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[Music] Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I am checking My volume settings to make sure that They're good now uh I wanted to let Everybody know that for the first time In 5 years Today in my uh in the private group After this and you'll see when we do the Cut off I will be talking about the Island guy but I'll be using his name For the first time because I can't do it On Here and I'm going to tell you what I Really think has gone on and his ties With his ties to crypto and what I Really think's been going on for all These years and I couldn't say it on on Uh regular social media and so I will be Saying it I'm sitting here fooling on my Computer I will be saying it today and You wait till you see some of the ties That I've always known about but I just Couldn't talk About strap in now this morning you're Looking at a a tweet from Nick buedo Over at link to link to is one of my Sponsors now um they he tweeted this out This morning we're expecting To let me make sure okay let's see Something here okay says uh we're

Expecting to have Ripple back on the Link to platform sometime today so I Decided I would give Nick buedo a call Put him on speaker phone and let you Hear it from him here we go hey Dai Thanks for having me on today uh you Know while you're in uh Exile if if you Need me to send you any food let me know I'll send over some food I need some P I Need some p coladas on this Island I've I've raised my barbecue game Recently so maybe I'll send you some of That hey I wanted to um I'm glad you Invited me today because I wanted to let All your listeners know we've been out Of Ripple on the platform for as long as Two weeks and uh today we're expecting Ripple to hit the platform again um so Anyone that's interested in investing in Ripple um if you're looking to increase Your position or take your first Position today would be a great day and Uh also you know we have private Equity Now for all investors without barriers So um if you're interested in investing In Ripple private Equity please visit and thanks for having me on the Show today all right thank okay so there It was um Nick buedo from link to now Wanted to play this this is Paul tutor Jones I think it's important to kind of Lay out the state of the world right now Um on this channel especially at a Moment where we're all trying to make

Sense of a lot of Senseless uh things But let's start with Israel in terms of Thinking about the geopolitical Implications of this but also how you Think it's going to long-term and Shortterm affect Markets well I think Israel obviously it's a it's a huge Tragedy but you have to put it in a Larger geopolitical context which Is we now have possibly three theaters Where we're going to have geopolitical Challenges we've got the Middle East in Israel obviously the Ukraine and Russia And then at some point down the road Taiwan and China So it's a really I I would say since Certainly since I was born it might be The most threatening and challenging Geopolitical environment that I've ever Seen because you Have four nuclear Powers how about Because we're $33 trillion in debt in This country's bankrupt uh three of whom Are led by sociopaths and that would be China Russia and North Korea well don't Forget the uh United States we're run by Someone who doesn't even know their name Those leaders have zero accountability Responsibility to anyone but themselves And they have um not an ounce of Humanity in their bones because they Regularly disappear both their friends And their enemies and then the fourth

Iran is led by someone who thinks God is Talking to him and has avowedly said That they want to Remove from this Earth a nation state With probably the most brilliant people Ever assembled within a national Boundary so it's a really challenging Environment Uh if you think about it too much I want My lucky color to be invisible right It's it's it's it's a it's a it's a it's A very threatening time so that is also Happening at the same time the United States is probably in its weakest fiscal Position since certainly World War II With debt to GDP at 122% so it's a Really tough time for I think the moral Voice of the world certainly been the Leader since World War II it's a it's a Really moral voice that's laughable now He goes on later to I don't know if it's In that interview but I saw it going Around today that he he he's buying gold And Bitcoin well I at least agree with His gold thing check this out the gold Price in China is separating from the Fake gold price in the United States Gold in China has surged to traded its Second highest premium on record Compared to the international Benchmark That's when you when you hear International Benchmark think Manipulated Benchmark by the United States and other countries watch this

Closely the Shanghai spot price was more Than $112 on an ounce higher than levels seen In London on Monday you know the drill Folks go in the descri in the Description of this video you can go to Miles Franklin you can use um my uh I've Got my code in there I think it's Dai Gold and then you can um call them or Send them an email and I've also got Glint in there who's one of my sponsors Too and that you can um you can contact Glint and then open a glen account buy Gold and have your debit Master Card to Buy it um Israeli police have reportedly Frozen crypto accounts linked to ham Hamas all right I I feel great having my Gold and my xrp folks now speaking of Xrp or speaking of Ripple more Specifically Saos has been going on and this is a Clip from the head of digital assets of JP Morgan listen to what he says while You watch this I'm going to show you JP Morgan then I'm going to show you the Head of digital assets for City while You're watching ask yourself why haven't They been investigated for what they're Doing by the SEC and and stuck in a Lawsuit for three years why is the SEC Working with them come in and see us Apparently JP Morgan and City can come In and see us and work with Regulators just since they're incumbents

But the rest of crypto can't do that Listen this is the JP Morgan he runs Digital assets he not that complex JP Morgan has had a lot of sort of uh stuff In the Press dealing with digital assets Dealing with u crypto and blockchain you Know can you talk us through some of the Successes that that JP Morgan has had Using this technology with clients we Built an information uh sharing Network Called link where we basic basically pre Validate transactions before they go Across borders so we would pre- validate The information about the person who's Receiving them which by the way is a Major reason why transactions sometimes Have operational issues so it's an Information Network that's up and Running doing millions of transactions Uh you know on a weekly basis then you Have our core money movement rails Called JP Morgan coin and it sits within Our coin uh systems uh business line With an onyx there we've started with Something which was very simple which is Al o our largest clients to move money Across the world 24/7 in real time and From there we've evolved to much more Complex things where we are now Supporting entire ecosystems of players Those could be Financial players trying To do clearing within a single country Or within a single jurisdiction those Could be large industrial players that

Are trying to move money across their Suppliers and buyers and creating a Closed loop ecosystem and then slowly we Are progressing towards uh launching Things like programmable payments where You can trigger these payments based on Anything everything from FX rates to Weather to how quick something moves to Whether you're printing something I mean It's the possibilities are frankly Endless and we've had lots of traction JP Morgan coin has gone from what a year Ago maybe two years ago was essentially One client to now dozens of clients and Increasing at an exceptionally fast pace And creating value frankly both for our Clients and obviously for JP Morgan in The process and want thank you so much For now I want you to hear what Ryan rug This is her right here from city um says She runs the digital assets division There listen to what she says here it's Really important you know and Tony Mclaughin who's one of my colleagues They I've heard it cyos called The Godfather of uh rln you know started This initiative that it'd be an industry Initiative that not One bank or one Entity to own this to really solve these Difficult problems to start working Together and I think that's key in this And like working with the fed and then Us one having a regulator involved is Key also um really evolving this for

City you know how does the r actually Fit into a broader digital asset Strategy yeah so this week we announced The pilot transactions or live pilot Transactions for City token services for Cash and for trade so now what we can do Is we can move tokenized deposits around Cities you know corridors right now it's Just us and Singapore with aspirations Of adding another 3 to five in next Near- term well it's great that we have This internal token but our clients Don't want a city token or another bank Token what they want is cross Bank Crossborder liquidity so it's key that Now that we have the infrastructure of The platform built internally we work With like regulated liability Network And other parts buiness about how do we Solve these difficult issues as an Industry and there's still a lot of Questions out there but this FMI that Rln aspires to be is extremely positive Because it brings the parties together In a very flat way where we all have Equal will say that we're working with The Regulators closely to solve these Difficult problems well thank you Ryan Okay sounds interesting now uh this is From Mr Huber LOL the Ripple zaching off Trial has just postponed for the seventh Time this case will see its Trial 6 and A half years after it started so there It is right there the um trial date 7:15

2024 now we are now entering the danger Zone this means that um the only members Will be allowed Beyond this point this Is a censorship free zone you you have To be an official member of the digital Asset investor channel to do this you go To Da to do it it's very Dangerous in here we talk about things You're not allowed to talk about on Major social media platforms we leave The cancel culture behind all the people That think they are the ones who are Supposed to tell you what you're allowed To talk about and not talk about because They are smarter than you they are the All knowing and they have all the Answers and they are the ones that can Dictate to you what you can and can't Talk about well we leave them behind Here I'm sure that people like that Would probably love to infiltrate these Groups and and I'm sure that they will And they'll spend the $6 to do it but That what that really means is that they Are just fans they're fanatics fans so Welcome to the party we're going to talk About corruption we're going to talk About all the nasty stuff going on in This world they will call us conspiracy Theorist theorists behind here and That's okay because This is where we talk about stuff and Today you know what we're going to talk

About that Island guy and we're going to Use his name and I'm going to tell you What I've been wanting to say for five Years and some of these things together So here we go if you're in the if you're In the uh membership uh group you're About to hear my intro which is the Kenny Loggins Danger Zone here we go I'm The digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that it is onike Donkey Kong Donkey Kong in in my uh Private group thanks for listening


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