass adoption here by Banks And institutions and are they Essentially delaying it because they're Not ready or is the technology not fully Implemented in the way it should wash Your view on that Um I think the big thing I think the big Thing that you're referencing and big Thing that I've noticed is is basically The accumulation of everything when it Comes a big blockchain adoption and when It comes to uh like kind of the day Daily digital currency adoption sort of

Sort of event you could say uh is the Fed now and the cbcd uh push and Adoption and and like you said this has Been a I've I've so I've actually gone Through a lot of the bank literature to See like what's up with a lot of this And uh they've been talking about these A lot of these programs since 20 really Since 2004 but really seriously since Like 2013 yeah and they had a they they Actually had a plan the Federalist Reserve had a plan to launch this Digital currency system in 2020 but then Covet happened I guess so we're now on Hiatus or whatever but there definitely Is there's nothing it's it's not even to Really get like two uh too speculative About it there is a plan to move to the FED now Um payment system which is basically Going to operate the the domestic ISO Payments between all the between all the Domestic remittances within within Banks Um you can look up all this stuff it's Quite interesting they got it on the Federal Reserve website yeah um and uh So the the and that's the thing you may Be going well so what's with cbdc's and What's with the FED now system and it's So silly because it's kind of like it's It's kind of one of the biggest things That's right out there in the open but Um Ripple is on one of the block is on One of the currency boards when it comes

To the Federal Reserve and they're the Only blockchain company when it comes to That currency board not actually send You some documents when it comes to that Too and uh they've been and they're not The only ones um JP Morgan's trying to Put out a coin a hyper Ledger frame mix Try to put out the xrp is not the only One when it comes to decentralized Ledger Technologies to be to put their Hands sort of put their hat in the rink When it comes to what it what technology Should be adopted and this is where Quota comes into play too because Quarter and hyperledger framework are The two primary uh smart contract Platforms that the central banks are Playing on using when it comes to Instituting the smart contract platforms To run the banking system for the native Cbdcs and this is important because well Where does everything fall into play When it comes to Cbdc's release the FED now system Ripples involvement r3's involvement Um and a lot of this comes down to uh I Think a lot of it just it's it's sort of Like Finance banking technical terms People don't care about because you can Find documents on Forbes talking about R3 and R3 is the and I'm pretty sure you Know this is one of the primary Companies that works on the quota Platform with xdc yeah R3 partnering

With the NASDAQ MasterCard partnering uh With a series of different banks Microsoft Intel Um and all these crazy Partnerships same Thing with uh Ripple as everybody that's Probably listening already you can list Off all the Ripple Partnerships here Absolutely but let me take you now this Whole interview is great and again shout Out to both of these gentlemen for Sitting down and discussing but let me Take you here where he expands on this And then you get a deeper understanding Of the problems with Bitcoin in its Current state to scan ale definitely do Your research on Porta because you can See so much adoption primarily in Singapore but all over the central banks When it comes to instituting Smart Contracts and contracts and I might even Go over into that later in the video but You can Institute cryptographically Signed contracts on the Florida platform Allowing you to Institute legally Binding contracts on a digital uh Decentralized Ledger platform while Being able to maintain the privacy of The people that engage in the content in The contract maintain the data for the Contract while everybody on the network Gives consensus that the contract did Happen wow that is fascinating it just Shows how much this technology will Actually allow for a revolutionized

System and where I kind of want to go With this next is obviously BTC has been At the Forefront it's been like the Blockchain poster boy for the past 10 Years now And do you see essentially it rendered Useless in this new system or do you see As a developer that there's still a Place for technology as such obviously Being allowed for with the potential Regulatory Clarity which could be on the Horizon do you see that the technology Now is past its day or does it still Have a place and a role to play listen I Think you sort of hit the nail on the Noggin because I'm about to make a I'm About to make a world shattering Claim About Bitcoin I'm dead serious and People need the clip there's people need To talk about this because I need Somebody smart to help me figure out the Math problem to really show people the Scaling problem of this But Um basically the general gist of it is Bitcoin can't scale past 10 of the Global population because it would cost More power to generate then there is Power on the planet to run the Bitcoin Network and because of the exponential Scaling problem of the power consumption Of Bitcoin Um it will hit a brick wall where it Comes down to either you're gonna have

The electrical infrastructure run the Bitcoin Network or it's going to run Everything else because it's not gonna Be able to run both because it's next Natural scaling problem and you can see The problem play out now less than point Zero one percent of the global Population even talks about Bitcoin or Even owns Bitcoin Yet it usually consumes a little less Than one percent of the global uh energy Consumption if you scale that up and it Scales exponentially a little less than One percent of the global uh use case Using Bitcoin would end up being around A little under eight percent of the Total amount of energy that the entire World would produce and if they went up To so if you had the entire uh 10 yeah 10 of the entire global population use Bitcoin it would cost over 50 percent of All the energy output outputted by the Entire planet to run that 10 or to run That uh the the Bitcoin Network for that 10 of the population that's using it That is remarkable right there shout out To Quincy Jones and reborn one three There for all that information that Great conversation shout out to Pro Coin News give them a follow as well look not Financial advice or me or anyone else But this is a great great uh way to find Out how xrp xlm can service liquidity Tow tokens I believe ultimately as a

Stable coin between those networks and Complement those smart contract systems Like xdc and algo as discussed here just Remarkable thank you to those gentlemen Thank you to all of you that tune in not Financial

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