Ripple/XRP-New Two Tier Sys-You Won`t Like It, Currency PEG`s Signed Between Saudi Arabia & Russia?

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Welcome back to the show everybody You're not going to like these headlines Here I'm going to tell you that the new Two-tier digital system and you're not Going to like it ladies and gentlemen I Can tell you that much and also we have This currency Peg signed between Russia And Saudi Arabia is the financial collapse Happening right before our eyes somebody Roll that beautiful intro so we can find Out Digital perspectives with Brad K's come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content and I can tell you Right now we will be talking about the New two-tier digital system and you are Not going to like it we will be doing That in the freedom Zone click the link Underneath the video or go to dig Perspectives. and join us there for less Than the cost of a cup of coffee the Conversation is remarkable inside now uh Let's start right here we have a market Cap for uh crypto $1.66 trillion off by 1% 43,000 plus right now uh for Bitcoin 2200 Plus for ethereum tether market cap 90 billion plus xrp 63 cents up 0.9 on 24 hour up 4.6 on the 7day let's get Into this very quickly it's linked to I Tell you I do feel like at some point Point here the window is going to close

On these amazing opportunities now this Is a time in this market for you to Really sit down and look at your Portfolio and ask yourself do I have it Looking the way I need it to is the Right amount of stuff in my portfolio am I happy with the positions that I Currently have these are all individual Questions that only you can ask and Answer right but over 500,000 registered Users have taken their position and you Can too all you have to do is register Sign up and register to get started it Is that simple I don't care who you are Sign up and register and get started Because I'll tell you something we have Some incredible news coming about one of The companies that is on this platform Today we're going to focus on in just One second but right quick here judge Accepts CZ binance guilty plea to money Laundering and sets the date for Sentencing we'll keep you up to date When that comes down but here's an Exchange don't have to worry about and It's uphold and let me tell you Something uphold has done it that's Right I'm talking about the new uphold Vault is amazing and I can say that Because it's coming out today but I was A part of the beta testing and I tell You something you are going to be blown Away when they tell you you have instant Trading users can seamlessly move assets

To the uphold platform and one click and Then back back into the Vault and Execute a trade 24/7 it's because you Can't always accessible should the user Lose access to the uphold app for any Reason they can always move their funds Directly on chain via the Vault assist Tool using their two keys that's right We're talking about a multi-sig account That uphold Vault has created at uphold And it is remarkable and you want to Talk about Affordability at a market price of $50 Per Year vault is Affordable for everyone Not solely users with large Holdings and This is where they win look they have The scalability they have the security They have the efficiency they have the Smooth experience with it this is a full Product ready for everyone I got to be Honest you're going to be blown away by This do not mess around and make sure That you get the uphold Vault ladies and Gentlemen this is again I wouldn't speak To this unless I was already experienced With it I did the beta test on this I Actually I'll tell you what else I did During the beta test I switched from an Old phone to a new phone took the Vault With me to the new phone and tried it Out there took away a a one of the keys And then replaced my key to make sure it Worked this and look I am not a

Techsavvy guy so for me to be able to do This is really remarkable and I can tell You for the first time in your life you Are about to have the best night's sleep That you ever have in this crypto space Because uphold has done it make sure you Check them out tether allocating part of Its profits to buy Bitcoin currently Holds 2.4 billion it looks like here to Me uh in Bitcoin reports uh this is a Lot and we still don't know how the US Government feels about tether will it be Unwound will it be brought under Credential regulation what's going to Happen there we don't fully know but I Want you to listen to this old clip About Brad garlinghouse talking about Swift and what they're actually doing at Ripple you you may have heard it but Stay with me you're going to want you'll Know why in a second I think what we're Doing and executing on a day day byday Basis is in fact taking over Swift in That you know we've now signed up you Know well over a 100 Banks some of the Now it's over 500 partners the largest Swift enabled banks in the world are now Using ripples technology uh I mean just Last week we saw a a a remittance Company who's using ripples technology They reduced the price per transaction To their consumers from $20 per Transaction to $2 per transaction and They saw an 800% increase in usage

Overnight that is known as the jeans Paradox right there ladies and gentlemen When you can bring that kind of Standardization and efficiency to Something you're going to see an Increase in the usage of that thing is Exactly what happened in the industrial Revolution no doubt about it write it Down now it's a good thing that they're Going after this new market Infrastructure they're building at Ripple it's a good thing that they're Challenging Swift because that's exactly What Russia doesn't like is Swift Because of the US sanctions that come From it now bricks Coalition as you know Is Brazil Russia India China and South Africa and now 20 new countries Applying to join bricks in 2024 and we Told you that one of them is Saudi Arabia and also United Arab Emirates Egypt Ethiopia Argentina Iran along with Others stay with Me look at this welcome here in Saudi Arabia for Russian President Vladimir Putin destruction of the Petro dollar is Almost complete says Ben Ricker a new Fairer more transparent multi-polar Trust based economic order is being Birthed this is the welcome that's being Given to the Russian president here in Saudi Arabia where they're supposed to Be honoring the Petro dollar agreement In exclusivity for trading oil in US

Dollars in return for US military Protection this is also what it looks Like look at this oh nice let's five it Out yeah they're vibing they're getting It done they're hanging baby yeah look At the Swagger This this should this should be Concerning everyone right 150 countries To pay Chinese Yuan not US dollar for Loan repayments this is all a part of The dollarization movement which is Happening as an undertoe to the ultimate Goal which is to create a bricks Currency backed by gold as been said by The leaders of the bricks Coalition well Look at this here from Mike Christo Mike Christo says Bank of Japan has collapsed Federal Reserve has collapsed soft bank Has collapsed the currency pegs signed Between OPEC Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia and UAE on Putin's visit Yesterday and the Central Bank of Russia's Chief brought an end to the Petro he says the 1.1 trillion of US Treasury bonds held by the bank of Japan As the carry trade un unwind says here Bank of Japan has collapsed soft Bank Collapsed Federal Reserve has now also Collapsed to sign Peg agreements between Opeg ending the Petro dollar and Iso20022 basil 3 have collapsed the four 34 trillion US Treasury bonds that's why Yields exploded on both the J jgb and uh

10year and us 10year at the same time he Says now expect massive monetary Deflation it's over for the US dollar Mike Christo says the US Treasury bonds Are now worthless gold will now move Much higher and the oil price in dollar Terms will collapse this will now all Unravel in the coming hours a few days He says cheers Everyone I don't know about cheers Mike But you know gez I mean you Know you know let's not rush out to be a Motivational speaker here but I mean Look if Mike is right right if Mike is Right here there are big implications Coming from this in the near term now if These things are not so immediate you Have to wonder what the United States Government is doing to make sure that They can underpin the security And elevated status of the US dollar This is a great diagram from Ashley Prosper here who shows just some of the Moves that Ripple has been making and The building of infrastructure outside And in the markets right inside and Outside the digital space here you can See all the diagrams here BMP City IBM HSBC all connected to Medico which is Owned by Ripple MasterCard connection as We know SBI we know the rest of it and We know this this goes and expands Across multiple central banks 20 to 30 Of them they've told us at Ripple as

Well as 500 Partnerships plus and Growing currently right now as well so When we think of the market Infrastructure that's been built and Still being built by Ripple over the Last plus decade you have to understand Chris lson here uh board member former CEO co-founder of Ripple you have to Wonder exactly what's coming because Chris Chris Larson believes we will face A catastrophe if the U us cannot provide Clear regulatory rules for Cryptocurrency and he speaks to what is Going on geopolitically as well take a Listen to this to okay how do we compete With China how do we keep up and you Know till now frankly us Regulators have Actually helped China by officially Giving Clarity to the two protocols Effectively controlled by Chinese miners Bitcoin ethereum that's a mistake um We've got to also give uh Clarity at Least and maybe even support if this Really becomes a tech Cold War like it's Looking like it will be uh To technologies that are more favorable To us and its allies stewardship of the Nextg Global Financial system otherwise We Face a potential catastrophe you know I don't know what the odds are but There's some meaningful uh you know Probability if China was to get control Over the nextg financial system I mean That that could really be devastating to

American uh Power and its allies ability To to you know uh make payments to Defense payments to an ally American Banks that might be blocked or throttled Back on on uh how how fast their Payments go you know you can even see Some terrible situation where a US Company that has a low Chinese social Credit score could be blocked from that New infrastructure you know those are Bad outcomes even if there's a small Percentage chance that happens we we've We've got to check that to make sure That we're involved and we're we're Competitive as a country there you have It I don't think you could make it any More clear than Chris just made it right There so regardless of how impending This may or may not be whether it has Actually collapse or whether it's on the Brink of collapse I think Chris covers It here that the United States has Actually aided China by allowing Bitcoin And ethereum to get further ahead than Where we are and thank good goodness We're in a position today where xrp has Legal Clarity and think about now how That may play in more relevant Manner And fashion for the geopolitical uh Events that are happening right now and The monetary system forget the digital Asset Space this now looks more to be a Situation where we're talking about

Saving our Country saving the monetary system from The Bad actors in the world who are out Here trying to rip it all down and Listen I know we need I know it's a Flawed system I get it so I know we need Something new in place but we don't need The digital yuan in place okay I don't Want that in my pocket or in my digital Wallet you can keep That let's take a look at what's going On here on the charts here xrp inside The sentiment St status here for a Bullish confirmation in xrp look for the Sentiment status close in a three-day Candle here as you can see him showing On all of this sentim status and let's Take a look very quickly uh thank you Egg rag crypto and dark Defender here Says morning all here's your double Espresso the best way to wake up to Targets are the targets are clear and You can see right here he's showing you Where the breakout is here's where the Resistance is be broke soon well I want To see it be broken too uh let's see Some new all-time highs that's what I'm Ready for and I'm ready for that for the Whole Community look I I firmly believe Xrp 45 digigit token I believe when you Think about the geopolitical things the Monetary system everything that's in Play right now I really do hope that xrp Can serve to serve as an isolation not

Just a bridge but an insulator rather an Insulator from all these Central Bank Digital currencies that I'm not going to Want to hold ladies and gentlemen yeah Now it's time for us to go to the Freedom Zone that new two-tier digital System you're not going to like it click The link join us dig perspectives. and Join us in the freedom zone I'll catch All of you on the next one not Financial Advice from me or anyone Else


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