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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you here US Government Playing Tricks on us and The world we're going to take a look at That in the freedom Zone we got link 2 We got Bitcoin ETF ethereum ETFs tether Stay or go Stellar money Graham uhoh Automated Market maker vote we're Getting near ladies and gentlemen we're Going to touch it MasterCard Ripple xrp Bis hkma and ripple again and so much More somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.63 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 2.7 % but not after Bleeding Heavily yesterday we won't want no 2.7% Cuz boy did we take a hit yesterday Things were just off the cliff right now Just back over 40,000 for Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for ethereum 95.4 billion plus for tether market cap Number six spot is xrp at 51 cents up 2.4 in the 24hour and off by 9.9 on the 7 day look at the range of price as we Did dip back back down to 49 cents Earlier this morning and ranging between There and 51 cents we're at the top side Of that range we'll keep an eye on as we Move through it look I want to tell you

About this because this is very exciting Now it has been very it gets more Difficult all the time to get Ripple Back on link two and little Bird's Telling me today it's going to be back On the platform now I don't know if You're aware of this but I just want to Share with you the process of how link To goes about getting shares of all of These companies they can't pick up the Phone and just call Ripple and order More they can only get these shares from Shareholders people who already have it Employees and other things like that so This is a very very tricky process it Takes a lot of intense conversations and Dialogue and negotiations for link to to Make that happen and it's amazing that They do but you remember we went through About a month where they couldn't get Any and we know that they have Intentions to go public or have some Kind of a public exit once this case is Truly finished with the SEC they've made That clear that the case is first but They do want to IPO uh so think of that For a moment and how rare this will be The window of opportunity is closing to Get your place in the portfolio with Ripple so make sure you do that today When you see it available and listen I'm Trying to get some too so don't shut me Out be polite don't wait or actually do Wait let me get mine in there I got work

To do this morning you guys do this to Me you'll go in there you'll order it You won't think of nobody but Yourself and you'll buy it all but That's what you're supposed to do Because it's amazing click the link that My sponsor underneath the video love What they're doing over there and the Opportunity to get it is going to close At some point and let's take a look at This especially with all the awareness Being brought to the crypto space Through ETF approvals here's a little Visualization of who's winning the race Here you can see the Fidelity Black Rock And changing lanes and they're all Fighting to get the biggest volume out Of all of it so they can be the winner Of the ETFs where then they can draw the Most client attention to their fund Right that's what's happening now but Think of it for a moment because it's Not just as simple as that then there's Goldman Sachs we don't need to watch This video but they are an authorized Participant in seven of the funds that Were approved and soon to be or eight And then soon to be another one one or The other it's either Seven going to Eight or eight going to nine that They've applied to be a part of but They're already a part of seven or eight Now so that's Goldman Sachs and deeply Involved this is going to move even

Quicker over time and listen of course We've seen sell off people taking Profits this is not uncommon when new Products are released or even when Companies go public sometimes s it'll Spike and then have a drop off and then Recover right these things are not Unusual to me so but what is amazing is Seeing all of the volume pour into these Products and the awareness is going to Continue to grow but what about an Ethereum ETF let's listen right now to Ark andest president on that matter and Andrew Jacobson from 21 Shares at the front of the timeline on That that's also Public Furious do you feel confident Because of the approval of a Bitcoin Spot in the same vein they'll approve Ethereum spot or do you think regulatory Uncertainty might stand in the way just Quickly what your take I'm curious you Know I think and and Andrew can weigh in Also but I think what gives us the Confidence is that the uh the dialogue The dialogue with Regulators in terms of In the same way Bitcoin has really Matured in terms of the sophistication Of the conversations the education base You know the depth at which the Conversation are actually were taking Place which you know which I think is a Little bit of of what Andrew's point was In terms of the inevitable obviously

This is rioting you know there's a lot More of a base to build off of both from Legal principle from execution in the Market uh just philosophical ABC and Also the infrastructure that you know Sits underneath and behind this is is Now not hypothetical it's it's on paper And it's operating so I I think that for All of those reasons you know some of Them legal some of them operational some Of them philosophical some of them just Purely educated you know this is not the Same place where we were in this you Know on the timeline for Bitcoin at this Stage so it's not going to be another 10 Years so look they're excited and They're looking for this to come pretty Quickly the question a lot of people Have in the community is because Ethereum had a free pass and because There are Still Moments where Gary Gendler will not come out and truly Declare whether ethereum is a security Or not remember Fred rollei from hotle Law forced the SEC to reveal that they Had not yet made a decision on ethereum So that is the official stance of the SEC will that affect the rollout and Approval of an ETF then there's this tether is the 16th Largest holder of us Treasuries Pompano says says at this Point they are an essential part of the American Financial economy which brings

Us to the question that we've been Asking here will tether stay or will it Go will it be Unwound or will they just Take it over and force it to be brought Under a certain credential regulation at Some point remember this is a company Outside of the US offering the only Product that the Federal Reserve has Ever sold which is a dollar Maybe that's why the Secret Service and The FBI have partnered with USD tether Remember the secret service was created To chase down counterfeits of the US Dollar just Saying then there was this remember a Few months ago when Alex Holmes from Money GRS had a really really weird take On xrp and ripple and the relationship Partnership that they had which was in 2019 very strong and Alex Holmes was Very bullish and happy about the Relationship because I saw him talk About it in person at uh SW 2019 in Singapore however there was an interview Where he took a t a complete 180 and he Acted confused about what Ripple's Objectives were and how xrp was supposed To work and he was throwing shade on the Idea of how xrp could serve as a bridge Asset and he just didn't really get it I'm paraphrasing but that's basically What he was saying well then he turns Around and then they partner with Stellar and using xlm which does exactly

What xrp does and he thinks it's amazing Anoyed here because I listen to all These blockchain crypto companies saying They're going to like put us out of Business and they're going to reinvent You know currency and all these things And then you've got the Fiat World sort Of pushing back and arguing and then I Suddenly thought well what if we just Set nicely in the middle and you can Interoperate move things in between and It's actually sort of um yeah it's Brilliant actually because the end of Day you can go off and compete in the Blockchain world and the crypto space And those companies can come and say They want to do this that and the other Thing I'm just trying to help support Financial inclusion I'm trying to help People move money home right we're we're Experts in crossb payments and if Digital technology is moving into the Crypto world and that's going to become Part of it then I want to be part of That as well because my view was always That combining these two worlds Yes Actually the traditional Financial Infrastructure the physical stuff that's So hard to build that you guys have done Over years and years and years is the Part that actually helps and supports The blockchain piece and there's a Symbiotic relationship there for sure But it wasn't that we were going to

Disrupt it was that we were going to Work together to create yes yeah you you Actually came with that complete angle Of we're going to work together right And that's what's lovely about the SDF Is that you guys have that idea of Spreading and promoting technology for Financial inclusion and bettering the World not to Prof profit yourself from It directly in that sense and so the Idea from a competitive was to empower Your wallets and your network to Actually utilize our Network and vice Versa and I think that's that's Extremely powerful I'm and and listen You know I think denell really said it Here it's bringing together a Traditional Legacy market player with The new digital Infrastructure that is really where the Touch happens where you really say to Yourself there's Change there's use Case utility that's Where it is and I from where I'm Standing it was there with the use of Xrp I don't know what happened between Money Graham and ripple but something Happened that soured him and maybe it Was the case who knows but you know Obviously he has shade for ripple and Xrp but he sees the value and Brilliance Of Stellar xlm tells me that it was just Some kind of an inside thing going on With that deal and we are witnessing the

Touch between traditional Legacy company And the integration of this new Technology which is exactly why I'm here Now that we see this boy this is getting Exciting automated market makers the Amendment for The xrp Ledger has reached 21 yes votes this brings us to 60% Consensus if we get to 80% consensus and Hold that for two weeks it will be Adopted to The Ledger this is getting Super super Exciting then we see this MasterCard and Ripple joined forces for gamechanging Xrp debit card now this actually came Out last November but I wanted to Highlight and remind people that we'd Say when told us he was working on this So hang in there ladies and gentlemen Again that was November of last year Just a few months ago and then I want to Remind people about this we touched this Lightly yesterday but we need to go back Down into a different angle of this the Bank of international settlements has Introduced six new projects that they're Doing one of them is AUM the cbdc Project will explore the privacy of Payments in retail Cbdcs retail Cbdcs and this here I wanted to read to You out of this article about this Central banks are actively examining the Potential for novel Technologies to help Deliver in their mandate stressed

Project aurum is a joint collaboration Between the bis Innovation Hub Hub Hong Kong Center and the Hong Kong monetary Authority okay well that's where I need To remind us all again Ripple joins task Force for the bis for crossborder Payments and guess what got to remind You about the Hong Kong monetary Authority and ripple will participate in Their pilot program this is very very Deep and intertwined how much will Ripple be involved directly in the bis In these new projects we can't truly say But I'm showing you the Deep Relationships that they have had for a Long time now and this is and joining The task force was more recent but the Hong Kong monetary Authority has been in Play for quite some time so to me this Is very exciting to see these kinds of Things and you're going to love this too I Believe this is a gentleman here talking Uh courtesy of the IMF here about UPI Which is India's p Payment uh system and this is exciting To me now I want to that's where he says UPI but the second clip I want to Technology and cbdcs have a major role Because cbdc can really facilitate Efficient coste effective and Faster payments across jurisdictions for Crossb payments for crossborder Transactions cbdc can provide the

Solution even today time is taken bank To bank transactions do take time in Fact there is a cost according to the Latest estimates of the World Bank and Others still remittances cost about on An average 6% is the total cost for Remittances now 6% is very high it needs To go down in today's technology era it Needs to go down so cbdc can provide a Solution to make crossborder payments Faster more efficient and uh cost Effective in now I want to remind you That yes bank one of the largest banks In India announced that it had become Interoperable with UPI the unified Payments interface by Reserve Bank of India's digital rupe cbdc application Which is what this gentleman's talking About here essentially with this Interface thousands of yesbank customers Will be able to send and receive Transfer digital rupees that is a ripple Partner so again another you know Another connection here are wondering Just How Deeply they're suited uh well Let's take a look at this because this Is pretty remarkable here so this is uh German Minister uses his phone to make Digital payment and what you're going to Hear here is is that if I go back to This I want you to listen to what he Says you will see that this guy is at a Vegetable market and this is the German Minister and he's at the vegetable

Market he's going to try to purchase Using the UPI system but listen what This guy says in India Reserve Bank we Started the wholesale cbdc uh pilot Project in November last year and the Retail mode we started in December in The wholesale initially we started with Secondary market trading in government Securities now we are extending it to Overnight money markets that is the Wholesale segment in the retail segment We have now millions of customers who Are enrolled into the pilot project Almost every bank has been onboarded the Trials are going on it's a learning Experience for us and the learning Process has been very satisfactory and Every day there are new challenges which Come we try to understand what is the Problem so we are really taking it Forward in a manner and on this we are In active discussion also with other Countries which are carrying out similar Efforts so now it's just about going to Be a year of our uh one year of our cbdc Pilot project the learnings have been Excellent and more than what it was one Year ago we are even more convinced that Cbdc can prove to be the most effective And efficient mode for crossborder Payments in particular other than of Course domestic transactions and this is Not something which is very difficult in Fact in India we have a small uh you

Know vegetable vendors who have been Enrolled into this cbdc pilot project There you have it FR shops and vegetable Vendors and here they are right here Buying using the UPI payment system on Their Phone this is pretty you're watching This Happen this is how it starts ladies and Gentlemen it's also how early we Are but this is one of the few times in Your life you're going to be able to Front run Wall Street on this technology This kind of stuff doesn't happen as German Minister whing use India's UPI to Buy vegetables just like that gentleman Was saying there's the real application And the test of it right there right This is a remarkable time and I think it Gives us an idea in a window about just How exciting things are in front of us And I'm reminded and shout out to good Morning crypto and abs for putting this Out I'm reminded what Monica long shared Here for her 2024 predictions that Crypto will break the speculative hype Cycles that have Define the booms and Busts for the industry since bitcoin's Invention before the next crypto summer We as an industry will break the Cycles The cycle by paving the foundation for Real world utility at scale that I tell You that has such a profound impact on Me and I hope it does for you guys as

Well everybody's different but I tell You I'm super super excited and honestly When you start looking at the idea of What could really happen here you know People are saying that we could see a Projection of 24 trillion tokenized Market by 2027 in just 36 Months now I start asking Myself how much of that 24 trillion Tokenized Market real world asset Tokenization and utility will Ripple be Able to Capture especially understanding that Xrp in and of itself is not a security Now we're going into the freedom Zone Ladies and gentlemen I told you the US Government plays tricks on us and the World and contrast what I'm going to Show You we have to really balance it with New things that are happening in the World that can be very dangerous and Damaging I hope you will join us at dick Perspectives. click the freedom Zone and Come on in not Financial advice from me Or anyone else I'll catch all of you on The next One


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