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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines this morning here it Is the SEC that is now issuing a crypto Investor alert no joke ladies and Gentlemen it is a Full Assault on crypto And The xrp Ledger shall set you free Somebody roll that beautiful intro [Music] Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content at the top Of the screen 1.23 trillion dollar Market cap for cryptocurrency it's up 4.7 percent of the time making this Video Bitcoins 28 300 plus ethereum 1800 Over and we see tether market cap at 78.5 billion plus watching it closely Xrp is 44 cents we're up 4.6 percent of The 24 hour we'll keep an eye on it Let's take a look at this Link 2 has massive announcements here Link 2's new investment minimums are Five thousand dollars used to be ten Thousand that's amazing in itself but There's more just in time for the launch Of Ledger baby that's right Ledger Private Equity is now going to be Available starting at 8 A.M Pacific time Do not mess around guarantee that's Going to go real quick and guess what Else has made its way onto the platform It's chain analysis and by the way the

Alternative trading system the ATS that Allows all the customers accredited Investors that buy private Equity will Now be able to have a secondary back-end Market to buy and sell their private Equity between each other what a Remarkable time it is for link two oh my Goodness don't mess around click the Link check out my sponsor Speaking of sponsors right here flare Domains this is flare naming service Here they have launched and you can get Yourself a spot if you click the link Underneath of this video You can get on a reservation list that Allows you an opportunity to get the Best domains off of flair networks Through Flair naming service this is Very very exciting they are going to be An xrp Las Vegas do not miss your Opportunity to get on that list ladies And gentlemen click the link underneath The video as well dalquan now from Terra Luna has been arrested I tell you what It's about time My goodness is that guy good at hide and Go seek it gets worse ladies and Gentlemen bear with us here this is the Portion of the show where you start Going wow Who brought the good news bear somebody Get him some honey The algo fam woke up this morning to bad News which is a trickle-down theory

Because coinbase got cracked on They killed the rewards and they now Have informed everybody they're Elevating their service and are yeah Evaluating their service in light of the Recent regulatory scrutiny from the SEC In the wells notice towards coinbase or Given to coinbase and for that reason They will no longer support algo rewards For retail customers it goes on but We've got more bad news to look at We got to look at it all you want the Big gains you got to be able to stomach The big losses And right now it is the move the Transition from the market that we've Had for a dozen years or more To where we're going like it or not That's what we're watching take place Bid stamp now Says they will be unable to process ACH Deposits as of March 27th in just four Days three days excuse me Unbelievable Oh it gets worse Crypto exchange Kraken will suspend Automated Clearinghouse ACH deposits and Withdrawals starting on March 27th as Well I tell you this is a mess and it gets Worse now SEC issues a investor and you should say A crypto investor alert urging caution Around crypto citing assets may not

Comply with U.S laws This is what they're doing This is what they're doing right here Right there and that's what they said Yeah you can read it yourself if you Like But I did it for you It's not good We can only hope now That what Perry am boring is doing with Representatives uh Soto and Tom emmer And others will prove to be beneficial Because up until now Congress has been Feckless They have stood back and watched Gary Gensler and one could make the argument That they've been aligned with him no One to date has made any real effort Outside of a tweet to stop them But let's listen now and I certainly Hope and listen with all the optimism That we can rally the troops This morning U.S representatives Tom Emmer and Darren Soto the co-chairs of The Congressional blockchain caucus Reintroduced the bipartisan blockchain Regulatory certainty act and on behalf Of the Chamber of digital Commerce and Our members we would like to commend Representatives Soto and emmer for Introducing such an important piece of Legislation and for their leadership on Blockchain technology in the U.S Congress now more than ever it is vital

That we Institute regulatory Clarity for Blockchain Developers for minors from Validators service providers and others That are building on blockchains in the United States the existing lack of Clarity is a very significant risk to The ongoing growth and development of Blockchain technology in the United States and this must be addressed the Chamber of digital Commerce strongly Supports the this legislation that will Help ensure that the United States can Be a leader in building on blockchains Globally And there you have it and I certainly Hope that they can build some momentum On it but we shall see but right now I Want you to listen to this clip here From crypto law TV and it is Eleanor Tarrett and John Deaton you will have a Chance to be in the same room with them At xrp Las Vegas and participate in a Question answer at the end of an amazing Fireside chat that we have lined up Let's take a listen to this clip and Hear what John Dean's thoughts are on This case it's important Very confident and I've said it on Record I'll say it again I believe the SEC will lose remember Charlie and I even have that bet I Believe the SEC will lose its summary Judgment motion as it's written that Doesn't mean the judge can't split the

Baby and and it depends on how Aggressive she is on wanting to get into The evidence but the SEC lost their Expert For trying to show that xrp holders Would have relied on the efforts of Ripple and that they were induced by Ripple and there is no guy there's no Expert to say that there's no Non-investment use of xrp and then of Course you have xrp holders brief you Spin the bits brief and all the other Amicus brief and you've got 3 500 Affidavits from xrp holders saying why We used and purchased xrp and and some Of them say for investment like many People did and many of them talk about For the particular use in moving money And and being paid and all those other Things and so there is an area where the Judge could say whether or not xrp was Purchased for non-investment reasons is An issue a fact for the jury to decide She could say as a matter of law the SEC Has not uh that no reasonable jury could Conclude there's a common Enterprise and Fine for ripple or she could say whether Or not there's a common Enterprise is an Issue for a jury so it really depends I'm confident that they're going to lose Uh and I believe that Ripple has the Better chance of an outright win than The SEC does just unbelievable I love Listening to John Deaton break down the

Facts of this case and the legal Argument is so strong just the just the Surface points that he's touching on he Could go on and lay it out in critical Detail but just think of that from a Legal technical point of view of what he Said there is very very strong and Compelling some of the most important Reasons legally structured wise in an Argument or a conversation that I Believe is why xrp Ledger shall set you Free and we're going to hear on the Technical side of what The xrp Ledger is Actually designed to do from Quincy Jones in just a moment and there's the Other reason I believe xrp Ledger will Set us all free but that's just my Opinion in digital perspectives but Right here getting back to the idea of Understanding that the SEC is issuing This alert an urgent caution really to Crypto investors around crypto and Citing that they may not comply with U.S Laws is a swing at the entire space now It is absolutely a massive scare tactic And I don't mean to suggest that there Won't be repercussions we are in a risk Environment here ladies and gentlemen Make sure you know where you're standing I am completely over leveraged but I've Gotten comfortable with it that doesn't Make it right and I am in no way Suggesting that someone else do what I'm Doing but you know what I'm here I've

Been here for a lot of years and this is Why I've Consolidated my portfolio down To what I believe makes it through this Threshold but you know I am still taking In a very very enormous risk and I'm Doing things every day to try to make Sure that I am re-evaluating it in a Very living like a living document very Living breathing organic minute to Minute way based on the information that We see coming in and based on that I Would just want to highlight and share Are some of these warnings here that We're seeing SEC is warning all Investors that proof of reserves means Nothing and is hitting an enforcement Action well what is the biggest thing That we've talked about on this channel Ladies and gentlemen when it comes to Proof of reserves I talk about it almost Every morning it's USD tether they have Done not one sufficient audit that would Stand up in the traditional markets Period full stop What else we're at an all-time high let Me please just show you bear with me Here just right now the market cap 78.5 Billion money is consolidating in the Crypto Market to the tune of almost 80 Billion dollars into tether because They're unsure where to go right now Everyone's scared well I'm going to get Out of my position and just sit in the Tether when the market moves we get some

Clarity I'll get back into my assets Again and I'll get figure out where I Want to go well what happens if tether's Next What happens if tether's next all of This is really hinting to something like A tether Important investor protections for Investors risk of loss of individuals Who participate in transactions Involving crypto assets including crypto Asset Securities it talks about this Right here in a couple other places I Just want to highlight it for us here Let me get it open And it says here uh the only money you Should bet is speculative money right But let me get this open for us see if It'll act right here for us However these types of services may not Uh provide meaningful assurance that Entities hold adequate assets to back Talking about proof of reserves that has Been the issue not one of the issues the Issue with USD tether I said this a few Mornings ago my biggest concern now is That we're watching all of this money be Corralled into tether that's what I said And here it is right here this is why I Always remind people to watch out for USD tether the market cap is getting Bigger and bigger as the crypto choke Point 2.0 continues almost as if Government is corralling retail

Investors for the ultimate crypto Collapse Know what you hold And ask yourself this Cypress ask it So is anyone else wondering what's going To be the Catalyst to get rid of the Majority of these crypto assets because Whatever the mass Purge Event is going has got uh uh event is It's got to be coming soon if we want to Truly see this Market Thrive and I think He's got it pegged right there it's Absolutely true crypto's at 23 000 plus Cryptos and there are not 23 000 plus Problems to solve we know this right now I'm not suggesting we can't have a free Market but we need a regulated market And this is not going to stop for all of Us until they achieve that whether we Like that or not government has done Nothing but tweet about it exchanges 579 I don't think we're going to end up with That money when this is all said and Done either so this is getting very very Interesting now before we get out of Here I want to play you a minute and 10 Seconds Of Quincy Jones right here give him a Follow coin Club Quincy and I'll tell You something he's amazing obviously you Guys know I think he's a very brilliant Young man he is going to be on stage at Xrp Las Vegas speaking you are going to Want to hear this young developer talk

He's so passionate about this space and The work that he does I want you to take A listen here as he explains again what The real functionality is where the real Value people say xrp xrp xrp for me The value is The xrp Ledger it is a Decentralized World Exchange And listen to what he says because I Believe this is what sets The xrp Ledger Free Let's say you wanted to liquidate 100 Million dollars with the bond well you Can only liquidate 100 million dollars Worth of bonds if you could find a buyer For those bonds and that is it being Traditionally pretty difficult in terms Of the higher and higher value and Definitely there's going to be bonds it Could be stocks it could be any sort of Asset of any capacity mortgages whatever It is now with the sft Ledger the entire Premise is being able to maximize the Foot of these through this algorithm in Terms of being able to take all these Different steps at the same time so Instead of you know picking these goal Derivatives or bonds or mortgages Whatever it may be the means that the The entire premise is being able to Liquidate those assets on demand in Terms of being able to move them into Different assets or different currencies And then allow those different Currencies to be able to uh interact

With whatever parties that you're trying To engage with so if I had like a 100 Million dollars worth of gold Derivatives I can instantly liquidate Those from gold derivatives to US Dollars to Japanese Yen to I don't know Japanese stocks instantly rather than me Going through the physical process of All right I got all these gold Derivatives we find a broker that's Willing to you know have me sell them Then sell them in the dollars and then You go find some Forex exchange you'll Change those dollars into Japanese Yen Then now I have the Japanese Yen now I Can buy the Japanese That all in one step to be based on the Algorithm and that's the specialty right There And with the automated market makers That were added to the network to cut Out the Arbitrage as well you can only Imagine that what the xrp Ledger offers As a decentralized exchange for the World only gets better from here now Financial advice for me or anyone else It's just my digital perspectives I'll Catch all of you on the next one


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