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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody before I get going Today I want to remind you pure VPN who Is one of my sponsors is doing Black Friday 83% off golden ticket 3 months Extra as you go down here you'll see They've got their um the they call it The Golden Ticket Max 344 per month um And this gets uh high-speed VPN secure Password manager IND in file encryption Personal privacy manager and it actually Um look it shows you the massive Discount they're doing this this is all Leading up to uh Thanksgiving and they Had they had reached out to me I have One of these VPN because there's several Things that you've ju if you're going to Be in crypto that you've just got to Have and uh uh DPN is one of them so That you can surf the Internet privately And anonymously we're dealing with Hackers all over the place out here so It's like one of those musthaves if You're going to be invested in crypto um I they gave me a special link to this uh Special so I'll put the link in the very Top of the description of this Video hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and as we we've just Passed Thanksgiving we're headed to Christmas and then into the new year I Think it's important to give you a good Little reminder the greatest vid the

Greatest xrp video I've ever seen cuz Many of you probably have never seen it And it's important to see it again if You've seen it once or twice or three Times then you need to see it a fourth Time because I believe that we're with All this bit Bitcoin ETF talk and all The things we're seeing the Ripple Uphold Partnership I believe that the world is About to find out how just how right all Of us were for all this time and this is A great video to watch going into that Time period why do I hold xrp because Ripple's the chosen one to lead the new Global digital payments system and they Use xrp in 2013 the Federal Reserve Began looking for faster payments Options 2 years later an action plan was Born and a federal payments task force Was created it included one company Focused on crypto Ripple in 2014 the World Bank and better than cash Alliance Which includes the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Clinton Global Initiative and the governments of 32 Countries put out a report called the Opportunities of digitizing payments one Year later the better than cash Alliance Featured one crypto company on their Website Ripple today better than cash Alliance and all other un initiatives Are focused on a single agenda the Sustainable development goals for 2030

You can see the sg's logo on Bill Gates Lapel World leading companies the better Than cash Alliance website and on the Un's official exchange exchange what Crypto is exchange officially utilizing For their carbon credit solution xrp the World will move to a new international Standard for exchanging electronic Messages between financial institutions By 2025 called ISO 2022 who was the First ISO 2022 member focused on Distributive Ledger technology Ripple Who's partnered with over 3 financial Institutions including Bank of America American Express PNC sand Tander SBI HSBC Standard Chartered Bank bank of England India Singapore Scotland Australia and Indonesia the largest Banks in Japan Canada Egypt the Middle East Arab Emirates Thailand Morocco Bhutan South Korea Brazil and Latin America Ripple who is a former employee Overseeing the Federal Reserve Ripple a Former employee overseeing the world's Largest asset manager black rocks Digital Asset Division Ripple leading Australia cbdc effort Ripple who hired a Former treasury of the United States Ripple two former Federal Reserve Attorneys to their board Ripple two Former Clinton and Obama advisers former Minister of defense and economics of Germany former business director at Swift former Swift board member former

CFO of PayPal former head of the dtcc Former Chief business officer at Uber Former VP of Amazon and former SEC chair On their legal team Ripple who's a Member of the digital pound Foundation Digital dollar project digital Euro Association mojaloop imf's high level Advisory board on fintech hyperledger Blockchain Consortium open payments Coalition faster payments Council Global Payments Steering group crossb working Group International Association for Trusted blockchain applications crypto Climate Accord University blockchain Initiative worldwide Web Consortium and A featured partner of the world economic Forum with three members of their team Directly listen on the WF website Ripple Now does Ripple and xrp sound like They're going to disappear or do they Sound like they're part of a much bigger Plan you decide let me tell you what I Met this guy xrp Las Vegas and I've had Conversations with him since that time Super nice guy super smart guy very Unassuming you wouldn't you would you I Mean this is like literally probably the Best xrp video ever made Ripple xrp Whatever great stuff I hope I I I think We'll probably see more out of him now Here's more out of thinking crypto's Interview with uh Tom emmer listen They're talking here about Elizabeth Warren and crew it seems like Gary

Genser you know he has Elizabeth Warren Behind him how can we slow Elizabeth Warren down because she seems to be the One empowering Gary if uh the Chinese Government cannot shut down crypto Completely I guarantee you that in this Country Elizabeth Warren's not going to Be able to do it and neither is Gary Gensler now we're at another growth Point with digital assets and I I can Understand how this is very concerning To them because this goes right at their Power uh if you and I if Tony and Tom Can do business together directly Without having a third-party Intermediary or better yet not having The government in between our Transaction Tony I we're going to be Empowered to do what is best for us Without regard to what the government Might want us to do that's the way it Should be working uh unfortunately Elizabeth Warren and Gary Gensler in That world a lot of their power and I Think that's why they're struggling so Hard toh stop yep that's why they're Going to lose that's why they've been Losing and are going to lose now listen To this here's an interesting clip from Ran nuner show Listen to This Love Um Bitcoin you know it is the digital Gold of our gener or it's the gold of Our Generation it's digital gold and um I mean as we've seen Black Rock has

Called you know Bitcoin the future um These guys want it past I mean they Aren't no slouches either you know Black Rock has had connections to our Presidents since George Bush you know um It goes back over 20 30 years now you Know and they've been involved with the Government or the president and their um I mean they are the US they are the US Government you you could Bas they're the Financial arm of the US Government okay so in my opinion that They're going to you know have to um Have tether and binance go down and it's Not going to be like brutal like like I Said you know jail they're going to you Know take tether out of the crypto Ecosystem they're just going to need People that the government knows they Can trust implanted I mean if you Haven't se seen who Richard Tang who Took over for binance he is a member of The WF World economic Forum yeah I saw That okay now he makes a very good point Here you know for for many months and Years really when people thought that Binance would be taken out and they Thought that when binance was taken out It would crush the crypto Market did you Notice that it did not crush the the Crypto Market it's because they and this Is this is the tell folks this is how You know that the government is and has Always go been planning to come into

This crypto and make all of those Billions and trillions that they saw Binance making that's it's that's always Been the plan what I did not know is That is that instead of crushing it that They would want to co-opt it so and We'll get to that in a Minute but now what he said with Tether's very interesting he said no cuz I think I've always thought they were Behind all this stuff anyway I think That they'll they'll have a py or two That'll go down as a result of This and then they'll put just like They're describing what they're doing With binance putting their own guy in Place they'll do the same thing with Tether that makes sense this way it Doesn't crush the entire uh market so Then you've got this this is the a dark Horse tweet He says ripples all over binance check Them out take a look at at this Richard Tang used to work with Mas and adgm the New CEO of binance Us Norman Reed and if You remember Norman Reed was the General Council of Ripple back when they first Started okay and then in the last six or Eight months he became the CEO of Binance Us and now they're saying this Richard Tang guy was from um I think he was from Lulup pay or something one of Ripple's Partners says uh this is where it gets

Interesting work for the adgm and met And praised Ripple in 201819 conference He joins Lulu adds Ripple net to it and Binance CEO joins Lulu um he then became and now my 11-year-old has turned his phone up While I told him to turn everything off While I was doing this Video right didn't I say that Okay uh he he then became CEO of binance Asia but this was just uh down he was Part of the Mas before joining it was Binance decision to shut it down had Tang found things then did he know that Binance wasn't compliant it was a Decision they took not forced okay Interesting stuff so is this look at This graphic that digital perspectives Put together right here this is after Interview that we showed you yesterday The uphold Ripple Partnership so he's got ETP ETF Investment demand xrp Supply Supply Custody locked up okay and then uphold Ripple payments Supply demand Market Participants payments so he's basically Saying here an ETF comes about and it Locks up some of the supply and then You're needing a lot of supply for the The the payments and it drives the price Up that's what he's getting at here I Like the I like the uh thought pattern There okay now um I'm going to finish With this this I don't know if I've ever

Played this before but folks if you've Never if you don't know where all of This is going I'm going to tell you Right now the end the end goal for all This crypto stuff is that you're going To enter a world that is a tokenized World right now if you want to buy a Condo in Florida you have to go to a CO Close you have to match a buyer and a Seller and you got to go to a closing Table and close on that real estate and Then one the per the buyer owns the new Buyer owns it the seller has sold it and They get their money the world we're Entering because of digital assets like The xrp Ledger we're going to enter a World where things are tokenized real Estate Antiques cars you name it Anything and yeah people will go to a Closing table but they'll be closing on Uh tokenizing their real world assets And when that happens those those Tokenized that tokenized ownership will Be tradable on exchanges maybe like an Uphold or a Coinbase or backed or whatever the new f PX that their Wall Street is creating Right now that's where we're going You're talking about trillions and Quadrillions of dollars folks and that's What David Schwarz is talking about here That's a sort of universal store value So that could mean tokenized stocks that

Could mean cryptocurrencies that could Mean Fiat assets that could mean digital Rights to things that they've purchased It could mean nfts for Collectibles Games this idea that you have a person Who when they get paid let's say you Know let's say you get paid every two Weeks you get paid um and that money Comes in and you can you can have Whatever you want to have happen to that Money and when you go to the grocery Store and you get that bill and you go To pay the bill that money that payment Can come out of your portfolio of things That you hold however you want and you Could be a millionaire or you could be You know someone in a third world Country whose whose net worth is less Than the cost of this microphone and you Would have access to that same set of Tools obviously You' be using them on a Different scale but you would have that You would have the same set of options You like holding gold you can you when You when you get paid you could have Tokenized gold and when you go to pay You know at the grocery store you're Using tokenized gold that's being sold And and it's just everything in one Place and that means like when you gift Money to other people when you pass away Your heirs don't have to go looking for Your assets spread all over the place um You have just so much more control and

Can make financial decisions um on that Sort of more controlled basis and I Think I I'll also go back to the very Very first Vision that was associated With ripple this actually goes back to Ryan fuger in 2004 believe it or not and He had this vision of individuals who if You need it like if you need money you Might um you know if you're not very Well banked you might um get a payday Loan or something terrible or leave Money on a credit card because borrowing Money from people is extremely Inconvenient like you have to ask Somebody if you can borrow money from Them and they have to say yes or no and If they say no it's awkward if they say Yes you have to remember to pay them Back and what if you pay them back and They forget that you paid them back or They have to ask you to pay like all of Those things can be automated and made Painless and I think uh Financial Openness is financial is the you know People in the United States talk about Religion they talk about politics they Talk about sex and ways that they didn't You know just a few years ago the only Thing we still don't talk about and that We don't have open discussions about is Money yep okay now um in in the in the Member group what I'm about to talk About today is this is kind of by by Popular demand is you know we don't

Don't talk about three-letter agencies Out here in the member group we do but Uh so we're going to talk about not just One but several of them and and how They're all tied together and we're Going to hear it from somebody who used To be in one and it lays it all out and It what it does is it makes a lot of the Things nothing has made sense for the Last 3 to 5 years but it will make a lot Of that make sense when you really look At what's really really going on we're Going to talk about that and that's at you can go check it out I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family there's just certain Things we're not going to talk about out Here and that's just the way it is come Join all Right


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