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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you here We got the Republicans double down on The SEC Rosie Rios is in the news you're Going to want it bis is calling for a Unified Ledger what could they possibly Mean xrp proposes cross chains we got Xlm technical analysis and xrp 27 bucks By June I don't have a problem with it Somebody wrote that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It's 1.15 trillion dollar market cap for Crypto the market is up point seven Percent good afternoon everybody Bitcoin 23 900 plus ethereum 1651 and change Tether market cap 70.5 billion they're saying now and 38 Cents for xrp we are off point four Percent on the 24 hour and three percent On the seven day but we don't stop there Up old ladies and gentlemen it's home of The altcoins and why is uphold different Well I'm gonna tell you why because it's Anything to anything that's what's so Special about them they got so much that You can do whether it's private Equity To link to from your uphold wallet click The link for both of these underneath The video you will not be sorry that you

Did so my favorite platform today shout Out to uphold and look at this I'm going To be going to Cordova 2023 for corium Baby yeah blast off to the future of Blockchain technology as they celebrate The launch of corium mainnet in 29 days And I'm going to tell you right now I am excited to learn more about corium Smart contracts 7 000 transactions per Second and I want to talk to the people Themselves I want to talk to Bob Ross I Want to talk to Favio I want to talk to Everybody involved in Quorum there and Get as much information as I can I'm Going to cover it for all of us very Excited to learn more about that and Here we have Fred rispoli making a call To all of us in the xrp community he Says here in Our eth Deck lawsuit it Says uh because we know that frederus Pulley we interviewed him here here on This channel shout out to Fred is suing The SEC to find out whether ethereum is Or is not a security from their own lips That's what he's looking for and he says I need your help to find all the videos Where any SEC official is asked directly Whether ethereum is a security please Include the source Link in your reply That's going to help him out a lot on That and all of us in the crypto space To get a Level Playing Field This here from Eleanor Terrace says Republican leaders renew the call for

Gensler to comply with outstanding Requests from Congress I tell you this Goes as far as not only in the crypto But it also drifts over Into Climate Climate issues Uh from the SEC as well a lot of people Feel like those are issues that should Be from another agency or Department Like the EPA but they feel Gensler is Overstepping based on his relationship And being a Democrat appointee you know Uh there is a lot of trouble here that Gary Gensler just doesn't want to be Held accountable it seems the only time He really is interested in testifying is If he can be in front of Elizabeth Warren who apparently goes over the Questions with him and the answers Before he appears Shout out to Tim for this one he says Ripple versus SEC will a settlement be Reached in the long-running lawsuit no One knows but what we do have to be Aware of here if there is a settlement There can be no appeal right and if There is a settlement that means there Will be no precedent essentially to move Forward on this case for the rest of the Crypto space so it's it's it's a tough Call I don't know what will happen but I Think you should be aware of the side Effects of a settlement and I know we'd All like to get past this with Clarity That is the most important thing

Well right here is the 43rd U.S Treasurer Rosie Rios and she's also on The Ripple board and boy are you going To want to hear what she says about Blockchain and everything else to go With it listen right here What would I do as an investor one I Would follow the money yes it is my name On U.S currency almost 1.8 trillion Dollars with my name on it and currency In circulation so no one has made more Money than I have and we are following The money we're stacking our pennies Next to their dollars aren't we but if I Were following the money Where is it going it's going to the Metaverse it's going to blockchain it's Going to artificial intelligence Technology and Innovation will be the Key and here's what's important to Remember In 2002 and 2008 we saw a huge growth of Investment in technology and innovation This was during the town the downturn What was invented in 2007 that has Turned our world upside down today Anyone The iPhone very good the iPhone was Embedded in 2007 there is no doubt and Then obviously subsequent to that you Saw Facebook you saw Google you saw Airbnb you saw Uber and one of our Biggest downturns Innovation still Mattered and that's going to still be

The case this is a very resilient global Economy and a lot of that Innovation is Happening here absolutely it's happening Here but when I think about the pillars Of Capital Financial Capital physical Capital intellectual Capital it is human Capital that Still Remains the best Investment to make and I know that's Happening here in this country I know It's happening in the U.S And I want people to remember that this Relationship that the U.S has with India Is so important you might recall that President Obama visited India twice During his administration you also know That President Biden has had two In-person bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Modi that relationship will Absolutely no doubt continue for the Person who was born and read and born And raised in Silicon Valley I know Firsthand the economic the political and The social influence The inning Community has had social Influence that the Indian Community has Had in the U.S and in Silicon Valley Specifically and I know that will Absolutely continue so to all of you Again even though these are still Uncertain times this is also probably One of the most hopeful and Opportunistic times that I have seen in Quite a while and there's no doubt in my Mind that that Innovation also social

Let me tell you I find it very as an Investor let me stop this I find it very Compelling that Rosie Rios is talking in India at the global business Summit Where we know Ripple has at least deep Relationships and ties there so this Gets very interesting and understanding That Ripple is developing the pilot cbdc For the Central Bank of Bhutan who has Very very strong ties in Supply and Trade with India this gets much more Interesting to watch as we go forward we Will stay very close on it looking right Here this is powerful ladies and Gentlemen this here is Augustine Carstens from the bis Who is describing as he spoke in Singapore He says here he described a ledger that Would accommodate a variety of public And private projects in discrete but Connectable Parts let me listen we've Got quite a bit to go over here Augustine's got quite a bit to say Mm-hmm The general manager of the bank of International settlements Augustine Carsten spoke at Singapore fintech Festival on February 22nd yesterday And described the digital Financial Infrastructure he believes would best Suit Central Bankers needs he called That infrastructure a unified Ledger Carson's compared to theoretical unified

Ledger with a smartphone well isn't that Interesting that Rosie Rios was just Asking about when the iPhone was created The smartphone These things are just remarkably Coincidental I don't find them to be and I'm speculating to be clear but however He says here saying they both work Seamlessly with a variety of components Unlike a smartphone a unified Ledger Would have open architecture however and Would show programmability and Composability that is it would run a Bundle of smart contracts there are over 2 million apps available to smartphone Users Carstens noted he said a unified Ledger is a digital infrastructure with The potential to combine the monetary System with other registries of the real And Financial claims Holy moly ladies and gentlemen I mean I know you're wondering what I'm Wondering is The xrp Ledger involved in This in any way or the inner Ledger Protocol and the answer is yet to be uh Found but it is absolutely a great Question and something to want to find The answer to isn't it a unified Ledger Would not have to do to be decentralized Or permissionless Carson said but could Accommodate a variety of projects that Use of money as a means of payment and Settlement where the Central Bank plays A large role in the governance of The

Ledger and consumer facing sector is in Private hands now this is a Quick Three-minute Clip but you're going to Want to hear Gustin talk about it even Further here take a listen Elementary system a unified programmable Ledger give us a sense of why and what The vision hopes to achieve eventually What we want is to lay the ground Infrastructure for a modern Financial System now the technology is moving very Fast we have a very solid foundation so The idea is basically to use that solid Foundation incorporate the new Technologies and facilitate the Development of a future Financial system What gaps input particular are you Trying to fill well one of course is That Financial system as a efficient as It is today is still full of of Transaction costs compliance costs too So one very important motivation is to Reduce those frictions as as much as Possible the other thing is to onboard More people easily more easy for example One of the main issues related to lack Of insufficient inclusion is that Precisely transaction costs are very Very high therefore to manage small Payments or to give access to small Firms so small medium-sized Enterprises Or services to people in remote iris is Still a major problem one of the Priorities for the bis in 2023 is to

Focus on stable coins and cbdcs as well Just wondering in terms of Regulation What additional regulation do you Foresee that's needed well in terms of Of just cryptocurrencies need to be Regulated it is obvious now that it is Necessary certainly aspects of consumer Invest investment protection is very Important and well of course also Focusing on on on on the the exchanges The exchanges are key how some some of These activities interact with the Traditional Financial system some should Be valid some should be tolerated and Those are the ones we should regulate What do you think is impacting the views Of central Bankers the most right now When it comes to the crypto ecosystem I Mean how much of it has to do with the FTX incident for instance Well you know a few years ago a crypto Assets and cryptocurrencies were were in A way put us an alternative to throw to To Fiat money I think that battle has Been won a technology doesn't make for Trusted money The most important aspect is for these Activities not to have a systemic impact I mean at the end of the day if this Grows dramatically and we have events Like FTX that at some point could have a Systemic systemic impact and that's Something that we want certainly to Prevent India which is hosting the G20

Is pushing for greater regulation on Cryptocurrencies what conversations are You expecting at the G20 and where are They in those conversations I would say The most important body of the G20 that Has to do with financial activities is a Financial stability work Financial Stability board were Ministers of Finance regulator central banks get Together and they decide I would say the Main rules of the game I would say for The International Financial system I Anticipate a strong statement in favor Of Regulation it will be up to each Country to decide which particular Approach they will follow in terms of The Alternatives that there are out There And there you have it right there ladies And gentlemen uh that's the Augustine Carson saying it himself and then we see This xrp Ledger proposes cross-train Cross-chain bridge to increase Network And token utility you have to wonder if This could all be to serve the market Infrastructure that really is the Financial system which is what Ripple Has been working on doing since day one You have to wonder Let's take a look at some ta right quick Let's start with xlm pricing comparison To xrp egg rag crypto says here he's Been following xlm for a couple years And he observed that the price of xlm is

On average 30 to 40 percent plus or Minus from the price of xrp If this is the case the below is xlm Price prediction the more xrp moons the More xlm moons what a nice little Comparison here because I think we all Have talked about over time About how there is this like you know One-third price kind of differential Two-third price differential between xrp And xlm and right here we see that if Xrp is three bucks that would put Stellar and xlm at 1 105 and if it gets To 27 it would put xlm at 9 45. well Speaking of that That's where we go back to crypto bull Who says here xrp finishes four triangle Touches just like in 2014-2017 before it had its massive Bull Run if we repeat he says and obviously It means we would have to repeat it Hasn't happened yet he says that repeat Could show us a 27 xrp by June now none Of this is financial advice and no one Knows whether it will or it won't but Looking at this chart it does feel like Something we should constantly monitor Because I remember the bull run that Happened 2017-2018 was about 26 days or so It went very quickly when it went and if It does it again I would imagine it Would look much the same not Financial Advice to me or anyone else it's just my

Digital perspectives I'll catch all of You on the next one


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