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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I just got Back from taking my S 18yearold to Auburn University took him there that's Where I went to school and uh my wife Was telling me that uh he needed to do Some tours of schools to see what he Liked and uh this kid's not a big party Guy and so um he's not as interested in Going to a school that's like a big School where you can party and all that He's more he's to his credit he's Focused on baseball and and becoming Some something like a doctor or Something I'm all for it um check this Out attack on Israel likely to boost Appe peal of gold Safe Haven assets for Those of you that don't know this is What happens when things the scarier That things get the more uncertain Things get people start looking at go Gold and things like it I believe that We're at a moment in in history where They're going to start looking at not Just gold but at things like Xrp has um I believe I believe they'll Become safe havens for a different Reason than what the Bitcoin people will Tell you I believe that they're going to Become a safe haven because For the First time in history you're going to Have an asset that that rises with you

The use of it like a bathtub of water That's how I've always compared it like A slow Rising bathtub of water and at Some point everyone realizes that this Slow Rising bathtub of water is is Rising slowly and then the speculators Are going to jump in and want to own a Bunch of it because they're going to be Like oh okay well this is going to rise Over Time and then it gets really interesting What the prices do but gold will all be Gold's going to be an important part of This switch over to the digital asset Ecosystem and that's why I have not one But two sponsors that are gold the first One I I put I buy gold in it's my glint Account because I get a glint MasterCard Debit card with it and I can actually Spend the gold if I want to and my Second sponsor both of these are in the Description of this video my second Sponsor is for I also buy physical gold Miles Franklin precious metals is my Sponsor for physical gold if you want if You want to talk to those guys you use Code Dai gold And you email info@ miles Or you call 952-929-3000 follow what I just uh Showed you isn't it now this is just Straight hilarious as many of you know Uh I woke up two or three days ago I Think we're in the third day of um of

Dai in Exile from uh from the Xplatform they I woke up three days ago And went to do my show as I normally do And it said oh well you're hey we're Sorry to tell you but your account has Has been um has been suspended um you Broke our rules we're not going to tell You which rule you broke and we didn't Warn you we didn't say hey you've been Building this social media presence for 5 years you have over 300,000 followers But we're not going to warn you or Anything we just woke up today and Decided oh you broke a rule we're not Going to tell you which one we're not Going to warn you about it we're not Going to tell you hey um maybe since You've been with us for 5 years we'll Have somebody talk to you on the phone Before we turn you off they didn't do Any of that because this platform X who Claims that they no longer censor people Does censor people and the woman Whatever her name was that's the CEO She's full of crap if she says they Don't censor people because they're Censoring me they haven't told me Anything about why I got turned off After five years of being a believer in Their platform hadn't told me Jack squat What they told me is hey if you want to Appeal it click on this button and then Type out why you think after five Freaking years why you think you deserve

To be on this platform you haven't Changed anything as far as the type of Stuff you're putting on the platform in 5 years but tell us why we should turn You back On because of course we're the platform Of no censorship right well that's where We are so because of them there's Literally which I find hilarious there's Actually a a a fre hash Freedi has become it didn't come from me But it it has become the hashtag for Getting my X account back and it's Hilarious because somebody I I want to Say maybe Jimmy Valley had originated This but they're they're doing a takeoff On the fact that all of my thumbnails Are so Mickey Mouse which they are which Is hilarious too which which is part of The what I the reason I keep them I have People reach out every day oh I could Make your your uh thumbnails look more Professional well part of the charm I Think of my channel is that it's not Professional and I'm terrible with tech And I'm terrible with graphics and I Think that's part of why people like Coming here because there's nothing fake About it it's all kind of real this me It's it's a mess of a channel in some Ways in a lot of ways but tell I tell it Like I see it and I and I try to shoot From the hip and and tell you um what I Really believe and but anyway so I do

Have Mickey Mouse thumbnails they're They're typically green and red I think Those letters kind of stand out so They've taken my green and red lettering And they first of all they gave Mike Novogratz a new tattoo and said free d Uh some of these are great I like I love This one uh I'll bet he's over I I bet He's thinking about other women and he's Thinking #f free Dii and then um down here William Duval Who is the lead singer of Allison Chains And is the official rock star of the Digital asset investor Channel um and he it did that title Didn't come easily he had to be a rock Star for a long time to get that but he T uh tweeted out tweeted out he tweeted Out restore digital asset by that is my Real Free d Gary gensler's even saying free D It's pronounced what T WTF Elon even vitalic butan wants Dai Freed look Jimmy Valley tweeted this Even Joseph Luben of all actually that Looks good on a t-shirt on the black T-shirt that might need the be need to Be the T-shirt um anybody that wants to Make the uh black free da T-shirt I'm in full support and I will Help promote it I'm not going to make a T-shirt and then of course I showed you Baba kugs the other day who who maybe he Originated he he's the official

Lightning rod of the digital asset Investor Channel he is holding it up Like like it's a lightning rod so maybe He started the free look Elon Musk even Elon Musk who banned me or his company Banned me there's a free Dai hat value Priceless oh look Joseph Luben is Sporting the hat and the black T-shirt um let's see if we can find one More funny one before we go On oh come on now let's see look there's There's me and jail hash Freed um and Then me surely there'd be um I I like The Elon Musk one there's Joseph Luben And vitalic be look we've got Donald Trump wants to free Dai too all right Moving along now this made me laugh too Look at dark Defender he did the hashtag Freed and he's actually putting it on His charts how can we not show this Chart no matter how bad this chart or The numbers involved in this chart might Offend the crypto police or the crypto Gusto out there he has put #f freed on The chart and we love it so please grab Your coffee and come closer xrp Finalized the correction after $1.96 and The wave uh wave one at 91 cents we had Completed wave two with a slight risk to The wick final Point 39 uh down here he says there are two Fibonacci Targets in shortterm with wave Three which are $188 so strong

$585 not Financial advice #f freed di Now I'm not saying there's anything to This folks but I'm going to show it to You anyway before there may be Absolutely nothing to this but before my Channel was cancelled by the um social Media police before I was cancelled um We were covering uh Steven nof had just Come onto the scene and there was two Things we were covering one of them we Were covering was a list which was Actually a public that the lawsuit Between him and and whoever the the Government or whatever that was was a Public my understanding is that that was A public lawsuit his attorney put out The um his attorney put out the the uh The lawsuit do just like James Fan's Been putting out the Ripple lawsuit you Can click on it and you can read what's Going on in the court record or whatever Um same thing Steven n off attorney did The same thing for his and all I did is Opened it up and then and then took a Clip from what it said in there and it Gave that list of people that he was Apparently thrown in a van and and the The uh three-letter agency wanted that We don't talk about on this channel they Wanted a a list the people on the list They wanted some dirt on them so that he Could they could try to convict him of Anything and then we were also covering This guy Steven nof had put this guy the

Mark Berger guy who is Simpson Thatcher Okay Simpson Thatcher with Henman and All those guys remember that and uh Cowboy Krypto had put out information About it but it was Simpson Thatcher we Were talking about well I was I was Trying to find who the uh Twitter or the X now executives are and I ran across This document right here um agreement And plan of merger X Holdings and Twitter this is when Elon Musk was Merging it into I guess X I think but I Saw this as I went down and again I'm Not saying there's anything to this but I do find it Interesting um when you get down here if I can can get there there's Elon Musk Attention Elon Musk Palo Alto California There's Twitter da da and here we have Simpson Thatcher and Barlett and here we Have this this is from one year ago Simpson Thatcher is representing the Board of directors of Twitter Inc in Connection with its announced Acquisition note by an entity wholly Owned by Elon Musk for $542 per share in A cash transaction valued at Approximately 44 billion so they were Involved in his purchase I'm not Saying that any of them did anything I'm Just saying what a coincidence last week We were covering the mark Burger stuff And and this Week I get

Cancelled um notice the Ripple logo Flashed along the boards during a soccer Game it's uh Ripple is advertising at These soccer games I showed this to you The other day today I want to finish Here digital perspectives uh he's Talking about the AI the ACI partnership With Ripple uh they do a ACI does 14 Trillion each day I don't know who this Is talking but it's a little clip he had Put together what the price of xrp could Be if there was 14 Trillion in there out to do and now Let's jump into the $14 trillion market Cap quick breakdown on what it could Mean for xrp given the circulating Supply of 54 billion puts xrp at $259 given the circulating supply of 65 Billion xrp would be trading at $215 circulating Supply 75 billion xrp Would be trading at $186 and again my final thought is this Really realistic yes very much so I just Showed you guys how it would work keep In mind this is just one Entity I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is For entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family to do the hasht Free di because this makes absolutely no Sense these social media companies They're going to have to start Um acting like adults instead of babies

That are hiding behind their computer And making blanket um decisions without Factoring any common sense or speaking To anyone I mean how do you how do you Build any kind of presence how do you Trust any of these companies to build Any kind of presence on their platform If they don't even you don't even get The courtesy of a warning a phone call Or a person you can talk to they just Turn you off and maybe maybe that's how They were designed by maybe maybe They're that way by Design so so that so That this is the new way that they can Always maintain the powers that be can Always maintain Control um over the media even if it's Individual influencers out there and if That's the case Elon Musk is nothing but A trojan Horse uh I the digital asset investor Could be a canary in the Coline how About them apples thanks for Listening Oh


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