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Welcome back to the show everybody check This headline out it's bigger than Crypto we're getting into it today this Is real somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.49 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 1.4% Bitcoin 37,700 plus 2100 Plus for ethereum right now 88.5 Billion market cap for tether xrp is 61 Cents up 1.1 in the 24hour up 1.4 on the 7 day let's look at the range of price Very quickly here ladies and gentlemen 61 cents on the bottom almost flat and 6250 is where we are up top for the Their top range of price so pretty tight Trading range today right now but let's Get into this really quickly here this Here is from ultimately egg rag crypto Here talking about how gold could make Its way in the near term to $3,000 the resemblance and price Fluctuations are unmistakable should go Revisit the 2,000 to 2,100 range prepare For a meteoric rise ladies and gentlemen Shout out to egg rag crypto from that And this is why I tell you about miles Franklin precious metals Investments all You have to do is grab the info at Miles and put dig gold in the Subject box to get the best possible

Deals for precious metals or take Advantage of glint pay and you could Easily get your alternative to banking Using physically allocated gold on your Glimp glint pay account and then you get Issued a MasterCard debit card hello I Don't need a bank everything's insured By Lloyds of London amazing amazing Opportunities in front of us ladies and Gentlemen links for all of that Underneath the Video Let's Start Right Here In level Set I want to go from back a few years Ago to what is actually taking place Today and it is absolutely much bigger Than crypto absolutely more profound Than anything crypto is going on and There are a lot of events happening Inside of crypto at the moment but trust Me when I tell you by the time we get to The end of this thing I believe we're Going to make the point today so Brad Garling house Swift analogy to a horse And buggy we can actually just move to a Ferrari let's do that and that's 2018 And 2019 Paris fintech forums take a Listen to this clip to level set before We move forward and shout out to Chad Stein grber as well as xrp drops Brad Garling house the CEO of Ripple he Characterized GPI man in the six richest Man in the US for there he was wasn't he Xrp yeah for for a brief he he described GPI as a horse

And buggy and ripple is an automobile I Think he wanted to say race car GPI as a Horse and buggy and ripple is an Automobile I think he wanted to say race Car but he said automobile I mean what Do you make of that I mean he's Basically saying that you're still Outdated even though you've done this Crash progr yeah let's see let's see we Could we could have many analogies you Could use I uh my favorite analogy right Now is I drive I drive an electric car Right Tesla I have to say um and that's An interesting one you could say Tesla Is the future and and the old cars are Are the past I have to say it's a Beautiful experience to have an electric Car I love the concept but it's still an American car and um I can say if I could Get a German car with German engineering And the electrical thing that would be My choice so if I could get Correspondent Banking and get the new The new technology inside Maybe be a Good thing I'll also agree very much With what Cy said at the end competition Has clearly been a good thing for Swift You know I I think that uh I do think What has happened at GPI is a big step Forward you know for 40 plus years we Had a a construct around how crossb Correspondent banking worked it it Worked but it had a lot of limitations We're seeing that move forward but I

Think uh it's a step forward when you're Switching from kind of you know if I may Horse and buggy to you know hey can can We can we make the horse B go faster Sure but if we can actually just move to A Ferrari let's do that absolutely and By the way Godfrey liebrandt is not the CEO anym at uh Swift but let's move Forward here and keep it rolling we Understand that payment systems are Changing over as we speak now we know That sepa in Europe has put a delay on ISO 222 till March 2024 just four or Five months away now we know in some Part parts of the world and regions and Payment systems of the world iso20022 is Already underway and in some cases Already done so there is a massive shift That is happening with the payment rails Now looking at Target 2 one of the Largest Payment Systems in the world Here from xrp drops trans-european Automated realtime grow settlement Express transfer system owned and Managed by the Euro system Swift must be Settled through a payment system such as Target 2 Europe T2 settles an average of About 1.9 trillion per day plays a key Role in ensuring smooth conduct of Monetary policy correct functioning of Financial markets and Banking and Financial stability as you could guess There are around 57,000 Banks across the World can be addressed in around 80

Market infrastructures so massive Massive network of payments and payment Systems tied together through Target 2 Now this was a comment from back in 2021 Here and this is Brad garlinghouse Putting the economic Times out and Retweeting and saying out with the old Rails in with the new Economic Times From India here basically saying the Panel had recommended at the time of November 24th 2021 that an alternative Indigenous Financial system be developed On the lines of similar systems Elsewhere such as Ripple come on in and Insects it it uh highlights in the EU Now that's bringing us to 2021 now what Do we know here this is uh bricks Coalition which was formulated and put Together around 2018 time frame take a Listen to this clip as we know bricks is A massive Coalition of Brazil Russia India China South Africa and many other Nations joining in January 24 uh least Of which is Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates and Iran take a quick listen Here the really significant development A new Financial system bricks Bay has Been launched new Financial system just Like what we're hearing about with swift Being old just like what we're hearing About with India talking about a new System and referencing Ripple this new Financial settlement platform is going To change the volume of trade and the

Volume of financial transactions between The breaks members it will make it much Easier for them and as you know those Payments and those transactions will not Be denominated in the US Dollars the Blogs member countries are really Focused on dollariz and the new system May just help them do that sooner rather Than later now you get the gist of that Right I want to stay with this because Economic Times in India said in 20121 a new Financial IND alternative Indigenous Financial system be developed On the line lines of similar systems Elsewhere such as Ripple India is a part of bricks they Are the eye in Bricks okay let's let's just understand That then this here from back in March Of 20122 Chad Stein gber said Brazil Russia India CH China South Africa which is Bricks will unite Swift will fail xrp Will Rise From the Ashes he says you're already see your Seeing already that they're going around Swift as we speak the dollarization that Was just mentioned in the clip they Don't need it anymore what happens when Bricks plus trades on the new rails with No dollar that's where they're Going what is the solution well we may Have it looking here we see more Evidence here this from Megan in the

Original post here experts explain what It means to stop settlements in Yan via Swift this is from November 24 right uh Look Russia has disappeared from the List of main centers for settlement in Yuan through the international payment System Swift this means and this is a Translation from Megan shout out to Megan for translating this Russian uh Article here this means country's Gradual abandonment of the use of the System for Yuan transactions and the Transition to Russia and Chinese Analogues it says here most likely this Illustrates Russia's gradual abandonment Of Swift in favor of direct payments Settlements through correspondent Accounts and digital currencies this Fact speaks of the country's growing Independence from the Global Financial Center this came from the deputy Director of NTI competence Center uh Trusted interaction Technologies based On tusur it says this point of you is Shared by uh kzia a senior lecturer at Faculty of world uh World economy and International politics at the ntion National research of University higher School of Economics say that five times Fast and in her opinion the absence of Russian Federation in this Swift list Indicates that a significant volume of International payments was transferred From Swift to the financial message

Transmission system of banks of Russia And its Chinese analog sips so there you Have that so now look what we're seeing Is huge changes taking place here a Significant volume of international Payments was transferred from Swift to Financial messaging transmission system In the Bank of Russia and its Chinese Analog siips okay massive things are Happening here and we're seeing that Also on the biis front as well now I Want to play you a clip here that we Need to hear I'm not going to play the Whole thing but I do have to play a Couple Clips out of this let's start Here at think it's about right here Let's take a look Rapid adoption in artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing exploiting this technological Advances would allow us to build a Financial system centered on the Individual this would enable a Far-reaching Democratization of Finance where each Person has access to a digital Representation of any asset for Financial purposes regardless of its Value and they would be able ble to send Or receive such Assets in any unit or Amount to anyone anywhere any time using Any Device in other words individuals could Experience the same level of ease

Immediacy privacy security and Reliability from the monetary and Financial system that they find in other Parts of their lives such as when they Make a longdistance call to anywhere Practically for free or make an E-commerce purchase from their Smartphone Society rightly expects Nothing Less yet the sad truth is that these Growing expectations have outpaced the Ability of our segmented Financial System to Deliver the best way to knit together Transactions and operations among Markets and financial services is to Bring them onto shared programmable Platforms this is what we have labeled a Unified ler listen a unified Ledger Would be a network of networks that Would allow various components of the Financial system to work seamlessly Together in particular it would have the Potential to combine the monetary system That is central bank money and Commercial Bank money with other assets Making possible The instantaneous payment clearing and Settlement of any Transaction such a leder would allow for The use of smart contracts and Composability A smart contract is a computer program That executes conditional if then and

While Commands composability means that many Smart contracts covering a huge variety Of transactions and situations can be Bundled together like money Lego with these new functionalities any Sequence of transactions in programmable Money and digital assets could be Automated and seamlessly integrated this Would eliminate the need for manual Interventions that delay Transactions it would also enable Simultaneous instant payments and atomic Settlement across a whole range of Assets From the above it is clear that the Three main components of the unified Ledger are digital and programmable Money digital assets and the digital Infrastructure that supports their Operation and integrity now there we go Now let me just pause right there for a Quick second because I got another 15 Seconds you need to hear but what I want To point out is is that again we're not Talking about whether Bitcoin goes to 150,000 or a half a million or million Dollar as far as I'm concerned that's Child's Play and I hope people make a Gazillion dollars doing it I've got Exposure to it too but the real thing Here for me is that this is much bigger Because what we're talking about is Settling and tying transactions from

Every currency and every transaction Across the world through a unified Ledger now may that be xrp Ledger I Don't know maybe it's just the decks of The xrp Ledger that's really Ed to make These markets Right all I know is is this is what I am Here for ultimately no it doesn't mean I'm not going to take any profits and All of this of course I'm going to have Places where I take profits along the Way because I'm ready to do those things But the point for me is is this is the Larger point of why I'm here I'm not here just to see one particular Thing do well I'm here to watch the new Financial system be ushered in and Hopefully in doing so we can start to Calm some of these geopolitical events That are happening around the world that We're seeing I do not find it mutually Exclusive that what is going on between Israel and Palestine is not tied to Iran Joining Bricks Because Hezbollah and Hamas are by proxy Iran if you didn't Know Russia Ukraine conflict obviously There's reason enough to have problems Out of Ukraine a lot of bad things in The world have happened out of Ukraine But the reality here is is that Russia Is dealing with the fact that they don't Want NATO putting missiles in their

Backyard now I'm not here to argue Whether it's right or wrong what I'm Showing you is is that these Geopolitical conflicts are really Designed to cause problems and static Because it's much harder to move Effortlessly and seamlessly into bricks Coalition and launching not only a Bricks new payment system but one that's Backed by a brick currency back by Gold when your Nations inside of the Coalition are dealing with these kind of Adversities on the geopolitical stage You feel Me What is the solution Right and before we look at the solution Potential solution let's understand the Market Ripple aims to capture a chunk of The crossb payment sector to set uh uh Sector set to hit $300 trillion in just The next four or five or six Years 1% of that would be lifechanging And Wheezy is dead on the money as Always But the reason that I'm talking about it Today is because there is a larger thing Going on than which tokens going to pump And which token Isn't and if we broaden our awareness We'll be able to see it very Clearly I want to finish with This because this is a nice reminder for Anybody who doesn't know and people who

Do that Rosie Rios the 43rd treasurer of The United States of America Is a board member of Ripple and so was Michael esbar and so Is Craig Phillips and so is Susan Fredman I do not find that to be a Coincidence that so many people from the United States Treasury happen to be Involved or still involved with Ripple I happen to find it to be a very Calculated move because I want to play This clip for you this the nextg $100 Note is the last denomination of that uh Particular family of notes we are Working on the future generation of Currency so that is my other job is I'm The chair of the advanced counterfeit Toor steering those of you yes and that Is her other job as well as being a Ripple board member Right and I don't find that to be a Coincidence that she was working on the Next Generation 100 Bill Note I have floated the speculative Theory and Idea that the United States America of America and the treasury could introduce And in conjunction with the Federal Reserve the private Central Bank a new wholesale cbdc maybe it's a Next Generation $100 Bill where the rest of the countries of The world certainly ones like in bricks That whether they want to admit it or

Not are still holding a large position Of us treasuries would turn their Treasuries in under a set agreement and Be issued new digital bonds and dollars In that next Generation Note and the new Bond issuance that Would be issued would be tokenized and Potentially on The xrp Ledger this is how you would begin to Tokenize the debt of the world on The Xrp Ledger and you could do it in quite A uniformed Fashion again this conversation today Isn't about whether Bitcoin goes to 150,000 or a million dollars or not Because as far as I'm concerned that's Small potatoes at what lays at the feet Of mankind and it is the movement into The fourth Industrial Revolution it is The introduction of the new payment System and monetary system for the world Not just the United States but I believe With the close connection of the United States Treasury officials and ripple it Is quite clear to me that there is a Plan that has not been talked about Publicly by the United States and I Believe Ripple is deeply involved in it And I believe xrp Ledger and xrp can Absolutely become the underpinning of The next version generation of the US Dollar and help support its dominance And this economy and the world economy Because we do play a massive role as the

Largest part of the world economy as we Move through the next 150 plus Years not Financial advice for me or Anyone else it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next One


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