Ripple/XRP-David Schwartz Dream Scenario Turning Into Real Geopolitical Nightmare? USD/GRC Status?


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Welcome back to the show everybody have We got one lined up for you today we're Going to talk about Flair and the Debacle of the TDE we're going to get Into it we're also going to talk about The xrp Ledger news and his Dr is David Schwartz dream scenario actually a Nightmare and is that nightmare actually Coming true we're going to take a look At it today you're not going to like it But maybe you will somebody wrote that Beautiful intro Please Foreign [Music] Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.09 trillion dollar market cap to Market uh the market for crypto is flat Bitcoin 22 900 plus up 8.3 on the seven Day ethereum 1600 plus up 3.1 on the Seven day tethered market cap 66.9 Billion they're saying xrp is 42 cents And we're up 9.3 percent on the seven Day how about that one how about this Link to ladies and gentlemen Ripple has Been restocked on the Lincoln link2s Investment platform the team it linked To is hustling to keep the shelves Stocked remember this was fully Subscribed all through the weekend Couldn't get a hold of it now back on

The board as there has been increased Demand by the global Community Driven by An unexpected resolution or an expected Or unexpected to be honest with you Settlement is not off the table expected Resolution of this case if you want to Invest and get private equity in Ripple Or link to or uphold or poly sign David Schwartz Arthur Britto from Ripple Listen you want to get this stuff you Better not mess around click the link Underneath this video and check out my Sponsor here all right let's get into This we know that the FTD or at TDE the Token distribution event went out to the Ftsos to flare time series Oracle Providers First received 280 000 flare The day before we all got ours right and Then there was some selling into the Face of the ious on bit true right so There was a market there for them to do That and they took some profits and I Get it but this is what Hugo had to say And there was a long Thread about it but What I'm going to give you is this it is At best unethical for the ftsos to have Taken advantage of the market to sell Flair prior to the community receiving Their tokens thank you Hugo I appreciate You saying that out loud I have Suggested to the ftso community that alt Ftsos that deposited to bit true Received a first strike this is a General agreement in this so we'll see

What first strike actually means and how Many strikes do you get I don't know all Of these things however you know it is Said poignant here by Kieran who says Where do we find a list of those oracles That did that I think he said uh Hugo Have mentioned when they get that Information they will make sure people Know about it and Kieran also said it is Strange you didn't see that coming the Rug pool is not just a meme anymore so There you go ladies and gentlemen but I Do appreciate his sincerity and Candor On the matter shout out to Hugo for that Right here we see uh as we said Yesterday and she look Mark Phillips is Bad to the Bone give him a follow So much for the xrp and xrp lecture are Centralized argument xrp Ledger Amendment goes live without Ripple's Approval we went over this yesterday the Check cash amendment was amended and That is exactly right is that that did Not need Ripple's approval and there Wasn't a damn thing Ripple could do About it because the xrp Ledger is Decentralized now with that being said This is great news too apparently David Schwartz is working with the zum trade Uh feature probably on the new beta and It's pretty remarkable he said yeah I Can use some trade so look the zum Wallet is going to be opening up in ways That we probably can't even imagine let

Alone more gateways for Fiat to Fiat uh Exchange and get yourself into the app And out of the app so remarkable things Taking place all the time now let's Let's get into this now you've seen me Give you this little 10 second 20 second Clip before but this is in fact David Schwartzman laying out his sort of Fantasy dream scenario to all of us in An interview with Anthony welfare listen Closely because I believe we're going to Look at some real current geopolitical Events taking place by the United States Now And we know other countries and I want You to see this because I tell you I Happen to wonder if this dream scenario Was unfolding to be an actual real Nightmare before our eyes take a listen Like a threat to Dollar dominance for Example like if there was some credible Threat to Dollar dominance like that Like I know I'm just kind of a fantasy Here but like if there was some other Country you know let's say a large Country like you know China or Russia That like implemented some system that Was some sort of threat to Dollar Dominance then you could see the United States responding you know if they Thought that a technological solution Was the best solution they probably you Would see a priority that you wouldn't See under any other scenario despite

Their natural conservatism Despite their natural conservatism and I Think it's so spot on because I mean if You look at the things I'm showing you At Saudi Arabia and Bretton Woods ended Today and it's brics Coalition with Russia and China and India and uh South Africa all announcing that they have a New payment system that they're going to Use which is in fact distributed Electric technology and digital right so Then you're talking about getting around Swift and look all of this that's taking Place is for something right it is not For nothing I remind you this is from The World Bank shout out to Nathan Price Right Here showing the cbdc system That's being entertained to report Approaches on enhancing cross-border Payments and settlement Who's referenced in this Stellar Ripple xrp You know this is the World Bank this is Not a YouTuber look at the geopolitical Events that are taking place we Understand that there's a conflict going On in Ukraine and Russia right now it is On a very very dangerous teetering Point Ladies and gentlemen You're going to see more on that in just A second the U.S treasury secretary has Said now a U.S default could spark a Financial crisis and under listen and Undermine the Dollar's role as a reserve

Currency oh really Janet do tell maybe We should hear from Jerome Looking forward rapid changes are taking Place in the global monetary system that May affect the international role of the Dollar in the future what most major Economies already have or are in the Process of developing instant 24 7 Payments Our own fed now service will be coming Online in 2023 And in light of the tremendous growth in Crypto assets and stable coins we are Examining whether a U.S Central Bank Digital currency would improve upon what Is an already safe and efficient Domestic payment system Well there you have it right now that's Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell said that In middle or summer of 22 or yeah 22. In 2023 he cites Cbdc stable cause he cites new digital Payment networks that he's not talking About other things he's talking about The things that we follow every single Day Undermine the Dollar's role as the U.S Reserve currency from the treasury of The United States Then we have a writer J.C Collins big in The crypto Community Ripple xrp space Puts out this thread and I do not read This to you to be an alarmist I read This to you because I know J.C Collins

Is not someone who likes to stretch or Exaggerate or anything like that as he Says himself He says ww3 potential drastically Increasing those who have known me for a Long time know that I am not prone to Emotional exaggerations or intellectual Distortions and he's not with that being Stated a corrupt America a corrupted America is pushing the world towards the Brink of a global war and possibly Nuclear war he says I know I know Putin Is a madman and Ukraine is winning wrong Wrong wrong he says Russia in fact has Decimated the Ukraine forces 10 Ukrainians to one new Rush Russian He says here in a major offensive is About to launch which will mean uh the Fall of the eastern Ukraine and in turn The fall of the Ukraine proper he says Here forget everything you've heard in The media this stage of the war is lost It's why America told Ukrainian forces To abandon Bak Moot and also why the West is talking about escalating the war And moving to Crimea remember Russia Took Crimea right the only way to hide The loss is to now escalate the war it Says all this talk of more weapons more Tanks more money isn't because Ukraine Is winning Poland isn't mobilizing a new Beachhead because Ukraine is winning Things are about to get seriously Escalated as corrupt American interests

Continue the war strategy to maintain Their Global dominance the West is Fighting the Russia borders it says not The other way around I'm tired of living In a corrupt World designed and Manipulated by corrupt American Interests I am tired of the senseless Murder of people around the world well Said JC because of those interests I Want to live in a multilateral world Where the people of all Nations and Races are treated with respect and Dignity a world where they have the same Opportunities as the West there is such A thing as civilization civilizational Karma consider that before you once Again parrot the talking points of the Western media Horse This is the real Time this is is real time people it says Russia will not allow its civilization And Nation to fall to the corrupt Western interests who only want to rule The world wake up understand what is Happening Yeah I tell you you know uh it goes on But that you get you get the Salient Point And again not trying to be an alarmist But I think he's making a great point And in this case you have to wonder Are we watching that dream scenario of David Schwartz actually become a real Live nightmare It does it it matters it's all about

Geopolitical events Saudi Arab Arabia Has announced that the world economic Forum they're willing to trade in other Currencies and yes it absolutely poses a Threat to the escalated confidence that Is brought to the U.S dollar as a global Reserve currency Janet Yellen is saying this for the U.S Treasury she's not a YouTuber Look I'm not suggesting that this is all Going to happen in a day right Hassan al-anazi here in the community Reminds us Central Bank Governor Dr Faheed says Central Bank sought to Discuss the economic impact Market Readiness possible effective rapid Applications for Payment Solutions using Cryptocurrencies as Saudi banks have Already tested xrp and you know what He's absolutely right He's absolutely right From Ripple site Ripple Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority offer pilot program For Saudi banks in 2018. Five years ago And it yes it is the Central Bank of for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA has Signed the agreement in 2018 with ripple To help banks in the KSA improve their Payment infrastructure at the time it Was X current we know it's Ripple net Now and on-demand liquidity should they Use xrp Look

I I was told as Dai was by the same Individual years ago That xrp was designed to help prevent a Moment like we're staring down the Barrel of geopolitically right now Now whether that involves a two-month Turnaround in the case ending or whether That involves a five-year 10-year Transition None of us could know But I tell you what I am seeing all of The material things unraveling like a Thread being pulled until everything Unravels and falls to the ground You know we ask ourselves you know uh What's here's a question here China holds a lot of U.S treasuries So if some of the best strongest assets Today happen to be U.S treasuries in China's wallet How does China get out of their position Of holding so much U.S treasury bonds Slash debt Without hurting themselves cut your nose Off spite your face That's why I make such a big deal about Why Saudi Arabia has agreed to take the Chinese Yuan and use that instead of the US dollar through the Shanghai exchange And now announcing they will accept Other currencies as well This seems like a transition phase to a Multilateral asset-backed system that's Exactly what this seems like what I

Don't know is how long it will take to Get there Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one

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