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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got a powerful Video lined up for you today Ripple Policy Chief co-signs new Pro crypto US Legal act you're going to want to know About it sdny judge stops the SEC John Deaton on Fox and then a special message From John Deaton about the entire crypto Space saying this will be a long fight Somebody rolled that beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now Cryptocurrency market cap is 1.06 Trillion dollars it's off by one percent Good morning everybody Bitcoin 22 000 Slightly over ethereum 1559 and change Tether market cap 71.7 billion plus we Watch it closely xrp 38 cents this Morning it's up 3.9 percent on the 24 Hour let's get started and I tell you if You are into private Equity investing in The companies behind the technology know This Link two is the place to go to have that Opportunity we secured a limited block Of Ripple inventory and it will be Available on today this Morning March 8th ladies and gentlemen At 8 A.M Pacific time just a couple Hours right away from now the with the

Judge Torres having ruled on the dalbert Motions a settlement is expected soon And sources for ripple Equity are drying Up your opportunity to get a hold of This The window is closing ladies and Gentlemen do not mess around click that Link underneath the video check out my Sponsor there and shout out to John Deaton as he made that prediction two Days ago and said I seriously doubt that We would see a significant Delay from Here this was after the ruling on the Dalbert motion came out in the SEC Versus Ripple and went on to say that it Could be tonight or in a couple weeks That we get the summary judgment ruling So again the window is closing ladies And gentlemen and keep an eye on this Because this right here from Eleanor Tara the primary focus on the keep Innovation in America Act co-led by House Financial Services committee chair Patrick McHenry and Richie Torres is Narrowing the definition of crypto Broker for tax purposes now we know that In the infrastructure Bill there was too Broad a definition of broker underneath Of crypto and the definition for that so Hopefully this will bring Clarity and This should really bring a little Clarity that the bill is in the right Direction because Ripple's policy Chief Co-signs the new Pro crypto U.S legal

Act the head of public policy at Ripple Susan Friedman has expressed her support For the keep innovation in America Act a Bill designed to fix the crypto Market's Current regulatory faults this is also About bringing back in line the uh Different agencies as we know that are Going too far it says here If I could find this section here I Wanted to read to you I had to Highlighted and now it's gone but you Know what it's not that far let me just Read it so it says here the head of Policy assign that and as stated uh Stated by The Source the definition the Crypto broker rather narrowing its Application for tax purposes will be the Center of the acts agenda in addition The drafters of the ACT plan to limit The federal government's ability to Define what constitutes a digital asset As Friedman notes the ACT would make Sure the term is not defined in a way That creates unfeasible reporting Requirements for the industry as it does Now the title of the ACT speaks for Itself according to one Creator Patrick McHenry current misleading policies and Regulatory overreach are pushing a Dynamic industry with all its perks Abroad out of the U.S the current Permissiveness of regulators toward the Crypto industry was made possible in Part by the infrastructure investment

And jobs act which we just talked about In reference if it give if it gave Regulators broad powers to determine the Rules of crypto Market the new act Should limit it And that's what we need to see and put Gary Gensler and the SEC back in their Lane Now this is another piece of information That's coming up there's another hearing That's coming up tomorrow and this is The final list of witnesses for the Digital asset subcommittee hearing the First one ever if you remember they put This subcommittee together to try to get More clarity on how they need to craft Legislation for cryptocurrency space This here is Lee reiners if you remember Boy we covered Lee and he is not a fan Of crypto That's putting it lightly well he's just Been added as the additional witness to Thursday's hearing we're going to tune Into that one for you as well Judge in the southern district of New York says he will stop the SEC from Interfering with the bankruptcy case boy Can I read that a second time because it Just felt good to hear that didn't it a Judge in the southern district of New York says he will stop the SEC from Interfering with the bankruptcy case Claiming a new crypto asset is a Security well let me tell you this is a

Fine piece of reading right here the SEC Issued an objection to bankruptcy Proceedings for the embattled crypto Lender Voyager earlier this year which Would help repay customers affected by The lender's collapse Judge Michael Wiles initially said he Needs specific specific excuse me on why The SEC objects and why it has decided To stop everybody in their tracks With little to no explanation of its Concerns now in a new ruling judge Weil Says that the SEC stance would do Nothing but damage leaving a sword Hanging over the heads of anybody who's Going to do this transaction The judge blasted the sec's interference Asking how can a bankruptcy case or any Court proceeding function with that kind Of suggestion the bankruptcy proceedings Stem from binance U.S acquisition of More than one billion dollars worth of Assets from Voyager a deal that was Signed after ftx's plans to acquire the Assets vaporized judge Weil says that in The future the SEC can pursue binance U.S or voyager's attempts to actually Issue a bankruptcy token but he says it Would be plainly wrong to punish Individuals for working on their Proposals in court finally finally we're Seeing some pushback and this right here Is one year ago back in July of 2022 and I'm not going to play it when John

Deaton appeared on Fox Business with Charles gasparino when the SEC tried to Throw John Deaton out of the case as a Friend to the court well they failed And they tried again and they failed Again but now he's here begin and here We are March 23 and I want you to listen To this and then we have a very special Message from John Deaton after this clip That you need to hear Crypto industry joining me now is lawyer John Dean who's closely involved in the Case and our own Charlie gasparino and You two have had many conversations on There I've been battling them You're still with us I mean in terms of The case yes explain to you you were You're you're on the side of the Ripple Shareholders right you're advising Ripple is do I no I'm uh for the xrp Holders I'm sorry it's the individual Retail holders we have 75 000 plus I'm Gonna get a lot of crap that's okay uh But Amicus curi the judge I filed a Motion to intervene the judge said well I'm not going to let you become a Defendant with those 70 000 people but You can be Amicus curi you can Participate yes is he trying to get you Kicked off they fought us at the Beginning and then they said they found Motions and they they tried to kick me Off and you're still here and we got a Good victory last week okay so Victory

Last night was the judge basically said Um you know I'm here some you could have These expert Witnesses SEC can have These expert Witnesses but what he Really did was saying off the checklist Is the expert witness decision the next Decision could be summary judgment Correct which means he might she might Rule From the Bench either in favor of Ripple Or the SEC absolutely Charlie Um the this was a dog emotion Ripple has 10 expert Witnesses and the SEC has five Both sides challenged their experts and Say they should be excluded the victory We got was there was an expert the SEC Was offering who was going to testify as To what xrp holders thought in their Head when they purchased xrp of course He never interviewed one single xrp Holder in his entire career this guy has ESP huh and he received a three million Dollar contract so guess who the SEC to Serve as a witness and so the judge Excluded that part of this testimony That he's not going to be allowed to Your point though Um some people believed that the Decision on dogbert motions on Expert Witnesses could come down simultaneously With the summary judgment motion so I Tweeted out yesterday that I wouldn't be Surprised if we can decision in a day Now or within a couple let's be real

Clear here if the SEC wins says and they They hold Ripple liable for selling xrp Which was an unregistered security big Thing that means just about every crypto Except for maybe Bitcoin and maybe even Bitcoin is could be considered a Security correct well I mean gizzlers Come out and said that Bitcoin is the Only one he's comfortable saying is a Commodity right right so I think you can Take Bitcoin off okay let's just say the SEC wins this and a lot of people think They will give them what happened with Sandbankment free that is it's going to Be hard for a judge to to basically side On the uh you know encrypt those favor Does it have a a ripple effect through The industry in the sense that How does that make coinbase that means Coinbase that means binance all brokered Unregistered Securities aren't they kind Of on the whole it's going to be a huge Presidential value if the SEC wins Because when you look at xrp it was Created in 2012. it was the the third Largest cryptocurrency in the world when The SEC sued Ripple it was traded Charlie Cheryl for seven and a half Years in the United States and around The world openly and fairly without any Interaction from the SEC and then the SEC comes in seven and a half years Later after it was declared convertible Virtual currency by the fincen right

Right and declared by fsoc as virtual Currency by the government Accountability office as a a virtual Currency utilizing a decentralized Platform after all of that the SEC comes In well those years okay they still have A strong hand if they win that ripples Throughout the year and that's what I'm Skiing at in fact No I think the SEC is going to lose but That doesn't mean Ripple's going to get An outright win either but I think the SEC is going to lose that summary Judgment because of the theory that they Went with Charlie normally when you go After a promoter you say well on this Particular day you made another Unregistered Securities offering or sell And that particular transaction was a Security investment contract and now They're saying that all sales of X are The token itself This is why all eyes are on this case And why Twitter blows up every time you Come on yeah I think the SEC is going to win and I'll Tell you it's going to be a bad day for Crypto okay I can't say you got it can I come John Dean good to see you again thank You please keep us posted on this it's Really been fascinating to listen to you Talk about this case all right while Closing bell

Well there you have it you know the Stakes have been made right you know but John Deaton does offer some more In-depth and meaningful information that Goes beyond the conversation that Happened on Fox right after he appeared On Fox he came on live on crypto law TV And I had the pleasure to watch it and Shout out to John I want to play this Clip for you now so you can hear what he Says to expand on that this will be a Long fight and listen you know he's Going to talk about you know uh the SEC Going after other projects like Bitcoin Now we covered this yesterday I believe We could see each technology sued like Proof of work proof of stake ethereum Could be next we see consensus already Being challenged by uh SEC versus Ripple Against xrp all of these different Technologies I think get sued against The Howie for legal Clarity we hope that Gary gensler's SEC does not win these But it would put each one in a Particular bucket and then from there I Think you could get the framework for Cryptocurrencies the scary part is if The SEC wins during this process that Seems to be taking place so take a Listen to what John Deaton says here Find everyone you don't get the fair Notice defense unless xrp or was deemed A security not deemed but Ripple sold Xrp as a security and so if the judge

Says Ripple sold xrp as a security then Ripple's Fair nose defense kicks in and Says yeah but we didn't get Fair notice And so ripples already went on record to Say that that is a jury issue right and So the judge could agree and so there Could be not just a fair notice issue But You know Common Enterprise Non-investment use of xrp uh were xrp Holders relying primarily on the Ripple Uh efforts of Ripple or to the Token Itself allow them uh a financial benefit Independent of Ripple all of those Things and so if that happens you may Not get the result you want because the Judge would then simply say you know Here is a decision these issues must be Decided before a jury before uh can't be Decided until a jury trial is held and Factual issues are determined Now if that happens then of course there Could be a settlement because the Parties don't really want to spend weeks And weeks in a jury trial which won't be For another six months and then there Could be an appeal and all of that kind Of stuff and so it could lead to a Settlement but it may not I think what You have to start preparing your mind For is that even though we've been Fighting for two years It may not be the result you get now Maybe I'm wrong I've I've went on record

I just bet Charlie that I believe the FC Gonna lose but I said that doesn't mean Ripple gets an all-out Victory and so we Just don't know how aggressive the judge Is going to be is she going to does she Believe she has enough evidence to say Ripple you know on from night 2013 to 2017 whatever these specific sales were Offers of unregistered securities Is she gonna split the baby like that But then say ongoing to future sales or Is she going to say whether or not odl Is an investment contract is a question For a jury I just don't know but I've Been one of those people that have been Trying to plant that seed that this may Not be over at summary judgment and so You have to mentally prepare yourself For the fight and Now everyone else needs to prepare Themselves for the fight because Um I'm not exaggerating I've been told that There could be two to three hundred Crypto companies projects that have been Under investigation by the SEC for the Last two or three years Which means there could be a slew of More enforcement actions coming forward A year ago Gensler doubled the crypto Um personnel We just saw uh Eleanor Tarrant just Tweeted out that or someone tweeted out That the SEC is bolstering again their

Personnel to go after crypto on the Spaces that I was a part of this morning Uh With um with Scott melker and others uh There was a general consensus that the War against crypto is just getting Started now to an xrp holder that sounds Crazy because it started a long time ago But to the rest of the crypto world They're just starting to wake up and I I Know there's so many xrp homes that say Well we're going to get clarity and That's it and the rest of them are Out of luck listen here and maybe that Happens and maybe it doesn't happen and So what everyone needs to understand is That it's the SEC that's at the end That's the enemy I think I'm starting to Even see a crack in Bitcoin Maxi is Starting to see you know where they're Possibly shouldn't be cheering Gary Gensler on you know just because he's Going after it because you know I Guarantee we're gonna see Bitcoin come Under attack it won't be on the same Type of attack but I guarantee you we See the energy consumption issue raised Up by tenfone in the next few months and That's really what we're talking about Here he is warning all of us to be Prepared that the SEC versus Ripple Could go to a jury trial at least in Part this is what I've been talking About for a while now the idea that we

Need to be prepared for this case To Go The Distance jury trial some kind of Appeal from each side and possibly on to The Supreme Court but it doesn't mean That we won't understand what secondary Market sales are for xrp holders because It should mean that it is not a security This is getting interesting we are Closer than any other project on the Planet to finding out where we stand Legally in this space and watch out for The rest of crypto and we should be Coming together no doubt about it Tribalism out the window stronger Together as we we move forward here Ladies and gentlemen That's going to do it for me not Financial advice for me or anyone else It's my digital perspectives Connect to Congress if you haven't done It yet connect to Congress do not wait We do make a difference John Deaton Intervening with all of us behind him in Support have already done so let's Continue to do it together I'll catch All of you on the next one


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