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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines expert predicts Economic collapse you're going to want To know for what and we're going to tell You and how about Ripple case does it Equal the Supreme Court and we've got a Final implementation date for the dtcc That's right depository trust Clearing Corporation does over two quadrillion Dollars worth of business every year Somebody wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now We are looking at 1. 1.17 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto good morning everybody the market Is off by 1.3 percent Bitcoin right now 24 600 plus we see ethereum at 1600 plus Tether market cap 70.4 billion they're Saying and 39 for xrp now just to cover The numbers really quickly xrp up 5.3 Percent on the seven day ethereum up 11.3 percent on the seven day and 13 Percent for Bitcoin on the seven day Ladies and gentlemen if you haven't done It tickets are moving time is limited And I'm telling you right now you're Going to want to get a ticket to the First ever xrp Las Vegas conference in 2023 May 5th May 6. check it out right Here and by the way we have new edition

Right here new edition added to this John Deaton Eleanor tarrett myself and Jeremy Hogan from legal briefs virtually Appearing on the panel there it is going To be remarkable and Jay from spend a Bits Quincy Jones xrp xdc developer Joe And doso from link2 I'm telling you Right now Nick bureaufedo as well so Many incredible people and it's still Going like the Energizer Bunny but the Tickets are only last so long this event Will sell out you better get your ticket While you can link underneath the video Let's Start Right Here ladies and Gentlemen the Central Bank of Iran will Open new center for exchanging currency And gold Iran's government recently Started selling gold coin certificates To raise cash Russian and Iran Russia Excuse me and Iran are working together On a gold back stable coin how about That one ladies and gentlemen Iran has Been seeking entry into bricks and you Know what they're not the only one let's Talk about this now Expert predicts looming economic Collapse as brics Nation unite against The dollar D dollarization and cbdc's Monetary historians suggests a great Reset is imminent This here from Dr Martin heisbold shared And what we're talking about is Andy Scheckman who really is an extremely Smart guy look at what he shares here

Basically If you get into this in an interview With Miles Franklin uh Andy scheckman Here uh discussed an economic prediction Here uh on Kitco news and essentially What he talked about here is this All it would take Andy scheckman says Would be for Saudi Arabia to stand up on The stage and declare we are now going To consider taking up other currencies For oil And all of a sudden bang all of the Countries that had to hold dollars for The last 50 years no longer have an Interest in holding them And if they all start to dump dollars And I think it would happen quickly you Would have a tsunami of inflation Hitting the shores of the West Sheckman told mccroy uh that the ass When the asset price collapses Cbdc's would be deployed That's when they would come in and roll Out their new cbdc uh system this gives Cover to roll it in recently Saudi Arabia has shown interest in Joining brics nation and the Kingdom's Finance Minister we know has said that The recent World economic Forum event That Saudi Arabia is open to trading Currencies other than the US dollar in June of last year and we also know President Putin announced the creation Of a new international Reserve currency

At the 14th brick Summit this is all Coalescing together in one gigantic Event is what we could see taking place Here ladies and gentlemen We know Saudi Arabia has already agreed To deal with the Yuan with China through The Shanghai Exchange I think Andy's got it here you know I Really do I'd love the opportunity to Speak with him as well Now let's shift gears here because we Got to talk about this case because I do Not believe myself That when we're talking about the Possibility of a imminent reset A d dollarization of the US dollar Globally speaking I don't think we can have this Conversation I don't think the Conversation is complete without Bringing in the idea of a bridge Currency and an xrp Ledger which is a World Exchange a decentralized World Exchange I just don't think that these Conversations can be mutually exclusive I think you have to have this talk with Everything or nothing The SEC claims however stupidly Outrageous that it argues a person who Acquired xrp in Japan is in common Enterprise with ripple and all other xrp Holders and xrp as a security even Though Japan's own regulator says it's

Not xrp is the second most popular Crypto in Japan And shout out to Tim for sharing that Original post Shout out to John Deaton all he does for Us This is this is why this case is so Important it's not just about Ripple and Xrp and the importance there Hell at this point it's not about really Uh All of crypto because it's this case Speaks to Clarity for all the crypto uh Broadly I think the conversation goes even Bigger If we understand the role of xrp as a Bridge currency we understand The xrp Ledger is in fact a decentralized World Exchange Then I think the conversation stems Outside of Ripple xrp I think the Conversation stems outside of what it Means for crypto and I think the Conversation starts to stem into what it Means for the world And how it can handle such a move on a Geopolitical level for the monetary System should there be a gigantic Paradigm shift and I do believe that we Are going to witness the greatest Financial paradigm shift in the history Of mankind and I personally believe my Digital perspective is not Financial

Advice That xrp will be a part of that I really do believe that John Dean goes On to share here once again I'll say it Ripple offers and sales of xrp may have Violated U.S Securities laws and if the SEC were only pursuing Ripple sales I Would have never filed the suit against The SEC But claiming an asset alphanumeric Sequence and code was and is and always Will be no matter the what the seller of The circumstances surrounding the sale a Security is insane there isn't one case In 76 years since Howie that supports Such an absurd claim he goes on but There it is But now let's take a look at this Stuart out of Roddy shared this Yesterday The SEC has lost four out of five last Cases in the Supreme Court Thanks to the few that had the courage And resources to fight back against the Sec's bullying and clinging to stretch Legal positions that were not faithful To the law now Maybe this is just saber rattling and Posturing that to the SEC that listen We're willing to fight and go the Distance and that's the right position You have to fight until the deal sign if The Ink's not on the paper and the Ruling's not in you continue to Hold

Your Position no question about it But I tell you I've caught a lot of Hell Over this one but I have to say if I Didn't know any better I'd say Stewart Is hinting that the SEC versus Ripple Case is Going the Distance know this Ladies and gentlemen If it does it's because xrp is that Important and let us also remember too Because I know a lot of people be like Scared to death like yeah but that means We could go another two three years but That doesn't mean that it would be a Negative for ripple What if Ripple comes out to Victor here And it's the SEC that were to appeal Potentially if that's the case and Ultimately to the Supreme Court level if Ripple and xrp have the clarity then They get to move forward while all of That happens And wouldn't that be the best case Scenario that Ripple and xrp get to move Forward and ultimately it does go all The way to the Supreme Court while they Have mass adoption happening I see a potential scenario for that now Maybe it doesn't go any of those ways And it just simply goes back on all the Exchanges which I would love But I don't know the outcome but I'm Just looking down the road and saying if It goes that way if we understand xrp And the xrp ledgers role and that the

Fact that it can truly do what it says It could do Maybe it does need to go the distance To have legal Clarity remember this when The case burst drops Stuart El doradi Was the one that came out and said Goodbye how we test hello Ripple test Well let me tell you something The Howie test went to the Supreme Court The Reeves test went to the Supreme Court and if we're going to have a Ripple test that says goodbye to the Howie test It may just need to go to the Supreme Court too Here I want to share this very quickly Because John Deaton brings confidence to This and says should it go to the Supreme Court he has no doubt Ripple Will win at the Supreme Court level will Shut down the sec's gross overreach he Cites the West Virginia versus EPA case All you need to read to agree with me he Says Ripple summary judgment brief is Already an extremely well written Well-written appellate brief and maybe Just maybe it was so well written Because they understand the path as well Or at least the potential for that path And I have to say in looking back on it And shout out to Linda P Jones who will Be a panelist at xrp Las Vegas 2023 You're not going to want to miss it She shares here Kurt Mo for you says

When it's all said and done no one could Ever say that they didn't get the Opportunity to invest into digital Assets at low prices this SEC versus Ripple case has literally delayed Implementation so everyone in their mama Has a chance and you can't say it any Better right there It really is true I would have never Been able to put the portfolio together If it wasn't for this case I want to share with you More we get out of here and you need to See this and we covered it but you need To see this because we got even more Information today This is the dtcc from August 2022 right Last summer And I'm showing this to you to show the Enormity of the business they do there In 2021 dtcc's uh subsidiaries process Securities transactions valued at nearly 2.4 quadrillion dollars Its depository provides custody and Asset servicing for Securities using 177 Countries and territories valued at 87.1 Trillion dollars How about that Right Now let me go ahead and give you this They've done more than 16 billion Messages a year Shout out to Ray Fuentes for this one Here the SEC announces t plus one

Implementation date May 28 2024 will be The final implementation date for the Move to t plus one settlement for Transactions in the U.S cash equities Corporate debt and unit investment Trusts Now there's a date right there May 28 2024 and I'm going to give this to you Again because Ray Fuentes puts more Information in the front of this clip He highlights it I sat down and talked With Jack McDonald and that's not what I Want to focus on What I want to focus on is how much they Are going to actually do it poli-sign While you're listening to this listen to What Rey breaks down so you can hear the Enormity of What Not only dtcc does but What poly sign can do and the fact that What they're going to offer is going to Be a broader range of products and Services and to a broader Market because They're going to serve the globe take a Listen shout out to Ray and link2 Hi everyone it's red link2 back with More insights related to the link to Portfolio company poly sign fellow Linked to team Apollo member Brad kimes Asked poly sign CEO Jack McDonald a very Specific question he asked is it wrong For us to think that poly science Operations could be considered the next Reiteration of the dtcc depository trust And Clearing Corporation the depository

Trust and Clearing Corporation is a Financial services company that provides Clearing settlement and information Services for the Securities industry at Large it's responsible for processing The majority of Securities transactions In the United States and plays a Critical role in ensuring the safety and Efficiency of the financial markets poly Sign has the capabilities to provide Services similar to the dtcc with their Proprietary technology Atomic net hear It from poly sign CEO Jack McDonald Himself Jack states that Paulie sign Isn't just targeting the U.S financial Markets but the global financial markets And not just the stock markets but all Asset classes listen that's Commodities Real estates bonds notes investment Options such as hedge funds private Equity Venture Capital infrastructure Investments cash and cash equivalents We're talking about quadrillions of Dollars passing through the link to Portfolio companies Network thank you Guys so much for having me Jack just a Pleasure to sit and listen to you talk About poly sign I mean very excited uh Congratulations for being ready for the SEC and the major move towards quality Qualified custodians come on in I mean That is remarkable right there I don't Know about anybody else this crypto Winner feels like it's going to be

Crypto spring really soon yeah uh Jack If I could just um quickly you know for A lot of people and I talk to a lot of People every day and I try to help them Understand poly sign and standard Custody and you know I have to ask you You know to the Layman like you know is It wrong to really see like what poly Sign and standard custody are doing is Like the next iteration of the dtcc I Just wrote an article a good article by Matt Levine who writes for Bloomberg Used to be a regulator that talked Specifically about this there's Definitely a component to dtcc I think The um in some ways Atomic net would be A part of a future dtcc and I would love To be able to snap my finger the Difference between us and dtcc is that Dtcc is a common essentially Clearinghouse for all different Brokers And custodians to come in and they're The one centralized trusted recognized You know settlement house in the U.S We're not you know we're one of uh I Don't want to say many we're one of Several so you know slightly different On that but there's a component of it And what we want to do on this Settlement layer would provide Definitely a dtcc like utility to a much Bigger outside not just U.S Global and Not just equities but all asset class so That is part of the vision you know to

Be that polystein is building the future Of digital assets the link to portfolio Company was founded in 2018 by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz who are both Affiliated with another link to Portfolio company Ripple labs and the Two blockchain architects are both Well-known figures in the financial Services space if you want to learn more About or invest in the link to portfolio Company poly sign visit our website Download our application or reach out to Any one of our investment Liaisons to Help you make your next private Market Investment with link to today There you have it ladies and gentlemen I Don't know about you but that is just Mind-blowing exciting right there no Doubt about it shout out to Jack McDonald shout out to the link to fam Shout out to David Schwartz and Arthur Britto and everybody at the poly sign uh Team and standard custody as well it is Remarkable that's going to do it for me Not Financial advice to me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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