Ripple/XRP-Bill Gates & The Controligarchs,Zodia/Metaco/Ripple/Standard Chartered, XRP Price Drop?

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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we have for you today Totalitarian control Bill Gates and the Control lear's secret deals ladies and Gentlemen we're going to get into that As well as crypto institutions making Silent moves we got that and so much More somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad k Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now current Market cap for crypto is $11.61 trillion Market cap the market is up 3.7% as Bitcoin now over $41,000 ladies and gentlemen yeah 41k And up going moving 5.6 on the 24hour up 12.9 on the 7 day and now ethereum $2,249 in change up 4% on the 24hour up 10.9 on the 7 Day tether market cap 89.6 Billion plus I believe it's an all-time High and we don't know how the US Government really feels about it but I Think we're going too soon 62 cents for Xrp it's off by7 in the 24hour up 2.9 on The 7 day as we know altcoins usually Move in a lag behind the major uh Digital assets like Bitcoin and ethereum That have dominance over the market at This current time we have yet to see use

Case utility drive the market price but That's coming soon we're going to talk About that uh 62 cents right now on the Bottom of the price range for xrp is 0 6012 on the top 6405 we did see a spike earlier this Morning to 64 cents and then a drastic Pullback or sell off very quickly it is Recovered from 60 cents back to 62 we'll Keep an eye on it uh I talk about this All the time and it's because I was a Customer first as with anything that I Offer on this channel I don't promote Anything that I don't use that's the Truth don't believe it it's still true And there's a reason why I use all these Products because they're fantastic and If you haven't checked out itust capital For yourself what are you waiting for The only thing better than buying crypto Is buying tax-free crypto and you can do That with your own back office as you Can see here in the illustrations and Have the empowerment that you've always Been waiting to have for planning your Retirement and your future for your Family now over the weekend we covered This and I want to play this clip here It is a clip of Brad garlinghouse shout Out to Brad Garling house at token 2049 In Singapore and he's making some very Crucial statements here when asked about Stable coin points it's a pretty Remarkable clip I want you to listen to

This very quick clip here Reserve has a Strong interest in ensuring that any Stable coin offering operate within an Appropriate Federal credential oversight Framework but when are you going to move Into stable coins [Laughter] Yes When Yes now that seems very calculated to me CU like yes we're excited too but it Sounds like a very smart business Calculated move like we need Clarity Without saying we need Clarity is what I'm hearing here we get clarity and We'll happily dive into stable coins but Maybe it's just that they don't want to Dive into stable coins deeply until There is legislation so there's no Question about what's taking place place On The xrp Ledger isn't it look I I Think the stable coin Market is Fascinating uh uh will we do or say more Than that not today the federal not Today do we say more than that not today Why is that such a touchy subject why is That such a place that Brad can't go but Also see seems and appears to be Extremely excited about at the same Time well I think it's because we're on The precipice of getting what we need to Be extremely excited about stable coins Again as I've said we all know that Stablecoin legislation would clear the

Way for the on and off ramps to the Digital asset space we all know this but Let me tell you what clear legislation Also does for stable coins it instantly Opens the door for banks to start Playing along it instantly opens the Door for banks and their business to go 24736 Because that's what stable coins can do That's just one way of visualizing and Understanding the power of what digital Stable coins can do for the financial Industry and just from 247365 Imagine the impact that will Begin to take place and you can see the Scaling of digital assets coming very Quickly once that happens so with that Being said let's look at a problem That's going on in the financial Industry right right now the bank of International settlements and this is The Central Bank of central banks as They say is warning that Central Clearing Houses that hold over $1 Trillion do in liquid assets May Exacerbate periods of financial stress This does not seem good says gold Telegraph and I would have to agree with That and we have to remind ourselves That it was Ripple that joined Isda the international swaps and Derivatives Association to help settle More than a couple quadrillion dollars Worth of these settlement items and

Products right isn't It it is and here in fact is legal Identifier ident entity identifier Conversation and JP Morgan and isda Explains that the legality for digital Derivatives is a base layer the Foundation uhhuh and then we're going to See JP morgage mansart xrp fund over in Ireland shout out to Mr Man give him a Follow yeah Bill Bill had said that too He said earlier that um some of that Framework uh was built is being built Now right the the data the digitized Legal data that information is going to Be kind of the the footprint or we Should call it um I don't build houses But like the the framework the bottom of The house to to get us up to that Standard um the foundation right and There's your legal entity identifier Known as the Lei and here is in fact the Lei for Ireland and it is the public Limited company JP Morgan here xrp Fund how about that is't that Interesting uhhuh now let's hear here About zodiac custody the new payment Dispersement platform for Stellar since September 2023 we have uh I think it's Tory sample Uh on stage here also uh Julian I can't Remember his last name but let's hear This clip very quickly here powerful Clip Stellar is thus indirect Reconnected to Ripple via zodiac custody

And Medico custody we'll get into that In a Second hi everyone I'm Noel lerson here On behalf of coindesk Studios at the Stellar Meridian event in Madrid and I Am here with Tori sample senior product Manager at the Stellar development Foundation and Julian Sawyer Chief Executive Officer of zodiac custody Tori And Julian thank you so much for being Here with us today thanks for now There's so much to talk about I want to Talk about the Stellar platform and some Of the changes but Julian first for our Viewers who aren't familiar could you Give us some background on zodia custody Its Origins and its focus yes of course We were founded by standard char bank And their Ventures arm in 2000 uh on the Premise of segregation between exchange And custody so we are a standalone Custodian offering institutional grade C Custody Services uh we're based in the UK um though we have just opened in Singapore and we're also in uh the EU as Well that's fascinating what kind of uh Difference do you find between the Different Jurisdictions I think the jurisdictions That we're in are those that have got a Road map of crypto adoption um and so we Are very careful about where we go and And that market but I think what we're Seeing is in the more developed markets

A more alignment into how crypto custody Is managed consistency and alignment and That's what we are hoping will will Continue within the marketplace ideal Especially encouraging to hear for such A a global concept and you know Tori um Could you talk a bit about Stellar Products and how they relate to the Ecosystem well listen we know Stellar is Taking off and so is Frank templon on Top of the Stellar Network look this is Exciting to me because Ripple is Reconnected through Medico and obviously They acquired Medico and zodia is now Connected and Standard Chartered is Behind zodia custody Standard Charter Also a ripple partner these connections Are coming together why am i showing you Custody Conversations because it is the Foundational layer I believe is what the Lady was trying to say in the previous Clip that I just played for you Standard Charter backed by zodiac custody joins Ripple partner Medico zodiac custody and Cryptocurrency storage provider backed By standard custody is joining Ripple Own custody specialist Medico Network Which is designed to handle the Safekeeping and settlement of digital Assets for institutions around the world The firm said on Monday come on in yeah Where who's upset about it not this guy Then this guy right here CEO and

Co-founder of zodia markets let's listen To what he says about where he thinks a Breakouts coming where we're going to See insights into crypto adoption Timeline by Finance leader like this Gentleman right here take a listen do You see that time frame wise in the Next year here to make a I more educated People than me have made many Predictions um I am hoping uh we're Looking at the first half of 2024 I'm Hoping I think there's there's a few People that I think have been more Bullish with that and maybe we're hoping For before the end of this year I I hope I'm wrong I hope it is uh but you know I Would I probably like to think we'll see Something maybe in q1 hopefully worst Case Q2 there you have it and how about That think of it for a moment that we Would have these institutions taking Massive positions moving into Custody with Medico and zodia by Q2 of Next year just six months from now on The long end right possibly sooner m H and why would they be doing that well Let's hear about the silent moves from The crypto in or the institutions moving Into crypto because that's exactly what It is take a listen in that space in Particular over the next year well as You mentioned it's it's also yield Bearing stable coins stable coins kind Of has a wider definition which also is

A problem because we need to narrow that Definition for people to really create Standards and and grow but uh money Market uh funds that are tokenized we've Seen that already come to fruition in Two different places first uh Franklin Templeton they created this uh called it Benji app where they've tokenized a Money market fund and interestingly Because it was tokenized in such an easy To ous interface that particular money Market fund actually within the first Month double their assets because Everyone was using it because so easy to Use and there was an interest in getting More yield at the same time uh JB Morgan Working with black rock they've also Tokenized a money market fund so that's A perfect example of like adoption Product Market fit and unfortunately for It goes below the fold in terms of the Search engine headlines because Everyone's so focused on just hardcore Crypto stuff whereas the uh call it big Boys are actually adopting the Blockchain technology below the fold and Quietly but in Big's size and there you Have it right there ladies and gentlemen And isn't that one of the core tenants That we have here on the channel is to Get out of step with the masses and to Get InStep with the Institutions that is the deal that is Why you hear me say often I am stacking

My pennies next to their dollars and That is exactly what I continue to do Not Financial advice sharing my digital Perspectives now we're going to share Egg RG crypto's digital perspectives as He talks about what went on just a few Hours ago here where we saw this big Price man manipulation candle he says Here Spike all the way down into I Believe 58 Cent 59 Cent range but that's Where it went and now we know we're back At 62 but he calls this on the one Minute chart a pure manipul ation candle So it is just a bit of a disruption and We're back where we were nothing has Changed as far as the long-term vision Of the charts in fact if we take a look At crypto toes here xrp needs to close The day above this green candle Resistance area he says if we could do This successfully we should be on the Road to 72 cents and obviously we know It's a Dollar Plus for egg C egg rag Crypto and dark Defender as well look All of this is interesting to watch We Know know that we're early but uh I'm Here for it and I know you are too now It's time to move into the freedom Zone Ladies and gentlemen yes indeed he Totalan control total totalitarian Control I should say excuse me had the Toughest time with that this morning Bill Gates and the controller guards and Secret deals this is the stuff we talk

About inside of the freedom Zone because We are free to talk about it in there I Hope you will join us you aren't going To believe it the conversations are Amazing the comments from all of you are Absolutely remarkable and if you haven't Seen the uh video we covered yesterday On the quiet Desperation and how to plan your Escape If you're living a life in quiet Desperation you click this link and you Join Freedom zone for next to nothing And you're going to find out exactly how You can break the mold not Financial Advice of me or anyone else else I'll Catch all of you on the next One


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